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  1. Shiv Elite 10 speed almost brand new Sold
  2. Has anyone that has upgraded the firmware to 2.8 noticed on the map page that the breadcrumb course doesn't display the number of the kilometres anymore? Or is it just my unit? Thanks
  3. Anaconda

    Canberra HIM

    If the Coomera bike took say 3hrs, how long would you expect Canberra to take?
  4. It's time to upgrade the old wetsuit Can anyone recommend a place in Brisbane to get a good deal on a new wetsuit. Thanks!
  5. Plugga Yep, only ridden on Sundays! Although I think the frame may be a bit small for you, sorry mate.
  6. I have a 48cm Samurai Shogun for sale $350.00 It is maroon in colour and comes with toe clip pedals and cateye computer. Good cheap bike to get into triahtlons, has been used for racing until recently. Can send a picture by email if interested, the bike is on the southside of Brisbane.
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