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  1. Cottoneyes

    Biggest Loser 2018 edition

    The batteries in my scale were dead yesterday morning, pretty much like my chances of losing any weight this time around
  2. Cottoneyes

    Job Seeking Advice

    Katz, my advice on your approach is to be specific about the roles that you are going for. To me, while the reasons are valid, there is a bit of flip flopping and I'm not sure that I would be wanting to choose you over another candidate based on a fear that you won't be in the seat in 12 months time. So for me, I would be recommending a two target approach - If you want to get back into Construction / Commercial law again, start to look for maternity leave roles and other similar length contract roles. You will have a much better chance to take away this fear, and after a few roles you can start to look at something longer term. You never know, you're first role may turn into something ongoing once you are in the door. The second thing I'm reading between the lines is a sense of wanting to be a bit more altruistic that is also a great story to tell for the right role. Maybe look for a role with a charity, show you have the smarts and the heart to blend with their mission. The money isn't the same but the salary sacrifice benefits are very helpful to bridge the gap. Either way, life happens and recruiters and even HR people get this. Just check your story and be ready to be questioned on it, concentrating on removing any negativity from your answers, be prepared to show what you have learnt (and bonus points if you can tie it in to how you being in the role will be a benefit from it) and why they should believe you are "back on track"
  3. Cottoneyes


    that's going to be almost at NBL standard, just with a bigger crowd
  4. Cottoneyes


    Delly is heading back to the Cavs
  5. Cottoneyes

    LA still a WINNER

    Funny thread title, have met heaps of losers with big bank accounts. LA should only be referred to as a winner for beating cancer, unless he ever beats it again let's reserve the title of winner for others
  6. Cottoneyes

    Kid's scooters

    Larger wheels have little to no cred at the skate park. Get a Razor type and you can customise it / change as she grows with it as well. My nephews seemed to be forever into getting this and that for theirs. If you were to get a larger wheeled one, would think you might be going back to get a second one within a year or two
  7. Cottoneyes

    Housing Bubble thread.

    Imagine how good you could get it in Adelaide Peter...
  8. Cottoneyes

    Housing Bubble thread.

    Know the feeling, my commute of 15kms to work took 11 minutes instead of 10 the other day. How long does a 15km commute in Sydney or Melbourne take these days? Is it 3 or 4 hours?
  9. Cottoneyes

    Housing Bubble thread.

    People need to wake up that cities and large mortgages aren't everything, move to a regional centre, de-stress and have a life. Plenty of jobs for those prepared to look and really there is not that many jobs in the city skyscrapers that couldn't be done from the deck of Bonny Doon lake - in fact most could probably be done better and quicker without micromanaging bosses and meetings about future meetings. On second thoughts, you all stay there in the cities, it's pretty damn good the way it is here in the country. You definitely would not like the 4 bedroom new brick houses going on 1200m blocks here for under $450K...
  10. Cottoneyes

    TV Shows

    Thought the finish was an improvement over the last 3 seasons mid and season end breaks - the last 3 episodes really breathed some new life into it Feb 10 is the US date of the second half of the season returning
  11. Cottoneyes

    Fark! Shark attack in busselton

    That's worth a ban - mods!
  12. Cottoneyes

    TV Shows

    For me it's not a question of how many, more of which ones. I don't want to be watching 8 games a week of the calibre of Orlando vs Sacremento for example. I also want to be able to watch my team, with max of 16 teams per week, means I'll only get to watch my team once every 2 weeks on average
  13. Cottoneyes

    mundine green fight

    I just saw Mundine in the title of this thread and didn't click it was the old Green fight. Saw 16 replies and thought that is more 'replies' than he got in on Horn
  14. Cottoneyes

    TV Shows

    https://kayosports.com.au/ I've looked into it, not quite the sports that I want in full and is a bit limited - eg NBA games only 8 per week or something Disney owns so many franchises now that they will have the 'nerd' market pretty much sewn up, really just need the rights to DC
  15. Cottoneyes

    TV Shows

    Don't give up hope yet - Marvel is owned by Disney, rumour is Disney is not far off launching their own streaming service which will compete with Netflix. I'd say it was probably Disney asking for a large price Signed - the Optimist