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  1. Front and back cameras? FM
  2. I have started cleaning the garage and found these. FM
  3. Hopefully it works...……. https://www.facebook.com/andrew.beddie/videos/10219897070724234/?t=2 FM
  4. I would like to hear thoughts from those who have been to the TdF. We watch it on the TV. We hear the commentary, see the faces, marvel at the crowds. Most of us would love to be there watching it live. However.....what's it actually like being there ? The race goes past so fast. I do know that the villagers have big festivals and celebrate. The emotion on the big climbs look great. But to me, the race would go past in a blink of an eye. So, for those who have been, ….. what's it like ? FM
  5. Flanman


    Have you had your gall bladder or any other operation ? FM
  6. My first swim since IMOZ 70.3 - 2 km swim. Gym yesterday and a run tomorrow (then my golf lesson). Geez, this life is hard. FM
  7. Now your just showing off. Bloody love coral trout. FM
  8. Just when you thought cycling gets a bit hard and those hills are steep in Oz, you then see the Pyrenees. You think to yourself if would be great to ride (but you are glad it's not you). Now, think deciding to train then ride them. No, not on a normal bike but on a three wheeler. Now think about not getting out of your lounge but out of a wheelchair. Yes, Gab has been training for months with a ten year dream to once again, ride the Pyrenees. Ever since her life was almost taken away from her all those years ago. She has just arrived in France and about to tackle these monsters. I am in awe of her courage. Photo of her leaving and "Rosie" who will take her to the top. FM
  9. All over red rover. FM
  10. No, Mat McFarlane. I just went to his 50th birthday party last weekend. Also caught up with Prenda for the first time in 10 or so years. Great night. FM
  11. Chris, Thinking of you mate. I know you have a lot on your plate, more than most at the moment. Lots of travel, work, decisions...…. Make sure you keep talking - to friends, colleagues and family. Work though it. Reach out in need. Mick
  12. Outside assistance:- A mate of mine dropped into the Tuncurry Hotel and had a schooner on his last lap of the IMOZ run. A couple of locals bought it for him. FM
  13. Thanks JGF. I have a plan !! FM
  14. Hope you get better. I did the same thing last year (10 YO bike). I was lucky as I was just starting and noticed it feeling funny before I took off fast (fast-ish then). Hence - the new bike. FM
  15. At least we are reading them. FM
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