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  1. Flanman


    Does anyone have a doppelganger of themselves, friends or someone you know ? I was watching the golf and thought that I saw a Trannie. This is my choice:- Bored@Work and Sergio Garcia. What do you think? Do you have any others ??? FM
  2. Hopefully they didn’t think it was you.... FM
  3. Watching it just reinforces my thoughts on Lance. I know a few people that have NFI FM
  4. I was speaking with my mate yesterday (broker). He said tons of people are renegotiating their loans. ING have a fixed rate of 2.18% and floating of 2.8%. A lot of people are now locking in part of their loan, the rest floating with an offset account. This allows you to pay more money Than just a full fixed rate account. This again reduces your interest owed Me, well I’m lucky, I own my place. FM
  5. I thought you were talking about spandex. FM
  6. Option 2 would be a better bet. FM
  7. F*ck all. I have lost my mojo lately. Just need to get back to it. FM
  8. Flanman

    Port Photos

    I found a few photos of previous Port races and thought I’d share seeing we missed out this year. Do you have any special ones to share ? FM
  9. I like this video because it shows age group athletes - the bread and butter of Ironman. A couple of Trannies (yep, we own up to all of them). From 50 seconds to 60 seconds is the usual good finish. From 3 minutes on is fantastic. FM
  10. Geez, 24 seconds difference. That’s consistency. FM
  11. Side note. I cannot find the 2005 Ironman Australia on YouTube. Does anyone have a link ? Ta FM
  12. So, is Transitions a going concern now ? Has there been a handover or does this site drown in the mire this week ? FM
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