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  1. Yeah saw Caleb roll through for the win. Hopefully the bike gangs of SA don't bash him for any KOMs he took 😳😳
  2. Yeah I'm glad he got whacked. But knowing him.... It was probably ANOTHER organised shit storm to generate social media traffic for himself and anyone else who comments/shares the content. He's that fruity(pardon the pun) that he'd friggin do that.
  3. And apparently Stu Ogrady is taking over as race director?? Drug cheat?? Geez. Wrong signal to the cycling public there I reckon.
  4. Thanks. I've been really disappointed with the coverage so far. The Women are racing and I have been following that via the highlights on GCN Sad to see considering how good FTA SBS used to be.
  5. And @Ex-Hasbeen I thought this was a thread about B@W 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️😋✌️
  6. And the Tri public jumping at the next best thing looking for a silver bullet 👍👍😂
  7. Oh.... I thought this was a Lucy "watch" as in a special secret Garmin or something... Oh well
  8. More than 4hrs I reckon. Probably 60% battery left after 6hrs of riding. The latest software update helps in busy traffic. But yes it takes some getting used to the chirps from the 1030 headunit.
  9. While it may not be cool... I have securely attached my ay-up mount and lights to the underside of the lower bar on my Grail. It has a flat profile. I did put small strips of rubber under the mount where it meets the bar. Couple of zip ties and BAM... light. The Garmin Varia is perfect for any seat post. It comes with a mount that'd fit an aero seat tube as well as the one I use for a round seat post. Besides the bright light and solid mounting, it's radar feature is second to none. Best gadget I've bought ever for cycling. It's just that little bit of peace of mind on the road. Hope you figure something out 👍
  10. If that's what your body needs, then that's perfect... LOL 😂👍
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