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  1. sglowz

    AAA 2018

    Hi All - has anyone raced the AAA without a support crew? If you have, it would be great to hear how it worked out. For those that have done the event with a support crew, any thoughts on whether you think no support crew is OK or a bad way to go would be appreciated as well. Thanks Steve
  2. sglowz


    Thats a great pic. You're mostly right re not caring. She wishes I could finish in the daylight like the others but also wants glow sticks 🤷‍♂️. As you say, the hug is the main thing. If I give her a hug, share some icecream, and give her my full attention to hear all about her race day experience (not mine!!) she is stoked and goes to bed with a smile. A couple of months ago I was looking at a piece of my daughter's school work that was in her bag. In response to a question as to what her favourite part of her body is she wrote 'her feet, for running along the breakwall'. Thank-you Ironman for making the Iron Kids such a positive experience!
  3. sglowz


    My daughter is 7 and I’m still working out how to ‘get it right’. In that 7 years, I’ve added about an hour to my IM time. I’ve dropped the number of long rides I do – and they are generally an hour less in time than what I used to do. I think I’ve tripled the cost of going up to Port to try and make it as comfortable and enjoyable for my family as possible – especially race day. My training is done more at night than in the morning as my partner is not a morning person and I take the lead getting my daughter up and going in the mornings. I don’t train with groups as I can’t lock a time in that I will be able to get out of the house. This is my experience and only applicable to me – everyone will be different. I ask myself each year after Port whether I still enjoy it with the changes in life. Some years it is line ball, others I really do love it. I’ve wanted to race more often for years and now that it is looking more possible financially, I’m not sure that I want to put the family through multiple IM builds in a year. I also don’t know whether I want to drop the coin on another race if I know I may spend quite a bit of time walking due to limited training. It feels hard to justify against all of the other things that the family could do with our money. I’ve got a very supportive partner who wants me to do the sport. She met me after I had started in the sport (which might help with expectations) and wanted me to keep going as we started a family. Things can change once living the experience though. This became apparent in the first year of my daughter’s life, but it probably took another 2-3 years for us to get things better sorted. I am very lucky that we were able to talk through things and give each other the support for the 2-3 years while we sorted things out. Now, one of the things we do is to make sure that there is light at the end of the tunnel for my partner. I take my daughter away once every month or so for a night away with just the two of us. Everyone wins from that – even if it means that training doesn’t happen as planned.
  4. Thanks again for all the suggestions. Sounds like I should start looking at a trip to Newcastle.
  5. Thanks for the suggestions! Newcastle could be good. Any tips for longer ride routes (or is Strava the best place to find that info?). I'm based in Canberra and we are really spoiled here. Great cycling and plenty of pools. It is still a bit cold at the moment, but I could live with that. The motivation for getting away rather than staying at home is to make sure I switch. I tend to just keep on rolling with work if I am at home.
  6. Hi All - I'm coming off a long period of being flat out at work and in life in general. I've been given the green light to take some time (up to a week) away solo next week and am trying to find a good location to train and relax. Ideally, somewhere in NSW/VIC with reasonable weather, safe roads for cycling and somewhere to swim. The coast would be good but safe cycling is the preference. So I'm open to the coast or inland. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks Steve
  7. Thanks guys. I might see how I feel by the end of the weekend.
  8. Hi All - Has anyone here done both Ironman Aus and Cairns in the same year? If you have doubled-up, how did you find Cairns (in terms of enjoyment and ability to push yourself relative to your performance / experience at Port Mac)? Steve
  9. sglowz

    Big Husky 2019

    Any info on the new course? Looks like the course previously put on facebook is not on the website.
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