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  1. You could buy the Fizik carriage kit: https://www.fizik.com/rw_en/mistica-carriage-kit.html?___store=rw_en&___from_store=rw_en Allows addition of second bottle if needed in the future, plus spares
  2. Fresh

    Hoka One One

    Not interested in the shoes, but I have the same blister issue. What shoes have you turned to since that don't give you blisters...?
  3. This road? https://www.google.com/maps/place/Gold+Coast+Springbrook+Rd,+Mudgeeraba+QLD+4213/@-28.1046093,153.301603,13.75z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x6b911dae620a3b4b:0x6bee1041d2fbf3bc!8m2!3d-28.0931416!4d153.3368925 I was planning on riding to Little Nerang Dam tomorrow morning...too risky along this road? Any recommended alternatives if so?
  4. Any specific roads to follow? Ive been recommended the O'Reilly's trip before, but heard the road from GC city out there is too dangerous to ride on...any safer ways to get to Canungra?
  5. I've visited Miami and dont get a warm feeling...multiple people I've spoken to cannot give me a straight answer on the number of lanes available, how many people usually occupy them and if there is any technique coaching. Ontop of that they're closing one of the pools and condensing the squads into one pool...no one seems to know what will happen after that.
  6. I've finally settled on the Goldie, living in Robina...nice place! Running and riding I think I have sorted, I've managed to pull a few nice routes through Beachmont, Lamington National Park (any others of note?) What I am stuck with is finding a good pool with decent coaches...right now I am thinking of Mudgeeraba or Nerang pools...anyone visit either of these? Failing that, does anyone know of a good swim coach on the GC I could reach out too? Cheers
  7. Fresh

    Hoka One One

    Anyone with wide fit Hokas still getting blisters? Not sure if my feet are just ultra wide, or if it is the shoe...
  8. Fresh

    Wurf watch

    7:46...what a champion!
  9. Fresh

    Cairns IM 2020

    I am in, my first full IM too although I turn 4-0 in November🤐
  10. Thanks for the recommendations... A follow up Q...where would you suggest I sign up for pool swimming / coaching with a focus on tri-training? I need some good quality coaching to firm up my swim technique.
  11. All I brought with me was a disc, so I was stuffed if this rumoured ‘disc ban’ came about (along with a shit load of others). The wind was pretty strong North of the Maroochydore river, SW gusts of around 25km/h apparently. Had a few wobbles, but nothing too concerning. Saw a few ambulances on the motorway, so some folks went down. Epic day, beautiful weather bar the wind. Body held up well.
  12. Just get a brown coloured tri-suit and shit away
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