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  1. Netball, soccer, Ultimate Frisbee all violate my rule of 'never play a sport where you're required to move laterally.' After that many years going in a straight line, it would just be a matter of time till I did something to an ankle, knee, hip etc etc
  2. I don't know if vintage is the word I would use to describe you....😀
  3. Through 1,000 miles now. Only 2,500 to go. 3 hours between 1st and second at 1,000 miles.
  4. TimG

    Lama down a rabbit hole

    Nope. If I have it correct, it is the design of the ultegra and DA powermeters that makes them inaccurate. Basically, the cool looking spider f*&ks measurements up. @gplama Did I get close?
  5. TimG

    Lama down a rabbit hole

    Here's an even deeper rabbit hole.. The 'why'.
  6. There is a grass track down Koorong St in Marsfield (Dunbar Park). Not sure what it's like on the weekend, but it is deserted during the day.
  7. Race temperature/conditions were perfect for him. Kona will be a different story though, we've seen how well the Brownlees go in the heat.
  8. Fancy racing 3,100 miles around a 0.5mile city block? Then this race is for you. https://3100.srichinmoyraces.org/ There's a webcam of the aid station as well. I have so much respect for people who do this kind of thing.
  9. I reckon Starky is just taking the piss, some of his stuff is very funny. If he isn't, he is a REAL tool. Perhaps I am just giving him the benefit of the doubt because I figure nobody can be actually like that? He seemed pretty chilled when he was on the Real Starky podcast.
  10. In my experience Quarq are great and they're improving the design/usability all the time. I measured the accuracy of my newer unit on the weekend: 1.04% (i.e. deviation of actual torque from expected torque). Even my older ones are sitting at 3%.
  11. 22:57 - 'triathalon' on the finishing tape.
  12. Silicon....hot rubber...vain cave... If that's not a porn movie in the making then I don't know what is.
  13. I just ended up using one of those 'grippers' (the material one) you get for jars. The cap wasn't on too tightly and I was able to use that to get it off.
  14. TimG

    All things IM NZ

    Bloody NZers, can't ride bikes.
  15. Except Magnesium doesn't actually stop cramps. All the research indicates it is doing something you're not trained to do/going too hard. The nerve signals go haywire and can be stopped by 'resetting' them. This is what those newer products like hotshots try to do. One of the papers showed pickle juice in the mouth was able to reset the system. If magnesium works for you, great. It's all in the mind though...
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