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  1. Great, thanks Truck! just what I was after! :-)
  2. Hey guys, A friend of mine has some pretty severe ITB issues, so I suggested he look at getting a proper bike fit on his bike. Can anyone recommend a good "bike fitter" in Brissy who might have helped out with similar issues? Thanks
  3. I think that was 2002 or 2003 - coz I'm in it! :-)
  4. Dolphy

    IM Port Newbie Q&A

    That is the best piece of advice I have read in YEARS!!!!
  5. You'll have to become a member of Triathlon QLD before you can start riding with an groups here in Brissy!
  6. Hmmm - not sure - I want to say 39, but I can't be 100% sure! I do have compact cranks...............if that helps!!!! It's honestly not a hard hill - it will sting the legs a little, but nothing to be afraid of!!!!
  7. Peter - do you think they're as good as a Go Pro??? I still can't make a decision between the two!
  8. Hey guys, Just thought I'd let you know - I've ridden "The Beast" twice - once on my roadie and once on the TT and I managed to get up both times! I am NOT a hill rider at all - I'll be very lucky to finish this ride in 6 hrs - so that should give you some perspective! I have a 27 on the back of both bikes - roadie is Di2 and it was much easier to get up than the TT bike! I was also dealing with cars who don't like cyclists - during each ride I'm more concerned about going down The Beast on the way back - it builds up speed very quickly!
  9. I want a Fly6!!!! This guy is just stupid!
  10. I'm looking for two new items, and thought I'd come to the source of all triathlon truth's to get some advice: Sunglasses Looking for some light running glasses. I currently have Rudy Projects, but they're more designed for cycling. It probably sounds silly, but I want something light, and that look a little less like cycling glasses! New Watch I've always worn the Timex brand watches - but I've looked online, and can't find any I like! I want a sports watch for lap timing, but I'd like something a little less sporty and a little more professional.............if that even exists!!!! So if anyone can give me some advice on brand names, will save me searching the net for hours! Thanks
  11. Dolphy

    Bike Fit Brisbane

    My friend was just quoted for a bike fit - $349 for a bike fit - bit exe in my opinion! Wardy - you're a member of RTT - why don't you speak to the guys at Fusion and see how much they're charging. They've got an awesome new machine that does it all!
  12. Hi guys, Thought I'd ask for some advice re solar hot water systems.................has anyone had good/bad experiences with different brands? I know nothing about solar hot water, but am thinking of heading down this path to save some $$ on our electricity bill...........which is due to increase pretty soon. Cheers
  13. I am just curious - I've been told about this new drink called Agri+ which is apparently huge in the UK. It contains L-Arginine which is some amino acid that is supposed to be a miracle molecule! I'm always skeptical about new products - and anything that tells me it will help me run/swim/ride faster.............so thought I'd see if anyone on here has tried it.............and what the outcome was! Thanks
  14. Dolphy

    Help with devices

    Thanks Chookman!!!!
  15. Dolphy

    Help with devices

    Avago - that is the exact question I've been asking myself - why not just get a new bike computer that has cadence and a HR monitor! The problem with that (and I suspect a lot of people have the same issue) - I'd have to get two new computers as I'd like to have cadence on my TT bike as well! So I suppose I just have to weigh up the costs and see which option works the best!!! BTW - I'm not slightly built but I do have small wrists!!!!! LOL! I had a Timex watch and I couldn't wear it, because I had to do it up so tightly to keep it on my wrist that it would squash my bones together! It was very uncomfortable!!!
  16. Dolphy

    Help with devices

    Thanks Downsey - which model did you get? I'm not worried about uploading to any of the Apps - I don't even have a computer at home, so that's not a problem. As far as the Garmin 910 goes - is it really worth paying the extra for the QR watch??? I've heard horror stories of them coming undone in the middle of the ocean!
  17. Dolphy

    Help with devices

    Wow - thanks Ironerd - that's an awesome website!!!!
  18. Dolphy

    Help with devices

    Hey guys, As I have entered Port Mac for next year, I thought I should start getting back into some training with devices. I haven't used a HR monitor for years, and I haven't really kept up with the technology. At Reddog we do a few WT sessions where we concentrate on HR and Cadence. Of which - I can't track either! I've been using perceived effort for a long time now, but I just wonder how accurate my perceived effort is - as a 40 year old compared to when I was 30! I know the Garmin 910 is the ducks nuts of training devices, but it's so big and bulky and I have tiny wrists. So I was just wondering if anyone could give me some advice on what other devices I could use to track my HR and my Cadence??? I would actually prefer something that doesn't require a strap across your chest - but I just don't think that technology has been developed yet! I currently have a Garmin Forerunner 10, which does not have any extra features I can purchase, and I have stock standard computer on my bike's. I also have an iPhone - someone was talking to me about the iBike app - but I've got now idea how that works! Thanks
  19. Anything that involves breakfast with the Reddog's afterwards!!!!
  20. Michelle G................she's a machine on that bike!!!!
  21. Made a decision today - and decided to do IM Aus again - one last time!!!!! As much as I dislike having to enter 12 months in advance - I have committed so I now have a goal. I am also doing it with a friend and it's her first IM - so it's going to be an amazing adventure!!!! I really did like the old system where you had to qualify to race an IM - I still can't get used to just filling out a form.............and you're in!!!!
  22. I can't decide - 30th Anniversary at IM Aus..................or IM Cairns?!?!?! Why is this decision so hard????
  23. Dolphy

    Kona qualifiers

    Thanks MattJ - I checked this morning and it was still referencing 2013 results!!!! Maybe someone reads this site????
  24. I threw mine out - it was disgusting!!!!
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