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  1. Same Sex Marriage Vote. How would you vote?

    The thing with the cost is it's not just the federal govt. How much is Melbourne city council wasting it to put up the big billboards saying they support it? There are other councils putting up similar expenses, and time and again they seem to forget to do less of the basics while reaping in larger rates due to the inflating property market, but still find ways to support issues that are not in the council level of influence
  2. Trail Running

    Glad Wonderland was not on the weekend just past, lots of snow on the trail at the moment still after a substantial dump for the region over the weekend. less than 4 days at work and then heading up there, looking at 2 - 12 degrees for the weekend with little chance of rain so looking a bit better than last year
  3. Dick Smith fair go.

    Right or wrong, it's a debate that is sorely needed, but at a global level so it's pretty much stuffed before we start. Yet to see one analysis of global warming with population as the comparison, seems like a pretty easy analysis but no one wants to be labelled a nazi Chatting to one person with some extremist views and the Dick Smith message went right over their head, only part they got was we need to stop immigration, the irony that the person in question migrated here themselves was lost on them
  4. The Politics Thread

    It's been over a decade without a stable government, the system of the 2 current major parties is cooked Didn't hear you saying the govt was cooked before Rudds second coming which is pretty much where we are at the moment
  5. Huh what? Shane Perkins gains Russian citizenship

    Guess all the years of saying Damir Dokic went with any deal the other way worked
  6. Utopia

    What about hard quiz before "Mad as Hell". Wednesday nights on the ABC are my favourite of the week Think I said it in a previous thread on Utopia, used to work 10+ years ago for the Victorian govt development agency, Utopia is not so much funny as reliving the time I spent there, right down to the original series office space looking eriely familiar (and from outside shots in the same building location). Took one of the GMs 2 years to sign off on a car usage policy as it changed what the intent of the policy was meant to be every time which then required a re-write, resubmission and then a change of mind on the intent and repeat every month for 2 frigging years. At the end of the 2 years he got a package and claimed he was owed a company car for the notice period "as we didn't have a policy in place to say he wasn't entitled to it"
  7. Utopia

    Little hint, most organisations with a portal for applications to go through online will run a check for certain words or phrases as their first cut on the applications. Copy the ad, put it in the footer of your cv or resume and change the font to white so it doesn't print, and reduce the font size as small as possible. Much better chance of getting through the initial screening as most ads have the words they are looking for in the application. After that it comes down to how well you bullshit compared to the others for most large companies / public sector roles
  8. The Politics Thread

    And to think all of this time Pauline Hanson has been part of the UN - freaky What legislation are you looking forward to being repealed now we know foreigners without our best interests were setting the legislation? Personally I'm looking to winding back that horrible decimal currency and returning to pounds and shillings
  9. The Politics Thread

    Great quote just heard - The Australian Parliament has more foreigners than the English cricket team
  10. Is this the new form of terror

    My brother in law lands in a group of his riding mates to follow the tour end of next week, a few of them with their wives are heading off this weekend for a week in Barcelona before the others join them. Hoping it doesn't affect their plans, but most of all hope they stay safe
  11. BHG6 Road bike

  12. Is this the new form of terror

    How could anyone that does this in a sane mind claim to have any religion
  13. TV Shows

    If you don't mind subtitles, check out Deutschland 83. Very well done series following an East German Spy into West Germany in 1983 (hence the title), the lives of his family back home, and those he interacts with in the west, against a background on how close nuclear war came. 8 Episodes long and a one off series to my knowledge
  14. AFL 2017

    They're going to have to start the retirement parade right after the Grand Final parade at the rate things are going this year, either that or it's a way for the AFL to finally get a twilight final by stealth
  15. The Politics Thread

    Everyone. Thinking about it overnight, it really is Kevin Rudd's fault (not really, more of Howard's for stifling debate and ramming another thing through that his right wing demanded)