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  1. Cottoneyes


    I'm all for conversing with those with differing opinions, I draw the line at supporting or standing by while those trying to get back at a 'bully' by becoming a bigger bully. In the end all we are left with are a bunch of bullies and a poorer community The same individual that took a break for stalking other members and then had to take a long break until it all 'blew' over. Only showing themselves again when they felt it was safe not to have their noggin knocked off after being found out I'm not saying anyone is faultless in this, but spare us the 'he did this first'. Most people got past that in kinder
  2. Wouldn't blame him with the amount of shit the usual parties seem to keep rolling on him. Deserved or not, some people need to take a damn hard look at why the numbers on this forum keep dropping off and the regulars don't seem to stick around. Rant over, happy to continue in the WTF thread that Goughy started in the Sandbox, pretty sure this behaviour is what was referred to
  3. Cottoneyes

    Skin checks

    You know FM, there are easier ways to use up the sick leave before retirement...
  4. to make up for the gender pay gap?
  5. Just disappointed not one reference to Kim Il Jung in it at all, blatant false advertising
  6. From my time where I have had fleet management earlier in my career I'd argue those that drive less have the more accidents. After distractions and impairment, I reckon confidence / competence is the biggest factor in accidents
  7. Probably because it would be a protected field under discrimination legislation and would be either illegal, or open to some ambulance chaser wanting to make a few bucks through a class action. Same thing happens with 'diversity' champions, the same people who want us to report on how companies are getting a more diverse workforce (ie LGBQTI?, disabled, long term unemployed, etc) can't seem to get through their peanut brains we can't report on what we a) can't ask and b) can't record. And that's before considering you can't ask these questions in the recruitment process...
  8. Good to see Al Gore burning the fossil fuels to come talk to some politicians that won't be in office long enough to do anything to preach his own climate change emergency - oh and collect a very nice paycheque along the way. The same politicians that want to quickly approve Adani to save their own seats... I wonder why the issue is not taken seriously?
  9. Donuts in the finishing tent?
  10. One commissioner usually, will send both parties to conciliation with a hope that they will reach an agreeable outcome. If not then the commissioner hears the case, will not be anymore than 6 months payout in usual circumstances. As IJ says though, once talking about salaries over the $150K mark they get ruled ineligible for unfair dismissal pretty quick and it needs to go through the civil courts At $75 plus assumed lawyers fees to get them to conciliation, it can be the cheapest way to go though
  11. First step, get FWA to sign it off as unfair dismissal, then head to the courts for the big payout with half of your case already done
  12. It's a shit of a job Ex, but while you feel shit about it, there is some hope. The day you don't feel shit about it is the day to really worry. Take some time to look through your contacts and see if there is anyone you can mention to that might have a use for his skills. Maybe even mention it on here and see if another Trannie might be able to put 2 and 2 together to help him out
  13. Trying to appease a noisy minority in inner city suburbs with no grasp on the reality beyond the sidewalk is probably the main reason.
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