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  1. Flanman

    Port Mac accommodation

    Family ? Single ? Up market ? Just a nice place ? FM
  2. Flanman

    Kona Slot Giveaway

    Not too sure about that question. Can you please re phrase. FM
  3. Flanman

    Kona Slot Giveaway

    Taken off 120 kgs !! F- me. What a great success. That's one and a half people. FM
  4. Flanman

    What training did you do today...

    Oh for a 20% range body..... FM
  5. Flanman

    2018 Goals-what are they ?

    Say goodbye to that 2017 thread and hello to 2018. So time to lay it down. FM
  6. Flanman

    HFLC ruined my life......

    Have a look at the Natural Nutritionist as well==> https://thenaturalnutritionist.com.au/#content She spoke well at the Endurance Expo a few years ago. There is a free mailing list. The website structure is pretty average but the content is good. FN
  7. Flanman

    Rim Brakes to Disc Brakes

    Has anyone changed their rim brakes to disc brakes on their roadie ? FM
  8. Flanman

    Aquabike ITU world champs 2018

    Congrats Jon. Great to see a new type of race maturing to fit those that want to keep competitive. Be very proud of your efforts. FM
  9. Flanman

    Kids buggin' street slang!

    “My bad”. Shit Americanism. FM
  10. Flanman

    What training did you do today...

    I have been rooting around with 4 hours of training, sorry - moving, the last 6 weeksafter having 4 weeks off from Port in May. I have been in the Hunter Valley for the last 3 days having fun. The season starts tomorrow. It starts with the 1st step. FM
  11. Flanman


    How time flies when your having fun. It only seemed a few months ago we were on this subject. I have noticed that this year however, there is a delay. No hits from the maggies yet but I have seen a few starting to build nests. It won't be long now. FM
  12. Flanman

    Let's talk Hematocrit Levels

    Your alcoholic blood work would be finally coming down today after the weekend. Congrats to the Welsh. FM
  13. Flanman

    What do you do to get away from Triathlon?

    One of the best places on earth - the Kimberly's. Another of gods greatest presents to Oz. FM
  14. Flanman

    The good news thread

    We should compare scars at the next race. Great to see you are OK. FM
  15. Flanman

    The Mental Health thread

    Sorry to hear. My only advice is to talk/listen to those really close to you. Work out what's important no matter how hard. I know I'm speaking for all those from Trannies that supported you, we want the best of what's right for you - not us. Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans. FM
  16. Flanman

    Was this guy a pharmacist? 4 year ban not enough

  17. Flanman

    Subaru Forester 2.5i-S MY18

    Congrats mate. There is nothing like living OS with the family. I had a 5 & 8 YO when we went. Best thing ever. Have fun and enjoy. FM PS: I am after a new car in 4 months but am replacing my existing Forrester with an Outlander. I just need the extra towing. Best of luck selling the Subi - I love them
  18. Flanman

    Not just another course cutter

    She is painting herself more and more into a corner. I hope she can find away out without hurting herself any more. FM
  19. Flanman

    Retirement sale.

    Any frames or road bikes that are 56 cm ? FM
  20. Flanman

    Subaru Forester 2.5i-S MY18

    What part of the States are you off to ? FM
  21. Flanman

    Tour de France Tipping Competition

    Everyone can go to bed early tonight. It all starts again Tuesday. FM
  22. Flanman

    Tenby!! It's that time again

    Congratulations Ian. A great result both mentally and physically. Coming back from a problem swim plus a dodgy calf makes the result even better. Take the pats on the back, beer in the gob and enjoy. Very proud. You have also ignited a junior in Flipper as well. Be prepared ! FM
  23. Flanman

    Tenby!! It's that time again

    A far cry from 10 years ago. Have a great time and enjoy both races - Flipper and yours. Mick
  24. Flanman

    HIM, B race. Taper?

    So Ian, now onto your A race. What's happening in the lead-up ? Where are you up to ? What's going on!!! FM
  25. Flanman

    Trannies Strava Page

    Interesting. I don't know what my easy or hard timed run pace is. I just use my HR monitor. Maybe that's why I am just slow, but go all day. FM