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  1. Cottoneyes

    Nike 4% shoes at Kona

    And not to forget Brooks lead the way in stopping their shoes being purchased online for Australian addresses, just to maximise their profits by ripping off everyone including the local wholesalers. Sometime just after 2000 they totally forgot that the customer needs to be forefront in everything they do. I used to be a religious purchaser of them - would get a new pair of Adrenalines around every 4 months, now rate them as overpriced shoes similar to those offered by most of their competitors
  2. Cottoneyes

    The Politics Thread

    Wentworth has a higher median wealth than many of the other seats, frankly they wouldn't know what debt feels like
  3. Cottoneyes

    The Politics Thread

    Do you think with the continued rise of independents and the collapse of first preference for all major parties (Red, blue and Green) that people are finding them all to be failures? Interesting times indeed, pointing more and more that interest rates are going to have to rise in the near future, which will require the government to take some unpopular fiscal and monetary actions to keep the economy fairly even. Against a background of the largest amount of people mortgaged to the hilt and a better and better chance of a hung parliament even after the next general election - will they make the right decisions or the popular decisions?
  4. Cottoneyes


    Saw A Star is Born this afternoon, in a nutshell - brilliant. Much better than I was expecting and it will get at least one oscar this year. Ford Fairlane (Andrew Dice Clay) is in it as well, but not recognisable (I had to google which character he actually played after seeing his name in the credits) and playing a fairly straight role
  5. Cottoneyes

    The Politics Thread

    Smart move by Labor in Wentworth today, no Bill in sight. Maybe labor is starting to learn... If Libs don't win and we need to go to a general election, timing will be interesting: Vics go to the polls next month, so good way to confuse the punters with state and federal issues all mixed up (I really hate that Dan Andrews guy - I'm going to vote for Shorten!!!!...). My personal preference would be to see both elections held on the same day and just watch it all burn December - no one wants to campaign leading up to Chrissie January - would involve some polling over Christmas and traditional time away = large pre-poll and postal voting Could be Feb before a clear election date = almost 3 months of caretaker govt (would we notice any difference?) All before NSW goes to the polls in March...
  6. Cottoneyes

    Robot vacuums?

    Same here, couldn't believe how much my wife wanted to spend on a vacuum. Now believe they are worth every cent compared to the others
  7. Cottoneyes

    The Politics Thread

    Love him or hate him, at least Turnbull kept Shorten out of the lodge which prevented untold damage to everything, just hope like hell ScoMo can do the same until Labor regains at least some form of common sense
  8. Cottoneyes

    The Politics Thread

    Can't help but since the spill to think of Morrison as a caretaker PM.
  9. Cottoneyes

    Getting Old

    I'm not allowed to feel old, just got back from my Dad's 80th birthday celebration, he is still farming 2,000 acres and not showing any sign of slowing down. He had a pacemaker fitted just over 10 years ago which really gave him a new lease on life, the only thing he has stopped is figured he is too old to ride the motorbike on the hills now so parked it up and takes the ute instead (mind you his motorbike was near 30 years old anyway). He's currently looking for a new farm ute, his old one is showing a bit of rust and age after 20 odd years so figured he needed a new one to see him out the next 20 years
  10. Cottoneyes

    Petrol Prices

    I've just reduced my commute from 87kms each way to 15kms each way (car only option for previous, bike will be option for new one on school holidays), picked the right time to do it
  11. Cottoneyes

    The Politics Thread

    They say timing is everything in politics, which is probably why Hanson-Young's biography is being released just as total fire ban season starts
  12. Cottoneyes

    Kona Race Day Discussion

    The accountants thought they could save money and have a heap of middle aged men with too much money from BOP do all their marketing this year
  13. Cottoneyes

    Kona - What Trannies are racing & has anyone seen Macca

    So this Kona race, do they accept on the day entries?
  14. Cottoneyes

    New Specialized Shiv

    I'm a geographically challenged Qlder
  15. Cottoneyes

    The Mental Health thread

    Mate, it sucks having to do this job. The good news is that you still feel this, seen too many people that can do this without emotion and even 1 or 2 that seemed to get some weird sort of pleasure out of it. Take some solace that you feel bad about this - it shows you are human, and still a pretty decent one at that. There is no rule that says you can't show that you don't like doing it, it actually makes it worse for everyone if you try too hard to hide it.