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  1. Oldest one still to have would be my cricket end of season trophy from 1981 - presented for participation more than anything else. Had a few ribbons from pony club events prior to this, but think my older sister amalgamated these in with hers. Beyond that the oldest on hand for actual achievement is bronze medal from around 1984 swimming club champs is hanging still in the man cave with most of the other medals and trophies - got a heap of bronze and silver medals, but never made the top step. Ended up getting a few other cricket trophies, remember one in around 1984 or so got presented by some guy called Craig McDermott that some people thought might have some sort of career ahead of him. I'm sure it was the highlight of his career to come out to our local club's presentation night.
  2. Cottoneyes


    Only the ones of a certain level of intelligence
  3. Cottoneyes


    I think it means you should aim to do an early morning run on your own, preferably on a course where you will not bump into anyone else
  4. Cottoneyes


    Had a drink before dinner with my neighbour at the fence last night, both kept a good couple of metres within our own boundaries. Neighbour is a truck driver, delivering items to farms so is still very much busy through this whole period. Was talking about how my own team was going to struggle when we all go back to work, he said he is going to struggle as he is quickly getting used to the roads being so much easier. One other driver he knew did a Friday morning run from Pakenham to Werribee, loaded and back to Lang Lang and took him just over 3 hours - usually would have been close to a full day in normal time because of traffic
  5. Cottoneyes


    Our council down here go sacked as the infighting became bullying - all while one councillor got arrested for leaking confidential documents, another got arrested while in a drug haze with 40kg of hash drying in the shed when police came to knock on his door to tell him his cows were out on the road, (plus large amounts of other drugs around). Administrators appointed - been the best outcome, very few good people want to put their hands up at elections
  6. Cottoneyes


    Personal ad: Single male with abundance of toilet paper seeks single female with stockpile of hand sanitiser for good clean fun
  7. I think it is more the speculation that after this is done, they will be in a monopoly position again
  8. Cottoneyes


    I'll drop my 3 kids all home from school around and ask you that in a week
  9. Cottoneyes


    Elective surgeries have been on and off. Earlier this month my Dad had his surgery for knee op cancelled stating beds needed to be kept free for the virus. Late last week he was then told it could proceed, with a date in April being booked in by the surgeon. Qld shutting the border has now meant he cannot attend (travelling from near Tenterfield)
  10. If it's on, I'll be there for number 5. Kids are not a fan of curryoke, or really able to sit still, so never have subjected the others to them. My running is pretty good at present, if it continues with the new qualification plan am looking to do a qualifier for one of the longer distances
  11. I'd be selling any shares in private health insurance companies. People are expecting the economy to tank and looking at all personal expenses closely, with the annual increase on us in a week, going to be more people considering whether to continue Personal view only and not a substitute for financial advice yadda yadda
  12. Cottoneyes


    We had official news that the first case of Corona was found in our area overnight (confirmed test) Rumours started almost straight away it was a worker at the local Woolworths. First time for 2 weeks the woolworths car park has had spare spots (my work window looks out over the carpark). Think we need more of these rumours if the panic buying continues
  13. Cottoneyes


    Think at this stage most businesses are trying to avoid sacking staff if they can. Staff are being laid off, which means they will not be working and will not be paid unless they choose to take leave that they have in entitlements. If the staff were sacked, they would be able to receive redundancies and all leave paid out in a bulk sum. Being stood down means there is a job to go back to at some stage in the future - if there isn't, then an ongoing role would have access to a redundancy in most cases. Being made redundant or sacked, means there is no job to go back to - when this is all over you will need to apply for a job. Businesses can and have gone broke with mass redundancies - the AFL and NRL and multiple clubs are examples of this - they can't pay the wages and are looking in real trouble without a lifeline or the 'employees' agreeing to massive pay cuts. John Howard's brother's company was another famous example where the business went bust, and had no provisions for payment of entitlements, let alone redundancies. The current situation is really a one in 100 year event - the government is making funds available from centrelink even for those that have been stood down. The usual checks will be in place, if you are stood down and have 6 weeks of leave available, you will not be eligible for centrelink for 6 weeks. If you are redundant and receive the equivalent of 12 weeks pay, you will likely need to wait 12 weeks to be eligible (I'm not 100% across this but think it works generally like this).
  14. Rohan has actually said earlier on the facebook group that they will accept Garmin or similar files where people can show they have run an equivalent distance in the time - eg, run a half marathon distance under the 2 hour 25 minutes - doesn't need to be an organised event run. They are responded to the times we live in very well and stating the race is on at this stage. I haven't booked accommodation just yet, we were planning on hiring an RV and doing a trip around SA and SW NSW after Wonderland, but that is all on hold at the moment
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