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  1. Cottoneyes

    The Politics Thread

    I reckon any parties involved in getting a thread shut down after 234 pages should be banned from the forum. Agree to disagree and move on
  2. Cottoneyes

    The Politics Thread

    Might be time to change the subject - Who is going to be premier of NSW next month?
  3. Cottoneyes

    AP. What else does it take?

    The photo shot was meant to be for a line of clothes, obviously someone stole them and left her in her undies
  4. Cottoneyes


    I'm covered for around $8K per month for $140 per month, through to age 67 (and with a CPI increase on the coverage amount every year, whether claiming or not). More than enough to cover everything other than possible out of pocket medical expenses in a worse case scenario. We previously also took out a policy to cover my wife while not working. Think we paid around $80 per month for $3.5K coverage - If something happened to my wife and I had to give up work even to look after the kids, we would have not coverage otherwise. Kids are older now so would not need to give up work to mind them so we cancelled that one. Being an office based worker that had good results on the medical tests to get it probably had me marked as a low risk though (had BMI of 21 when it was completed and resting heart rate of 48). Had a previous policy with Virgin money and had to get a medical done, one of their nurses came to my house to do it. Had an early morning appointment and needed to get to work quickly after so had my riding gear ready to get changed into. Medical test was fine, but got the policy with a clause inserted about not covering me for any motorbike activities where the speed was in excess of 130km/hr.
  5. Cottoneyes


    Few mentions of shit happens which is true. Thing that gets me is why so many insurance companies will limit salary protection to 2 or 3 years max, with the compulsory 2 or 3 month waiting period which in itself is a killer for most people with no leave balances to draw on. Shop around and you will find a few providers that give income protection to the age of 67. I used to have to deal with company provided and super fund provided claims, am yet to see one that is for someone with a diagnosis to ever be able to work again. Had one claim that did not live the 2 years out, but all the others on the 2 year schemes get into a big hole once the 2 years is up. And for those wondering of cost, on my own insurance taken out at age 35, getting the coverage to age 67 was 10% over the 3 years protection with the same company. Of bigger interest, is why no bank or lender has once asked me whether I have this coverage when assessing the risk...
  6. Cottoneyes

    The Politics Thread

    Please no facts. Bleeding heart lefties might be reading and feel offended
  7. Cottoneyes

    The Politics Thread

    Even if you spend say $200K on a campaign director that happens to be your spouse. These people and organisations know the ways to get around the rules
  8. Cottoneyes


    Wouldn't be calling those examples financially literate, part of it is knowing what you can afford and having a safety gap. I got offered a million dollar loan when 23 to buy a farm with my parents, I did the sums and I needed the first 10 seasons to be exceptionally good for it to work out, the bank was still keen for me to go ahead. I said no, broke my parents hearts and then watched the next 7 years of drought unfold. Again when buying my first house here in Melbourne, went to a broker and we got approval for a loan that neither of our single wages at the time would cover (repayments were around 60% of our combined income net). Again we said no and borrowed under half of it with the bank saying were we sure. The banks are responsible in both cases, but so was I if I was stupid enough to proceed
  9. Cottoneyes

    The Politics Thread

    At the same time, a valid vote gives the party or individual funds from our taxes to help them pay for their election costs - as long as they get above 4% of the primary vote. In my state electorate, the Nats member had an increase to 65% of the primary vote. Being such a safe seat we get 2/5ths of bugger all money spent with alot of infrastructure being neglected for a 20 year period now. Last election no one got my vote and my message written on the ballot was along the lines of "You spend nothing on us, I'm spending nothing on you". Kept my $3.50 (for each house) or whatever it is in the treasury and not in a political party. Enough people do it in the safe seats and the parties will have a funding crisis in not much time, particularly with corporate donations and union memberships on the decline Alternatively, if you have a good independent, give them the money for next time and give them your first preference and encourage more of them
  10. Cottoneyes

    Going Vegan

    Yep, only one step away from extremism but good on her 😡
  11. Cottoneyes


    The whole report was a waste of time, this is what needed to be the bottom line. Bankers always learn how to play the rules to win, always have, always will. Everyone of my bank shares went up 10% since the report was handed down, so the people with the money know the outcome. Instead of bringing in another layer of oversight, there should have been a better government commitment to the community based financial planners who help those in trouble for free. Increase the program to have someone trained in the language and business available for those without financial awareness to take into the meeting with the bank manager if they wanted to. Hold the current ASIC crew to account for prosecuting properly with proper penalties and it won't take long to change the culture in the banks. And don't just worry about Ken Henry, ask why the hell Anna Bligh took on a post to defend the banks. Working class hero my ass 😋
  12. Cottoneyes

    Service/Repair for Polar HRMs

    http://www.highlytunedathletes.com.au/services.html Located in Melbourne (Hampton), but believe you can mail to them as well
  13. Cottoneyes

    Trump is the President

    Condoleezza Rice is one name that I'm surprised the Dems are floating as a possible contender yet
  14. Cottoneyes

    Going Vegan

    I'll bet the said friend is also contributing to the 'modern' farming methods by living in a large city with no real connection to their food. We all have contributed to this by buying from the same few markets / suppliers who in turn dictate how they want their food to be supplied by the farmers (ie, all cattle and beef the same, all fruit the same) By going Vegan and supporting the research and production of the lab produced alternatives they are in fact placing themselves in further away from any connection to real food. The biggest thing on that list is Methylcellulose - why they hell do the manufacturers feel the need to put a laxative into an everyday food item if it is so healthy for you?
  15. Cottoneyes

    Going Vegan

    "In this regard, and by way of example, the Beyond Meat website discloses that its plant-based burger contains the following ingredients: ‘Water, Pea Protein Isolate, Expeller-Pressed Canola Oil, Refined Coconut Oil, Cellulose from Bamboo, Methylcellulose, Potato Starch, Natural Flavor, Maltodextrin, Yeast Extract, Salt, Sunflower Oil, Vegetable Glycerin, Dried Yeast, Gum Arabic, Citrus Extract, Ascorbic Acid, Beet Juice Extract, Acetic Acid, Succinic Acid, Modified Food Starch, Annatto.’ Who doesn’t love a side of Annatto with their Methylcellulose! It seems like a fairly convoluted way to go about enjoying a burger, particularly when there is already a readily available, tasty, natural alternative – beef. "