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  1. TrevS

    RIP Kamal2

    Shit, this is dreadful news. I'm lost for words, very sad I never got to meet Chris but like many others had plenty of communications either open posts or via PM over the many years. A very likeable & valuable character. He will indeed be missed. RIP Chris.
  2. TrevS

    Bike Accident - Mona Vale Rd

    R.I.P Ghost Bike memorial at crash site.
  3. Those other 1sec examples do not relate to this incident nor are they remotely similar so hardly much of a point. I want to see or hear of words of those involved (ie:riders, officials, further video footage) pointing out Quintana's so called cheating? I bet there are none. Try watching the race footage from 21:50 this is the moment of what you call cheating. http://www.steephill.tv/players/720/dailymotion/?title=Last+5+Km+of+Stage+12&dashboard=tour-de-france&id=x4k8alt&yr=2016 From 21:50 you can match the race footage and that 1.5sec clip and even pick out the guy who is filming it. Note the Polish Majka fan (who has issued an apology for his actions), Plus the guy (red beenie) right in front of camera waiving the yellow banner. Quintana is up the front of the group right in the mess, you can see the mavic m/cycle with Quitana behind it plus the other riders as they to try and get around the mess. The Mavic M/cycle stops another 3-4 metres up the road (out of view on the "cheater" video) behind Ritchie Porte who has stopped again after initially being pushed off (as seen in the "cheat" video) to try and fix his bike. I think the cheating claims need to be backed up with some actual information because it is pretty obvious to me from what I can determine that Quintana has not cheated at all. It is purely a moment of action in the middle of a mess, that lasted all of a matter of a couple of seconds. The guy who filmed it has got his mass world moment of attention for it, when it is a false representation of what is actually occurring & why.
  4. So in a 1.5sec video grab Quintana is to be labelled & crucified as a cheat? The Mavic motorcycle is slowed by the people who are pushing Richie Porte as he gets going again. Quintana is directly behind the motorcycle in a very narrow clear pathway through the crowd etc. at the crash location. Why hasn't (at least to my knowledge) Adam Yates, Fabio Aru, Loius Meinties, Romain Bardet, Joaquim Rodriguez, Alejandro Valverde & Tejay Van Garderen made any comment or complained about Quintana's unfair advantage holding onto the wheel of the Mavic M/cycle? They were all in the Quintana group. You can see Aru, Meinties, Bardet & Van Garderen in that video right in clear eye sight of Quitana's action. Also why didn't the race referee (also right behind) make note and penalise, if Quintana was deemed to have been using the m/cycle? I'm not a Quintana fan at all but it's a pretty narrow mind to think it was an out and out effort to cheat particularly given the scenario and the lack off information all from a 1.5sec video. Give us something real to go on. Then it maybe justified to throw out accusations. Did Quintana just grab the wheel at that particular moment because the motorcycle was slowing because of the people in the way? Did Quintana hold on for an extended time & for how long? Were are the complaints of the other riders who were right there? Was there a warning from the referee car (just behind those guys)? Were is the video shots from the other TV camera's or other random people with video shots? Anyway I'm going to go watch & enjoy the race.
  5. TrevS

    New Rules for NSW cyclists

    Haven't seen that detour. Doesn't sound to hot.
  6. TrevS

    New Rules for NSW cyclists

    I'm guessing your referring to the temporary detour route that was required due to all the road works being done to widen the M2 a couple of years ago? The cycle groups complained that it would take them additional time to ride (rather ironic that argument). Complaints of dangerous conditions etc. I rode that route plenty of times and like any bike path, road crossing, narrow portion etc. you ride to conditions. When that was done it was not dangerous at all (but it did take longer than straight down the M2). If you want to ride a footpath at 30-40km/h, well........ you know what's going to happen! Again that was a temporary mountain made from a temporary mole hill. To have stayed on the M2 whilst that work was being done would have been a complete death trap.
  7. TrevS

    Pushbike WARS (Sydney)

    Clearly I'm not very good as I can easily ride the whole park under 30km/h and if I need to dab the brakes on that one false flat downhill section even I can do that. It's hardly a difficult task for an accomplished cyclist. Even if you go off the main road circuit to ride the hill at one of the entrances, It's not hard to put on the brakes. "have to ride the brakes" Alex your far smarter than this. It's one of the lamest arguments against a speed limit. School zones pose a different set of issues. They are not the same as a park. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying what the limit should be. It's been 30 for how many years (?), everybody knows it and it's well sign posted. It's also been policed in the past and will be done so again in the future, just like any other road. I've read articles from the Park Trust regarding speeding cyclists & bunch size restrictions, alos other times when there has been speed limits enforced. I've been there when there has been a radar speed sign up and police in attendance. It's nothing new.
  8. TrevS

    Pushbike WARS (Sydney)

    Interesting document MM, thanks The different motivation is how I've always interpreted it, compared to the way others have done so. Aside from the ID in the event of emergency. I've always had the thought that the ID was there in a sense to help diffuse the argument of not being accountable &/or rego rubbish arguments made by some car drivers.
  9. TrevS

    Pushbike WARS (Sydney)

    This just shows the intelligence or mentality of a selfish cyclist. The "stupid" 30km/h speed limit is there because it's a Park. There are hundreds and thousand of people who visit the park. Walkers, runners, roller bladers, cyclists, kids on bikes, cars, horses, skate boarders etc. etc. Most if not all of those examples can be very unpredictable in a parks surroundings. Braking not cycling??? What.................. I'm not the smartest tack in the box but really??? 'I'm unreal and I can go fast so I should be allowed to' Sounds more like that if you ask me.
  10. TrevS

    Pushbike WARS (Sydney)

    The speed limit in Centennial Park has been 30km/h for a long long time and has been policed before.
  11. TrevS

    Instagram posts and those who post there

    I wonder?? actually, no I don't.......
  12. TrevS

    New Rules for NSW cyclists

    The 1m rule is regularly advertised on TV & Radio, I've also seen adverts on the rear end of Buses as well. It would be interesting to see who are the ones doing the newspaper/social media/bill posters. Next time you see those ones, take note of who is the outlet ie:RMS or advocacy groups doing the promotion. Advocacy groups seem to be too focused on the "loss of rights" and the necessary carrying of a plastic card than they are for promoting the actual safety rule of 1m. Which is a shame as it also comes across that they are only feeding the people who object to cyclists being on the road. eg: wanting everything and no responsibility. here's a thought. wish :- feel or express a strong desire or hope for something that cannot or probably will not happen. try :- make an attempt or effort to do something. effort :- a vigorous or determined attempt.
  13. TrevS

    New Rules for NSW cyclists

    Yep, pretty sure sure your right, I failed to add something along those lines. Meaning they could pull you over and ask for ID if they had reason such as a traffic offence. Where as with the new law they could pull you over for an ID check alone should they chose to.
  14. TrevS

    New Rules for NSW cyclists

    I've heard loads and loads of adds on the radio where they only state 1 of the new laws. The 1 metre rule, for both motorists to cyclist & cyclist to pedestrian. It's also being advertised on TV
  15. TrevS

    Evelyn Stevens - Hour Record

    Evelyn Stevens is now next up for an attempt at the Hour Record. Set for Feb 27th in Colorado. Steven's is a very strong TT rider and has a long list of quality results. http://www.uci.ch/pressreleases/evelyn-stevens-attempt-women-uci-hour-record/?utm_content=bufferaa1ca&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=buffer