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  1. I've had a couple of pairs of Shoes get to that point, but with the soles still a small bit of life in them. I usually store them up and use them for a trail run where the conditions are wet and / or muddy and throw them out after. (Just need to hide them from the wife and her one pair in, one pair out rule) Glad to hear others get past the 1000km mark, I'm carrying more weight than I need to and still seem to get past this mark consistently. I usually rotate between at least 2 pairs though as well
  2. There are sites in Vic where it is, not all of them but some tradies who are employees need to have it to work on certain sites
  3. It's not just the juniors and casuals. I see cases in senior work as well, told the AMNF about a nursing home where my wife worked for a few weeks before getting out. The staff there were told to stand next to the aged home patients while they smoked, not just to take them to the smoking area, but explicitly directed to stand within an arms reach of them while they smoked. The AMNF still has done nothing despite it being a clear violation of OH&S laws, and having a number of members working at the home. So tell me again how paying money to a union helps? PS, I hate these employers immensely as well, everyone of them causes tightening of the laws which makes it harder for everyone. And that's on top of the injustice issue...
  4. Tax deductible is not an attraction (or benefit) for those with income in the low $20Ks or lower. Compulsory unionism is gone in all but the construction sector, and there is a reason why it is lower than 8% participation rate in some industries. The union guys come to our work and want to bleat on for an hour about domestic violence and freeing the refugees, no time at all spent discussing the issues that directly affect the members in the room
  5. In my experience, it is the union delegates in the workplace that help the most with these, the paid union officials are next to useless for individual cases Having said that Retail and hospitality are some of the worse for workers to be taken advantage of, and also the worse paid to be asked to fork out over $1000 a year in union fees. Possibly the solution is instead of say Religious education and other equal wastes of time, schools actually taught some real life skills to educate the workforce of their rights and responsibilities - who knows they might actually work out how not to get ripped off by the financial institutions as well in the process
  6. Yep, he sure did. There were some very grateful bankers at Goldman Sachs (where I was working at the time) laughing all the way to their obscene bonuses. Real working class hero that Rudd
  7. Time to update your knowledge Prince, Workpac V Skene demonstrated that if you work for an extended period as a casual with regular and systematic shifts, you are permanent. The onus is on the employer to cease the employment relationship and keep the casual relationship of a short and irregular nature. Anything over 12 months in ordinary circumstances is not going to pass the test
  8. To be honest, I wouldn't have a clue who sponsors who in the Pro ranks these days. But I can remember some sponsorship deals that have gone really bad (for the athlete and the pro) over the last 10 years or so. Hammer and Keat, Crowie and his bike etc. You'd have to think the sponsors are more worried about protecting their brands and find the sport too big a risk
  9. Cottoneyes

    Garmin 530/830

    Any recommendations for running / swimming options? I'm getting over Garmin and continued stuff ups as well and am thinking before next Spring will be changing to something else
  10. FB, there are 3 issues here: If you have been "casual" for 18 months, you are not casual. You should be permanent and getting paid for public holidays, sick leave, annual leave etc. This then takes away the casual loading, so it affects the rate of pay you are being paid. Look into this The super is a big issue, this needs to be paid at a minimum 4 times a year. As a permanent, they can't sack you over taking a fair work or asking about the super. Most likely they will, however this will not be viewed favourably by the Fairwork Commissioner in an unfair dismissal claim. So go to Fairwork, put in a claim about your employment status (trust me on this) and the rate of pay together. Either way if your facts are spot on you will get money. (Up to you if you want to do this now, or wait for another job, but read on) Go to the ATO, put in about the super. You should be paid the super and there will be interest and possibly a penalty. The ATO will likely go through the books of the business looking for other non-compliance as a result. If they sack you, go them for an unfair dismissal - or do it if you take on a lesser role in the meantime and say it was constructive dismissal. If you can show regular and systematic hours over the 18 months, they don't stand a chance. Fairwork will try for reinstatement, however most employees do not look for this. In a case where you were sacked for blowing the whistle, they would likely be required to pay you lost wages. If you have an income in the meantime this would reduce the overall amount they need to pay. "Employers" like this shit me no end, and I hope you can go them so they realise they can't be treating others like crap. I hope for every case publicised, 2 other employers decide the risk is not worth it.
  11. Cottoneyes


    Will be going back to China again, all 5 cities were great - Shanghai can say I did, no intention of going back there though. Suzhou and Xi'an were the definite favourites. Had the fried scorpion amongst other delicacies One thing that might be of interest to Trannies is the Xi'an Wall Marathon. My timing was just out, they were setting up the course while I was there last week. The wall is around 14kms around, some 300+ years old and you can currently walk or ride around the wall, so would be 3 laps for the full marathon. The Marathon is on next weekend by the looks of it and one that I'll do in the future on a return visit. Think only the Great Wall marathon would top it in country (Great Wall marathon is usually in May so could be a good double to do) https://worldsmarathons.com/marathon/xi-an-city-wall-marathon https://great-wall-marathon.com/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI_vP69d7f4QIVwSMrCh014AZkEAAYASAAEgJSYfD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds China Eastern airlines was fantastic as well, flew on the dreamliner direct Melbourne to Shanghai and return. Easily the best leg room in economy of any international airline I've travelled to date - others in the group thought the same but with more experience. Bullet trains in country are a much better option that the domestic airlines which tend to be a bit unreliable
  12. Just found out yesterday there is a sequel to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Made in 2016, will be watching tomorrow and posting a review but loved the original.
  13. It's also a slippery slope, what next? If you have a history of travel sickness get charged for a clean up fee? Swipe your credit card to be able to recline your seat?
  14. Not by me, at my fittest I weigh 80 kgs, Why should I at 190cm be penalised because some 150cm woman weighs the same?
  15. No one is forced to vote, you are forced to turn up and get your name crossed off. Enough invalid, blank votes would send a strong message to both sides better than anything other than voting in a strong independent
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