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  1. Do you think there is any point in putting them on the TT bike where you're generally on flats in the big ring (or oval), or does it suit the roadie and climbing more?
  2. Are you getting hit by Facebook ads from Absolute Black like me? I am considering them as well...
  3. Fresh

    IM WA 2020

    I've switched to WA and booked fully refundable accommodation, flights and car hire in the event it all gets canned. The fact WA has already eased restrictions and is allowing gatherings up to 10 people is a positive sign, but the real test will be avoidance of any second wave...you could almost guarantee everything gets cancelled if a 2nd wave comes around.
  4. I moved from Sydney to the mid-South area of the Goldie in Oct last year. Loving it so far. The roads are so much quieter and wider with more bikes lanes than what I used to ride in Sydney. The hinterland is phenomenal for riding and there are some seriously challenging hill climbs. The only thing I haven't gotten used to yet is running in the Summer heat...it is brutal. So you either need to run before dawn or really late at night (even then you're running in 24 degrees).
  5. Fresh

    Cairns IM 2020

    Let us know what they say
  6. Fresh

    Cairns IM 2020

    I sought answers from IM on a similar Q, but retrospectively wondered if I was expecting anything other than what they advised: I am still debating what to do, but right now I am leaning towards moving my entry to WA in December.
  7. Cairns seems to draw a fair SE Asian contingent...do we really see that influx hitting town in September?
  8. Fresh

    IM WA 2020

    Hi folks, seeking advice from those that have stayed in Busselton for the IM previously. I am debating pushing my Cairns 2020 IM entry to Busso 2020, but trying to plan the trip out before I commit. This would be my first IM WA attempt. It looks like all the accommodation anywhere near the jetty is sold out. Is this normal for this time of year, or am I potentially looking at hotels that have gone offline after COVID? If being booked out is normal, then what are some recommendations of where to stay? Thanks all
  9. Fresh

    Cairns IM 2020

    Gotta make the call by April 27th or you're locked into the September date...honestly not enough time to make a call with all the uncertainty going on right now.
  10. Fresh

    Cairns IM 2020

    Or option to free transfer to Port, WA (6th Dec) or Cairns 2021... Assume stinger season hasn't started up in September...one would guess Ironman has consulted with the relevant folks re athlete safety...
  11. Source? Edit>> just got an email
  12. Fresh

    Cairns IM 2020

    Good thing I'm flying with Qantas then
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