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  1. If you get a chance, have a look at this show on SBS, 8.30pm on Wednesdays - "Australia in Colour". You can look at past shows (I think about three) on catch-up. Fantastic history of Oz. Some great, some shameful. A lot of history you know but also don't know. As the name implies, it is the first time old film is in colour. It makes a world of difference. FM
  2. Would they change their name from "Sky" if this sale happened ? FM
  3. One of my dreams to watch. FM
  4. Flanman

    Port 2019

    Just in case you need to know what the finish line is like.... FM B1479386-CD7F-4166-B5D2-EF2332A11B10.MOV
  5. And a new board ? Anyone close to Trannies? FM
  6. It goes deeper than just winging and excuses. It’s about not accepting yourself, the ongoing idea that beating people is a mark of superiority and that life is about pats on the back. Time to be at peace within yourself, work hard, enjoy others when they strive and look for life for what it is - a positive struggle. FM
  7. Flanman

    Port 2019

    I have my gear ready...... FM
  8. Flanman

    Port 2019

    I am here now. Maybe a little early. FM
  9. As the wise one said - look inside your heart and the heart of hers. You both will know the answer. Be prepared to make a leap of faith. Life is too short to worry about anything other than giving your heart and soul to each other . FM
  10. Gone for a walk tonight while the other halves watched MAFS. A little bitter sweet. FM
  11. Flanman

    Trannies Glossary

    Softc*ck..... FM
  12. Flanman


    Great to see you back. Please note that dad jokes are not allowed in TriChat - only Sandbox. I think your contribution to both areas will be outstanding. Keep on smiling FM
  13. Flanman


    De je vie. In Port one year later and f@*k me dead, ITS ON AGAIN. Help me please !!!!! FM
  14. You never know. You can only race whoever shows up. Never sell it down. Congrats. FM
  15. Having seven days in Port Mac from tomorrow after my TdC ride. Will get back to a bit of running, swimming and golf while I am there. Getting ready for Port 70.3. Will have the little fella with us plus the son and DIL. Just love holidays where I can do what ever I want. FM
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