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    Tour de Cure

    The TDC are a great bunch of people, from riders, support crew to actual workers. I haven’t met a single bad person there. FM
  2. UFC - I wouldn't watch it if you paid me. That's why I stopped going into the City at 2am after Saturday and Sunday nights. Unfortunately my daughter and son likes it. One of my failings as a parent. FM
  3. Flanman

    Tour de Cure

    The Tour de Cure ride from 2019 is being shown on channel Seven today @ midday. Do yourself a favour and watch/tape. A great bunch of people doing wonderful things for the community. FM
  4. Flanman

    TV Shows

    "Classic Countdown" on the ABC right now. Pussyfoot, ACDC, JPY et al. Footage from the 70s when I was a teenager.. Great fond memories from my youth. FM
  5. Flanman

    Wurf watch

    Is Wurf really Greg Bennett ? I’ve never seen them together in the same room. FM GcTjiA5tvrYENmXypaAM3bPyv71Gxttk_5lDfGBXwD1BRX6wlbpi
  6. Still training whilst on holiday in Parkes. FM IMG_1719.MOV
  7. Exactly what Wronggenes has quoted. You can charge back the transaction if you are not provided with the goods or services promised. It’s basically equivalent to bouncing a cheque. I have used it before. There is however, a time limit. This has changed over time but should be within your time. Have a chat to your bank. These are card rules - not bank rules. FM
  8. Did you pay by credit card ? If so, there are ways to get a refund that way. FM
  9. Flanman


    Cupcake, We have stayed a number a times at Beachpoint. Straight across the road from the beach and the rock pool. There are a couple of units there. No aircon but fans (last time we were there). You do however, get a sea breeze through your window.Not far to walk to the shops. The view looks straight up the beach. We found it quite reasonable. Just the missus and I. There are a number of self contained units. Through Forster Holiday Rentals. https://forsterholidayrentals.com.au/accommodation/pcpn-beachpoint-g2/ One location to consider. FM
  10. Flanman

    2019 totals

    Not big numbers. I had two blocks off (3 months and 1 month). swim - 110 kms bike - 3562 kms run - 428 kms No injuries apart from a small knee problem. FM
  11. Good day today. Golf - closest to a hole in one ever plus best score for 20 years (even though I took a 2 stroke penalty). Plus, I am now mortgage free. Going out to dinner with the missus to celebrate (Christmas voucher from the daughter). Good way to start 2020. FM
  12. Closed ever to a hole in one. FM
  13. Here’s some inspiration bRace. FM
  14. Welcome and good questions asked. will be there again in the Gong for the Standard distance. Wetsuit when you can for speed, buoyancy and confidence. Skin suits - not a great fan as I feel they are only used when a wetsuit is not allowed (and I rarely do one wetsuit free). There are so many brands and styles of tri gear so it’s what you prefer. I just had a short sleeve suit turn up today - ordered end of November. I could wait as it was reduced from $180 to $80 with free postage. My last tri suit is a singlet too so can get burnt easier out on the ride n run FM
  15. So, only a few days before the start of a new decade. Just getting rid of the aftermath of the Christmas fridge then into the healthy side of mind, body and soul. Are you ready ? FM
  16. I was wondering how easy or if possible, transferring all componentry from one bike to another. Hoods, brakes, cables, cassette etc. my sons bike needs some work. I have all componentry on my old bike that is still good (the frame is damaged). thanks FM
  17. Flanman


    Good to hear Alex. A little to start, hopefully there will be more on the way. Christmas present, New Year present, Chinese NY present, Valentine Day present- take them all. stay safe FM
  18. Just about to head out and trial the new toy. This was my own present for retirement. Only testing for about an hour. If all ok, Will be out on Boxing Day. FM
  19. Rather than charging board, we had jobs for our teenagers to do. Cleaning bathrooms, vacuuming, garbage, washing their own clothes. Now, it these weren't completed by 6pm every Sunday night (except their own washing), they would have to pay $20 board PLUS still do their jobs by the Monday night. It only happened once and after that, they got it done. It not only taught then about responsibility but also helped the missus due to her back problems. FYI, they both had part time jobs and also this occurred when my son was doing his apprenticeship. A minor board was charged when they started fulltime work, plus still had to do their chores. On a side note, we helped our son manage his money when he started work. We were tough and he didn't have much money. However, he has a great house now (his second upsized). He always appreciated our guidance. As for our daughter, well...…... FM
  20. Out with the missus and a long time friend today. Who gets the “special matching“ can ? FM
  21. Tyno, there are multi national based names. The large bottles are in family names and the smaller bottles are in first names. I didn’t buy a bottle with my name on it - I just got sent a photo. However, I spent about 5-10 minutes looking through names whilst shopping the other day at Woolies. FM
  22. Would you look for your name on the bottle and buy one or two ? Would it prompt you to buy some that ordinarily you wouldn’t ? Would it put you off and not buy one because it has someone else’s name ? FM
  23. I took the Pikers Challenge- 20 kms. FM
  24. Would have made a great story - I like the title. FM
  25. I was looking for some old tri results for a friend (circa 1998) and started going through a number of results that I have kept. These date back to the early nineties (Kurnell, Sri Chinmoy, Callala, Canberra, Forster, RNP, Vanuatu plus 10km, half marathon/marathon results). I started comparing SBR times - right up to 2019. This got me thinking about great results and reaching your potential. How do you know that you are near/at your potential, no matter what age you are? How do you measure ? Can you ? I have my own thoughts but would be interested in reading what other people think. I am not wanting to get into a debate, just people thoughts on trying to achieve, near achieving or achieving your potential. Over to you FM
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