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  1. Cottoneyes

    Housing Bubble thread.

    And here I am about to plant half an acre of avocados this Spring, will have to settle with the 25% increase in prices in our area since we bought 8 months ago (at least in large land blocks with houses established). Loving all the talk of Melbourne's second airport going in half an hour away, keep it going. Not sure oversupply is such a thing, houses are going up, going for sale and selling pretty quick here with lots of them accepting a commute back to Cranbourne or Dandenong. Plenty of people screaming out for rentals that just don't exist.
  2. Cottoneyes

    Utes / Pickups

    First real test tomorrow - got to take the wife's car to work to get the windscreen fixed, which means the wife takes the ute for the school drop off and run around. Got a tool box sitting on top of the tub across the entire back window (good to keep the chainsaw and other things locked up and save the tub for the firewood, also is set up for future engel to go in one side), so will see how she goes driving something that big and having no visibility out the back window (have reversing camera and sensors just for her). Thank god she will only be in a country town... Off to Kieran's thread to get future upgrade ideas now
  3. Cottoneyes

    Utes / Pickups

    Put deposit down on a colorado this morning, did an extensive test drive, no off road but did put it through it's paces on dirt and dirt hills and came up pretty good, enough to not justify the price difference to the D-Max but enough to justify going above the Tritons which are going at ridiculously good prices at the moment. Stepping stone to the 70 series Cruiser in 4 years time Looks like the kids are being taken up around Baw Baw and Walhalla next weekend...
  4. Cottoneyes


    My Mum is the same, has been diagnosed in the past decade 3 times as being coeliac, then after a year+ in each case further testing says she isn't. For a women in her late 70s it seems to be too much for doctors to just say you're getting old these days, the quacks just keep on wanting to do more tests. In the last 2 years now I've had to do with calls from her that she is dying and knows she has cancer and is just waiting for the doctor to confirm it the next day, and I need to do x, y and z once she goes and look after Dad. For god's sake, how many other women in their late 70s are still running a large farm and dragging sheep up hills most on this forum would stop to walk in a race? For Mum though, when she does have some gluten again in every case, she can't handle it at first. It's as though her body needs to get used to it again
  5. Cottoneyes

    fuel prices

    Locally the one company controls 2 out of the 3 petrol stations in town and pretty much sets the price (The 3rd station has a rep for dodgy fuel so only tourists seem to buy from there). They don't go into the whole up and down scenario though, they set the price and it always seems to be right in the middle of the 'cycle' going on in the Melbourne servos. Currently $1.52, prices in city are between $1.39 and $1.62. When the cycle is up, I buy locally, when it is down, buy in the city. Going through around 500 litres a month in the commute at present. Price was around $1.32 when I moved her just over 6 months ago, the locals are having a good winge about the 'control' the company has over the prices. Personally I prefer it over the up and down with a focus on gouging the motorists every long weekend
  6. Cottoneyes

    Has anyone here lived in New York?

    All good, but also really look into the specifics of the offer on the table before going ahead. You'll likely have some sort of budget for housing, touch base with someone on the ground it you have anyone not connected with work, and also do alot of your own research on the net to see how realistic the budget is for what you can afford. It's the biggest problems I've seen with expats is getting to a new city, and finding they have to go into their own pocket above the allowance for housing and living. We had one expat come to Melbourne, office in Richmond and his allowance covered a house in Point Cook, he thought after regional Italy as his previous experience that the commute was too much but couldn't afford to get a house for his family in Richmond. (He still did 4 years after an initial 2 year secondment) You're doing the recce, but ask if they can spring for "exploration visit" for you and your wife at a minimum to go for a few days so you both can make the decision. Most large organisations factor this in, with someone on the ground to show you around and show you accommodation offerings, schools etc so you can fully understand - before you make any commitment. I'd take the chance if everything was right - never met any expat or inpat that even remotely thought they or their families suffered for the experience. Never seen it hurt anyone's career prospects either
  7. Cottoneyes

    Royal Wedding

    Because they scheduled it on the one day of the year when it wasn't raining? 😆
  8. Cottoneyes

    fuel prices

    ACCC is going to do bugger all in this case. The regulators want the fuel reserves on hand to cover the country for 90 days, reports are there is currently around 27 days worth or something so they are going to be doing alot more to 'encourage' motorists to use less until the reserves are replenished. So the official line the companies will roll out to the ACCC and anyone else that cares to listen is "they have to do it" Shop around, everything around is $1.58 but saw 3 servos (all united) selling at $1.32 today. One of them has remained at that price for over 3 weeks during which every other servo had gone to $1.58 twice
  9. Cottoneyes

