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  1. PeterW


    I think I learnt all I needed to about DR from this video. OMG what a dick!
  2. For a given pressure wIder tyres produce lower rolling resistance. Rolling resistance is caused mainly by deformation of the tyre sidewall. You can think of this as how long the flat bit is where the tyre touches the road, not the how wide it is. So, for a given area a wider tyre has less "length" and more width than a narrower one, hence lower resistance. You can counter this by increasing the pressure which reduces the "length" also but causes other problems. Don't overthink it however. Like all things in triathlon it really won't change things much, even though we wish with all our heart that a simple change will get us on the podium. IMO you should run singles and pump them up with a track pump pre-race in the TA to 150 psi. You will look awesome....
  3. PeterW


    Yeah, I get that. It was probably me not the pic, cos I actually kinda liked it - maybe I'm just getting old and cranky. On a positive note, I watched "I Tonya" again and I was completely blown away for a second time - great use of humor to provide a kind of ultra reality to such disturbing behavior. How cool is that Shawn Eckardt (the bodyguard)?! ...and I see that as at 1/01/2020, i.e today, "The Joker" is now on apple TV - I think I'll give that a crack tonight - looking forward to something "Bleak, violent, powerful; not your typical comic book movie" and apologies in advance to all the shameful Robert Deniro haters on this thread!!
  4. Yeah, we always knew it wouldn't last! Still, she could have married him first and then taken him to the cleaners - make him realise that not all that glitters is gold...
  5. PeterW


    Geez I must sound like a sour puss - i didn't like this either. Opening scenes were amazing, if not a little too long but I felt the rest of the movie lacked depth and direction.
  6. PeterW


    Sorry for being so negative, but I saw a good ol' USA WWII action/propaganda movie complete with the evil Nazi empire threatening the world peace. I mean, it's the same basic story, over and over! And, whilst there were great performances from a few of the leads - especially Daisy Ridley as Rey - many of the main characters were just plain silly. Too much cheering, hugging and clapping as good triumphs over evil (just because it does) for me, and when they bring in aliens that look like big stoopid fishes and silly hairy things that somehow relate to the otherwise anthropomorphic world I just can't run with it. And, whilst we marveled over the amazing alien CGI landscapes and special effects in 1977 it just doesn't cut it any more after 43 years - I am just so over CGI that I can't wait for TOP GUN II where Tom, (bless his little Scientology socks!) has stated that there will be NO CGI and all stunts are the real deal. Or maybe I was just in a sh1tty, contrary mood when I saw it?
  7. Can we get an update on how the "Real creepy age gaps couples of Customer Land" are doing? Have they bought a puppy yet?
  8. PeterW


    Star Wars. Hmnnn..... I really WANTED to enjoy it, I really did!! Really tried hard to get into it, but.....
  9. PeterW

    TV Shows

    I finished it - very worth the watch! But tell me one thing, how is that Toni Collette gets all these great parts playing an American in American movies. Not being critical, I love her performances and I think she totally deserves everything, but I just find it hard to see how an Australian gets chosen to play such a died-in-the-wool American character, especially when, I imagine, a lot of US borns would trying for the same part? Then again, Meryl Streep played Lindy Chamberlain in the Evil Angels.... 😝
  10. Try the Monaghetti fartlek training - not only is it good for 5k but there's a relatively common benchmark, I think it goes like this: THE SESSION: 2×90 seconds, 4×60 seconds, 4×30 seconds, 4×15 seconds. (some people say 6 x 15) All efforts are done with a recovery that is the equivalent time of the effort completed (90 seconds on, 90 seconds off and so on). The complete time taken for the session is 20 minutes. At the end of it the distance you cover is a benchmark for subsequent runs. 3.5 to 4 k for crappy runners (myself included) - 5 something for good runners, 6+ for elite and, Monna himself, he reckons he and "Troopy" used to get around 7+ ks under their belt for this one. Good luck!
  11. Hey everyone. A question to the IT gurus. So my son is 15 going on 25 and is currently going through an entrepreneurial phase. He wants to create an e-commerce web site and he has already surpassed my basic IT skills. He wants to present and sell a range of electronic and gaming items through his own web page. He is already doing pretty well from drop shopping using eBay and Asian web sites but is frustrated by the fees. Starting simple, but I think he ultimately wants to have users and log-ons and I think this is pretty dangerous territory for a build from scratch approach? (and I am sure that will entail a database and SQL as well) He is pretty clever (methinks a bit too clever most of the time) - he built a bitcoin trading bot using nodeJS and a database, and I think the start from scratch approach will probably teach him more than, say, setting up something in Joomla or some such. My question is should he develop his own website going down the classic HTML/CSS/JS path, should he use a template such as bootstrap or should he go to a web publishing software platform such as word press?
  12. Personally I find Power meters to be of most benefit in a TT because of difference in (my) perceived effort Vs actual effort - especially in the first half - and that my best TTs come from a consistent actual effort, not perceived effort. Having said that, after using power for a while you get to know yourself better and you can probably go back to "adjusted perceived effort" and you'll be pretty right. The problem with avg speed is adjusting for hills and headwinds. A watt is a watt no matter what the conditions, the powermeter doesn't lie.
  13. When you see a Coke bottle with your name on it. I see a one-way express ticket to type 2 diabetes... Unless it's on the ironman run course or you get handed a cold bottle at the 35k mark of a marathon in which case I see "paradise". But in that case the appropriate name on it wouldn't be pretty!
  14. PeterW

    easy clipping out

    Hey Dazz, sorry I had to re-read everything to get you point - I rechecked and am actually using yellow cleats - not sure why I said red ones, must be a throwback to my old look red cleat days, but definitely yellows, thanks.
  15. PeterW

    easy clipping out

    Thanks everyone. I dug out an old pair of 105 (or whatever they call them?) pedals and used some RP7 to free up all the gizmos and set the tension to the least force (although I think they were pretty much there already anyway - I think the dura ace pedals were also pretty much at their lowest too!) I did a snap in/snap out test with a bike shoe and I am pretty sure it is much easier but we've yet to have the trial run. As it happens I think my wife has some kind of a nerve pain issue that is making things even worse. If we still have problems I'll give Roxii's suggestion a try and buy a pair of PD-RS500 pedals. So if all my pedals were at their lowest I imagine that is the default setting given that I have never changed them. If that is the case, does anyone ever screw them right up to the hardest setting, and why would you ever do this?!!
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