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  1. As above Needing a Zipp 3000 trispoke to complete a zipp 2001 bike project. If anyone has one stuck in a garage they no longer use. Ill take it off your hands happy to organise the courier if all packed. Im in brisbane. thanks
  2. that one on eBay is the series 1 Zipp 2001 with the soft ride beam. same one that greg welch rode before he went to soft ride. is a 91/92 . i bought it and it has once stripped down all the zipp plates in the carbon. Ill put a photo up after paint my bike work their magic for me.
  3. I am wanting to buy a vasatrainer and they want $825 for postage. Seems quite steep. Does anyone have one is Australia for sale or is there anyone in Australia that sells these types of dry land training devices
  4. if you are travelling straight there the one that stands out is yellow jersey at ipswich
  5. dirtydenton

    Bribie race 1

    will be my first race back in a number of years. looking forward to it
  6. the accomodation is a JOKE. we looked at booking zanzibar and it was $1685 for 3 nights. not worth it anymore. mooloolaba has priced itself out of the normal person range, unless it is your once a yr race
  7. dirtydenton

    2014 cervelo p3

    Cycleexpress.com.au have a P5-3 for $4500 approx. on their website
  8. It's probably rectal tension..... Get an MRI to rule out serious issue then a bike fit and massage.
  9. Yep i do actually break a sweat on the bike but at least i can do so doing something, currently the run/ jog training is a JOKE. But persistence pays off i have been told.
  10. Thanks Ruley. Yes your points are part of the equation. I didn't want to write a novel with the post but i am focusing on technique or have been for the past 3 months as well as diet and the whole picture. Its not an 8 month only thing per sae. It will continue but i will at some stage need to mix things up for my last 16 weeks coming into cairns. Having been involved in triathlons on and off for over 24 years i finally have come to the conclusion that i need to do things in a different way. I think i finally I understand what AP was trying to tell me back in 1999.
  11. This question is for anyone that has taken the Maffetone style of aerobic training seriously for Ironman training. I am going back to basics for Ironman Cairns for next year and have started Aerobic training now (maffetone style) I was wanting to know if 8 months should be enough time to see serious benefits before the last 4 month of the build? Maybe AP , what are your thoughts. I have the time to be training 2 hrs a day 5 days a week and the other 2 days i have all day each day. time wise. Thoughts thanks Disclaimer: I know this topic brings the best comments but was actually wanting a constructive answer.
  12. Emergency Nurse Practitioner- specialising in minor illness and injury, also keen interest in sports injury medicine. work for Qhealth and also remotely (in the bush)
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