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  1. One that works in Melbourne at least, but not done enough driving in other capitals since working this one out so keen to hear if it works there as well When approaching major intersections, the lane markers go from broken lines to solid lines at a distance where, once the lights go amber, you do not have the safe breaking distance and are safe to go through the lights before they go red. If you are on divided lines and the light goes amber, you have the safe breaking distance to stop (assumes you are doing the speed limit) before they go red. Pointed this out to my nephews when on their Ls to take away some of their angst about when to break for the lights and when not too.
  2. Ep 9 drops on February 23. Anyone seen the ads for the new spin off coming next season - World Beyond? Looks very similar to a helicopter last seen transporting Rick away
  3. Ratdog looks smart enough not to try any new nutrition not used during 'training'
  4. I'd say it is equal to most series, it's definitely come along way since the first season that Channel 9 aired around a decade ago. I'd also like to see an All Stars version, unfortunately their biggest market of the USofA is never going to like seeing any version where one of them is not guaranteed of winning. The cultural differences between the different nationalities would take it to a whole new level. Survivor and Amazing Race are the only 2 'reality' series worth watching IMO, current Australian season of AR is also great
  5. Warning for video, little bit of swearing in it. Saw this posted, watched the lot and think there is some great things for anyone who has watched Game Changers to consider. Get back to understanding where your food comes from, the impacts of mono crops such as Corn (Watch Food Inc for more on that one) before thinking you have all the ethics of veganism figured out.
  6. Probably a big reason as well as to why the new engineering standards are coming in, people who got a cert or diploma 30 years ago are no longer going to be able to be called engineers and need degree qualified engineers to oversee their work
  7. Just saw "Knives Out". Worth seeing, not necessarily at the movies though - brilliant cast, Daniel Craig is really good, as are all the other big names that seem to work well together. Few kitch moments but the plot and the twists are what really makes it. 2.25 hours long and it will be 2.10 hours before you have the full story
  8. Cottoneyes

    Busso 2019

    Sharks you want to make sure you chew on a lot more than flies though before swallowing
  9. Been looking at some trail runs for next year, first one being looked at is for a fairly iconic run near me through a national park. Now I can run this at any time, however it appears on race day they provide one aid station across a 44km event (or 60km or 2 aid stations for the 100kms), all self-supported and no medal at the end, you get a chocolate bar as you cross the line. The trail and maps are available publicly at anytime. I'm thinking for the above event, the early bird entry of $80 (plus booking fee and GST) seems a bit excessive for a trail run. Is this the common or have I just been spoilt to date doing Rohan Day's events which seem to be good value?
  10. Stick with it, bit late the current Oz season as well, 3 episodes to go and have to say it has been enjoyable, lots of twists and turns. US season is also great, although still struggled on what to think about Dan. Made out to be a villian (looks to bey justified) mid season but seems to be background noise since
  11. I will go the opposite and say the race will disappear within 5 years. The experiment of running these races in more populated areas did not work before - the locals will not be happy with the loss of their streets and having to spend the better part of a day on already stretched back roads
  12. His lawyers are amateurs, what about his future career as the coach
  13. Can we start the threads now about how bad the drafting is / was on the day yet?
  14. You may find the cost of staying in somewhere 'nice' in Australia is around the same price by the time you factor in flights and fly to somewhere like this - and you then get duty free on the way home as well. I saw one turtle briefly while kayaking off Raratonga, the snorkelling there was the best I've seen from my limited travels
  15. At least all the people who rushed out and bought the Haynes jerseys from the 49ers are looking a good chance they will have an excuse to be wearing them come 8 February. Niners are currently 10-1 for the season with the only loss in overtime
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