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  1. Lately its been pacing me way to fast for the first 800metres, neutral advantage for the next 2 kms and then having to be urged on for the remainder. She came to us underweight, then the kids started feeding her too much, all being turned around with daily runs and reduction in portions at the moment
  2. I'm with you, did my first one around 2015, just ticked off number 40 this morning. Worse thing about today was took my kelpie to it like usual, she just didn't want to run after 3km and I was looking pretty damn good for a PB up until then
  3. Heard on the radio today some big wig talking, saying the people who have lost their houses in these fires are going to be in for a shock when they rebuild. New requirements on building are going to be introduced in many of these areas to make the houses safer,.expecting current insurance not to cover the extra costs to meet the new requirements. On the flip side of that, those that rebuild, or who survived in the prone areas, are either not going to get coverage in the future, or will have their premiums jacked right up As for insurance being run as a for profit model or not - none of the insurances are. They all get taken advantage of by the main companies. Break a window in your house and call O'Briens glass, they'll quote you a massive amount and then when you query it say your insurance will pay it anyway so just accept our quote - call a smaller provider and get the window done for a fraction of the cost. Insurance company sent out a guy to replace my fence after a car crashed into it, he quoted 10 times what I got it done for (and under my premium amount) as he had the job sealed with the insurance company. Medical insurance - go to get my sons arm have a pin put in, and the doctor puts it down as a joint reconstruction to get more money. Car insurance - have a guy hit me and the car ends up costing in the end twice the book value to be fixed due to dodgy assessment. House insurance after a storm, had the front facia replaced by a mob under insurance, they replaced a similar facia while on site for a quarter of the cost they billed the insurance company. For profit or not, am yet to see any insurance company give the customer full service and not get ripped off by the provider of the fixing. In the end we the buyer of the insurance end up paying for all the examples above. My motorbike insurance was the only claim where I felt I got what was agreed on without anyone ripping the insurer off
  4. Totally missed the point, the donation in that situation would be to ensure the kids didn't suffer. Reread my post and you'll see I'm not saying it is being given because the parents decided to have 5 kids Edit - we had a similar situation here where a house fire in town left 6 people with the clothes on their back. House was a rental - no contents insurance, cause of the fire was found to be overloaded powerboard left under a pile of clothes in the parents bedroom. The town here gave reasonably generously for the 4 kids that were involved, with most donations aimed at the kids through items such as donations directly to the local school to cover replacements for education (uniforms, books, laptops etc). The kids had no control over who the lottery of life gave them as parents and most people got that
  5. So in a similar vein, person smokes their whole lives and ends up with lung cancer, ends up on the public purse getting treatment and care running into the millions or person takes drugs, has car accident as a result and ends up on pension requiring NDIS care for the rest of their life Any difference?
  6. Mostly I'm with Stikman, however at the same time there needs to be a bit of compassion on a case by case basis. If the homeowner decided sinking an extra carton of beer every week was more important than insurance - fair enough, you're on your own. Having said that though if the same individual's actions were resulting in their 5 kids being forced to live in a tent for the next 2 years until emergency accommodation became available, I'm possibly more likely to put my hand in my pocket while either internally or externally voicing what I think of the parent. Similarly, if the person was genuinely under insured and didn't fully understand it, or if the payment of the excess was going to cause huge financial concerns, I'd be okay with helping. End of the day, there are very few cases where someone needing insurance ends up in the same situation they were in prior to the event.
  7. I told my wife at 42 I was going to trade here in on 2 x 21 year olds, she just laughed and made some comment about good luck keeping up
  8. Cottoneyes


    RFS also needs to get with the times and get crew protection on every vehicle going into the fire zones. The number of vehicles in the viral videos without permanent heat shields in the trucks is astounding. CFA lost one crew in the 80s and it's been mandatory here ever since, RFS and Qld seem to be doing it as they can afford it
  9. Cottoneyes


    Yep, we were moved Saturday morning from the tent city in Swans Reach up to Omeo to work around there for the last few days. The Hilltop Hotel put us , another CFA team and a few of the police on road closures up. Not a vehicle in the car park without some flashy lights on top. Suspect they might have been getting paid for us, but they really went above and beyond to look after all of us. Country hospitality at its best, the hotel is not the flashest, but highly recommend it, my son and I will be staying there around March all going well for a weekend fishing and photographing in the high country. There wasn't a person from our 20 person team that did not say they wouldn't be going back this year, so sucks to be you if you don't get a booking in early enough after this is behind us. Spoke to one high country grazier who lost a good portion of the grass for his herd, but managed to get his cattle out of the way in time. He said the fires came at a good time, coming earlier than most other fires have in the past, bit of rain and the grass will come back to carry him through winter better than it usually does. Most others talk of the big fires through there in 2003 and how they survived that, nervous but felt they will survive this one as well. The same grazier did mention he only just managed to finish replacing the last of the fencing from 2003, has a big job ahead of him and says he is now 17 years older than when he had to tackle it last time. As long as we protected their homes and the Blue Duck pub, they seemed to be a thankful mob Today was day 54 since the communities of East Gippsland came under threat of fire, parts of NSW the threat has been going longer (that's longer than most of us stick to the Biggest Loser). Spoke to a farmer at Ensay on Saturday who told us he had been ordered to evacuate 4 times so far, he spent Saturday having to destroy some stock and bury them. The emotional toll is starting to mount on some people, they need to have hope and I can't stress enough how much of it we can provide.
  10. Cottoneyes


