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  1. Okay so tonight I am watching the surfing on FoxSports and up come Mark Fewell, Director of Media & Corporate for Boost Mobile http://www.boostmobile.com/home.html Now they sponsor surfing.http://surfingthemag.com/frontline/09_21_0..._04_boost_five/ Not just any surfing but the world tour. ie the top level of surfing. Now I am sure other people can give a report on Mark much better than me but he was one of the 3 that selected the 2000 Olympic Team. He is a peer of Triathlon in Australia. Are there more people other there like this? I know I might be a bit harsh at Triathlon Australia but they can't get a sponsor for the Blue Ribbon Australian Series this year and the series has gone arse up. Please try harder Triathlon Australia.
  2. Blew is locked out. Waiting for bernie to fix it. Also the Triathlon talk only came up as I was wearing an old Triathlon Shirt at work that day. No comment on the wanker.
  3. A few weeks ago I was telling my local coffee shop barista that I was going to Newcastle to do the Maitland Triathlon. Well this morning I am over getting a coffee and he asks how the race was in Newcastle. I'm thinking, what race was that.??? I only consider the Half Ironman and Ironman Distance Triathlon to be serious now and the don't even consider the shorter races as Triathlons. Just a bit of fun. So walking back to work I started to wonder if I am a Long Course Snob. The Answer is I think so. Does anyone else this this way?
  4. littlepete


    Trev and Trap, Oh what joy to be in the big age group again. Marc if you are going to organise Mexican call and make sure they are going to open. Last year they had no intention of opening as they usually don't open on Sunday nights.
  5. littlepete

    FHIM Times

    anytime under 6hrs would be great and not a hot day would be good too.
  6. They are racing for the Money. If they can't finish in the top 10 they should pull the pin and turn up at IMWA or Florida. PS I can't post as Blew as my account is locked out. Help Please bernie.
  7. Has anyone ever used one of those Spa/Pools that you don't do turns but just swim against the water flow? Also what is their exact name? LP
  8. Thx for the tip Roxi.
  9. I know what roxi does for the 3months post IM. Wasn't your daughter born very close to IM date? MoM was the same and then there is that guy that had his on that actual day.
  10. From what I hear of your husband maybe 14 new fishing rods. It will be my 4th this Friday. Still to buy a pressy.
  11. littlepete

    Gold Coast

    Jonesy I'll no doubt take about 6:30 to do it so I would guess you'll beat me. As for training, just do it as a training day. As long as it's not too hot, it's a top course. Also a great way to kick the season off.
  12. Nick I was wondering if there was a language issue in Korea or do you get on okay. Also on Browsing Aussie sites from O/S we at work are getting more and more complaints about it. It is to do the the privacy details of Australia. Because we don't like any info on our domain names, it is considered to be an issue with contacting us if there is an issue with a site. So O/S domain trees just block it. So you have to keep trying until you get thru. phew
  13. littlepete

    Gold Coast

    spectator ? Why. If you are there you might as well do it. I am planning on doing it. Still to enter.
  14. We might even let you come to the NorthSide. There is nothing like this over here.
  15. Gunna, I'm looking forward to hearing the proposed dates....
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