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  1. Rashies

    I have done it a lot . Tips: - Buy a rashie (longsleeve) off Ebay - the chlorine kills them quickly, so don't spend big money on it. Expect it to last 6 months or so -Get a tight fit - Wash it in the machine after the swim (maybe two rashies, depending on your schedule) - Use lots of Body Glide or similar, they can chaff the neck -Sun cream on the bits not covered. Do that as soon as you arrive at the pool to give it a good amount of time to dry
  2. L'Etape Australia

    In NSW - eastern suburbs to Waterfall return via the main road, not the national park (not that that is much better...) Edit- I am talking about Sydney
  3. Aero Helmet

    Unfortunately there is no right answer. Everyone is different when it comes to aero helmets, based on how they ride and position their head. What is awesome for me may be really bad for you. The only real way to find out which is best for you is to do some aero testing (for example, with Alex Simmons in Sydney) or visit a wind tunnel. That said, there are helmets that seem to perform better on 'most' people. The Kask Bambino is one and the newest Giro (Aerohead) is another. There is an older LG that also apparently did well on people, the P-09. You might find a cheap one of these? Alex might be able to put his 2c in re: helmets that generally do well.
  4. Kona LIVE Coverage 2017

    They're only doing this because they know 2 of their athletes are going to dominate air time - Kienle and Ryf It's still a good thing though.
  5. Longest Training Ride before 180km

    You beat me to it. It's Elite Energy: It might be sanctioned by TriNSW, it might not They reserve the right to move the swim bouys mid swim There might be enough volunteers, there might not.
  6. HED trispoke rear - replace/grease bearings

    I literally just contacted the Aus distributor with exactly the same query, I am going to go around and pickup some bearings. It is Sydney, but I am sure he can send you something. http://www.dawsonsports.com.au/ His name is Brent.
  7. Croeso i Ironman Cymru

    Great report. I felt like I was there. Note to self - Wales, a race I will not be doing. Cold, wind and rain don't work for me.
  8. Dcrainmaker and Power

    I have an old Quarq too. Nothing wrong with them. They're as good as anything else our there. I wouldn't dismiss a powermeter product based on N=1, issues like that will always happen for every brand. That said....Stages have had a bunch of issues talking to Garmins; it is a known issue, both sides blaming the other. Power2max just released a cheaper unit - Eco? You could take a look at that.
  9. Dcrainmaker and Power

    He rates lots, the quality between the major players is very similar. Take a look at his power meter review summary page. Which one is best for you is a whole different story. Do you want to move it between bikes? Do you want to train and race with it etc etc. All these answers determine where it is based (pedal/hub/chainring) and that determines what models you can look at.
  10. Riding in Port Douglas - reasonable?

    Thanks for the feedback. I'll have a look at going north or just running and swimming.
  11. So it looks like we'll be heading to Port Douglas for Christmas for about 10 days. I've been given the go ahead to take the bike if I want. What is the Captain Cook Hwy like to ride on? I seem to remember from all the Cairns IM threads that it wasn't great. Where do the locals ride? If it's bad, I'll just do a run and swim block!
  12. WS70.3

    FYI - We tried to book Panthers but it was all 'unavailable' which was strange because we've stayed there for the past 2 years. A quick call and it turns out the new manager has a 2-night minimum stay. This was about 2 months ago.
  13. Computer building

    Thanks for chiming in. Ok - Intel Core i5 7500 Kabylake 3.4GHz vs something like Intel Core i7 7700 Kabylake 3.6GHz. Obviously the difference is in the cores and threads. All the sites suggest the i7 or the Ryzen 7. The issue with the Ryzen is that it is apparently not good with single thread applications (which is most applications out there). I just thought someone might have some practical experience. I think you are right about the 32GB. Memory is relatively cheap. What is an SSD cashe-accelerator?
  14. Computer building

    Anyone got any experience with 4K video editing? I'm looking at GoPro...so not the Red video camera! I'm looking at something like: i7 CPU 16Gb RAM (with a motherboard capable of going to 64Gb) 4-6Gb graphics card (apparently not really critical to video editing; it's the CPU that does most of the grunt work) 1 Tbb HDD and 128Gb SSD I know I am in the right ballpark, but I am interested to know if an i5 would suffice? I need to be able to get a good monitor!
  15. Cairns KQ times 2016