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  1. While not a rocket launch, this really makes you feel how fragile we are.How scary is this. Is a big one overdue? FM
  2. Reasonable list. Should be good. Trannie list. Who’s up ? FM
  3. Not too sure if these would fit. They are sitting in my cabinet catching dust. Yours if they fit. I am about 60 kms from Sydney. FM
  4. We didn’t wait until finishing school, we did it from year 8. BTW, I went to a catholic school at Lakemba. FM
  5. Like puss through a blackhead, so are the days of our lives. FM
  6. The old lady next door likes Pal on toast. FM
  7. A life lived is a life worth living. Great memories and lots of pride and love in your words. Mick
  8. Hopefully I don’t have to purchase one of these. FM
  9. Flanman


    Guess who was at Campbelltown Golf Club last Wednesday? Me..... Luckily I did not go into the club and also tees off before the time. This could cause a big outbreak. FM ————————- #BREAKING: PUBLIC HEALTH ANNOUNCEMENT 🚨 Campbelltown Golf Club is one of a few venues that have since had a confirmed COVID19 case attend. NSW Health are urging anyone who was at the venue in Glen Alpine from 16 September, 2pm-4.30pm in the TAB area for more than one hour to get tested and self-isolate for 14 days. Visit www.nsw.health.gov for more information. #REPOST - PUBLIC
  10. Yes, what did happen to bikes...Laydown Sally ? FM
  11. Flanman

    Le Tour 2020

    I know how they do #1s as they ride, but what do they do for #2s ? Asking for a friend. FM
  12. Maybe I should start an Instagram page. Not sure if I would get any followers though. FM
  13. I volunteered and was in the main stadium for the whole games. It was very emotional. A couple of Fantastic memories: 1. Watching North and South KoRea walk in the stadium under one flag. A world historic event. 2. Lost. An Elderly gent got lost on the opening night. He was from the Blue Mountains I waited with him until almost everyone was gone then took him to the police station. They contacted the village he was at ( his career thought he caught the train home and left). I then drove him to Penrith police Station, where a person from the village met him. He was a bit pissed off wit
  14. Flanman


    Not a record but an attempt by an every day person whilst raising money for charity FM https://www.nbnnews.com.au/2020/09/11/tour-de-cure-gp-takes-on-the-everest-of-cycling-challenges/?fbclid=IwAR1Vwa_lJz0CHIa8drP4iyuSENOjwbN31k15xq4LFE3r5qcpNMXOqrmvFDY
  15. I used to get on the trainer at 3.30-4am then ride until sunrise then switch to the road. Long ride done at 9am. Same as long run - 2 or 3 hours run by 8am. Swimming was before work starting 6am. I remember one Saturday morning running 3 hours, back by 8am, mowed the lawn and everything ready for my daughters 10th birthday party at 11am. I entertained the kids, fed them then cleaned up after. All done by 5pm. Its hard but it can be done. FM PS: I was also doing Uni by correspondence as well. Ah, those were the days...
  16. I had a few Sports but has come down to golf at the moment. I played rugby league for 13 years and represented Canterbury once. I played and coached basketball for over 30 years. This was mainly at a senior level, including coaching and playing for Vanuatu. I played in the Sydney championships and the Metropolitan League, winning a few titles. I didn’t play in the National League but did play against them in state championships. Other than this, I swam competitively for years. i have played sport competitively from 1968 until now, missing only 2009 after a bike accident. Triat
  17. Only $500 for races - all accommodation has been refunded (loss of $130). However, we have $35K+ outstanding for holidays covering the next 18 months. 2020/21 was supposed to be our big holiday travel time. Ce sera sera FM FM
  18. Flanman

    Tour de Cure

    Don’t forget, channel 7 at 1pm tomorrow (Father’s Day) - tape or watch. A great look at ordinary people doing extraordinary things. FM
  19. I smoked from age 13 and stopped at 21(hypnosis). I did try some funny smelling ciggie once and only once (I threw up after it and killed my mate’s mothers plants). I did once smoke tea bags (desperate times camping at Catherine Hill Bay) however, it tasted shit and made my eyes water. I was told that I had a cigar when I was thirty but I lost four hours of memory from red wine. Never touched since. My wife smoked 30 a day until 2003. She took Zyban tablets to quit. She still has cravings but won’t go back. FM
  20. Who likes riding in peletons ? Where do you like positioning in the peloton - engine room, lounge, the caboose or anywhere ? What benefits and detriments do you see ? How often do you ride in them ? Favourite rides with them ? FM
  21. I come from a swim background and train along the lines of Matty. I only have three breaks in my swim training - all for shoulder stretching and a quick drink (about a minute or two). . I swim long sessions with either paddles, pace/easy laps, drills or just long long laps. Backstroke last to reverse stretch shoulders then a couple pool walks with arm/back shoulder stretches to finish. I’m not necessarily exhausted but the body feels “used” that could take a bath or massage to relieve. interesting, I only do sprints (100s/200s/400s) in the last few weeks prior to racing. FM. Forgot
  22. The most unfit I’ve been in 10 years. All to do with me with no blame for anything or anyone else. FM
  23. What is the best diet, exercise program And lifestyle to stay the healthiest ? FM
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