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  1. I would say water running will be a closer fit... and did it for many years to supplement my running. A 3 hour session will blow your mind.
  2. In fact I converted mine too from 10 speed Dura Ace to 11 speed Dura Ace and so Shimano also changes the parallelogram and throw rate - I guess I forgot because I just sold it. I am no longer a triathlete 😂
  3. You may find the parallelagram angles of the RD change slightly from 10 speed to 11 speed. For SRAM they do, the throw rate changes. The rear shifter and RD have to match and unfortunately you can't use an 11 speed rear shifter with a 10 speed RD, that would be too cheap! The 11 speed cassette for Shimano/SRAM is a little wider (~1mm I think) and the distance between the rear cogs a little narrower. That's why the chain for 11 speed is narrower.
  4. I know only too well! I did the Sydney half marathon a couple of years ago after not running for a long long time... it wasn't pretty towards the end 🤣 The improvements are not universal across the knee joint and BME (bone marrow edema) improvement while promising is a symptom that can have a few causes... I think the interpretation here is load is good to strengthen bone but given that patellofemoral deterioration as a trend was observed, I think is something of a concern. I am not a health professional of any kind but I'd be worried about improving one problem only to create another.
  5. I remember when Black Friday meant Friday 13th. 😎 Still a sale is a sale 🤣 We need a thread for non-bargains that have been spotted masquerading.
  6. Triathlon will eat itself? The rising prices will kill this sport. Said it before and I'll say it again... The triathlon market in Australia is not big enough to sustain itself with enough businesses that can then throw in sponsorship money to keep races going and entry prices down. There needs to be a major restructure of the "triathlon market" so that it expands beyond triathletes only. Just like mums in their 30s everywhere are wearing active gear but many have never been to a gym there is a fashion and lifestyle image that sells itself to a broader market. We need to start a clothing label like TriLife that is sexy and Zoolands it's way into a billion dollar turnover... then you'll get cheap races off that back of naked nike adds, and hot triathletes modeling clothes. 🤣 Who's volunteering to go first? That's worked for me so far quite well 😁
  7. Yep I remember a Pinarello being completely torn apart in a crash in one year's Tour. Same one I think where that guy got torn up going over a barbed wire fence... yeesshh Some of the early Trek 5xxx frames (early 90s) had some cracking issues around the down tube seat tube BB junction but they were fixed up quick smart and only know of one guy that had that happen to him and Trek replaced the frame right away.
  8. One of the engineers at Kestrel used to be very good answering all kinds of questions like that. So long ago I can't remember. Anyway, I have had a number of MTBs with CF frames and they withstand far more abuse. I have not heard of anyone with a frame breakage for any reason, crash or otherwise. Long ago (20yrs?) I had an old Trek 9800 I crashed that a lot in rock gardens around Red Hill, it only ever seemed to scratch the frame a bit. I've since improved and rarely crash these days but the frames still get a lot more stress because of the terrain. I've never heard any stresses or groans, not even any stress lines in the paint.
  9. Send your enquiry to Airbus 😀
  10. My place of birth... so long ago 😂
  11. Luis also came through - wonder if he used your link Nealo.
  12. Yeah she has her finisher's certificates but thanks Foz for checking. I'll check out this Luis Lopez.
  13. That's funny, brought down the scooter and pillion passenger is laid out on the deck! Not so funny now eh dickhead? 😃
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