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  1. Dear Diary My old friend, Paddy Crumlin, Maritime Union Nat Sec, is a fine example of the smarts the labour movement possesss. Paddy reckons Jim Chalmers lacks the profile to become Labor leader. According to Paddy: "No-one knows Chalmers, who is he? He's another blow-in.. Australians didn't know who Morrison was, let alone Chalmers. Spot on Paddy. You would have to have rocks in your head to put up a no-name, like Morrison.
  2. Dear Diary After reading Jenna Price's column that she'd retire from her career and look after Plibbers kids, if Plibbers ran the labor party, I think it is really imperative that Plibbers throw her hat back in the ring. Sink our Albo.
  3. Dear Diary Hmmm, Australia's sweetheart may not be taking things as well as I hoped. All frocked up for breakfast this morning. Sorry darl, that's going to be a bit OTT for the electoral office.
  4. Dear Diary We all just had a good laugh. The new curtain set just turned up and someone (HINT: Australia fell in love with her) forgot to read the "returns policy". No darling, we can't bill it to the AWU... Cheeky!
  5. Dear Diary Just catching up on some reading. You know what is really cheering me up? Reading those articles about how the Liberal Party screwed up by not making Julie Bishop leader. Press gallery = finger on the pulse.
  6. Dear Diary Nice to have some time to head down to Bunnings. Tell you what though, the party members don't waste any time. Bunnings all out of: https://www.bunnings.com.au/our-range/tools/hand-tools/chisels-files-sharpening/sharpening-tools Nevermind - I do like a Bunnings coffee.
  7. Dear Diary Not sure I'm going to enjoy spending more time around the house. One of the kids just asked me: "Dad, if Australia is so racist, why did no one vote for Fraser Anning?"
  8. Dear Diary - An addendum I have been spending a lot of time on Twitter today and one comment really stands out for me. My dear friend (and The Project favourite) Meshel "I'm not crazy" Laurie has written: "Australians are dumb, mean spirited , and greedy. Accept it." Meshel, I know it's a really tough time for you, and Tony did a hell of a lot for the people of Warringah, but now is the time for the people of Warringah to really pull together. I really think the Eagles are a chance for the premiership this year. Des really has the boys firing. C'mon, Meshel - let's hear it ... We are the Manly Boys, We had a win today, We are the boys you know of, We showed them how to play. No matter where we'll be, Maroon and White you'll see, Oh aren't we a wonderful credit, To our locality. So cheer boys cheer, We are together, Every now and then we have a win... have a win. We will play them all around, At our home or any ground, If they'll always play a fair and honest game. So it's guzzle guzzle guzzle, As we pour it down our muzzle, And sing out the order loud and clear, "More Beer". And we drink all night, Until we are very tired, In the shade of the Manly Leagues Club.
  9. Dear Dairy How good was the weekend people of Warringah!!? Abbott gone and Steggall on her way to Canberra. To coin a phrase from the real Messiah (Barack H. Obama) "this is the moment when the rise of the oceans begin to slow". To the people of Warringah - your waterfront property is secure. But the people of Warringah were not finished there. Read it and weep false Messiah from the Shire - Manly-Warringah 24 - Cronuilla Sutherland Sharks 14. Ahhh ScoMo, what a loser. (Having said that - exactly how stupid are the people of Warrigah?? - how many trips to Europe and North America do they think Zali took to be a world class skiier? She'd have a carbon footprint approximating my over-sized ambition). And speaking of over-sized ambitions, I see Albo stuck his head up over the weekend. The bloke knows what this country needs - and needs really hard - someone from the left. Good luck mate. And something, something, Chris "if you don't, something, something, like it, don't, something, something, vote for it" Bowen, also looks like he's going to throw his hat in the ring. Very prescient guy - has written the internal review of the campaign already. Anyway - I'd better get back to the missus (aka Australia's Sweetheart). yours William
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