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  1. Flanman

    The good news thread

    One of the great things in life - after losing a baby during pregnancy - your son letting you know that they are expecting again. This will be their 1st (and are at 20 weeks and everyone is healthy). FM
  2. Flanman

    The Great Transitions Beer Mile! (Port Mac)

    This is what you will be vying for (this is the IM mug from 2016) ... FM
  3. Flanman


    It is fantastic to do these things and makes the world a happy place. We had a 7 day pass for Disneyland but we only were in town 5 days. We gave the pass to a complete stranger so they could enjoy themselves free. It doesn't have to be big, just with feeling. I remember lining up to buy some lottery tickets in the morning at Wynyard. The lady behind me tapped me on the shoulder and gave me my Opal card that I dropped. I wouldn't have noticed it missing until the afternoon when I went home. So when I bought my lottery ticket, I also bought a $2 scratchie and gave it to her. She was chuffed. FM
  4. Flanman

    9 weeks till Ironman Australia

    What the hell is that Trickle ? Does it come with a colostomy bag ? FM
  5. Flanman

    Regrets - Do you have any?

    Dalai, whilst I did that with my mum for 4 months (and chemo for 6 years), I cannot imagine it with your soul mate. Sometimes you feel like you wish you hadn't put your heart into someone because it can get broken. However, you will agree that not having those 18 years would have been worse. Love and heartbreak are two of the strongest human feelings. It tough. You should be proud and smile with joy as to the times you had a choice to be soul mates. You cannot change the situation you were in at the end but she knew you were there for her and you knew that she loved you. Mick
  6. Flanman

    9 weeks till Ironman Australia

    Well after losing 4 weeks of training with a back problem and then the flu last week, I got out for a swim last night and ride (short brick) this morning. Felt OK, although the nose clearing was, well... not pretty. Hopefully knock off another brick tomorrow morning and a Corp Cup run @ lunchtime. Trying to fit in some more each day this week and next week. Run will be the killer as I haven't done anything over 8 kms in the last 4 weeks. Se la vie. Will be up there but no pb this year. I guess I might save that for June 2019 FM
  7. Flanman

    Hawaii 70.3 - 2019

    The more the merrier. You never know, if there's enough, Roxii might sponsor a Transitions race suit. Then again, if Pete and Bored@ turn up and run amok, then maybe not.......... Like I said, very early days. I haven't even broached the subject with the handbrake. I am just lining a few things up. I might even stay on the Big Isle for a bit longer and explore then back to Honas for the night before the cruise. Decisions...Decisions. FM
  8. Flanman

    The Great Transitions Beer Mile! (Port Mac)

    Miss Jess, My work IT has blocked your link, so can you add me to the 70.3 list. I have sent you an PM as well - please read. FM
  9. Flanman

    Regrets - Do you have any?

    I have a few regrets. It's mainly about things I could have done and didn't do (but thought at the time I will regret later if I didn't do). Most of the regrets are only small - nothing big, so I do not worry about it. It's funny, one of my bigger regrets I had was around the time I spent with my kids. I worked long hours and played a lot of sport. I thought I did not spend enough time with them. However, I spoke to both my kids and the missus last year about this exact situation. They all said that I gave them all the love, help, direction and support that they needed/wanted - they couldn't have asked for more. I guess sometimes your regrets can be unwarranted. GE, I have been feeling the same the last few years. I have come to the realisation that I do not live in the moment but treat everything as a process. As an example, when I have friends around, I am ensuring there is enough food/laughter etc then thinking what I am doing the next day (train, mow lawn, get the groceries, what am I cooking for dinner - fitting everything in), then what is happening next week (work, training etc - planning to fit everything in). I am not relaxing and just enjoying the moment but treating ever part of my life as a project (plan, risk assess, keep the objectives ticking over etc). I am trying hard at the moment to enjoy what I do rather than just doing and moving on. It does take an effort but I am trying to enjoy things more rather than just doing. FM
  10. Flanman

    Hawaii 70.3 - 2019

    Thanks guys. Will be looking at it over the coming weeks to see if I can do. Wombattri/clintred, I will be away for a few weeks after Port but will contact you guys after that. Thanks FM
  11. Flanman

    Hawaii 70.3 - 2019

    Early days but starting to look at the logistics/costs. I am thinking of celebrating my 60th birthday by doing the Hawaii 70.3 in 2019. I will probably spend a few days on the Big Isle then back to Honolulu for a couple of days, finally taking a cruise with the missus. I like to hear from anyone who has done the race. I will hire a bike for the race. I don't know whether to stay at the Fairmont or not. Any other info/thoughts would be great. Thanks FM Pete: we did speak briefly but I might give you another call in a week or so.
  12. Flanman

    Commonwealth games chat.

    Great to see Vanuatu won their first ever medal - bronze in the women’s beach volleyball. I have of soft spot for them as I lived over there for three and a half years. Very proud. FM
  13. Flanman

    Swimming stroke question / discussion

    I notice that Coach@ has started back at Engadine pool coaching Masters. 5.30am FM
  14. Flanman

    Commonwealth games chat.

    Just had a chuckle. After Isis Holt won the 100 metre para sprint, the commentator said that she was killing them out there. FM
  15. Flanman

    9 weeks till Ironman Australia

    After missing training for 3 weeks with a back scare, I have come down with the flu. FFS, I was looking for a pb in Port this year. I haven’t been sick for years. I’ve been awake since 2am - coughing, sneezing and going through a box of tissues. This week was shaping as my biggest training week and it is shot now. Sitting at home watching Saturday Night Fever on Fox - being p*ssed off. FM