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  1. Irvine

    Lab testing

    I get the “basic” tests but what about say “genetic testing” has any one tried it? professional athletes have access to it determining the basis of their nutrition and training plans. So why not us mere mortals?
  2. Irvine

    Lab testing

    Morning everyone, I’ve been digging into various testing protocols the top athletes have available to themselves, lab testing, genetic testing etc. Has anyone here had a go, got a story, recommendation? with this “time out” I wanna see what my body is capable off, it’s time to do some serious hard work Thanks, Neil.
  3. Irvine

    Crazy triathlons?

    Anyone done any crazy ultras or tri’s? I love the idea of jumping from a boat for a start ive done a 100km run years ago which was fun. neil.
  4. Irvine

    Crazy triathlons?

    Like the idea of the alpine ascent, found a good looking run in the Blue Mountains NSW, the “six foot track” ultra trail run. hopefully these events can restart after this mess neil
  5. Irvine

    Crazy triathlons?

    Hey everyone, hope your all coping during this mess. Well, I think I’ve cracked and started looking at teaser vids on YouTube of things like the “Norseman” and “Patagoniaman” Of course they are a little out of the way from Sydney, is there anything like those mad tri events in Australia? thanks, neil.
  6. thanks @Infinit Jase for the link, yea I’m doing everything controlled after my Gillian barre mess, I check in with doctors, naturopath, physio’s, dietician regularly. They like to poke and prod at me and call me a freak. & @fiftyplus that looks like a horrible test 🤮 Thanks, neil.
  7. Thanks for the great info 👍 @The new guy ironically I was just looking at the SOS sweat test kit, good to know you thought it was good. @roxii I’ll check her out, thanks thanks again champs, neil.
  8. I joke I’m having a male menopause, bringing extra clothes to change at the building site. it’s scary sometimes how much water I’m losing even at work, there’s actual puddles sometimes. I add a pinch of pink salt to my water but not electrolytes, any suggestion?? also if roxii could pm me the nutritionists details. thanks loads, neil.
  9. Hey everyone, wondering if anyone has done or has input to sweat testing?? i have a big problem with excessive sweating and know it’s going to cause problems!! 3 years ago I was left on life support after developing “Gillian barre syndrome” ((Basically the body attacks and destroys the nerve system in the body leaving the average person a cripple for the rest of their lives)) doc’s told me I’m a freak for my recovery, I’m supposed to be dead lol... Getting to the testing part, I suffer with BADDD sweating due to the nerve damage, I can lose anywhere between 0.5-1L of fluid in a moderate training session. I know this is bad for sodium and electrolytes loss, so I’d love to see what’s happening to my body during the loss and how I can manage it. thanks, neil.
  10. thanks for the info ill give them a look. neil.
  11. Evening everyone, hope your all staying dry in NSW. I've been searching and making a (small) list of races that I could find on Facebook etc. Sooo, I'm struggling to find much going on in Sydney, I know there is loads going on that I don't know about but I'm at a loss finding out what's happening, where is everyone finding their races. I'm after EVERYTHING, running, swimming, tri, etc. I know I'm going to have to join a good cycling club to start racing again. Thanks loads, neil.
  12. thanks cranky ill have a look. I've been using zwift for the last few months using structured plans with solid nutrition/testing, past 2 months I've been following a "modified" sprint plan from triathlete magazine I got online. I know I need a swim coach so that's high up on the to do list. then its just piecing it all together and having fun. like you said there's heaps of good plans online. thanks loads for the info, ill be back soon with more questions haha neil.
  13. thanks for the good info, and happy new year to you all. neil.
  14. Hey everyone, this is my first newbie post so go easy 😉 I come from a racing cycling / running background and always wanted to do a tri, well you guess it I've plucked up the courage and found one id like to start with. Being Sydney based (Maroubra beach) the Wollongong "tri the gong" is close and also soon. Mostly I've got it figured out been training for it etc but I've a few questions, Like, is a wetsuit needed for it considering its in mid April? if not do you simply wear your tri shorts OR buoyancy shorts over the tri shorts?? Talking about tri shorts, what's a recommended brand and is it only the pros tat wear a skin suit?? Also is anyone planning on doing it so I can say hi 👋 Thanks for looking, Neil.
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