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  1. For those interested, there is a smaller trail run in West Sydney. From 1.6 km kids dash to 19 kms. There was a 35 km run listed previously but that seems to have disappeared. 22 June. FM https://westernsydneytrailrun.com.au/event-info/
  2. Flanman

    What’s this?

    The boys rest during the race. It takes them a little time to wake up after AND, I'd prefer for them to do it on their own time. FM
  3. BACTERIA * The estimated average human body is inhabited by three times as many non-human cells as human cells. Some microorganisms that colonise humans co-exist without harming humans. * It is estimated that there are approximately 37.2 trillion cells in the body and 100 trillion bacterial cells. * Bacteria have been around for at least 3.5 billion years, making them the oldest known life-form on the planet. * Lined up end to end, they would stretch some 10 billion light-years—literally from here to the edge of the visible universe. FM
  4. Flanman

    What’s this?

    Happy to have someone do my wrist and neck but.... groin after a race ? I don't think it would be working properly. FM
  5. You might be able to swim soon. After all, the water would be getting to a balmy 12C by now. FM
  6. Flanman

    The 1% stuff

    Swim bands in the garage. Even when the kids get older, you can work with them. You run while they ride their bike with you (trail runs are excellent for this). I also used to take my wind trainer to watch my son play cricket - just had to find a tree with shade (and not worry about the funny looks I used to get). FM
  7. A bit of a ramble so bear with me. Back a few years ago, I saw two cardiologists as I noticed my heart would spike after around three hours of exercise (never under that time). It would shoot up for around 20 seconds then come back for five minutes. This would happen a number of times. Sometimes it stopped other times, I had decided to stop. There were no symptoms - I only realised it was happening because I wear a HRM when training/racing. One was a sports cardiologist and the other a regular cardiologist. Both said there was nothing wrong and basically it could be a virus or just my make-up. I saw the cardiologist again last year and again, no blockages, not electrical and the standard minor hardening of the arteries for my age - but nothing wrong or not normal. He told me to see him in ten years ! Last year and this year I went to a physio and she advised, whilst my knee aches a little, all my joints are in very good shape for my age. She told me not to stop what I'm doing. Finally, I got my bloods done last week and receive the results today. Apart from a slightly higher glucose level (just outside normal), everything else was excellent. Kidney/liver/thyroid function, cholesterol, all blood markers, iron, excellent PSA (of a 25 year old). The whole lot where very good. I head off tomorrow to see the specialist and book in for a colonoscopy (my mother passed away from bowel cancer). This will be the 4th time I've had the procedure and no problems so far. I should be fine. After all that, apart from my weight and continual monitoring of skin cancers, it looks like I'm in pretty good shape. I want to explore more on my gut health and mental health and how they can be measured. To me, if I can get my all these right - gut, weight, total bloods, organs functioning, PSA levels, skeletal, mental health OK - then these are my measures. So, how do you measure your health and well being ? How do you know your level and the right level ? Are there any other things I/we should be thinking of ? FM
  8. Fantastic Effort - very proud of you. You also picked up the Greyman Award - choice. FM
  9. You can get tested in a sport science lab. I had it done late in the 90s. I was lucky and got it for free. It is a bit pricey but you have the exact. Not sure of any specific labs but I read sometime last year about one. FM
  10. Chris, it was great to catch up. Sorry we didn’t spend more time together. Although people laugh, Port it relatively hard and can take you by surprise. Don’t worry about not hitting all your times - it is rare for first timers to achieve their perfect goals. You did however, conquer a few demons and came out a better athlete. Be proud of your achievements. Next time...... FM
  11. I have spent a little time in PNG but missed the opportunity to do Kokoda. It is more than being s tough slog. It’s knowing who and why it is important. It is an attitude as well as a legacy journey. Read up on it and be take the meaning of Kokoda with you. Your bond with your daughter will be very special. FM
  12. I will be there.....from 29 May to 6 June only. Celebrating my birthday but will just miss the race. However, it will be an intense time for Beer Mile training. FM
  13. Congrats mate. Take the positives and learn from the gaps. Always great to break the hour mark in the swim. Never underestimate the absolute benefit of mental strength. You cannot get it from a good or great race. You only get it from going through the depths. Very impressed with you on this. FM
  14. Flanman

    Port - Race Day

    The cost to maintain roads is extremely high compared to how many people live in the location and therefore, pay for the fixes (including right across Australia). It is easier to patch holes than to re-lay a whole section. FM
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