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  1. Fully agree @dazmuzza, that's why I have come here to find out some tactics and bike sessions that anyone may have or have used in the past.
  2. Hi mate, understand that 16 hours it a lot of time, but this time can and will be used for recovery session or medical time if needed. a) 180cm and 77kg b) swim 1.5km 30 avg mins, Bike 20km 45 stop start in traffic, Run 10km 50 avg mins (all these are done at different times, I haven't done them back to back like I would in the Tri event. c) The bike ride is 20km to and from work so I can get stuck in traffic, I think I need to be doing more training based around the event) Swim I think I could do in about 27 minutes but still looking at getting down to 25 but not sure what training to do to improve this. d) my run and swim are against the clock but I dont find myself getting any faster. I am wondering what training methods I could do for my run and swim to shed some time off? I am aiming to do the event in 2 hours and 20, (swim 25m, run 35m, bike 1 hour and 20m)
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