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  1. It felt just like the NSW State of Origin team from a few years ago - so close but yet so far. I thought they had it at the end of regular AND the first OT It just seemed no one wanted the ball in their hands and screens were average Heading for the bronze playoff now. I am not too sure if they can bounce back. Good luck however FM
  2. I only started training today after a 4 month layoff. BOTBOTP for me. FM
  3. Flanman

    Nice 70.3

    Saw a young lady this morning at Sydney Airport with her Championship gear just after customs. She said it was fantastic in Nice. A long trip home.
  4. I could always come around and bore the shit out of you. That would make you thinner and sleep. FM
  5. You calling yourself “stable” FP ? Mmmmm, I could argue. 😀 FM
  6. Hey Greyman. If you are heading up to Newcastle for a while with work, I may have to come up and visit you. Keep me posted. FM
  7. I may join in a few days. Just finishing off in Bali. All you can eat and drink for 9 days. Fm
  8. There is someone wondering around the pool here in Bali with a pair of Sharkies Budgie Smugglers. No wonder they are out of semi finals running. FM
  9. How about swimmers aged 40-60 from Sydney. Get paid to freeze in Tassie... http://www.mcgregorcasting.com/casting-calls/tasmania FM
  10. Flanman


    Thanks Observer. I understand what you said. I think the majority of stuff is sponsorship. I guess each sport needs funding and has to bend to accommodate. FM
  11. My missus had a pedicure from live fish then drank coffee made from animal droppings. Me, I just watched. FM
  12. Never too early to ride bikes. FM
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