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  1. You need more than one day off. FM (who is now slow but in his 31st year of triathlon. That’s right - the 80s, 90s, 00s and tenners. Hoping to hit the twenties before slowing down race wise).
  2. Seeing it’s only half an hour, the anticipation of being collected on the bike (in that position) is worse. Just make sure you are wearing your watch on your right hand. FM
  3. Got in a good session this morning before the smoke and heat kicked in. Still 30C when Finished. 81 km ride/ 8 km run brick. FM
  4. 6:34 am wave start for me. Time ? F-nose. I am about 6 weeks short of where I wanted to be. Maybe less than 6:30 ?? Just to finish, only walk the aid stations and not fall asleep on the way home while driving. FM
  5. Location: Get there early as there the walk from the carpark is at least 800 metres. Swim. Fresh water so will be slower that you are used to. They have changed the course this year so you swim under the bridge then get out adjacent to T1.If the water is clean, you can follow the underwater rope down the 750 length (refer to swim map) It's about 3 foot under the surface.. There are also small coloured buoys about every 50 metres. Bike: Flat, flat, flat. In 2017, I was hoping to get near 3 - 3:05 (unfit). I did 2:50 and felt good. Make sure you drink and eat as you get in such a rhythm you may forget. Run: Again flat, flat, flat. The only incline is the gradual rise out from the dam/weir. What I call a medium false flat. The second half lap feels a long way as you can see 10 km around the water. It visually seems a long way. Keep you mental state solid. It can get very hot and a dry feeling on the run, especially on the second lap. Grab the ice for hat and tri suit (if they have it again). Hydrate, hydrate. Because the course if very flat/fast, make sure you have the right rhythm otherwise you will hit the wall early. And, f**k me, the FLIES !! I take aeroguard for after the race. A few of us will have Trannie hats on, so keep your eye out. Arse slapping is allowed as you pass a Trannie. FM
  6. Just asking if there is anyone that has a stationary bike that they may want to get rid of either permanent or short term. After fracturing her foot, my daughter needs a lot of recovery on a stationary bike. She doesn't want to go to the gym and peddle for 10 -15 minutes at the moment. I am near Camden but happy to travel most of Sydney to Penrith, Gong etc Ta FM
  7. * Flanman - #1457 * Clappers - #1167 Please add if you like FM
  8. Who's in ? If it's anything like today (33C and 40 kph hot westerlies), I will be stretchered home. FM
  9. 1st day of home alone - 11km run; 3.4 km swim; 2 buckets of golf balls. FM
  10. Dropped the Missus at airport this arvo then had 11 holes of golf. From tomorrow, I will be a semi professional athlete for a week. I might even give updates. Lol FM
  11. I was there then - small world. I’m pretty sure I have the results somewhere in the garage. I will have a look when I can. FM
  12. Flanman

    Nepean 2019

    We used to complete random testing back in the 90s while I was on the committee of the Vanuatu Triathlon Association. A chosen person would have to pee in a cup then take a swig. If they spat it out, you were deemed positive. If you swallowed- negative. We only banned one person. Not for spitting it out but for drinking the whole lot then asking for more. FM
  13. We used to random test while I was on the Vanuatu Triathlon Club committee back in the 90. You had to pee in a cup then take a swig. If you spat it out, you were positive. If you swallowed it, you were clean. We only banned one bloke. Not for spitting it out, but for drinking his whole cup every time then asking for more. FM
  14. Flanman

    Nepean 2019

    So I have been advised through sources that a wrong turn was taken where I said. Some discrepancy whether they were told by a Marshall to “turn left” or “keep left” . FM
  15. Flanman

    Nepean 2019

    It may have been after the first lap. On the way back out after passing the finish line, you have to loop right up back towards transition. It’s about 200 metres up then back across the bridge This is about the only place you could stuff up. FM
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