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  1. Well ,if 34 English Channel crossings is not enough, Chloe McCardel is attempting another four crossing at the moment to bring her total to 38. If successful, she will beat the most crossings set by a male at 34 and become the second person in history to reach 35 channel swims behind Alison Streeter, who has 43. There is no way I would swim at night, let alone in open ocean for this long in bloody cold water. I am in awe of her focus and bloody- mindedness. She has commenced her first crossing. Here's hoping for good luck and four finished. FM
  2. Flanman


    For those found deliberately flouting the law (Karen’s, the two dimwits who got into QLD). They should Be made to attend two places: 1. ICU seeing a person on a ventilator 2. a funeral of a COVID victim. FM
  3. Yes, I’ve saw what you were wearing - Loretta. FM
  4. They are still advertising the City to Surf - 18 October. That’s 82,000 participants for one race or......164 races of 500 people. FM
  5. Flanman

    All things NRL

    Who let the dogs out(finally).... FM
  6. I thought this was fantastic from the great man - Delly Carr. I wish it was longer FM
  7. The last time I took notice of people talking about the Left and the Right, they were marching. FM
  8. Late notice. SBS tonight at 9:25pm. “Depression and me”. A look at one of the worst diseases known to humans. Depression. FM
  9. If that’s how you run it, so be it. But you run it. FM
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