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  1. I doubt it. I have to admit that the question came to mind - are Kanye and Trump in cahoots?
  2. SomeTri


    We know the virus increases exponentially. The curve has been going up for weeks in Melbourne. It is much easier to put in measures to halt the spread now, while the numbers are low, than waiting until the numbers are high..
  3. SomeTri


    What a numpty https://www.smh.com.au/national/nsw/nsw-health-staff-detect-person-with-symptoms-trying-to-enter-nsw-20200702-p558d5.html
  4. SomeTri

    Celebrity Watch

    Holy thread revival batman! 😋 Billy Connolly, Bob Katter, Bill Shorten & Nick Kyrios. I didn't bother them, but just smiled. Figured they wanted peace...
  5. SomeTri


    WHAT?!?!? They stick you in quarantine for 2 weeks and don't allow you to drink?!?!?
  6. "The whole this is wrong, it's broken" "What exactly is broken so I can fix it" "The button is red, it should be green"
  7. He just saying that to try and get fewer people out to vote. No need to vote, I'm not gonna win anyway... but the real trump fans will still go and vote...
  8. Put his country first? Standing up to the Irish rebels? I think you mean trying to continue to prevent the Irish from getting home rule by brutal, illegal means True, part independence. But even then he didn't see Ireland as a free state - still in the commonwealth with the King as the head of state etc.
  9. I was saying something similar the other day but I don't think the statues should be torn down. They form part of our history and we should be reminded how we got where we are. However, I think a appropriate plaques should be placed on them defining the real history, not the whitewashed version. https://waterfordwhispersnews.com/2020/06/09/british-history-according-to-britain/
  10. Running Science in Rozelle
  11. Because languate matters IJ. The language and words we use really really matter
  12. Salted butter tastes the best. Healthiest would prob be unsalted butter... but as always, depends on what markers you're looking at...
  13. I found rolling did nothing at all. I also don't recommend stopping running altogether as you will deload other tissues and may well injure other things on your return to running, but 100% agree with no fast stuff. Just easy running. And try not to run first thing - run when it is warmed up and not hurting. The article you have found is from 2014 which would now be considered old. They now recommend that you don't go below the level of your forefoot as it stretches the fascia too much - i.e. don't do eccentric loading (well not at first anyway - according to my pod). So stand on the floor, stick a rolled up towel towel (or a fasciitis fighter - exxy, but worth it imo) under your toes (to raise the toes) and do 3 x 10 reps on each leg of 3 seconds up, hold for 1 second, 3 seconds down. Then in 3 weeks do the same holding 5kg, 3 weeks later do 4 x 8 but holding 10kg etc etc etc Edit: Or listen to a physio or pod
  14. Here is one video for the simplified version. It works, but doesn't last as long as the other method I learnt - can't find a video for that one. Trick with this is that the 3 -4 pieces of tape that go under the foot start on the outside and are pulled fairly tightly towards the inside of the foot. In this video, the last piece of tape is wrapped around the whole foot - This piece of tape is only really to hold the rest of the tape together, so I wouldn't wrap it around the foot, but just over the top of the foot - same place as he starts, but cut the tape in the same area on the other side (hopefully I'm making sense).
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