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  1. Abby


    He did indeed start the IPWR, but dropped out during Day 2... 😉
  2. There is one club per state, but they have rides that cover all over the state. It might be worth shooting them a message and letting them know what you're planning. They will almost certainly have done rides that cover large portions of the Mildura to Melbourne route. Importantly, they'll be able to give you tips on routing that avoids higher traffic roads (and where that's unavoidable), great spots for rest stops, etc. They always seem to know where the hills are too... They'll tell you where they are because they think you'll want them - but you can use that knowledge to avoid them... *lol* I'm still a novice with the Qld Audax club (still building up to my first 200). But the more experienced have said that a 600km ride is easier than a 400km, as you generally have a sleep stop somewhere for a few hours to break it up. So keep that in mind too... Good luck!! 🙂
  3. https://cyclingtips.com/2013/05/melbourne-to-mildura-550km-in-one-day/
  4. Have you ever done any Audax rides? Maybe link in to your local Audax crew - they do long rides like this all the time & will have lots of tips (both generic & for your local area). Plus you can do some 'shorter' (ie 200/300/400) club rides with them to trial your plans/set-up.
  5. Both would be awesome choices and at the end of the day it would be easy to over-think it. But I would probably pick the Southern GC - it gives heaps of options for cycling/running/swimming, plus the non-sport life has a huuuge range of options you just don't get up at the Sunny Coast. In the south GC you can be completely away from the GC glitz/glam, but its quick to get there if you ever need/want to. Plus access to Northern NSW is a huge plus in my book too. That said, the Sunny Coast has a lot of small towns that are unique and one might suit you perfectly. Noosa vs Mooloolaba vs Coolum vs Caloundra - just a handful that are all awesome in their own way and very different from each other... Great decision to be able to make, good luck!! 🙂
  6. That is a terrible calendar... Can you imagine Tennis overlapping the US Open & the French Open? They need to have a single Grand Tour (either the Tour or a 'combo GT race') to finish the season, with warm-up races, then the Monuments leading into it...
  7. Thanks for rekicking the thread @BNothling - I've been thinking about having a maiden crack at Nebo myself once iso is over... How would people rate Nebo compared with Mt Mee in terms of climbing difficulty? Thanks!
  8. Abby

    All things NRL

    100% real - One of the great moments in Australian TV history... Ray & ACA were absolute grubs... How about both he & his wife pulling the 'we know people in high places' card... *lol* And love Ray's attempt at revising history in the 2nd linked interview (which I hadn't seen before) - totally misrepresents what he did...
  9. https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2017/mar/02/exclusive-ministers-office-sent-journalist-internal-briefings-about-centrelink-client Furthermore, the current encryption laws require contractors to build a backdoor into databases upon request by the govt/security agencies - but also make it an offence for the contractors to reveal the existence of the backdoor. So when they say "its totally secure and there's no backdoor", well, it would be illegal for them to say otherwise...
  10. I'll be shocked if they manage to squeeze in all 3 grand tours. This idea they're gonna somehow squeeze a normal season in is ridiculous. SO they're going to effectively START the season with the Tour, which is crazy as no-one will have racing in their legs. Don't know why they don't run a month or two of one-day races (including the Monuments), and then finish with a single 3-week grand tour. Would make more sense. And it would be an epic GT with every contender targeting the one 3-week race instead of spreading across three events...
  11. Abby


    You don't need predatory capitalism to achieve this tho Prince - hybrid systems work fine and can achieve all goals. You can have a living wage, a socialist-based health system, education system, & housing system, and a meritocracy that rewards hard work & effort. Our current system does neither of those things - its pretty much a closed shop that makes it difficult for those not born into privilege to break in. Would love to see us move to a true meritocracy, but there's too many wealthy Mum's & Dad's out there who realise that their little Johnny's & Janet's might have to work as hard as everyone else to succeed... 😉 Anyway, as you said, perhaps this should be fodder for another thread... 🙂
  12. Abby


    I'm seeing lots of people in leadership positions lately who clearly never thought they'd actually have to 'lead'... 🤦‍♂️
  13. We used the Uber Jump bikes when we were in Berlin last year. Awesome fun, super-easy to use. We mostly used the Donkey Republic pedal bikes. But a couple of afternoons when we were tired, wifey suggested the Uber ebikes. She really loved them. And they just appear automatically on your Uber app.
  14. That doesn't mean they're not being racist. It provides a reason and context for their racism. But its still racism.
  15. What was the wheel you broke Tyno? And how wide a tyre does the frame clearance of your roadbike allow?
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