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  1. Jobs you never knew existed.

    The sad thing is all of the people taking the piss on the ironman applications in the past with various job titles are going to be seen as fortune tellers when the jobs they nominated end up becoming reality
  2. Matt Russell crash in Kona (Bad)

    When it comes to IM, Anthing's Possible
  3. The Politics Thread

    I'd agree with you to an extent Goughy. The libs are divided, it's been going on for at least 25 years now between the right and the centrists and it's really starting to get ugly. The best thing for them to do in the short term is to stand 2 candidates in every electorate and flow preferences to each other. The right gets to choose one, the left gets to choose one and let the voters decide the direction of the party. It's the only way the likes of Abbott and the other Howard Cling-ons are going to be moved out of their seats. Long term the party needs to split if the current generation don't die out quickly But you are right about voting against a party, I voted to get Howard out (a few times in the hope of getting Costello longer term), I voted to get Gillard and then Rudd out. I voted for Turnbull last time which is probably the first time in over a decade I gave a positive vote. At the moment I would vote to keep Shorten out of the chair if there was an election tomorrow, unless I sat in a seat with a right wing lib member in which case I would vote to get them out. (Note when I say vote, it's with preferences, I have only once voted for a major party first after checking on the candidates) And Andrew - don't go giving Labor all the credit "for being in the game", credit where credit is due and Abbott gets a good portion of that. Yes, the Kumbuya around the labor campfire did help
  4. The Politics Thread

    Hey Andrew, Care to rephrase this in light of the leaked report into the last election done internally for Labor that shows Labor would have won "if they had a less unpopular leader"? Or if that just the Albo camp talking again? I still maintain Labor is only going to win with Shorten as leader if they are going up against Abbot as the leader.
  5. TV Shows

    No simpsons = about 80 hours of broadcast time to fill for channel 10 Just getting into Riverdale, for those into the old Archie comics as kids it's based on that
  6. Trail Running

    Sharpies Beer Run on St Paddies Day next year opened their entries. Good run with 10km or 21km options on trails down at Arthurs Seat on the Mornington Peninsula. Aid stations on the course stocked with some beer if you want a real challenge http://trailology.com.au/events/
  7. TV Shows

    Watched Season 1 of the Good Place, nice twist but not the type of thing that the article warranted
  8. Australian Survivor

    I missed the early part of reading the votes, what was Jarrad's message?
  9. Ironman to take legal action against Hyundai Kona

    Hope the lawyers are just getting warmed up, about time they went after Dami Im while they've got them uncaged. Has Dami even done a course in under 13 hours to claim Im as her surname?
  10. Obesity being classified as a disease

    That was also around the time where processed food and cheap junk food exploded onto the scene wasn't it
  11. Obesity being classified as a disease

    Not sure if ebay can handle that many second hand treadmills hitting the market at once 12 months after this was initiated or not Government is probably hanging out for the war on ice use to offset the war on obesity - it will all even out
  12. Vale Hugh Hefner

    It's a personal thing, for some women it was about educating society on women as being empowered and removing the veil that religion and society had put over the whole sex thing which we would not be discussing in the open today if not for the likes of the magazine. And yes, there are good and not so good ramifications of that. And I grew up with one of my cousins appearing in the 80s in the US edition which went down not too well at the time with my ultra religious mother (and probably not that well either with her military Father who no doubt had plenty of men serving under him at the time oogling his daughter), and no I have never looked at the pictures either. My cousin went on and got married and is still happily married, had a few kids and an all right career as well - don't know what she thinks of that era of her life and don't really care. I'm sure there are plenty of other families out there with greater shame for the unwed teen pregnancies and the like which would probably still be shamed without the whole sexual revolution that Hugh helped start
  13. TV Shows

    Read some reviews on that yesterday. No spoilers, but apparently the ending of series 1 has you going back to watch the entire series a second time to try to pick up on any clues to the twist
  14. Household Budget

    I'm with Cat Lady on this. I put my "extra contributions" into the mortgage, now that is down to a bit over 5 years to go to zero balance, have started to look at the super. I'm planning on cutting back the work somewhere in the 55 - 60 age bracket, so around 15 years away, might look at part time work or consultancy work post this but want the option to take a year or a month off when I want. As it stands at present my super won't be able to be touched until I hit 70, so I'll have 10 - 15 years of super not being able to be touched. There are some tax benefits, however unless going to the expense and hassle of setting up a SMSF I'm restricted on investments. In my current super fund, I do my own choosing of stocks etc, with around 50% in my own selections, 50% in the "fund" selected shares, properties etc. I tend to outperform the fund managers by about 60% (based on the last 3 years of data), taking into account the tax benefits I'm still just ahead if I invest outside of super - and will be able to access it when I want. Most funds "share" options get outperformed by the ASX200 indices - it's not rocket science to diversify in quality shares and keep an interest on the market - the return is even better when super fund fees and compliance costs are factored in There is going to have to be some changes in the next 5 - 6 years or next 2 terms of the fed government. The current rules are on a collision course with the maximum allowable contribution cap of $25,000 due to be overtaken by the employers minimum cap (currently just over $21,000) in that time frame - and that's before any proposed increase to the super above 9.5% which is just going to hasten the conflict. Unless the budget is returned to surplus before then (and all indications are it won't), the cap is going to have to be raised, and with the govt addicted to the revenue from wages taxation, this will have to be traded off with either less tax concession or some other cap on the total in the super fund
  15. Trail Running

    Think I read yesterday UTA 100 and 50 are sold out, limited 22 entries still available. It's on my bucket list, once life settles down and I get back into some regular training without medical interupptions, UTA 50 is definitely on the list in the next year or 2