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  1. In my limited experience.... Pacing is ego and challenge limited. If you are scared of it you'll go easy enough. Or are You are disciplined enough you'll pace accordingly. As Ex said, a support vehicle would be great. Safer to. Acting like a tail end gunner against the trucks in the night. ✌️👍
  2. Plan your trip on komoot. Take a cc.
  3. I use SPD I've ridden single black downhill on my Talon and it is funny how self preservation can make it really easy to clip out and in when required... LOL Adrenaline is king. My dirt bike roots helped me to get down the trail. The bike was waaayyyy out of its depth
  4. Absa friggin lootley
  5. I'm anti technology. I use an exercise book strapped to my wrist and just write it down.... * *sarcasm. DC Rainmaker is very trustworthy.
  6. #blessed 😁😁😁😂
  7. I do not understand.... What's new ay 🤣
  8. So as we edge closer to "that date" are there any solid confirmations that the site will continue, there's a new owner and that we're not/are going to be at a different site?
  9. @Peter I use my 1030 as a head unit to watch numbers for entertainment on the kickr. I am able to record the session if I wanted to. Maybe upload it from the head unit??
  10. At a ripe old age 😎🤘✌️❤️
  11. No way... You saying that shit is staged...? LOL
  12. Yeah agree. We just gave each other eggs etc Sunday morning when Dad finished milking the cows. Ivy's had Easter egg hunts and done really well(waaayyyy too much chocolate) but she rarely gets to eat it all 😁😁😁😁🤷‍♂️🤣
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