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  1. Slowman

    Disc wheels - yes/no?

    I have an old 950 as well, screw on cluster one side and track screw on single speed the other. You would be limited to an 8 speed cluster, right? And that is why they started making lenticular discs
  2. Slowman

    Has Ironman peaked?

    This IM thing sounds like flogging a dead horse.
  3. Looking for recommendation for a mate who has incurred a groin injury playing squash (competition) he lives up at Berowra and works at West Pennant Hills. Anyone good close by?
  4. Slowman

    Meat and Water Diet Study

    Butcher's daughter?
  5. Slowman

    New road bike disc or not

    Standard 130mm rear axle?
  6. Slowman

    Pete Jacobs is now a dietitian apparently

    That's very Pollyanna!
  7. Slowman

    Pete Jacobs is now a dietitian apparently

    I'm just saying he's not crazy and that in spite of everything he appears rational to me. So all I'm saying is that your effort to suggest PJ might be crazy because Mike is crazy fails at the first test. Mike is not crazy so we don't even have to discuss whether it is at all relevant to PJ's mental state, which it would not be. You might want to quit while your ahead with "20 IMs under your belt and still not beaten by PJ"...that's about as far out in front of this as you'll ever be.
  8. Slowman

    Cycling Shorts Recommendations

    me too, just because they make toilet stops easier and in summer I find them cooler. I have a few pairs of bib knicks which I do wear in colder times. In any event, local company Tinelli that make club uniforms make good comfy knicks (both shorts and bibs).
  9. Slowman

    Meat and Water Diet Study

    Are you allowed to have BBQ sauce with your meat? Some of the sauces and relishes are what really make meat taste so good without them this diet may be as boring as low fat vegetarian! Imagine ribs without any sauce.
  10. Slowman

    Pete Jacobs is now a dietitian apparently

    Have they ever raced in the same one? There are also a lot of former world champs that are dead, old, injured, in gaol, selling drugs, parents, business people, what is the point you are making?
  11. Slowman

    Pete Jacobs is now a dietitian apparently

    If you grew up where Mike Tyson grew up you might find it is a survival mechanism. He does not appear to be at all crazy in any of the interviews I've seen, and I've seen the angry ones too. He did some bad things and he knows that, but his victims weren't exactly saintly. You poke a bear, you should know what is going to happen. Anyway, he's in a good place now with more money than me or you but don't poke him, see if you poke PJ he'll just beat you in a race.
  12. Slowman

    Grand Tour Tipping Contest - Vuelta a Espana

    but even he never won back to back tours. Contador won both the Giro and Vuelta in 2008 but that isn't back to back, he never had the chance to try winning the Tour that year as Astana were not invited.
  13. Slowman

    Grand Tour Tipping Contest - Vuelta a Espana

    but the result does beg the question; is Chris Froome the greatest cyclist of all time??!!
  14. Slowman

    Grand Tour Tipping Contest - Vuelta a Espana

    Woohoo my team came 2nd so much interest in this last of the grand tours I had to search to the 3rd page to find it! Well done to Rob's Rollers, there was daylight to 2nd place.