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  1. yep, we want beach!!!
  2. Aaannnnd you like it? Pros/ cons?
  3. We are in Adelaide so hot summer is no problems... we are used to baking, but one of us doesn’t mind the humidity, and he will just have to get used to it!
  4. We are seriously looking at moving away from the freezing southern half of this continent (once borders re-open) and moving to QLD... the choice is either Sunshine Coast or Southern end of the GC (don’t want big city feel of Surfers or Brisbane). So, looking for opinions as to which is preferable for a triathlon lifestyle (No kids so school zones etc is not an issue) and why... go!🌞
  5. JenS

    Swimming World Champs

    I would love to watch swimming! And slow-mo underwater of stroke techniques, and Ana,Tsushima if the stroke styles.., I’m such a swimming nerd... and yet still suck at it myself!
  6. Agreed with you Al. I’ve started a couple of newbie open water and triathletes in sleeveless because they tend to feel less constricted too so for beginners (new to wetsuit swimming) and those without good body roll that rely more on throwing their shoulders around to swim then sleeveless is the way to go.., so long as they swim in warm enough water and don’t want the sleeves to keep arms warmer and prevent cold water gushing in at the underarms. So for me in SA, that’s definitely not all year round! I love my sleeved suit but it has such thin arms after a few swims it’s comfortable to swim in but is always a shock to start off with if I haven’t swum in it for a while. 🏊🏼‍♀️😁
  7. JenS

    Garmin VO2max

    I helped out with exercise phys students’ exams so volunteered for a VO2 max test as part of their practising a couple of weeks ago. I did it on a bike and my garmin’s bike VO2 max gives me the same number. I was quite surprised at how accurate the Garmin (920XT) is for me... and less surprised at the quantitative expression of just how unfit I currently am!
  8. It could be awesome.. swim at Moana/Sellicks, ride up Sellicks hill, along Page’s Flat road and back, then along Hindmarsh Tiers road and back the down Sellicks again, then run esplanade on the old Silversands oly bike course. Tough 70.3 would be fantastic!
  9. There’s another race called Murray Man in November running in rural town of Barmera in South Australia. I’ve done the last 4 or so and it’s a fun flat race.
  10. Exit the airport onto Sir Donald Bradman drive and you’ll be facing north. Turn left and run along Sir Donald Bradman Drive - there is a path on the southern side of the road I think. Run along to Tapley’s hill road (major intersection) and turn right, immediately over the bridge there you’ll see a pathway along the river. Take that to the left and you’ll run to the beach where there is a little park area, toilet, water tap and you can run along the beach in either direction from there. Flat and easy all the way. Lots of water stops along the esplanade. 2km to the right will get you to Henley Beach and coffee shops, 2km to the left will get you to West Beach surf club if you need sustenance. Enjoy!
  11. JenS

    IM Kona

    Yup, but at least the can show they’ve done the maths and aren’t just making hollow claims.
  12. JenS

    IM Kona

    Absolutely agreed! And field size should be limited more. Maybe no roll down more than 2 or 3 slots if those allocated don’t take them. If you don’t make it, you don’t make it. It’s a world championship after all.
  13. I love the waste minimisation strategy as much as possible. I think your own collapsible cup or hand held bottle wouldn't be such a terrible thing for the aid stations either except for the germs factor of people dunking in multiple buckets of drinks after going to port-potties etc. I would much prefer paper cups that aren't plastic lined - who cares if it dissolves - you only use it for 12 seconds at most then throw it out anyway. fill-sip-toss. And I vaguely remember doing an IM some years ago when it was BYO special needs bags although I've never used special needs so there's two bags that just go to waste every race I do.
  14. Woohoo, I’m famous... mentioned in Transitions! Am not related to Steve Sturm but KQ’d at Pt Mac 2016, and Cairns 2018 (didn’t take it.... I’m too poor!). Online coaching works. But you have to be one of those that does the work even if the coach is not watching and it’s not a squad session. If you need the accountability of a group session, then online probs isn’t for you.
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