    The Politics Thread

    😋 That one made me laugh. I can honestly say I've only read one part of one union newsletter in my life. The AMWU coughed up a cash settlement as a result and had to sack two of their officials. I don't think the union movement could afford me reading too many more of them. (Side question for Andrew - when a Union official is sacked, who do they go to for assistance against their former employer? Is there a Union Officials Union that is kept on the down low and hush hush?) And for the record, that article was about the time Howard came to office, and no there wasn't even a message of the hairy eyebrowed git I also got a good chuckle that you seem to support the losers that want to see the 60s style of society and 'morality' brought back, but you have no knowledge of one of the most famous advertising campaigns of the era - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bex_(compound_analgesic) "It was often used in the pejorative and abbreviated form "go and take a Bex" to indicate to an over enthusiastic person that they should take a more relaxed attitude to the subject being discussed, or to soothe a frazzled housewife. As such, in Australia, it has currency in bar room discussions, particularly where one person became animated in expressing a point of view that was contrary to the general view point of the group"
  10. Cottoneyes


    First part of lifting the curse is done, now just need to make the best decision with it. Hoping we go with Ayton over Doncic. One year of Ayton in the paint getting mentored by Chandler who then retires. Len is let go, use the draft space to go after the best power forward on the Free Agency or trade Bender and / or Chriss for one and get going to 2020+ being the championship window
  11. Cottoneyes

    The Politics Thread

    I take it you never had the pleasure of having to deal with Howard. Only the most hard core "Tones is the man" members of the Libs will speak his name without their heads dropping. He is recognised as destroying the party, there are many who involuntarily clench their fists whenever he mentions Menzies when he destroyed everything the man stood for. And don't you remember that Hawke didn't "abdicate" and we got Keating, so that was a good decision. Howard didn't "abdicate" and we got Rudd / Gillard / Rudd and the loss of a blue ribbon seat. Explain to us all how that was good? No one came claim to be a Great PM when they couldn't even hold their own seat, if you believe otherwise than you need a bex and a good lie down.
  12. Cottoneyes

    The Politics Thread

    Prince, get real on little Johnny mate. He was a branch stacking sycophant wrapped in ugly tracksuits and enlarged eyebrows that hung on to power too long and lost the opportunity to hand his parties legacy over to carry on. His previous attempts at leadership showed he was completely inept without the right team to support him, which he only got with the Cabinet he enjoyed for most of his first decade in power. Instead he let a Celebrity wannabe trying to something to be able to look his wife in the eye first grade moron wipe out all the good Howard's team did in 18 months before being replaced by a corrupt failed lawyer who couldn't string two votes together without the crusted on labor voters blindly following orders at the ballot box. All because he failed to develop the first requirement of any policitian in being able to read the public sentiment - politics 101 and he failed it after 40 years of hand holding in the safest seat which he also lost As much as I tend to lean to the right when confronted with the limited choices we voters have to bear, Hawke was the last great PM Keating used the fear of the unknown better than Hanson will ever be able to replicate and in the post Hawke vacuum the public mistook it for leadership The rest of them since then - Turnbull has the best chance of the lot to do something if he ever manages to remove the troglobites that control certain sections of his party. Failing that our next great PM is probably not even toilet trained as I type
  13. Cottoneyes

    The Sharemarket Thread

    Becoming more and more aware of the 'short term memory' of many investors at the moment. 2 cases: I followed Crown shares after the possible illegal practices were exposed start of the year. The market responded by slashing just under 20% of the share price overnight. The price today is back above the value at the time of the news breaking. I'm wondering if people pulling their funds out of bank shares are putting them there instead... And speaking of Banks, AMP is an interesting one to watch as well, prices have been dropping since 2 weeks ago when the banking commission turned up the blowtorch. Shares dropped around 10% in the wake, but has been slowly starting to go up since the new chairman etc was announced. Will be interesting to see how high it gets again
  14. Cottoneyes

    IMOZ 70-74 Men's battle

    He'll tell you it is 17,058 fleas he's had to remove from his Tiger during deworming sessions Have a good one Al
  15. Cottoneyes

    9 weeks till Ironman Australia

    Can't wait to see your swim time if you need brakes 😆