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  1. It can also happen if the wheel is not built properly with even tension on the spokes all the way round the wheel. You replace the broken one and retension and then the "next" goes and so on. If you are not particularly hard on wheels and they are built properly with quality components (which makes a big difference) then you can get away with light wheels. Quality components make all the difference because the stainless steel spokes are extruded such that they stretch evenly and have equal tensile strength the whole length of the spoke and each spoke is the same. Likewise for the rim and hub flanges, which all make it possible to build a wheel with even spoke tension all the way around. I'm 90kg +/- and I ride Stans Crests which are rated up to 86kg and I have not had any issues, because I don't ride hard enough! Actually, if you have some offroad finesse (different to skill I can assure you!) you can get away with it. Though for 105kg Stans Arch are a better bet. Not too much heavier and stronger. I often used to build my own wheels but Stans seem to be about the same price it would cost me for the parts alone. I've found them well made with even tension.
  2. Slowman

    Road bike v Time trial bike

    I don't know of this as true as it used to be with road bikes like Cervelo S5, Specialized Venge Vias, and so on. These new aero road bikes are very slippery compared to an ordinary round tubed road bike. The difference between my Venge and my Tarmac felt like chalk and cheese. The venge was great for long solo breakaways, it was so good I didn't have to train anymore which didn't work so well on hills, but I could get there with a good head start. It really felt as good as my TT bike speed wise and was more comfortable for hills. I'd say the TT bike was faster on a flat course on hilly courses not for me, though for really dedicated TT bike trainers I've seen them go up hills down in their bars like a diesel and look like they were comfortable. Depends how many tris you plan on for the future and also if you find a TT bike comfortable. It takes some getting used staying down in the bars, if you are always getting up to stretch an aero road bike might be better. I think there have been a few studies and I can't remember the numbers but I think it was something like you need to be down in aero position at least 90% of the time to get the real advantage. I could do it for Olympic distance and just manage half IM but for a full IM I found it more challenging. Just some things to think about. Maybe hire/borrow a TT fitted to you and give it a try for a couple of weeks. Or just have 2 bikes, more is always better.
  3. Slowman

    I’ll never buy 2XU clothing again

    Is Kanye West a rapper? I thought he was an actor and a bad one sounding more like an R&B artist. This is a major credibility loss for 2XU, straight to Target!
  4. Slowman

    I’ll never buy 2XU clothing again

    Ha I had a Tinley tri outfit... the knicks were very bright!
  5. Slowman

    Road Bike

    Merida, Giant, Polygon, Azzurri are the value brands that come to mind.
  6. Slowman

    Giro - Grand Tour Tipping Contest

    and is this the year Chaves finally delivers in a grand tour?
  7. Slowman

    Giro - Grand Tour Tipping Contest

    Did he do a shoey??!!
  8. Slowman

    Zwift doping

    Take my money!
  9. Slowman

    Getting a Kona spot v just finishing

    not to mention that's the old "up yer bum" signal
  10. Slowman

    Gluing cycling shoe sole back on

    Shoe Goo II is pretty good at sticking soles back on running shoes and I have used it I think a while back after I'd taken some Exustar road cycling shoes to a cobbler to re-glue the carbon sole back on and it came off again maybe a year later.
  11. Slowman

    MTB Shorts

    I just use road knicks or knicks with thicker lycra. I like them better as they seem to catch less. I'm yet to find a really good pair that are well made and don't sag and catch although my old Lab Gear ones are OK and I do like the convenience of pockets too.
  12. Slowman

    My new bike purchase

    Yep not a Chopper, they had the smaller front wheel. I never saw one as a kid No that is almost a Malvern Star model name and it is not that. Here is a Dragstar...
  13. Slowman

    IM 70.3 Western Sydney (False Advertising??)

    Well squints would be more like it from the vantage points PE mentioned. It's just a word ... but once you set expectations and disappoint them... they need to fire their marketing guy this is basic stuff
  14. Slowman

    Giro - Grand Tour Tipping Contest

    OK visit your team and page down to the bottom there is a button to join a league, I'm assuming you have put together a team.
  15. Yes, can't recall, might have been Background Briefing on ABC radio covered the issue of transgender athletes once the transformation is complete they do not appear to have been given any advantage by having trained previously while being a male. Castor Semenya's case is not a transgender issue in any case, her's is a case of androgeny, so let's at least keep them separate. Any testosterone at least is naturally produced by her body. Regardless her times are not close to the men's. I really think she needs to get rid of the semen in her name, surely it's not helping.