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  1. TimG

    Beginner rider - Alloy or carbon?

    I'm selling a small Litespeed L3 road bike. It is carbon though! Not sure what your budget is, but we're looking at $1,000. Let me know if you're interested and I can send through the links to tri-market place.
  2. TimG


    Any idea why it is corrupt? I uploaded it to 'FIT file tools' without an issue and there doesn't appear to be anything 'obviously' wrong with the data. You can do a whole bunch of changes with the website. Perhaps that will help?
  3. TimG

    Free Smart Turbo App

    Agree completely. It has structured sessions though....just not structured 'training plans' (which comprise a series of structured sessions) 😀.
  4. TimG

    Noosa Mara 2018 was won in a time of....

    You should tell that to the guy who came first in 2:37, he probably thinks he won https://www.multisportaustralia.com.au/m3/race?c=1&r=6406&l=en-US
  5. What was Venice like? Was it worth doing? How was the swim, did you smell of 2-stroke the rest of the race?
  6. Coast to Kosi Coast then? Just a little further...
  7. TimG

    Trainingpeaks merge

    Go with the DC Rainmaker recommended site: https://www.fitfiletools.com/#/top I've never had any issues.
  8. TimG

    Stages Power Meter - Indoor Speed

    Nope. Your speed sensor will give you speed.
  9. TimG

    9 weeks till Ironman Australia

    Not true. I watched a documentary on Rich Froning (on Netflix...on my trainer). Rich is the 4x Cross Fit Games champ. According to the documentary, he is the fittest man alive. In fact, and I am not shi*&ing you....one of the guys said, "Rich will always be the fittest man alive." He retired from individual competition after 4 wins, showing you how ridiculous that statement is.
  10. TimG

    Some people think zwift is real

    ' In fact, Conabeare won more money at the CVR World Cup than the combined women’s prize purse in Flanders." This is the best bit. Sad, but funny.
  11. TimG

    Is there an "easier" IM to qualify for Kona?

    Jan Frodeno GER Roth 2016 07:35:39 Tim Don GBR Brasil 2017 07:40:23 Andreas Raelert GER Roth 2011 07:41:33 Lionel Sanders CAN Arizona 2016 07:44:29 Marino Vanhoenacker BEL Klagenfurt 2011 07:45:58 Brent McMahon CAN Brazil 2016 07:46:10 Sebastian Kienle GER Cozumel 2017 07:48:11 Ivan Rana ESP Klagenfurt 2014 07:48:43 Marino Vanhoenacker BEL Klagenfurt 2015 07:48:45 Patrick Nilsson SWE Copenhagen 2016 07:49:18 Anthony Costes FRA Barcelona 2017 07:49:19 Jan Frodeno GER Frankfurt 2015 07:49:48
  12. TimG

    Database or app choice

    WKO4 - yes you have to pay (one off) but you get a ton of functionality and you can design your own graphs looking at what you want to look at. There are also lots of graphs available to download and they are always being added to.
  13. TimG

    70.3 Dubai live - right now!

    Last I checked Alistair Brownlee and Holly Lawrence were out in front at around 15km. Not the strongest fields in the world, judging from the top 10s out of the water. Good video coverage though
  14. TimG

    The Movie Quote Game

    Exactly right- Fletch Great movie
  15. TimG

    The Movie Quote Game

    You're right...he did a few though. Begins with 'F' / one word