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  1. Is Paul Barry still the presenter?
  2. Yes. It all came about because I had this pain in my back and chest and on the 2nd day I thought I should ring 000 I felt stupid but everyone said that it was OK that I was stupid anyway So they took me to Sutherland Hospital and checked me out and they found nothing and said it was likely the cause was muscular-skeletal. Anyway my GP tested my cholesterol and I think it was good but slightly elevated so I went to a cardioligist and did the beep test all OK but he decided to put me on a daily statin as my plaque test came back greater than zero (66), apparently over a 100 is when they get concerned, though, for good measure he prescribed them.
  3. I ride the dirt almost exclusively these days. I still have a road bike but I won't ride alone on the road anymore. Too many incidents occurred when alone. Mountain biking is a lot more fun anyway. I've had this thing for 7 years and still seems new.
  4. Careful, what you wish for. There are plenty of reactionary forces in the west, that would like to reduce freedom and fairness in our society. You speak about it as though it were a weakness; it is our strength. We only weaken that strength with talk like this and not properly enforcing our laws which are adequate for the task because we have allowed ourselves to be corrupted by looking the other way for the sake of some trade benefits, which are mostly illusory. The recent TPA that was signed was a travesty and Andrew Robb needs to face sedition charges! Who would agree to conditions which allow Chinese companies to bring over their own labour? ("oh but they probably won't ever use it"). Even so he's just an idiot politician that wanted to feather his resume with a signed trade deal no matter what the cost, people like Trump and Dutton would certainly like to undermine our democratic principles. Authoritarianism in the West doesn't look any better than it does in any other part of the world. Don't be seduced by simplistic notions that democracy weakens us, only the forces against it want you to believe that. The big difference between India and China, is that one has a vision of itself as a world superpower and has many state sponsored programmes, like the One Belt and One Road, and all the loans and investments around the world, along with programmes of influence right up to espionage and cyberhacking. All with one strategic goal; to place China on top of the world order. China uses its diaspora to the west as well, where ever there is a Chinese consulate they will be keeping the local ethnic Chinese in line with both carrot and stick regardless of whether they are Australian citizens. If you have any relatives left back in the PRC you won't have a choice but to do their bidding and spying.
  5. Quite sobering to read. Like the lottery no one wants tickets in.
  6. So I remembered to take it yesterday and I got a cramp in my jaw last night when I yawned I am also recovering from a cold/flu thing which also makes me cramp a bit.
  7. one side effect - statins have been found to reduce the mortality rate for COVID-19 😃 I take rosuvostatin, when I remember, never noticed anything
  8. Under the rule of the CCP, definitely. I have worked with plenty of Chinese from PRC and most of them are fine, well educated (most often studied somewhere like OK, US, Canada, Aus, or NZ)... it is just the regime they live in that really sucks. They really can not tolerate any criticism. The CCP are barring any pro democracy activists from candidacy in the upcoming Hong Kong elections.
  9. Slowman


    And have the collagen lip injections they've obviously had drained plus their fines, at some point we might have to look gaol time. The logistics are probably all that are preventing it for the time being. Perhaps rendition...
  10. I think it may be a little single dimensional to judge cultures and rank them. Culture is an evolution and adaptation to local conditions which are influenced by factors like food supplies, terrain, weather, politics, external threats and the like. Abundances or scarcities of certain resources can cause adaptations and responses that will take cultures in various directions. To understand why the Japanese are so polite in the extreme requires an understanding of the Bushido or samurai culture from the Japanese feudal period. Perhaps if you witnessed it in its full bloom you might think a little differently. I'll give you a little example. If you were invited to a Samurai's house for tea, it may seem like a very nice thing, but you had to take extreme care, not to give any offense or there would be a dual resulting in death. One of the key indicators was the traditional katana mounted on the wall. If the handle was pointed to the entrance by which you entered you could relax a little but if the point of the blade was pointed to the entrance it meant you were not trusted and any breach of manner or custom would cause great insult resulting in your death. And if he asked you to inspect his blade it was a great honour but also a great risk if you did not draw the blade from the scabbard correctly; death. If you did not wipe it properly; death. If you refused; death That's why manners in Japanese culture are so important and well developed. None of this means we cannot and should not judge regimes based on their track record of genocide, rights abuses and general malevolence and how best to respond.
