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  1. Yummo. I hope you have enough beer and batter, crumbs and a nice carton of wine. FM
  2. A new year starts tomorrow. Last bottle of red tonight. Time to be truthful with myself. FM
  3. Put on 2kgs, training has dropped off dramatically. Two positives - the body is not sore at all plus my golf handicap has dropped By 4 (still crap though). FM
  4. Flanman


    Simple. Our share market gets COVID when the US share market sneezes. FM
  5. I am not sure whether the COVID virus situation plays with your mind or whether the mind has a few kinks of its own and just needs a nudge- like the CV. FM
  6. Did it take you an extra minute to throw up ? FM
  7. I think that's an understatement. Maybe if they reduce the testing, the number of cases will reduce ? (oops, I think this is the wrong thread 😆) FM
  8. Just read an email from Emo. A lot of new dates for NSW/ACT races. https://www.eliteenergy.com.au/race-calendar/ FM
  9. Whilst we all have made changes to how we currently live with covid, I would be interested to hear what you feel you may permanently change in how you live your life - comparing 2019 to 2021 onwards. Also anything else worldwide. I have a few but am interested in hearing yours first. FM
  10. Thought I would start a thread so everyone can list what pools are open plus any specifics regarding (e.g. 1 hour booking, outdoor, busy after 4pm etc). Over to you. Thanks FM
  11. Flanman

    TV Shows

    I have loved basketball since taking it up in 1973. I have played and coached at a representative level, in Oz and overseas over the decades. At present, there is a multiple basketball special on Fox “Basketball - a Love Story”. It traces basketball in America from the early 60s. I’ve just watched the 3rd two hour episode. Episode four is on tonight. I just love looking at the history, which includes the black player situation. I cannot fathom the injustice in those days, which I guess is still playing out today in the streets of the USA and around the world. Living in the backwaters of Oz during the 60s, 70s and 80s seemed to be a godsend. FM
  12. Shit swimmer Andrew ? Maybe compared to your previous times but you will be at worse a MOTPer. Better than me any day. FM
  13. I held the record for a number of years. From the bar at the Hoe Moe Coffs Harbour to the car park. I was racing against a half a dozen locals, who were expressing their local views. FM
  14. Part 2. Half of it reminds me of the Kardashians. FM
  15. So with so much shit in/around the house, I am starting to look at a conversion for storage in the roof cavity above the garage. We have a good high area up there. It is mainly for storage of stuff used rarely or just needed to be kept (yeah, yeah I know - get rid of it. However, YOU can have that conversion with the missus 👿). Has anyone completed a conversion or got a company to do ? Any direction on cost ? Ta - FM
  16. Flanman


    Does anyone have a doppelganger of themselves, friends or someone you know ? I was watching the golf and thought that I saw a Trannie. This is my choice:- Bored@Work and Sergio Garcia. What do you think? Do you have any others ??? FM
  17. Hopefully they didn’t think it was you.... FM
  18. Watching it just reinforces my thoughts on Lance. I know a few people that have NFI FM
  19. I was speaking with my mate yesterday (broker). He said tons of people are renegotiating their loans. ING have a fixed rate of 2.18% and floating of 2.8%. A lot of people are now locking in part of their loan, the rest floating with an offset account. This allows you to pay more money Than just a full fixed rate account. This again reduces your interest owed Me, well I’m lucky, I own my place. FM
  20. I thought you were talking about spandex. FM
  21. Option 2 would be a better bet. FM
  22. F*ck all. I have lost my mojo lately. Just need to get back to it. FM
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