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  1. New Busso swim course - shark friendly

    I’ve only seen it once. A woman down Calalla who got dumped going out in her wave - about 20 metres from shore. . She Turned around and got out.crying. Her father convinced her to continue . Emo allowed her to go out in the next wave and she just made it out before a 3 foot glassy broke on her head. She came out a distance last in that wave. I found out later this was her 2nd ever swim. She then proceeded to rip apart the bike and run course and finish second his her AG, even though she got out of the water about 10 or 15 minutes after the last person his her original wave. She was a state cyclist. FM
  2. Who lives Near Wonthaggi ?

    Op next week. Yes, little Flanman has finally joined the family. All of us now will have titanium for good. FM
  3. Who lives Near Wonthaggi ?

    Thanks for the offer Hymie. The Yamaha Team have his stuff on Philip Island. I am parked in a side street near Sydney Airport. His flight is due in 15 minutes. From the airport to the hospital near home. Thanks again all. Love you lot. FM
  4. Who lives Near Wonthaggi ?

    Thanks guys. We were working through last night the train/coach thing (thanks Lyn). He was lucky enough to get the local hospital then transfer up to Melbourne. He has a hospital bed overnight in Melbourne. The specialist has strapped and said he can fly so we are just organising a transfer back to Sydney today. We have organised doctor and specialist today via the missus and my daughter (she works for a radiology place). Just waiting for a call to confirm what time I'll pick him up today at the airport. Thanks Lyn, Surfer, Cottoneyes and especially Pete for the offer. Much appreciated. And yes CN, it has to be plated. It's a clean split in the middle so he needs it. Pete, I left my mobile at work. He is a bit pissed off. He was doing the Gong Enticer race in three weeks on his new "Tyno steed". That's race is gone now. He's even more annoyed as we had two golf games organised in Port Mac in the middle of March (he might be able to put by then). Trannies..... just a fantastic bunch of lunatics. They come to the fore when needed. FM
  5. Mooloolaba Tri transition area....gone

    Innovative... Maybe transitions can be in the new multi story carpark. FM
  6. Who lives Near Wonthaggi ?

    Just got a call from my son. He just arrived in Phillip Island with work (Yamaha) and...... he's had a bike stack and badly broken his collarbone. Just looking the easiest way for the missus to get there from Sydney. Am I right in thinking flying to Melbourne then train/coach to Wonthaggi ? She wont drive. Any other alternatives. I am not 100% sure if he will be operated on there. What would be the biggest town near there ? Ta FM
  7. Tour de Cure

    10 days to go..... Why we ride=> FM
  8. Geelong 70.3

    Leatsky, a great read. It's refreshing to hear through your words, the sheer joy/fear/planning during your race. Completing a certain distance for the 1st time is great. You get to learn about yourself in training and on the day - physically, mentally and emotionally. You'll find that once you have a couple under your belt, then a longer distance will yearn for you. Or should I say, you will yearn to test yourself on a longer distance. Enjoy what you have accomplished - congrats. Tick the box then.... what's next. FM
  9. IvP will he make a comeback ?

    At least grandpa doesn't shit his pants............ FM
  10. Husky Weekend

    That idea started with a conversation I had with Emo. Two years ago in Husky I amended my AG entry to Mates so I could go off in the earlier waves. There was a problem at registration as they couldn't find my entry. Anyway, they gave me a new one. Then at T1, there was no rack for me so they sent me back to registration. Anyway........ on the way back to T1 after sorting out another number, I bumped into Emo and told him what had happened. I said jokingly that "I" should have preferential treatment with lounge, bar fridge, massage, food stall etc in T1 because I was "Flanman" . Then he said, hey, we could do that (well some of it). and so the "Premium" transition was borne. FM
  11. Paris-Roubaix 2018

    Bast*rd - rub it in..... FM
  12. Tour de Cure

    Just finished my biggest week in cycling in preparation for the ride in 12 days. Just on 350 kms for me. Probably my biggest week since doing my last IM back in 2005. Loved last Sunday's ride- from Neutral Bay through to Hornsby, Galston Gorge, Wisemans Ferry then return. A great day out. I wish I could do them regularly, although I might be need to be single. I'll be doing about 230 kms this week, swimming, running and gym. Next week will be ride, swim and rest. If you are interested in donating, my link is here >> https://tourdecure.com.au/profile/?memberId=76140&tourId=1011 Thanks all Mick
  13. Items for Gym

    +1. My main tool apart from a mat to floor work. FM
  14. Trannies Strava Page

    Don't get too technical Pete - it's ALWAYS about the hours FM
  15. Trannies Strava Page

    Woo-hoo. Made the podium last week . Time to retire. FM