  11. I believe there are a few alternative countries of import, take India, Malaysia, Indonesia... if you absolutely have to and can't get it anywhere else then use them like they're using us until there is a better alternative. Besides it's time to get more Spartan, try sitting on a hard surface
  12. A couple of guys I used to ride with had businesses and they ordered plant equipment from China and what they saved they had to spend to get it repainted with proper heat resistant paint, which they had been assured would be used, but wasn't. Another guy in the tarp business said the tarps were manufactured and sent with the wrong straps and had to have them modified. My own modest experience through Ali-Express was some were good and some dodgey and the Ali-Express dispute resolution system was very good unfortunately things have changed and they have become more biased towards their own sellers. My last dispute was over a Suntour Epixon fork that I purchased with a remote lockout, they did not send the remote lockout. The dispute resolution people were insisting I send them a photo of the missing lockout. Meanwhile I said just look at the correspondence all the proof is there in writing. The seller has accepted it was not sent and would send a partial refund but didn't. I will not buy Chinese manufactured goods or imports from China any more. I find the sellers are becoming more emboldened by China's recent rise and seem to think they can do whatever they like in terms of setting whatever service level they feel like and that misrepresentation and deception are all part of normal commerce. The old caveat emptor. That might have been a serviceable principle back in Roman times when everything was purchased in a market place and you were able to inspect the goods. However since Donoghue v Stevenson [1932] UKHL 100 (some of you will appreciate this :lol:) with the rise of modern manufacturing the opportunity for open inspection was reducing, so manufacturer's liability was created. This trend of reduced opportunity to inspect goods openly has meant we increasingly need to trust the manufacturer and the supplier hence there is even more consumer regulation in the market to balance fairness to the consumer for the increasing loss of the ability to inspect (and even evaluate take medicinal products for example). This is the case even more so with online commerce. Increasingly, it seems, Chinese suppliers are willing to take advantage of the buyers with deception and misrepresentation, partly because they are not within the jurisdiction of such regulation and partly because the world is a huge market and many of the smaller suppliers are not really relying on return business, plus they are only too happy to set up another trading account once they attract a bad reputation (just like plenty of con men do in the west, you name it dodgey investment firms, builders, mechanics and so on) they become phoenixes. We need to boycott Chinese goods. In the end it makes economic sense given the problems you will eventually have. Plus, ultimately, it just fuels a corrupt and brutal regime. Join me in a consumer boycott.
  13. No you have to provide your own fins the take FCS originals... I'm using the old K2.1s and they seem to make it go well. You can buy cheap copies on eBay (from Australia and Indo - they know what they're doing). Keep away from the Chinese made fins they tell you they are a copy of say Al Merricks and they have the Channel Island logo on them but they aren't event even the right shape or dimensions).
  14. I think it is quite clear the PRC under President Xi is beginning to flex its muscle in a variety of ways as well as conducting a great deal of espionage. Australia dared call for an independent inquiry into the causes and handling of the Covid-19 outbreak which as angered our friends in Beijing and apparently we're nothing but the "kangaroo dog of the US" Anyone seen just how deadly and aggressive an angry male red kangaroo can be? The standard line from the CCP in response to any valid criticism is that it is racially motivated. Their defiance of the Hague's ruling that China's claim to the Spratly Islands were invalid and they have continued to build up military bases there as well as their continued encroachment of the Scarborough Shoal leading to tensions between the Philippines and the PRC. Though Deturte seems to have just thrown the towel in with his latest speech saying they have the might - it's nice how thugs realise and appreciate a bigger thug. So our criticism of China's defiance of international law is really an example racial prejudice? You could counter with the US invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan but like all places the US has occupied they have and had always planned to leave (eg. German, Japan, Afghanistan and Iraq to name a few). We have angered the PRC even further by taking part in the freedom of navigation exercises in the South China Sea by sending naval ships up there with the US navy. The PRC says they'll boycott our meat and milk in response. I don't hear them saying no to our coal and iron ore though. I think it's time we tell them there will be no coal, no iron ore and no further technological collaboration. They are funding research in most universities around Australia and the US and many other places. It's part of the PRC's soft power scheme once you are reliant on their money any threat to tighten the purse strings will make those in their debt dance to their tune. Take Sam Dastyari for example. If anyone believes the PRC changed their act after Tianenmin Square 30 years ago, the current strong arm tactics in Hong Kong should at least give some pause for thought. The latest Security Laws show Carrie Lam has about as much autonomy as an army private. It's probably time to cut all ties to the PRC. The west have assisted China's growth economically and technologically, I think it is time we stopped.
  15. If you want a good groveler that you can throw around in weak waves check this thing out https://tradewindsurf.com.au/product/ocean-earth-puffer-epoxy-surfboard-5-8/ Just bought one and it makes small weak junk waves a lot of fun, lighter and better than the eco bean.
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