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  1. TimG

    Tacx Neo 2

    True - the order is only placed... they may not accept payment in which case the great Tranny Tacx heist goes up in smoke.
  2. TimG

    Tacx Neo 2

    From an Australian law site Wrong price Where all units of the same item have been priced incorrectly or are scanning incorrectly at the register, the seller does not have an obligation to honour that price. In these circumstances, the seller is within its rights to correct the error at the register by offering you the item at the correct price (provided this is done before your payment is accepted). A seller can’t attempt to correct the error or claw back any money after they have processed your sale and accepted payment, as the transaction (and the contract) is deemed complete at this point. My transaction was completed! (my bold) Fully expecting an email, but you never know. it is a .com.au website
  3. TimG

    Tacx Neo 2

    Just bought 2! Isn't there some sort of consumer protection around these kind of things? i.e. if a store displays at $5, the customer can buy for $5? Not sure if it applies to the web or UK though... Fat Pom?
  4. Thanks all, I appreciate the feedback. You obviously haven't been around here long enough😜 Seriously though, thanks for the detailed response, your feedback as someone who is knee deep in this is great.
  5. In the market to replace my Computrainer. The Kickr 2018 and Tacx Neo 2 seem to be the standard now. There seems to be some bad experiences around the Tacx Neo (1+2) with a loss of accuracy at high flywheel speeds and slipping. Are these significant? When would I see these issues? Do I wait for the Neo 2T? I know there is a firmware update in the wings. On the other hand, the Kickr 2018 seems to be a high quality unit, maybe a little louder than the Neo (not an issue for me) and accuracy pegged at 2% rather than 1%. I'd prefer 1, but really, 2% is not a big problem. I like the idea of the Neo, but there seem to be 'edge cases' where it isn't great. Thoughts? Experiences?
  6. Same. Failed update and numbers were crazy. I ended up getting a new unit through the warranty process. Contact Quarq.
  7. Nice report, but I hope they don't see this, they trained hard.
  8. I'll take your Shiv and raise you a Ventum. Not just that, the official* IM Australia Ventum * I made that up...sort of
  9. Netball, soccer, Ultimate Frisbee all violate my rule of 'never play a sport where you're required to move laterally.' After that many years going in a straight line, it would just be a matter of time till I did something to an ankle, knee, hip etc etc
  10. I don't know if vintage is the word I would use to describe you....😀
  11. Through 1,000 miles now. Only 2,500 to go. 3 hours between 1st and second at 1,000 miles.
  12. TimG

    Lama down a rabbit hole

    Nope. If I have it correct, it is the design of the ultegra and DA powermeters that makes them inaccurate. Basically, the cool looking spider f*&ks measurements up. @gplama Did I get close?
  13. TimG

    Lama down a rabbit hole

    Here's an even deeper rabbit hole.. The 'why'.
  14. There is a grass track down Koorong St in Marsfield (Dunbar Park). Not sure what it's like on the weekend, but it is deserted during the day.
  15. Race temperature/conditions were perfect for him. Kona will be a different story though, we've seen how well the Brownlees go in the heat.
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