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  1. TimG

    Nepean 2018

    I'm in. I'm in the cool age group as well 😎 Did anyone notice that the course is back to what it was 4-5 years ago? Industrial estate fun and excitement as opposed to the long drag out Castlereagh road.
  2. TimG

    taren in kona

    100% Started watching earlier videos, enjoyed them. Now they're blatant advertisements for pretty much everything he uses.
  3. TimG

    Ventum 18 Mins Faster - Such Bad Promo

    Over Half (Based off one of the author's times at Chatanooga 70.3 on the Felt B-series) Cervelo P5-X: 2:15:01 Cervelo P5-6: 2:15:19 (+ 0:18) Premier Tactical: 2:16:25 (+ 1:24) Felt B Series: 2:16:39 (+ 1:31) Diamondback Andean: 2:16:45 (+ 1:38) Ventum One: 2:16:47 (+ 1:46) Over Full (Based off Starky's time at Chatanooga I think, he rode 4:04:39. The Felt was the 'control') Cervelo P5-X: 4:02:17 Cervelo P5-6: 4:02:46 (+ 0:29) Premier Tactical: 4:04:28 (+ 2:11) Felt B Series: 4:04:39 (+ 2:22) Diamondback Andean: 4:04:48 (+ 2:31) Ventum One: 4:04:59 (+ 2:42)
  4. TimG

    Ventum 18 Mins Faster - Such Bad Promo

    Not sure you guys saw it, but Kileyay and a bunch of others from Slowtwitch did an independent wind tunnel test of a range of bikes. Bottom line: Cervelo P5x was best, narrowly beating out the P5-6. Both these were 'convincingly faster' than the others below, however overall, the difference between all bikes was small. Ventum One Diamondback Andean Felt B-series I'll let you decide how that fits in with their claims.😀
  5. TimG

    Target CTL

    ...and to actually respond, I like my CTL to be 100+ Usually 100 for a HIM and as high as possible for an IM. 130 is about my limit, unless I want a divorce as well.
  6. TimG

    Target CTL

    I think that might be incorrect. Evidence: 1) I am guessing, based off your posts in 'today's training' that you've just started a regular program 2) Wasn't it your run that had a massive TSS score ? That's going to massively increase your CTL, but obviously that's not right. At 105-110 most normal age groupers are putting in 12-15 hrs/week and have been for awhile. Might be worth checking everything is correct.
  7. TimG

    It's goodnight from me..............

    Thanks for everything
  8. TimG

    BB30 convertor

    Another option...c-bear. Haven't checked they actually do it, but it's a great option! I got the BBright to GXP converter. It's brilliant.
  9. TimG

    Drafting, cheating or penalty?

    What about outside assistance? Like, hypothetically, getting someone a wheel when they don't have a spares kit? 😀 Just taking the piss... you did a good thing.
  10. TimG

    Kona Slot Giveaway

    Oh the irony in the video, "Kona is something you really have to earn, you don't get given it." (3:15 in video) But yes, I'll take that free spot you're offering me.
  11. TimG

    Beginner rider - Alloy or carbon?

    I'm selling a small Litespeed L3 road bike. It is carbon though! Not sure what your budget is, but we're looking at $1,000. Let me know if you're interested and I can send through the links to tri-market place.
  12. TimG


    Any idea why it is corrupt? I uploaded it to 'FIT file tools' without an issue and there doesn't appear to be anything 'obviously' wrong with the data. You can do a whole bunch of changes with the website. Perhaps that will help?
  13. TimG

    Free Smart Turbo App

    Agree completely. It has structured sessions though....just not structured 'training plans' (which comprise a series of structured sessions) 😀.
  14. TimG

    Noosa Mara 2018 was won in a time of....

    You should tell that to the guy who came first in 2:37, he probably thinks he won https://www.multisportaustralia.com.au/m3/race?c=1&r=6406&l=en-US
  15. What was Venice like? Was it worth doing? How was the swim, did you smell of 2-stroke the rest of the race?