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  1. prhino

    Kona race day thread

    I think Patrik Lange has it
  2. @roxii should sign up as an affiliate, and he'll get $75 for each person that signs up through Transitions https://www.ladbrokesaffiliates.com.au/programs
  3. Not sure why I ever thought I'd wear them
  4. $25 each (+ postage) One is L and one is XL, but they have a similar fit
  5. Old school Transitions cycling jersey (never worn) Size XL $25 (+ postage)
  6. prhino

    Free cycling kit

    Sorry, haven't been back on the forum for a while, and didn't realise my inbox was full. I've cleared it, so message me if you're still wanting anything.
  7. Range of size large cycling jerseys and knicks, including Twin Six. Must pick up from western suburbs of Melbourne.
  8. prhino

    Free cycling kit

    I've got a bunch of cycling and running gear I'd like to get rid of. K-Swiss cycling shorts (L) x 2 Twinsix cycling knicks (L) x 2 Twinsix knicks (L) x 2 K-Swiss jersey (XL) Assorted other cycling jerseys Brooks vest Brooks running shirt (XL) 2XU one piece tri suit (XL) Louis Garneu sleevless cycling jersey (XL) All of this has been used, though some of it barely. Is there anywhere I can donate this?
  9. A mate of mine did something similar https://www.strava.com/activities/816330172
  10. I think I'll try the shop that's building my wheels (they're supplying the rims, hubs, spokes, etc). The frame is not available in Australia, so there's not much reason for any shop not to do it.
  11. Steel frame roadie, with disc brakes. Nothing unusual. Any decent bike mechanic should be able to do a do a good job, regardless of the type of bike. It's more about whether they're willing to put a bike together, when the parts didn't come from them.
  12. I'm looking to get a bike built up from parts I've bought. Can anybody suggest a LBS in Melbourne that does this? Previously I've gone to iRide for this sort of thing, but they've closed down. Note: the frame was
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