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  1. Just been released the facility is located in Brooklyn, that's not too far from you is it Peter?
  2. The good news is you can, the bad news is under the terms of the merger, they had to fill half of the positions with Wallabies.. and like most mergers, they weren't the good half
  3. Some of us would like to see some people come back, who only will when there is a change of ownership. Alternatively, what impact will open transparency on who the owner is have? If he hasn't sold, perhaps it's time for a new ownership model where a regular group of us all chip in a bit to buy the site as a co-op, and commit to a monthly amount to keep the site going. As it stands at the moment any talk of ownership just gets deleted - be open and let's see if we can find a solution from within the community that helps Willie out and all of us at the same time. Nothing against the
  4. Agree with you on Nash, the only thing missing was a ring, if he had gotten on of them would have been top 10 for sure. Hakeem - would take him over Shaq any day Curry - I can't rate anyone in a 'superteam' as being top 10. Great talent, but can't include anyone who had to be part of a manufactured team to get their success. I put him top 20 as a result For me in no particular order (with a noted bias on players I've seen / seen highlights of more than others): MJ Kareem Robinson Wilt Chamberlain Magic Bird Kawhi (Potential to go to number
  5. Sunshine coast, somewhere around Pomona would be my choice. Got alot of friends have retired / moved there and it has a great community feel about it. GC just feels more and more like people are building on top of each other, my last trip to Bryon (outside of school holidays) was my last - just seemed to be in a traffic jam constantly once you got in your car Another option to throw out is Bargara on the coast East of Bundaberg. You have an airport within 20 minutes, seems to be a great community very active, plenty of groups out riding when I was up there, very active surf club of var
  6. If it helps Goughy, I've got the app and I haven't had this experience
  7. This is the crux of it, if you have a good internet connection all the time, then 365 is really not that different. If you have times where you aren't connected to the internet, then you will have some problems. Personally I stay with the office professional version. I particularly find the outlook program frustrating in 365, it reminds me alot of hotmail circa 1996 The other things to consider is with 365 you will always have the most recent version of excel, word etc. You buy 2016, and you have 2016, when you want to update to say 2019, you need to buy a copy (with license) of t
  8. I don't put Shaq in the top 10 players, top 50 maybe. When Shaq played, it was his size that he relied on, he didn't have any particularly great skills to call on. Always a great player to have on your team to guard the paint, but he never would have fitted in with MJ or even LeBron, either of them would have chewed him out about not doing anything about his free throw shot - top 10 players don't appear in movies where the butt of the joke is their shooting ability. Steve Nash on the other hand had the skill and the work ethic, he always made the teammates around him that bit better. M
  9. Yeah, but that's you Peter, alot more Slowtwits in LA than Cabo, you shouldn't be pissing off Dan so much
  10. Watched Ep 1 last night, did anyone else spend the time wondering why the hell Jordan's eyes were bloodshot looking?
  11. Our office is taking a cautious approach, really month by month but the overall expectation is most likely October. I got my standing desk removed from the office and I'm now using it to give you and indication of the expectations. The bigger thing we are concentrating on is whether people need to work in the office. We had a new CEO commence March 10, which was great timing, and we've already had discussions about people working remotely more often, changing the office over mostly to hot desks, getting people set up with better home offices etc. The best part out of it was our office
  12. Can someone call Parkside to make sure he is sitting down before he sees the news that the government is giving the population information?
  13. "As well as receiving a personalised card from the Queen, Capt Tom will be made an honorary England cricketer by former captain Michael Vaughan." Living through a war wasn't punishment enough?
  14. I was on a call this morning to get some insights into changes for Victoria and returning to 'normal' work - if things keep tracking well there will be a slight reduction in restrictions from 11th May. I'm hearing golf clubs and fishing rods will be good Mothers Day presents for those of us that usually rely on the school stalls to cover this day
  15. Call himself a winner of the gold for 2 consecutive years? We had an employee earlier this week have to go home a couple of hours into the day, had flu like symptoms, straight to the doctor who sent him straight for testing. Results came back negative. We were chasing information while waiting for the tests on what we should be doing. Basic advice was to keep going with life as normal Mind you, we doubted it would be anything other than negative, no local cases for 3+ weeks, employee lives alone and has only been to local supermarket, work and his home for last 6 weeks
  16. Just placed a complaint with TIO, went for an hour where the best speeds were 0.08 mbps on both upload and download. Can't be assed sitting on hold for half an hour again to be told they see nothing wrong their end. Still not return call from level 2 tech either which I was promised to happen yesterday afternoon
  17. Pretty much my thoughts, although they'll be moving it back in 12 months if that is the case as we have a new housing estate going in directly between us and the tower. Touch wood, everything has been working reasonably well since posting this, waiting on level 2 tech to call me back today. Will keep the ombudsman up my sleeve for that conversation
  18. Close, but down the Peninsula a little bit. The new leader announcement will be along shortly
  19. You would think that any government asking you to download an app would want to be transparent with the public about the data, but hey... As an emergency services volunteer, the 'experts' tell us to only send the 'minimum' people required on call outs - which no one knows what that looks like until we get on scene. Do I continue to attend every call out including false alarms and run the risk of bringing something home to my wife to then take to the aged care homes where she works? Or are the numbers at a level that I keep my PPE at home, and listen on the radio before heading out to th
  20. Time for a bit of lighter material in the sand box. I found this on youtube recently, amazing - RIP Chester:
  21. Dying here with fixed wireless at the moment. We had really good connection, no issues on our service at all, including the first 4 weeks of working / schooling from home. Last Thursday, we had a 2 hour outage during the day for maintenance works on our tower - no problems other than during the day with no notice provided. Since then however we have had constant speed issues and complete drop out of service for up to 5 minutes at a time. Multiple calls to Iprimus as our provider, been told everything under the sun - we're using too many devices for our plan ($5 per month extra and we n
  22. Not as embarrassing as taking 2 guns to shoot someone, and then getting thrashed by them and their cane... or half the other crap sprouted in this thread of nonsense
  23. I don 't actually have a stance, just you seem to like arguing for the sake of arguing so thought I would help your week get off to a good start by showing your facts as stated were incorrect. We can't have your blood pressure dropping on us now can we. Occasionally some of us just need to just take the piss out of some of the bloody minded as a bit of sport. You're welcome! And Andrew Jackson - the would be assassin took 2 guns to the fight and still couldn't get the job done, got a thrashing and then thrown into a mental asylum for the remainder of his days. No hiding behind the
  24. I follow a fire department in NY State which is daily providing an update from the local health organisation - shows clearly in that area the number of new cases, the number of recoveries, the number of active cases and the number of deaths - both overall and the changes from the previous day. This is all for the local county. I'd love to see the local authorities publish something like this so we know what is going on. At the moment when I look, my council area is showing 5 cases - it has been this number for 3.5 weeks now, so I'd really like to know is this active, or recovered cases,
  25. Truck driver has been charged. Toxicology shows cannabis and ice - but we don't have a drug problem in this country
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