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  1. Abby

    Hey roxii. Can you review the new fly6?

    https://www.bicycles.net.au/2018/06/are-you-ready-to-fly-indepth-review-of-cycliqs-fly12ce-and-fly6ce-integrated-bike-camera-lights/ Pretty good review here... 🙂
  2. Abby

    Gluing cycling shoe sole back on

    Had to do that exact thing recently. I just ducked into BUnnings and bought the cheapest superglue they had (I think it was Bostik brand?), and went crazy with it. Spread superglue all over both surfaces (ie top of detached sole, bottom of shoe body), then put the shoe on and stood in it (rocking around a bit) for 15 minutes to ensure a solid contact bond. Lasted for a month of solid riding until my new shoes turned up from Wiggle. So now I have a spare pair ready to go... :-)
  3. Abby

    Running shorts

    I bought my running shorts from Aldi. $8 each. Really comfortable - mesh sides, zip side pockets. Easily the best shorts I've ever run in. Worth swinging by your local Aldi to see if they have any left in the magic centre aisle of happiness... :-)
  4. Abby

    Test dummies required...

    Hi all, Used my Huma gels 'in anger' for the first time on the weekend, at a cycling event in Stanthorpe QLD. Found them to be really good - taste of the Strawberry (I used two of them) was very jam-like. And no lingering after-taste after washing them down with a gulp of water. While I've never had big problems stomaching gels, these settled perfectly in the tummy. I had a chocolate Gu in-between the two Huma gels, and my tummy noticed it a little - so that's a big tick for the Huma gels. Really looking forward to working my ways through the other flavours... :-)
  5. Abby

    Trannies Strava Page

    Sorry - but figured this was unlikely to ever happen again so am posting for posterity... :-)
  6. Abby

    Test dummies required...

    Hi Willie, Keen to give the gels a try! Will send you a PM... :-)
  7. Abby

    Trannies Strava Page

    Just applied - 'Paul Guarrera'... :-)
  8. Abby

    Photography philosophy

    And what do we actually 'see' anyway? Our eyes are connected to our brain via nerves - so what we are 'seeing' is just an interpretation by our brain of nerve pulses coming from the eye... Do we know how similarly (or differently?) each person is seeing the exact same picture? That's one hypothesis for why two people can look at the same colour combination, and one says "That's stunning!" and the other says "That's horrendous!"... :-)
  9. Abby

    Wage Increases

    Not so sure about the Public Service comment. I'm in the Federal PS, and haven't had a wage rise in almost 4 years...
  10. Abby

    Trump is the President

    As I understand it, both Glenn McGrath and Shane Warne have done exceptionally well out of their foundations... I'm sure that wasn't their intention though... :-)
  11. Abby

    Like putting pages in a book...

    Have fun! Sport is supposed to be fun (even when it's really hard & you're suffering, it should still be fun). Consistency is king! For raceday - it's better to be 10% underdone than 1% overdone... :-)
  12. Better to be 5% underdone due to taking it easy around your illness, than still sick and 20-30% off your best come race day. Very easy decision - ease up and focus on getting better. Then reassess training/taper when you are well again based on how much time you have left... :-)
  13. Abby

    Media coverage of women's sport

    Sounds like the publicists are doing their jobs extremely well... :-) Not sure what is embarrassing about getting newspaper coverage. Maybe the media just recognize there is increasing interest in women's sport, and are covering it accordingly...
  14. Abby

    World Cup Draw

    Not a fan of this new format. Part of the allure of the World Cup is its so darn hard to get into the Main Draw - just making it is a huge achievement. This massively dilutes that... Also - no draws allowed in the group games?! Will just make sure there is some massively defensive football played in the last 20min of each game to make sure they get to the penalty shootout... :-(
  15. Abby

    2017 Goals - What are they?

    Be a better father, husband, friend and 'athlete' than I was last year... :-)