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  1. Bike Rego (Christmas fun)

  2. Housing Bubble thread.

    About time
  3. The Movie Quote Game

    the hangover?
  4. Laptop needed for 8 year old at school

    Our old school struck up a deal with JB Hi-fi. Parents had the option to go through them or anywhere they wanted with the specs, price was pretty good and for another $49 or something got 3 years on site repairs at the school. Think we used it twice in the 1.75 years the oldest was still at the school, to start with we just placed the order and the laptop etc was waiting at the school on the first day for distribution to the kids. Get your P&C onto sourcing a similar deal, increased buying power and you can all save New school they get an ipad, think the laptop was a much better option. But at least the new school puts a bit of emphasis on the kids being able to spell, write and do basic maths which the old school seemed to drop as soon as the computers came into the picture
  5. The Politics Thread

    From Twitter: Updated list of Senators that didn’t survive 2017: Dastyari Lambie Parry Nash Roberts Ludlam Waters Xenophon Culleton Kakoschke-Moore That's 10 Senators gone, what a strike rate
  6. Unions In Australia

    They have their moments, we had a time where they said any deductions from employees pay that was not to the benefit of the employee were illegal - ie if you set up a direct debit for a gym membership at the normal rate - it was illegal. The gym membership had to be at a discounted rate only available through the direct debit to be legal. They went through around 12 months when if an employee put in a complaint, the employee had to pay it back - think it was only when a few employers said okay - we'll stop union deductions that it stopped. They're causing a new shitstorm at present by saying you have to be paid to the minute that you work, no more rounding to the nearest 15 minutes. That's going to create all sorts of hassles for employers and employees Businesses have to follow the correct procedure which is usually unknown for small and medium businesses. We had a case at my last job where an employee who brought a rifle into work in inner Sydney was walked off the premises (after the police were called and removed the weapon) and after an investigation sacked. The commission came very close to reinstating his employment (as apparently coming to work armed does not constitute grounds for immediate dismissal), it was only the evidence of the 'support person' he chose to bring along to the commission that brought it back to the right outcome. For most cases you pretty much need to know the precedents and a fair bit of employment law to ensure you get through.
  7. Unions In Australia

    Ex, got more details, when I google Mark Lee and fair work it appears he is the director of media there
  8. Unions In Australia

    Thanks Ex, I'd only been hearing the one side and couldn't fathom why they would be risking so much with the reports of the only Epi-pens in Australia not being released. Would help their public support if they got those containers released. Although I'm surprised to find there is even one non union member allowed on the docks, not less 20
  9. Unions In Australia

    So anyone supporting the need for unions, care to explain how the current Maritime union action is needed? Yet to find any media outlet giving them support so thought I'd see if anyone can explain why they need to take the action they are doing (illegally?) at present

    http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4949162/ Came across this movie on the weekend, didn't finish it yet but thought some of you might be interested
  11. Training Location

    This is the pretty ordinary scenery I get on the bike and any runs I do off the property these days. You can see why I had my bike re-geared to handle more up hill. Local pool has only just opened so haven't been there yet, for open water swims I now head to : Don't think there has been one EPA warning as yet, if there every was would head further down the inlet
  12. Things which are just wrong with the world today

    Actually - $2.20 if you pay by tap and wave card. Suppose the 10% surcharge on the vending machine for paying by card is another thing to add to this list
  13. Things which are just wrong with the world today

    $2 in the vending machine at work, same price as a pack of smiths crisp or pirahna chips which is my go to for the 3pm munchies
  14. In the AFL you don't even have to be human to be a member - no, not talking about Carlton Scum, you can buy pet memberships for most clubs
  15. What gets on my quince....

    I kind of agree with you Rimmer, give Charles a year in the job and the clamour for a vote on the issue will make the SSM survey seem like we really didn't give a hoot. Howard though played the master stroke, put the vote to the people without deciding on the model and let the republicans rip themselves apart without the monarchist have to lift a finger or raise an argument