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  1. The good news thread

    Yeah CN. The last one I did was back about 15 year ago and was fairly casual (for some ). I just want to ride the TT bike for an LSD ride so the body continually gets used it. Don't forget for you to have fun too. FM
  2. The good news thread

    Talking about the Gong ride, has anyone ridden their TT bike on the ride ? whilst I prefer to ride the roadie on the day, it is around race time so want to get some Ks in on the TT. Ta FM
  3. The good news thread

    Breakfast with who I consider a legend in Aussie cycling. Brad has been an ambassador for the MS Gong ride for a few years now FM
  4. City 2 Surf Bondi Breakfast?

    No need to worry........now. FM
  5. City 2 Surf Bondi Breakfast?

    Sorry to miss you guys this year. I will be recovering on Sunday morning after an Angels cover band night. Then out for a Sunday lunchtime ride. I will be there in spirit though. I was involved in establishing the security risk/threat assessment and plan for the race. Have fun. See you all at Nepean. FM
  6. Calf Cramps

    Yep, relax the ankles. Try and kick from the hips ( Greyman's hardest exercise). FM
  7. The Mental Health thread

    And we wish and pray all the best for you too FFF. FM
  8. ASADA warning for supplements

    From the link - down the bottom "A word from the IOC"... This comment is supported by a survey conducted by LGC, which found that 1 in 5 supplements bought off Australian shelves contained a banned substance, whether it was listed on the label or not. A bit unnerving for some. FM
  9. Proud Dad moment

    It doesn't take much to have a proud dad moment. I'm up the Hunter Valley for a few days with the better half. Just listening to my son (aged 30) talking to my missus on the phone and ordering wine. It's that easy talk, banter, joking that is just so beautiful. A bond from birth that is just as strong today. Very rewarding as a father - to love your parents as not only parents, but great friends. FM
  10. Ironman in Victoria

    I have volunteered at a number of IM races - either Forster or Port. I do it for both me (to enjoy and give back) plus do it for the athletes. I have also held offfice in Vanuatu for the association for racing I'd rather be a competitor/ supporter than a commentator. There's nothing like looking after friends and fellow competitors. FM
  11. Meat and Water Diet Study

    Niseko, if you don't mind sharing, what are the key indicators you are using for health monitoring? Also, have you got a baseline? Ta FM
  12. Gelatin

    wrong thread
  13. Meat and Water Diet Study

    Are you looking to take any probiotics? FM
  14. Do I need to worry about my cadence when training?

    For another view, have a read of Sutto's blogs on cadence. Cyclists vs triathletes - different animals. FM Sorry, Just saw your previous post AA7