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  1. Thanks for all your answers - making a lot more sense now. I think I'll start by getting a tri-suit and doing some training in it to see how I feel comfort wise. My goal was just to challenge myself and try and finish, not to worried about times so I think I'll stick with the socks. If you guys had any other tips I'd love to hear them - if not appreciate the answers to my first questions !
  2. Hey - I had a read through a few other newbie/ First timer posts but still have a couple of questions. For raceday - is a tri-suit what you wear for the whole race ? Ive been doing open water swimming just in swimming shorts so don't really want to wear a wetsuit ? Also - does the tri-suit have padding for cycling leg ? Or do slide Knicks over the top ? Do you have to wear a cap for swimming ? Do most people wear socks when riding ? Sorry - some questions might seem stupid, but I cannot find answers and just want to make sure I've got everything covered 😂 Th
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