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  1. Rotto swim canned - shark...

    No, but he expected his medal, he claimed he put more effort into that race than other one he has completed
  2. April and May Races

    Those going there for a bit of time before hand, just saw the mountain film festival is in town on 1st May: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/mountainfilm-on-tour-port-macquarie-tickets-43340846639?aff=efbeventtix
  3. Mornington/Frankston Cycle

    Try it on a Saturday morning, plenty of other cyclists out and a bit more safety in numbers. There are rides up around Canadian bay road, two bays road that are a bit quieter and get a bit of hills in. Alternatively some rides down Red Hill / Arthurs Seat out the back to Flinders might be more your go. As for groups, MPTC used to do rides, check out their website to see if and when they still do them. Been almost 10 years for me but Brian Vernon always kept the group in check. Being a club might need to join though
  4. The Politics Thread

    Leader is from the lower house, McKenzie is a senator
  5. The Politics Thread

    How does the whole Qld LNP thing work? Could they put one the libs from Qld such as Ciobo in?
  6. Who lives Near Wonthaggi ?

    FM, sounds like all under control. I'm happy to offer to help the Yamaha team out, if they need someone to demonstrate middle aged riding of a new MT-09 around the track or anything similar...
  7. The Politics Thread

    What about Gergie boy?
  8. The Politics Thread

    Beetoota boys headline: "Barnaby finally figures how to pull out"
  9. The Politics Thread

    She could marry him to put an end to that
  10. The Politics Thread

    Someone only 1000 people in the whole country has ever heard of
  11. April and May Races

    Think that time of the calendar really dies off, end of the tri season, not yet really duathlon season. http://adventurerace.com.au/Events/7321/Maximum-Adventure-Race-Series---Royal-National-Park is one event that you might want to consider if you have the gear, otherwise think it is really Cairns as your next main event
  12. Trail Running

    Wonderland run entries open now, lowest price if you enter by midnight, then until 22 March before the next price increase. Seriously the best run on the calendar so if you're into trail running, get onto it
  13. Who lives Near Wonthaggi ?

    Mick, Frankston is the hospital most get transferred to from down this way, so that's the most likely option. If it helps I commute each afternoon from Dandenong (can get train to there), more than happy to help her with a lift down after work if it suits at all Hope he is well and trust the bike is being looked after
  14. Who lives Near Wonthaggi ?

    Hi FM, live 25 minutes from the town, let me know if I can help
  15. The Politics Thread

    it's on, Barnaby is being challenged