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  1. "What have the Romans ever done for us" was my "quote" on my desk profile at work... My fav has to be "Brian, come and clean your room" from the Life of Brian... Two of the best epitaphs I read this morning were from Stephen Fry and Adrian Edmonson "...The great foot has come down to stamp on you..." and ""...Sadly, he's eaten his last mint..."
  2. SomeTri


    What the flock.has indigenous employment got to do with the fires? Am I missing a link here?
  3. SomeTri


    The post above.my post was anothet political post and completely off topic
  4. SomeTri


    Get the f politics off this thread
  5. SomeTri


    Yeah, not so sure Husky will be happening...
  6. So, you no longer have the product, nor the money? As in, you returned the product to the same place that declared it was faulty but they still won't refund? Cut a long story short, i had an issue with a product sold from an overseas company with a .com.au address. Product was faulty (obvious hardware issue) they did software reset and sent back. x 2. I sent them am email stating that they had to follow aussiw law etc etc etc and i got a full refund within 2 weeks
  7. SomeTri

    Festive 500

    97km this morning got me to 518 Done. Knackered. Don't want to look at my bike for a week. But I'm off on a training camp on Thurs 🤣 Gotta question the logic of doing the 500 just before a camp...
  8. SomeTri


    Yep, 5 mins is plenty.
  9. SomeTri

    Festive 500

    421km down. Which means I get to take tomorrow off the bike and go for a run instead. It's just too hot to run post bike atm...
  10. SomeTri

    Festive 500

    Anyone else doing it? Thought it would be easy, but my ass is grass and I still have 180 to go... Probably doesn't help that there's not much flat around here!
  11. Think she claimed it was diet... And her success came very shortly after meeting (And later marrying) a former althete known for drug cheating...
  12. SomeTri

    Swimming World Champs

    Read an article in the SMH last week whereby Cricket Australia has warned their players to even be wary of breakfast cereals - anything that says added protein etc. Wonder if that includes cereals like Special K etc... I would normally say no smoke without fire, but this Lingandrol seems to be popping up in a whole heap of tests. Isn't this the drug that was proven to be in some supplements after testing, but wasn't listed on the ingredients list? I think a triathlete in SA got their supplements tested after being found with Lingandrol in her system ???
  13. No Hollywood, but kinda a "me too" thing... Nothing creepier than sitting in a taxi coming home at night when the male taxi driver tells you over and over again how fit you look...
  14. SomeTri


    I know YOU do. But the English don't give two flying ducks and the lack of reporting on what it will do to the "truce" is appalling...
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