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  1. Ruley

    Another sad story to come from Nike

    They will remember to call ironman with that view. If I can't buy Nike where will I get that last 4%?
  2. Ruley

    Another sad story to come from Nike

    Don't worry I tipped off some of my gay mates you are going back to Kona and they are all keen to get Kona pier Speedo photos with you. They said that should count to even the gel thing out in that you'll support them with the photos and give them 12 months of batting material
  3. Ruley

    Ryf World Record at Gdynia 70.3, Poland

    He is still better than Froome
  4. Ruley

    No More Soft Bike Cases On Hawiian Airlines

    Most whinging spend too much time whinging to make decent enough coin to pay their way
  5. Was just having a think about races in Australia and those that are iconic and long running and that I couldn't think of any real long running iconic 70.3 races any more, apart from maybe Busselton. The kind of race you know what weekend it is on every year, has 20 years history, you look at the past winners and go wow or oh yeah I remember them. What 70 3's do we have running now that have been run around about the same date on the calendar for a long run time of day a decade or more, have historically got good fields etc? It's probably too much to expect a Noosa tri level of these things but it just feels like most of the 70.3 events will be run somewhere for 3 years then disappear, or appear on and off again all over the place in the calendar or even run at the same time as an Ironman like port Mac and have no pro field. It doesn't seem like a way to build and maintain brand value, longevity or loyal customers.
  6. Ruley

    Should Pro's get Prize Money in Country Races?

    If it deepens the field sometimes it adds spectacle to the race but When you only have 6 pros racing it looks like the diligaf cup. As far as presentations go I used to hate when people didn't hang around for presentations when they'd podiumed overall as it just looks bad. however after certain races where you hung around for image maintenance only and they dragged the presentations on so that they started hours after you finished and then held the overall one last it was really shit. Bribie for example $150 often 3 hours after crossing the line was really pointless and I can see why people don't stick around for that. I value my sunday morning post racing more than that and a mug or plastic trophy. Have the presentations 5-15minutrs after third crosses the line and you don't have that problem. I always found a regional grudge match race, particularly one with a little history more motivating than crappy purses(decent ones are another story). Going from Shepparton to race someone like David Meade at the Echuca triathlon was always good.
  7. Ruley

    Bike skills on display

    gimme this chick over an instagram yoga pose triathlete. #trumpscorky
  8. Ruley

    Was this guy a pharmacist? 4 year ban not enough

    Impey got off soft for masking agents didn't he?
  9. Ruley

    Gold Coast team for Major League Triathlon

    Prize money looks pretty poor
  10. Ruley

    Ironman Frankfurt - LIVE NOW

    Lange looks tighter through hips than Kona. That hip extension isn't the same
  11. Ruley

    Ironman Frankfurt - LIVE NOW

    Damn the Chromecast has had a flogging this week between this, the tour, and the cross country n downhill MTB World cup on redbull tv
  12. Ruley

    Ironman Frankfurt - LIVE NOW

    Frodeno hasn't had to run back into the race like Lange in Kona, it's hard to compare them. Hard to argue with frodenos run off very quick rides, Lange's have been off good rides but not like frodenos rides. Either way it's kick ass too watch. Such a shame about bozzone unlikely to be in Kona. Still get Gomez n that kiwi multisport guy that beat him in cairns
  13. Ruley

    Froomey banned from tour (and then not banned)

    Ok let's have a trash pop poll on which is more probable A)Froome being clean B)Kim Jong in giving up nuclear weapons
  14. Ruley

    Froomey banned from tour (and then not banned)

    What are your thoughts on the nuclear arms race at Sky Kim?