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  1. Taylor Swift is gonna jump on stage at the primaries interrupt his speech and say Snoop Dog deserved the nomination!
  2. PeterW

    Winter Gloves

    So I headed out in around 5 degrees this morning and this time used the ski gloves with thin nylon/lycra type undergloves. Happy to say it is the first time in a long time that I did not get cold hands at all. They may have felt a little cool once or twice but never cold and certainly nowhere near the kind of pain I normally experience. After trying 4 sets of gloves, each with and without undergloves I have come to the (bleedingly obvious) conclusion: The thicker the glove the warmer it is. it doesn't seem to matter how expensive/cheap it is or what hi-tech product or materials they claim to have, thicker is warmer! In fact the more it looks like a ski-glove (ie thicker) the warmer it is - so, not surprisingly, the ski glove is the hands-down winner. A couple of points to note - this has nothing to do with water proof or not water proof - that's a whole 'nuther thing but I am trying to avoid riding in wet, freezing conditions! Also, just because a glove doesn't work for me doesn't mean it wont work for you - I am a bit of cold-hand tragic and you might not need the same kind of warmth I do! PS - I should point out that the thicker the glove the more restrictive they are, however I found that, even with the ski gloves, I could still change gears and use the brakes effectively. Difficult to push buttons or use zippers but.
  3. PeterW

    Winter Gloves

    No worries, I am sure they are good for most people but I must have unusually crap circulation. I do really like them and will wear them for high single, low to mid double digit temps. I choose my kit the night before based on the temperature in the weather forecast.
  4. PeterW


    Good question. In retrospect I should have pulled the pin early on but I thought it might get better. Unfortunately the Alpine is a big loop with no shortcut home, and not a lot of support, so you would have to wait hours for a SAG wagon, so in some ways the only real way to get back is under your own steam. And yes, there is bit of 'tude, something like "I maybe a sh1t athlete but at least I finish" kind of thing which, as anyone who knows me will attest, probably sums me up pretty well... FWIW the apres beer(s) at the brewery tasted pretty darn good after all that! LOL
  5. PeterW


    I started my last Alpine Classic Extreme (ACE250) in the cold and rainy darkness, a bit miffed by the conditions, but told myself it will get better.... It didn't. Four flats (the first after only a few ks) and freezing conditions, cold hands, a dodgy pump and limited CO2 and spare tubes made it a really horrible experience. Heaps of tiny sharp stones due to roadworks stuck to everything and made it difficult to feel for the offending object in the tire. Riding across Hotham in gale-force icy winds - body shivering and teeth chattering - on a half flat back tire was not much fun! I only just made it home before the cut-off, despite being one of the early starters. I started in the dark and ended in the dark! Seeing IP fly past on his fat bike (on his way to a 320?!!) was the only good thing, even if it did highlight what a sh1t day I was having!! If I can borrow from Telstra - you don't need awesome repair kit until you do! ..and if that wasn't enough I remember now my Alpine kit - great for Summer rides - turned real nasty when it was saturated wet and tore my inner thighs with severe chaffing that hurt like hell for most of the 12 or so hours of a sh1tty day!
  6. PeterW

    Winter Gloves

    Not great - I mean, they were better than the other gloves and good for me at my "level 2" which is about 8 degrees and above. My latest trick is actual goretex ski gloves that so far have been much better but still yet to head out on a "level 1" morning (around 2 or 3 degrees) Too bulky to grab zips and things but I can change gears and operate the brakes OK with ski gloves. I can sense a level 1 morning coming, I will let you know how it goes
  7. PeterW


    Yes, I agree - I expected the joker to turn out to be an evil, demented genius but this guy, whilst evil and demented, didn't really seem to hold the genius card...?!
  8. Taylor says "Kanye, I'm happy for you, I'm gonna let you run, but Snoop Dog's got way more delegates!"
  9. PeterW


    I will never forget the meaning of "sub prime" after the bubble bath cameo from Margot Robbie....💕
  10. Down and dusted off from the roof void in my garage - I actually built this up about 15 years ago for a talent night and,.now I think about it, we actually used it as the speaker for a drum machine. Note the themed paint job! It's a 12 inch 150 watt mid range speaker and I think the amp is an old 50 or 75 watt RMS/channel stereo thing from the 90s that I came across recently. We'll try it out in the next couple of days and see how it goes! I wish developing guitar skills and a good sense of rhythm was just as easy....
  11. Yeah, I haven't heard it but it sounds like it was just a low level - he confirmed that his headphones work OK. I have a small hi fi amp and an old speaker box from years gone by. I'll rig it up and see how it goes.
  12. Slightly off topic - our drummer elect has an electronic drum kit that (thankfully) makes a lot less volume than the real thing. He connected it up with my venerable old Aldi LIvingstone guitar amp (not my new Fender!) some time back and reckons he doesn't get the sound from his bass drum or floor tom (I don't know anything about drums). I was thinking that this might be because a conventional guitar amp wouldn't have a great bass response (it doesn't need it) and i might be better off connecting him up through a conventional hi-fi type amp (with a flat response down to 20Hz) and a beefy speaker. Waddyareckon?
  13. Yeah, I get that, but doesn't it make you sad to see really nice, law abiding, well dressed, educated afro americans getting thrown down onto the wet ground in Winter by police who have pulled them over for no particular reason for doing so? And how many time would you put up with it before you cracked it?
  14. PeterW

    Winter Gloves

    So I get a call - "the gloves you ordered aren't in stock, so will you accept the more expensive model as a replacement at no extra cost?" After approximately one microsecond of weighing it up my answer was "Yes please!!". So my BWG 29s (ordered 25s) arrived today. They are truly things of beauty and they fit like a glove... ....and - wait for it - I am actually looking forward to a really cold (mid single figure) day to try them out!!
  15. But you're not. Why don't you give them the courtesy of determining who their true enemies are? Maybe you should get "The Talk"
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