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  1. Flanman

    Wearing cycling gloves

    Softy, they all look different. Some things look mean and ugly, others look harmless. Some ugly are fine. The best way to find out is go see a professional. Once a year to start. Apart from a malignant melanoma I had, all the others have been free to check and get rid of. All under Medicare. This is one thing you should never ever check by internet. FM
  2. Flanman

    Wearing cycling gloves

    Your missus and I should compare scars one day. Lol. FM
  3. Flanman

    Wearing cycling gloves

    So I’ve moved from just wearing gloves to wearing arm warmers or LS tops. Ive done a rough count and adding this one, I reckon I am nearing 100 stitches from skin cancers for the past 30 years. My latest above my elbow.and all clear again. FM (Frankenstein Man)
  4. Flanman

    The good news thread

    My missus and family love the speedway. We only talked about it last weekend and will go when it gets warmer. FM
  5. Flanman

    Winterfish 2018

    Have a great time mate. Enjoy. Just make sure the boys are looked after on the swim. FM
  6. Flanman

    FFF1077 - Just for you mate

    Your on a Giant. Fix that. FM
  7. Flanman

    Winterfish 2018

    Another visit to the Skin Cancer Clinic. FM
  8. Flanman

    I Believe

    What is EMF ? FM
  9. Flanman

    What do I need to do - 70.3 worlds 2020

    And what dates would you need to do the races in ? What quantifies the race year for competing in 2020 championships ? FM
  10. Flanman

    What the F is going on here?

    I'd need at least six beers to talk to it - twelve to dance with. FM
  11. Flanman

    Winterfish 2018

    I'm sitting here with nine stitches in my elbow and a divot in my check - just wishing to swim. You lot enjoy yourself swimming. I'll be back in two weeks. FM
  12. Flanman

    HIM, B race. Taper?

    Ian, I watched last years Tenby LCW last night. Great day and atmosphere. You enjoy both A and B. Keep smiling. FM
  13. Flanman

    What training did you do today?

    After swimming yesterday, it another hiatus for a number of days. Stuff cut out of my left check and a nasty on my right lower arm near the elbow. Nine stitches. I am starting to feel like Frankenstein. FM
  14. Flanman

    Exercise and Painkiller Use

    Nice to see a K2 comment come up. FM
  15. Flanman

    FFF1077 - Just for you mate

    There should be enough in the kitty for that too. If not, someone yell out and let us know. We can fill it for her. FM