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  1. TimG

    Demand answers.

    I was in Germany recently at a Christmas market. The store selling raclette ASKED you to lick your spoon and put it back in the 'used' pile. Presumably they washed them before using them again, but still... I didn't get raclette from there.
  2. TimG

    The cost of cycling on the road...

    Last week I was standing at my office window looking out. I saw a girl looking down at her phone walk straight into a light pole. It was the funniest thing I've seen in a long time. She looked around sheepishly to see if someone had seen her. I felt like banging on the window and shouting, "I saw you, you idiot". It made my day.
  3. TimG

    Western Sydney 70.3

    +1 You'd see lines of people 'sort of' doing the right thing (probably 6-10m apart) then a massive group, each 1cm apart.
  4. TimG

    Western Sydney 70.3

    ..it is Western Sydney. Do me a favour, be harsh, really harsh. I'm in.
  5. TimG

    Bergs - Kona report????

    Nice, honest write-up. ITB injuries suck. For me, it turned out to be a lack of core strength. Lots of pilates and it went away. From then on, I've always focused on lots of prevention. I'm heading to Nepean as well, I might come and say hi if the opportunity presents itself.
  6. TimG

    Borrow a road bike in Sydney?

    If all the above fall through, let me know. My wife's bike is gathering dust as well. If she likes it, she can buy it!
  7. TimG

    Nepean 2018

    I'm in. I'm in the cool age group as well 😎 Did anyone notice that the course is back to what it was 4-5 years ago? Industrial estate fun and excitement as opposed to the long drag out Castlereagh road.
  8. TimG

    taren in kona

    100% Started watching earlier videos, enjoyed them. Now they're blatant advertisements for pretty much everything he uses.
  9. TimG

    Ventum 18 Mins Faster - Such Bad Promo

    Over Half (Based off one of the author's times at Chatanooga 70.3 on the Felt B-series) Cervelo P5-X: 2:15:01 Cervelo P5-6: 2:15:19 (+ 0:18) Premier Tactical: 2:16:25 (+ 1:24) Felt B Series: 2:16:39 (+ 1:31) Diamondback Andean: 2:16:45 (+ 1:38) Ventum One: 2:16:47 (+ 1:46) Over Full (Based off Starky's time at Chatanooga I think, he rode 4:04:39. The Felt was the 'control') Cervelo P5-X: 4:02:17 Cervelo P5-6: 4:02:46 (+ 0:29) Premier Tactical: 4:04:28 (+ 2:11) Felt B Series: 4:04:39 (+ 2:22) Diamondback Andean: 4:04:48 (+ 2:31) Ventum One: 4:04:59 (+ 2:42)
  10. TimG

    Ventum 18 Mins Faster - Such Bad Promo

    Not sure you guys saw it, but Kileyay and a bunch of others from Slowtwitch did an independent wind tunnel test of a range of bikes. Bottom line: Cervelo P5x was best, narrowly beating out the P5-6. Both these were 'convincingly faster' than the others below, however overall, the difference between all bikes was small. Ventum One Diamondback Andean Felt B-series I'll let you decide how that fits in with their claims.😀
  11. TimG

    Target CTL

    ...and to actually respond, I like my CTL to be 100+ Usually 100 for a HIM and as high as possible for an IM. 130 is about my limit, unless I want a divorce as well.
  12. TimG

    Target CTL

    I think that might be incorrect. Evidence: 1) I am guessing, based off your posts in 'today's training' that you've just started a regular program 2) Wasn't it your run that had a massive TSS score ? That's going to massively increase your CTL, but obviously that's not right. At 105-110 most normal age groupers are putting in 12-15 hrs/week and have been for awhile. Might be worth checking everything is correct.
  13. TimG

    It's goodnight from me..............

    Thanks for everything
  14. TimG

    BB30 convertor

    Another option...c-bear. Haven't checked they actually do it, but it's a great option! I got the BBright to GXP converter. It's brilliant.
  15. TimG

    Drafting, cheating or penalty?

    What about outside assistance? Like, hypothetically, getting someone a wheel when they don't have a spares kit? 😀 Just taking the piss... you did a good thing.