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  1. Always Hawaiian shirts... that hasn't changed since you surfed πŸ˜‚ How many bikes do you have Roxii? What makes you think you need any less surfboards? You need at least 3 πŸ˜‚ A groveler, an allrounder, and board for when it's good. And possibly a step up if you want to surf when it gets big, up to triple overhead. A gun for anything bigger. I do have a 5'8 Eco Bean as Parky mentioned! it's a good groveler. It has more or less been replaced by a 5''10 Lost PJHP in Lib Tech. And I have a 6'0 Hayden Shapes Holy Grail for better waves. I also have a great allrounder which I took with me to Taiwan this trip which is a 6'0 Lost Quiver Killer in Lib Tech. It is very versatile and covers a broad range from small to as big as I want to surf. I have few more but these ones are my current crop. I'd recommend the Quiver Killer because of it's versatility and in Lib Tech construction because currently there is nothing stronger and they say they are far better for the environment.
  2. How's it going Roxii and oldave? Nice living pain free again? I actually had a BHR IN 2011 same as TUvn.n and did Busso in 2004. I lost the urge to train for hours and had a young family again and with increasing career pressures never ventured near IM again. Not that I didn't want to I only just sold my tri bike a couple of months ago... and bought another surboardπŸ˜ƒ I did run in the Sydney half marathon in 2017 and the hip was fine. The muscles were another story. However that kind of running is not recommended for a THR. Because of the stem inserted into the femur I believe too much pounding can loosen it. In any case the orthopod should have discussed all this with you.
  3. If they are both consenting competent adults what does it matter? If they're happy and there is no duress forcing anyone to be in a relationship they don't want then I cannot see the problem. It's only ever creepy when someone doesn't get the message and continues making unwelcome advances. No matter whether there is an age difference or not.
  4. What? You're getting rid of Rupert'so information super highway?πŸ˜‚ We have... 1. Samsung HD DVD to record free to air stuff. It also has smart TV apps like YouTube and the free to air stations' streaming apps, like 7 Plus, SBS On Demand and so on, which also screen additional stuff not on free to air broadcast... SES especially. 2. Apple TV costs nothing if you don't watch anything. Good for recent release movies. 3. Netflix. We had Stans too but watched all the Marvel movies and then flicked it. With this we have more than enough selection. The only deficiency is sports but I seem to have limited time anyway so I make do with the cycling that SBS broadcast.
  5. Work looks like my study. I go into the office perhaps once a week. My manager is in Hong Kong and my team is spread across Tokyo, Hong Kong and Sydney. If I could get shade and good WiFi I would work from the beach!
  6. Every 3-6 months depending on the weather according to Stans. Diligence would probably gravitate towards 3 months in hotter climates but so far in Sydney I've been getting away with every 6. Signs that you need a top up: the tyre will deflate overnight. So watch the deflation rate.
  7. Yes the lug is there for no other reason. This one of the early Trek OCLV carbon frames. I think there were afraid to drill bidon screw holes into the frame, as has been common for yonks now. So they decided to glue a lug on with a bolt onto which a nut screws onto it to hold the bidon cage. You can see it in the photos above.
  8. Old Russian proverb; to have a happy life you need 3 things: 1. Someone to love 2. Someone who loves you 3. And something to look forward to. Unfortunately no exercise today but packing up to go home - always happy to be homeward bound. So that's something. Raining here anyway. I've had some long breaks due to injuries and surgery during those times I taught myself to build wheels and I'd build up a new bike to keep the juices flowing. It helped me stay positive and looking forward. Andhelped me shed excess cash πŸ˜‚ Welcome to the eBay and bargain basement build methodology mate!
  9. Yes I was wondering along the same lines. If it is a factor perhaps hypoxic training would help or switching back to one sided breathing from bilateral when redlining. Speculation based on speculation - not a solid base, need more studies to investigate further of course.
  10. Is this doctor of yours a cardiologist? If not do as AA7 says... see a specialist What I found interesting in that study was a couple of them had stents! Beware the mid life crisis reform! It's good to change your lifestyle but extreme changes I think are risky. Intensity and volume need to gradually increased. And again if you've had heart issues get a specialist's advice and have a discussion about risks vs benefits. There are no guarantees or 100% reliable formulae. The other aspect of interest to me was the immersion aspect. As I understand it is a hardwired adaptation so when we stick our heads in water the heart rate slows to help conserve oxygen. I'm wondering if this also plays a part - it seems so. I seem to hear of more heart attacks during the swim than any other leg.
  11. Well I must admit finding one on the trail would make me smile as opposed to those spiked corks. I wonder if they were on someone's akubra and the flies were particularly big and mean so they went next level but didn't tie them to the brim very securely. It could all just be a misunderstanding!
  12. What on earth?πŸ˜… How about a single speed fixy with no brakes? You sound like you're getting overly fussy in your dotage. πŸ˜‚ Nice bike Shrek. How about a review? You've had it a couple of months now.
  13. Really big fat plus tyres will get you over sand easily but they're rather specific and so is the bike so unless you're planning on riding on sand a lot not worth it. That said 60+ psi is crazy you'll bounce around out of control all over the place. I used to ride those sort of pressures when I started because it was the max and that was what I did on the road. Trust me i now ride 30 psi (for years) and the grip and control are much better.
  14. Stans claim their sealant will seal up holes up to a quarter of an inch in diameter but in practice the consensus seems to agree on an eighth of an inch. So a nail hole should seal. I've heard of people adding sparkles to their sealant mix to help seal bigger holes and faster. I've never felt the need myself. I've been running tubeless for over a decade using Stans and have probably only had something like 3 flats where I needed to use the emergency tube. It's very rare but it's bloody messy when it happens. I did have the tyre go down one time because of a nail but after pumping it up again it sealed and stayed up. I think I might have had to rotate the tyre so the hole was at the bottom where pool of sealant would be to get a good seal. I did have a couple of issues with some tubeless conversions with the Stans conversion kits for non tubeless rims. The valve on the rim strip would sometimes start to separate from the strip and a hole would form at the base of the valve. The sealant for some reason could never seal the hole. Anyway these rim strip are a thing of the past now and unnecessary with tubeless rims, so forget this paragraph 😁
  15. Isn't that a device for increasing crank length?
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