    Looks like trying to put up a fan of water to protect the crew and the buildings (called a fog pattern), this is mainly to stop the spread of embers as they go and to lower the radiant heat the fire throws out and continues to grow along. Doesn't seem like much and more hoses would help, but it does suppress the spread of the fires to specific areas when done correctly (https://imgur.com/gallery/P14H0f2) Saw the aftermath at Yinnar South last year where a truck was parked between a shed and house and similar was done (with more hoses). The fire came through the bush next to the shed, the shed burned, the house stood
  11. Face it, social media is the greatest iq test ever devised, and some of us are failing miserably. If the community is telling you that the 'talk' of politics (or ignorance and lack of trying to understand other points of view) has gone too far, but you want to argue about it and proclaim freedom of speech and the other crap above, your level of self awareness must be just about negative
  12. Cottoneyes


    Alex, not all roles within the fire departments are on the trucks, most teams have a few people who are there to provide support. We have a member in our brigade who is a retired teacher who moved to our town after his retirement, he detests attending car accidents and is happy to turn out to minor fires, and take orders from others but feels he will get in the way of anything major- which is absolutely fine. He took over as our equipment officer this year and we can honestly say we know when the doors open every vehicle is going to start first time and all of the gear is going to work when we take it out of the lockers which wasn't always the case before he took over. I rate him as the most important guy in the brigade. Other brigades have people who do paperwork or fundraising - all just as important as those on the end of the hoses and rakes. There is also the SES which does amazing work as well and don't get near the credit they should and people tend to need them alot more than the fire services. I know from working with these services on a few jobs they could do with the similar level of help Blazeaid is a great organisation to assist those impacted directly by these fires - a great way to help directly and by supporting the local economies while staying to assist. https://blazeaid.com.au/
  13. Cottoneyes


    https://events.humanitix.com.au/running-event-raffle-for-cfa-public-volunteer-fund?fbclid=IwAR0Sk0NRi4djpXCfF5rPsvSE5G3yRMwOskTnKkuxYHjJzuJcy7JXa22X5qw Another great fundraiser to get behind: "The race directors of Victorian trail running have come together to donate entries into their events with the aim of raising money for the CFA Public Fund, which funds volunteer leadership and development training. By donating and entering this raffle, you will not only be supporting our volunteer firefighters but you will have a chance to win from the massive prize pool of over 30 races. Support the people who are helping protect the land we love. PRIZES: 1st Place = 5 race entries of your choice from the list below 2nd Place = 4 race entries of your choice from the remaining races after previous winner has chosen 3rd Place = 3 race entries of your choice from the remaining races after previous winners has chosen 4th Place = 2 race entries of your choice from the remaining races after previous winners has chosen 5th-20th Place = 1 race entries of your choice from the remaining races after previous winners has chosen PRIZE POOL: Adventurethon Events Afterglow Trail Run Bellarine Sunset Run Bellarine Sunset Run Berry Long Run Berry Long Run Blue Light Run Maldon Bogong2Hotham Bright Running Festival Brimbank Park Urban Trail Run Brisbane Trail Ultra Buffalo Stampede Cohuna Bridge2Bridge Darby River Devilbend Trail Run DownUnder135 Duncan's Run Duval Dam Buster Glimmer Gear Voucher $300 Goldrush Trail Run GOW100 Halloween Howler Trail Run Macedon Trail Run Maribyrnong Valley Park- Backyard Ultra Maroondah Dam Marysville Marathon Festival Mirrim Wurnit Mt Buller Sky Run Neverest O’Keefe Challenge (Bendigo to Heathcote) Oscar's/Archie's Hut2Hut Peaks & Trails Phillip Island Running Festival Portsea Running Festival Princess Park Running Festival Razorback Run Riverina Trail Run Series Entry Rock Around The Clock Trail Run Rokeby Run Rollercoaster Run Sharpy's Beer Run Shepparton Marathon Surf Coast Century Surf Coast Trail Marathon The Guzzler Ultra The Tan Urban Trail Run Three Bays Running Festival Portland 60km Trail Running Series Gold Runner Entry Two Bays Unbreakable Mountain Trail Run Warrnambool Running Festival Warburton Trail Festival Wilson's Prom Wonderfalls Trail Run Wonderland You Yangs Trail Running Festival"
  14. Cottoneyes


    Warragul tri club is doing a tri race for relief this Saturday for anyone looking to travel: https://www.facebook.com/wilddogtri/ Hope the smoke clears by then
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