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  1. Cottoneyes

    Holy crap I feel old!

    Started to think of these guys while thinking about this thread on the way home, what have you started FP
  2. Cottoneyes

    Strange denizens of the office

    Just to add, the call was pre-arranged with an hour set aside to sort out the issues
  3. Cottoneyes

    Strange denizens of the office

    We had a call with our relationship manager with the bank in Taiwan late last year about issues we were having with their online banking. We got 15 minutes into the call and the guy just says - "Look, it's my lunchtime, I'll call you back in an hour". Very serious that he needed to take his lunch break right then and there with nothing resolved
  4. Cottoneyes

    The Sharemarket Thread

    Oh dear https://www.marketindex.com.au/analysis/consensus-recommendations-18-april-2018
  5. Cottoneyes

    Strange denizens of the office

    We don't go that far, but when the new building was in construction a selection of representatives from the different teams came together to formulate the 'culture' they wanted in the new building. Top the the list was no eating at the desks. The owner is very big on work life balance so the rule has been enforced from day one and it is very rare to see anyone eating anything at their desks. The eating / canteen area is actually really nice, with inside and outside areas and quite large so no one has to battle for tables or seats. You're allowed any water bottle you want on your desk though. I had one of those 2 litre big jobs until the day the seam on it split with it 3/4 full while drinking from it - end result was a saturated shirt front. I'm back to a 750ml bottle that gets filled twice a day now
  6. Cottoneyes

    Strange denizens of the office

    2 Things: Managers that refuse to allow their staff to ever work from home - "How will I know whether they actually work or not?" - That says so much more about the inabilities for the manager than it ever will of the staff. The second is meeting request replies or more specifically rejections. I rarely organise meetings and only when required. I had to organise a meeting with some ICT people in the company and set a time a week in advance for the members required, all of whom know what the meeting is about and it's importance. One of the F*ckers hit decline - no explanation or 'sorry how about putting it on this time instead' - no just decline so that all of us are inconvienced trying to mind read why you can't string 3 words together or figure out how google mail works.
  7. Cottoneyes


    Will be on my home desktop, will be able to upgrade the components on it as required if I really get into it that way cheaper. I had a bit of a play with GIMP a while ago but didn't really find it was for me, maybe it was because it was my old worn out PC on a very slow internet, but really didn't rate it or any of the free ones that much
  8. Cottoneyes


    So I'm at the point where I want to get a program to be able to do things with my photo, mostly to be able to put a logo on them before posting on instagram etc, but longer term may look at things like stringing photos together, focus stacking etc. I'm not interested in subscription based programs, but rather one that I can pay a one off fee to use as I need. Any recommendations? Anyone used Affinity Photo in the past?
  9. Cottoneyes

    Ironman South Africa

    You could argue that Mitch's decline started when he left Trannies as well - the evidence is mounting
  10. Cottoneyes

    Commonwealth games chat.

    It has been enough for the palace to shelve the plans for moving the "Commonwealth games" to the "Winter Commonwealth games" to make things 'fairer'
  11. Cottoneyes


    Channel 10 will do well to get the rights to 2 or 3 NBA games a week, will suit their target audience, has more 'show' than everything with possibly the exception of the big bash, and has a much longer season
  12. Cottoneyes

    The Politics Thread

    Next federal election just got a bit more interesting. Anthony Green's analysis on the new distribution of the seats shows that Labor would be 2 seats more than current number and Coalition one seat lower. Most commentators are still expecting next election to be held around August this year to avoid clashes with various other state elections
  13. Cottoneyes

    Holy crap I feel old!

    I went to a Bon Jovi concert a few years ago and didn't feel old, but thought to myself there are alot of old people here - is it the same thing?
  14. Cottoneyes


    Tit for Tat - Nine takes the tennis, Seven goes the Cricket Next footy deals should be interesting
  15. Cottoneyes

    The Mental Health thread

    People react to being in the spotlight differently, for some they crave it and need it, any type of praise and focus is their food - for others even the most basic bit of praise puts them at massive odds with what they prefer. There is not right end of the scale, nor any right part in between them. There is nothing wrong with it, but you may want to look at some coping strategies while you are in a customer facing role - as you do your job well it is likely to happen more, and as your experience grows you are going to get even better than you are now