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  1. Helmets - Should we have to wear them

    I'd rather have hat/helmet hair than hat/blood hair. FM
  2. Stuffed knee again.... should I get a look inside?

    http://strengthrunning.com/2011/06/pool-running-why-you’re-doing-it-wrong-and-how-to-pool-run-to-get-faster/ FM
  3. Wearing cycling gloves

    No probs mate. That age is when the damage starts. We did not have that info in our day. A lucky girl with a caring dad. FM
  4. Training Location

    It looks like a river EHB. FM
  5. Training Location

    25 metres. No one in there before 9am each morning. It’s part of our community facilities (along with a few tennis courts, walking tracks, cycling paths and gym). I was there today for s Christmas do. A couple of clubhouses and amphitheater as well. Snapshot of the clubhouse and amphitheater today. FM
  6. Training Location

    Whilst I cannot swim at the moment, this is my local pool. Sensational. Have you’ve got photos of you training location ? FM
  7. Rashies

    And either wear a swim cap or put sunscreen on your noggin and ears. FM
  8. Backward Bike

    It's more about the learning than the bike. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MFzDaBzBlL0&feature=youtu.be FM
  9. WS 70.3

    Congrats mate. Yes, you came to my rescue are I lathered up the sunscreen and got it in my eye. A good for you result considering your training and injury. Another race ticked. I had a good laugh whilst we lined up to pick up our street gear. I was thinking what race I was doing next. I asked you "what you were doing next ?". You said "beers". We will have to catch up longer next time. Stay safe and well Mick
  10. WS 70.3 - first timer...

    Congrats Sar. You've only done a few races yet stepped up to the plate. What I like about your report is you had a good training plan and a good preparation. Doing your 1st longer race is hard enough, but having to face the morning and start without your supportive other half is tough. Do not ever worry about your time compared to others - in every race there is someone faster than everyone - except 1 person (the winner). The power, strength and fitness comes will come over time so stick with it. The Newcastle Tri Club is really good. I've met a few from there and are always positive. I love your line, " I didn't finish feeling like I could have gone harder and know where I want to improve". The mark of a champion. See you at the next one. FM
  11. What training did you do today?

    Without starting a new thread, what are you training for Cranky ? FM
  12. Ultraman WC

    Hard day at the office Trout. A finish is a win. FM
  13. Wearing cycling gloves

    They were unusual - little keratin growths less than 5 mm wide. Underneath were squamous cell carcinomas. Not sure the size of them though. As for the melonoma on my back, well the professor said that ones that size take out 90% of people. I was lucky enough to be in the 10%. My “shark bite” back, torso and groin are always a good show and tell after a few beers FM
  14. Wearing cycling gloves

    The hands now match my back. I had a melanoma removed a number of years ago. About 50 stitches and lost my lymph nodes. I am still kicking though. FM
  15. Wearing cycling gloves

    Yeah, they are cancers that were cut out. Hopefully that’s all is required to be removed. I was told about a month ago but delayed a few weeks so I could do WS 70.3 (doctor said it was ok). After all, I didn’t want to waste any money lol I am also considering driving gloves now. FM