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  1. Mo Farrah, does the 10k/5k double

    you suggesting that Mo's diet changed at 26 when he became good? hahaha
  2. WC Selection Races Distribution, Fair?

    Roxii- Yarrawonga's swim would be in NSW
  3. Gwen Jorgensen Pregnant

    You thinking she got a Tap on the shoulder?
  4. KQ questions

    Cranky looked the part prior to KQ when I spied her at a Gatorade sprint at Robina. She looked like a seriously fit 40 something female age grouper that meant business. Already looked like women who qualify, no sloppy arms, lean but with plenty of muscle mass. She looked like large parts of the package were there If you're shit is already in place when you make your run at it, it will of course take less time. That 50-54 cat could be very tough soon too when you get the likes of Damien Angus and David Meade getting a bit older. Those two blokes have massive motors and solid game between the ears. Got any Kona qualifiers to hang with for a while?
  5. KQ questions

    It's not about the14-16h for a 12 week build, it's about twelve months of that and the opportunity it gives you to work and improve on lots of stuff. To make long term development. As AP has pointed out reading between the lines the mentality doesn't yet sound that of a qualifier. It's going to have to swing to one of making things work and happen. If you are going to be on the cusp, not comfortably in, and serious about qualifying be prepared to hit 5-6 races over 2-2.5 years and put yourself in that borderline position 4 times and wait for probability to throw your number up. On the longer term time commitment I don't think it's as bad as it sounds if you are appropriately disciplined. If you don't have a flexible job you'll become friends with 4-4:30am. It's not a crazies thing, just a tough decision by someone passionate who knows what they want and has to make options. Those genuinely seeking to be high achievers in other fields do very similar things to create time. For many it gives them 2h on any weekday morning and on a weekend 5h to be home by 930 with 150k in the legs. Your internal response to asking questions like this will give you an insight into how much you do actually want it. Have you set yourself some mid term goals? Some mid term run performance goals?
  6. KQ questions

    Hey Zed. Looking at your half you are going to need to make big improvements in your running. To be a realistic chance you need to be sub 1:30 off the bike and translate it to 3:20-3:35 depending on ride and age group. The hours- if you want to improve moderately quick then 14h a week/two hours a day average is something to work towards. For the younger guys 21h week or 3h a day to improve rapidly. This also doesn't just mean logging hours or volume but training for improvement. Be that skills, speed, endurance, strength, technique. These stuff get you better. Hours just get you fitter. It may seem like a lot of commitment but there are a lot of guys out there you need to beat that have a head start and are quite committed.
  7. Gelatin

    I see a number of similarities to both you and AP's approaches philosophically to life and circumstances despite the different levels of desire for performance... Both of you dont really seem to suffer from any internal conflict with regards to what you wish to do vs what you do, your desired realities are seem quite similiar to your actual realities. This is not luck, just hard work, being brave when required, and making decisions to align your lives including friends, partners, fiances/work to go do the races you wish to do, with the races you wish to do decided by yourself for your own reasons with not a huge concern for what others really think of it. You both seem more than somewhat satisfied with the outcomes you achieve and the process/journey along the way. I'd suggest that there are quite a few who might not want specifically what you both go after(though there are many here who do) but they wish that they could have a similiar level of alignment in their life between their actual desires and what they get to do. To be the man/woman in the Tao Te Ching who does not have to think first but already knows exactly what he can do, and should do, and just does it...
  8. Meat and Water Diet Study

    will be interesting to watch. id be a little curious as to the effect on gut flora but am no expert on this. part of me just says mmmmm meat
  9. Disc Brakes approved for Cycle Races*

    nice bike! i thought my days of perving on bikes were behind me but i've got 3/4 of a wood over that one
  10. Superleague Triathlon LIVE

    Yeah it does make it cheaper for you to indulge your tastes peter
  11. Ironman Whistler

    its a refreshing trip back to doing something hard and cool, not just a boring flat fast course like a busso. Something that is genuinely a challenge.
  12. http://konafive.com/ invented for IP and AP

    Got more in common with your brother's on the start line than 95% of the rest of the population.
  13. 4iiii power meter

    stages fixed up their failure rate? it was running at 50% apparantely in their early years
  14. Pro women upset again. Twitter

    This Lisa also tried to take Kate Allen out during a selection race pre Beijing Olympics where she was trying to defend her gold. A good case should have been made for a life ban for this bad egg
  15. Going to wear my 1m matters shirt when I stand and shoot on the range. Hopefully they don't pass too close