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  1. Here's one from a local cyclist:
  2. That's a ripper snail! Come on everyone! Surely there's a good fish or a "hello kitty" out there somewhere in transitions land?! Text is pretty easy, but still pretty cool
  3. Thanks everyone, that's a pretty impressive line up of equipment there! Thanks for the tip HW - of course!! The headphones are definitely the way to go - I suppose I wont even need a mixer - I can play the track on one device on with the headphone and record a separate, independent track on another and I can "mix" by hearing what I play from outside the headphones. I wanted to go a windows solution so I am looking at an open source product (like Garage Band) called LMMS that, so far, looks pretty good. I am a pretty crap musician, but if we can agree on a song maybe some of the better musos on the forum could collaborate on a number? I recall K1 (the first Kamal (not K2) used to some up with some ripper lyrics to popular songs (does anyone remember O-L-T! He's dynamite!! ) It would be great to get a Trannies collaboration going!
  4. A friend of mine was actually trying to find a dick pic in Williamstown (in response to the NZ one above) when the dog came to him and he mocked it up on a paint program. I just converted into "turn left, turn right" type of directions.
  5. Here's a ripper "dick and balls" from someone somewhere north of Auckland I think. Unfortunately I now have a number of international colleagues following me on Strava so it is no longer safe for inappropriate Strava Art...
  6. Does anyone have an idea how a group of (bad) garage band type musos can Jam in isolation? Thinking maybe the rhythm guitar could lay down a track to a metronome, then we could lay down the drums, vocals and lead guitar separately (and a bass if we can find a player!) What would be the best - simple - cheap - basic way to do this? Is it something I could do with Garage Band? Is there windows thing? What's the best way to get the audio into the digital domain? Thanks everyone! I'm off to practice Stairway to Heaven now (just kidding!)
  7. A bit of solo training boredom induced silliness. Here's my entry into the Transitions Strava Art exhibition. I know there are some very talented people here, show us what you got!
  8. PeterW


    I wonder how the anti-vaxers will will cope when they finally get a vaccine for this - having to choose between corona virus immunity or autism....🤕
  9. PeterW


    Other than calling in the army under some kind of martial law I don't know what a federal government could do. I think we could avoid "the government should do something" type of comments, Scomo is only your prime minister, not your mother. I think the only thing he could do as this stage is call people names or label them as "un-Australian"...
  10. PeterW


    They can take our finisher tokens, but they'll never take our strava!!!
  11. PeterW

    High heart rates

    Yes, but how do you FEEL when all this is going on. Heart rate is such an independent, personal thing it should only ever be compared n the broadest of terms. You need to work out your OWN zones and much of this will be from your own experience, not what Garmin tells you. What is your pace on an easy 5k, a firm 5k and a flat out 5k (especially with a kick-ass hill in it)? Get a guide on it from that. From what you say I tend to think that you have an atypically small stroke volume (nothing wrong with that) and you don't really know how to pace yourself, ie a one-speed runner. Then again, you could be suffering from a cardiac condition, eg arrhythmia that is only brought on during exercise. In this case you can get a 24 hour wearable ECG and during the run press the marker button when anything unusual happens - the cardiologist can then see what is happening "in the moment" Then again, I have no qualifications in any of this so take all that with a pinch of salt 'cos it's probably something else!
  12. One "investment tool" that you might want to look at is to do a "google trends" on topics related to your potential investment. Have a look at the peaks and troughs and see how they correlate to the price at the time and, if there is a relationship, try and use it as a potential guide for future investments. Note that trends up in interest can precede a big rise OR a big fall but, what the hell, it;s only money....
  13. Plumbing contractors - the amount of blocked toilets from "things other than toilet paper" going down the drains will cause more sewage blockages than in any other time in history...
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