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  1. Exactly the same thing happened to BogFrog. Willie lied over and over again. I understand that he may be having issues at the moment and I hope he gets himself into a better place, however there is no excuse for lying to people.
  2. SomeTri

    Israel Folau

    I think the person who filmed him DOES believe him. It did It sneak out - my guess is Folau was in on the filming and 'leaking'. He specifically states that it is for the world out there that God is angry, no for the people in the church. Now why would he say that if he didn't expect it to get out?
  3. Yep, i think so. Probably depended on context... 🙄 🤣
  4. Hahahaha That image got me laughing! But seriously, you really seem to be miserable. Here, have a snickers...
  5. Ahhhhh... I'm much too slow... So, is BogFrog going to be un-banned now?
  6. Huh? I think I've missed something here? What has FB and Strava got to do with anything?
  7. SomeTri

    Noosa Tri 2019

    so I don't have long to make up my mind eh? Currently fence sitting. I had total FOMO last year when I didn't go, but think it may be all too much to deal with next year...
  8. The husband was about to buy the Trinity Advanced Pro 1 second hand as he found a good deal, but did a quick bike fit prior and was told it was not a good choice for him. The front is fully integrated so you cannot lift up the front at all...
  9. So predictable! 🙄 I was waiting for that one... 😋
  10. Medoc is on my bucket list...
  11. What's that circular thing? I found something very similar looking to that on the floor of the storeroom where we keep our bikes...
  12. SomeTri

    Shifting issues?

    I had an issue with the left shifter after a service a couple of years back. Turns out it was the front derailleur - they had de-greased and cleaned the lot, but some de-greaser remained on the front derailleur which stopped it moving correctly. So, although I could physically move the derailleur with my hand, I couldn't move the left shifter. Some oil on the derailleur fixed the issue...
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