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  1. TV Shows

    If you don't mind subtitles, check out Deutschland 83. Very well done series following an East German Spy into West Germany in 1983 (hence the title), the lives of his family back home, and those he interacts with in the west, against a background on how close nuclear war came. 8 Episodes long and a one off series to my knowledge
  2. AFL 2017

    They're going to have to start the retirement parade right after the Grand Final parade at the rate things are going this year, either that or it's a way for the AFL to finally get a twilight final by stealth
  3. The Politics Thread

    Everyone. Thinking about it overnight, it really is Kevin Rudd's fault (not really, more of Howard's for stifling debate and ramming another thing through that his right wing demanded)
  4. The Politics Thread

    You know, if they weren't so busy playing swappsies in the leader chair so often, labor could have just passed the legislation 5 - 8 years ago and none of us would be having any of these talks
  5. The Politics Thread

    Chris Pyne was saying last night the others didn't raise their concerns with the Solicitor General and resigned, but they had the option to do so. Sounds like there are a few more politicians to fall out of the citizenship tree yet, with 5 of them in the labor camp supposedly will be interesting to see if the same advice is given to them
  6. The Politics Thread

    Yep, should be good for all 3 of you.
  7. The Politics Thread

    Frigging kiwi's always trying to claim Aussie things, first the Pav, then Phar Lap, and now Barnaby. Nothing is safe while this rogue nation is allowed to make such claims
  8. Uber v Cabbies

    For the actual cabbies, no problems with what happens to them, serves them right for rejecting short cab fares etc. Their jobs are going sooner or later and they needed to be upskilling for this along time ago. For the owners who forked out the massive licences to the governments, time for the govts to either pay back the balance of the licence or crack down on uber. Govts can't have it both ways and if they were stupid enough to spend the money as soon as they got it, they can figure out how to get it back in other ways, like surcharges on uber Uber is only the thin edge for govt revenue, once self driving cars come in state governments will be forgoing the revenue from speeding fines and councils for parking fines. Yet to take an uber, has been around 3 years since I last used a cab. Public transport or motorbike usually beats both
  9. Help me pick a multi-tool

    Off his nut somewhere
  10. Help me pick a multi-tool

    It was Goughy who threw a spanner in the works, everyone should hammer him for it.
  11. Same Sex Marriage Vote. How would you vote?

    And have payroll deductions from their wages to cover the cost of that plebiscite and any other they hoist upon us
  12. Same Sex Marriage Vote. How would you vote?

    Have to admit, big part of my voting yes will be to send a strong message to Abbot, Bernardi et al. Really hoping somewhere around the 80% yes vote carries. 2% of the population or something is muslim, so broad assumption is they will vote no, crusted on catholics will be up to 8% and then aged cronies with no gay grandkiddies will cover the rest of the 10% of the no vote Shame we couldn't get value for money and put other questions in the plebiscite: Do you support the removal of state governments to go to 2 tiers of politics? Do you support nuclear power as a future power source? Is Twiggies' idea of a cashless social security payment card a good idea? Should casual Friday dress code become the norm for the full working week? Should there be a royal enquiry into the banks? Should Sarah Hanson-Young be banned from all media (including social)?
  13. Photography philosophy

    Definition of photography : the art or process of producing images by the action of radiant energy and especially light on a sensitive surface (such as film or an optical sensor) Nope, doesn't say anything about making changes post the click
  14. Same Sex Marriage Vote. How would you vote?

    Aren't referendums only for changes to the constitution though? As this is not affecting the referendum, the vote in parliament is required, unlike say sending troops to war. Kind of a pretty stuffed up mess really
  15. Photography philosophy

    Note, the above comments are from the amateur / enthusiast level. There are some situations where professionals capturing moments have a free pass in my books to do what they need to. Currently selling our house, the tricks the photographers in that space use to "add in" items such as pool tables "to show size" and delete out power lines etc does not cover the free pass Another way to clarify it, the majority of the work IMO should be up to taking the shot with very minimal work after