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  1. Slayed (slew?) a very big white whale on Saturday... Rocked up to Stones Corner Parkrun as it was pacer week. Locked on to the 25min pacer, and for the first time in my entire life (all 46 years of it) went sub-25 for 5km. Official time was 24:55... Last 750m saw some very ugly running from me... Pretty sure I was doing some sort of weird grunting over the last 200m with every step... *lol* But did the job, and that's a very big goal ticked off. Now for a sub-50min 10km... 🙂
  2. Hi all, (mods - please move to Sandbox if not appropriate in this forum) Heading to Europe in September/October this year with my wife and Miss18 for 5 glorious weeks. Look like hitting Italy (Rome/Tuscany), Germany (prob Munich), Vienna, Prague, Belgium, and Paris. My good wife has said that on one or two seperate days during the trip, if I want to hire a road bike and take off to ride some 'famous roads' or routes where we are, that she is happy for me to do so while she and Miss18 take off and do their own thing for the day. So what I'm thinking is just taking my Shimano road shoes, and nailing down one or two places on the trip where I can hire out a decent road bike (that will also supply helmet/pedals/GPS) and spin the legs out for the day. Maybe 80-120km. Solo or with a group/tour group. Just wondering if anyone has ever done something like that before, and has any suggestions as to where woud be good (based on my rough itinerary) and/or who to hire/organise with? There seems to be heaps of places that do organised multi-day tours based on my googling, but not many that cater to the 'sneaky one day getaway' that I need... Thanks in advance!! :-)
  3. Thanks BNothling! I tend to move around to a different parkrun each week just to mix it up. I do Wishart (my 'home' parkrun) every 2nd week, then alternate between Minnippi, Mansfield & Stones Corner every other week. At any rate, have been knocked out of running for at least a month. Seems I have ITBS. Bit weird - doesn't hurt while running, only afterwards when I cool down (then takes 24-48 hours to subside). And it NEVER hurts when cycling (even during that post-run period when it hurts just to walk). Physio reckons its due to a relatively tight calf and weak inner quad on my left side - so have strengthening exercises and foam rolling for the next 4 weeks . Luckily I can still ride whenever I want so won't go stir crazy... 🙂
  4. *lol* I was there - saw the frenetic attempts to collect the tokens and get everyone sorted. Having vollied a few times myself (as I know you have) I do get that sometimes things go wrong. Told a few cranky people in the queue to lighten up a little and remember that its a free event run by volunteers, and that quitened them down... :-) On the upside, I ran a 25:07 PB thanks to the 25min pacer. Couldn't quite stay with her over the last km, but a big 20sec improvement on my previous best so I was stoked... :-) That 25min barrier is tantalisingly close...
  5. Seperate mass participation events and 'qualifier only' events?
  6. 80.6kg this morning - finally broke through the 82.5kg +/- 0.5kg plateau of the last few weeks. Tantalisingly close to the sub-80kg goal!! 🙂
  7. Snaffled a PB at Mansfield Parkrun on Saturday, shaved a single second off to record a 25:27. Inching ever so closer to the sub-25min dream... :-) Think I may have seen @BNothling out there on the ocurse as well? Unfortunately couldn't find you post-race to say g'day...
  8. 25:28 at Stones Corner Parkrun last week, with gracious thanks to the 25 & 26min pacers... :-) I have never ever in my life run sub-5min km's for 5km or more - starting to think that at 46 years of age it may actually still be possible... Got a couple of 10km run events over the next few weekends (Women's Day Fun Run this weekend, and then Sri Chimnoy a couple of weeks later). Can't even remember last time I ran 10km (would be 5 - 10 years ago). Goal at the first one is sub-1hr, then will assess goal for the Sri Chimnoy.
  9. 82.0 kg this morning, down a nice round figure of 4kg after the first 8 weeks. A nice 0.5kg/week average, which has been great. Still on track for goal weight of 79.99kg at the end... :-) Have stuck super-religiously to an eating window of 9am to 7:30pm. Dessert and late-night snacks have disappeared. Most days only drink water (& a morning flat white). Fasted morning training has been surprisingly easy. I do Parkrun on Saturday mornings and my morning 20km/1hr cycle-commute fasted, and never had an issue. Feeling really good. The weight-loss has been ridiculously easy, and I've very rarely felt hungry. A few weeks ago it was like a switch was flicked and totally lost any afternoon sweet cravings, which has made things easier again. Appetitie regulation has also become much better - I feel fuller much faster, which makes it simpler to know when to stop. Anyway - that's a long way of saying "so far, so good"... :-)
  10. My wiife's wheelset suddenly broke a couple of spokes at the nipple. Turned out she'd ridden through some deep water (15-20cm deep) when the river had a kingtide and it overflowed onto the bikepath. Looks like the saltwater reacted with the spoke/nipple and it has snapped. Could be your culprit if that's happened to you?
  11. After running around 26:30 for what feels like forever, finally ran a new PB at WIshart Parkrun (my 'home' course) of 26:01. Took 7 seconds off my all-time PB (which was run at Minnippi Parkrun, a much flatter & faster course!). Rain shower at the start probably helped cool me off! Now just have to find another 2 seconds to finally go sub-26... :-)
  12. Tastes like it's been shat out by a vegan. There is no reward for being virtuous... 😉
  13. Finally jagged two (small) weight losses in a row. I think I'm finally starting to work out how much to eat during the day to keep energy up but also lose a little weight. On days I cycle-commute in (20km/just under an hour), have replaced my usual high fibre barleymax cereal & almond milk with a vegan protein shake (brown rice protein & pea protein) - and that seems to have helped my recovery plus also reduced calories. And no, I'm not vegan - I just try and not have too much dairy... 😉 Let's see if I really have got this worked out and can make it 3 weeks in a row... 🙂
  14. Here is an Audax route from the Nundahdrome that delivers you to the start of the Hornibrook Bridge. Gives you a couple of options around Shorncliffe (short way and longer scenic way)... 🙂 https://ridewithgps.com/trips/23776416
  15. 175cm. 85kg. Big aim for me is the Tour de Brisbane event in April next year. Not to be competitive per se, but just to give it a red hot go and see how well I can do. Goal 2 is to break 25min at Parkrun. I started running again at the start of this year after many years away - figured as a 45yo bloke, just cycling won't cut it for general health. Did 3 months of run/walk (steadily increasing the run and decreasing the walk) to ease into it and prep the body. First all-running 5km in late March was about 32min, and current PB (last week) was 26:08, so all heading in the right direction! So I think the next big thing is to drop my weight down to sub-80kg, and build a regular training habit/base for Tour de Brisbane. So currently aiming (successfully!) at doing either some sort of cycling or running on 5 days of every week. And first step in weight loss will be cutting out the 'incidental snacks' I grab out of habit and see what effect that has. 🙂
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