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  1. 1 - "Candice". Specialized Shiv running Ultegra 10 speed Di2. 53-39 on the front and 11-25/28 on the rear depending on course. 3T Revo cockpit with 51SpeedShop extensions. TokyoWheel 90mm front and coupled with either the Zipp Sub9 or TokyoWheel 110mm rear depending on course and conditions. Sitero saddle with rear mounted bottle cage. Wrapped in matte black with orange logos/branding. 2 - "Bella". Dengfu FM098 running Ultegra 11 speed mechanical. 52-36 AbsoluteBlack ovals on the front (not pictured) and 11-28 on the rear. ProLite Bracchiano A42 wheels front and rear. Selle Italia saddle. Custom painted by Dengfu in matte black with orange highlights. Over 11000km logged since building her from the ground up back in 2013.
  2. Nothing official one way or the other. Just on their website and social media that they're doing everything they can etc etc to ensure that the even goes ahead in line with the CovidSafe plan. The Facebook post is from June 21.
  3. I'm clinging to a slim hope that Sunshine Coast will go ahead, but realistically I think it's gone. I am planning a big training day on the Sunday as a backup though if anyone wants to do 90km around Murarrie/Nundah and then a 21km ROTB.
  4. 20km run this morning. 1km easy, 5km moderate, 6x 800m harder/400m easier, 6.8km at target race pace. Did the first 6km with a mate of mine which made it really easy. https://www.strava.com/activities/3845114057 90km on the bike tomorrow.
  5. BNothling


    End result for the wife and Twin 1 was a 3:20 wait in the queue.
  6. BNothling


    We're at Carindale. The drive-through clinic at Murarrie is out of control so she's gone back to the Mt Gravatt clinic to get it done there again.
  7. They also raced the ITT out at Ipswich on the weekend just gone.
  8. BNothling


    The twins are getting tested for the 2nd time today after being tested about a month ago. Completely healthy other than running temperatures a few days after getting immunised which is their go-to response to being jabbed. Still, doctor says that they need to be tested. Wife has just rocked up at a testing clinic and reckons there's 300-400 people standing in the queue and there's no sign of it really moving. She's stressing about standing in the sun with 13 month old babies who aren't real keen on sitting still for a few hours.
  9. Jinxed it. Maybe the cheque bounced?
  10. My activities came over at about 8-9pm last night and all of the random data (weight, steps etc) came over at some point during the night. I'm not having any dramas with the website, but my android app is still showing issues, despite appearing to have full functionality.
  11. "Noneyabusiness. Your apps are working again so shut your faces."
  12. Yeah, I'm starting to get a few notifications of activities starting to sync. Wouldn't surprise me if they do it slowly and steadily to avoid crashing everything that crosses over eg. Strava, TrainingPeaks etc.
  13. Can always manually upload it straight to Strava if you get stuck. Plug the watch in, open the Activities folder and upload the .fit file via Strava website.
  14. For those of us who are relatively new to the forum, can someone direct me to where I can find things from AP and MJK?
  15. Agreed. I know in my head that I'm building great fitness which will come to fruition one day, but it's still a voice in the back of my head that starts to question whether it's worth it or not. I'm 9 weeks in and winning the battle, but I'd love confirmation either way - as difficult as that would be. I'm the same. I've got my accommodation as a rolling booking and Brisbane isn't too far away. Started pencilling some sort of bike course so that I could look at doing a mini tri myself on race morning just to see how the prep really went.
  16. I'm still quietly confident that SC will go ahead in some way, shape or form, but realistically I know that it's hanging by a thread. I'm continuing to plug along, but it's getting harder and harder to dig deep for the next interval on a cold morning when I know in the back of my head that it's probably all for "nothing" and I'm essentially just building a bigger base for the next race.
  17. A lot of the Victorian Supercars teams have relocated to Queensland too.
  18. I'm looking forward to free-riding it at some point. The Alpe annoys me with the little kickers and gradient changes at each corner. I'd rather just settle into a rhythm and turn the legs over.
  19. Haha. It's a skill that I've had to acquire. Thank you for dropping that over. I really appreciate it.
  20. For reference, I've weighed between 88kg and 81kg on those ProLites and never had a problem. Not a huge fan of hills but they've coped just fine on climbs like Tambo, Mt Coot-tha and Mt Gravatt just fine. Descents aren't a problem either.
  21. I very much prefer to train in the morning before the twins wake up. I'm normally out running or on the bike before 5am and done by 630am for breakfast. I would love to eat and go and would actually prefer to do so, but time is of the essence. If I have to train after they go to bed at 630pm, I'm much more likely to pike or just 'get it done' because I'm trashed after a day at work and then sorting the girls out. Before they arrived though, I always used to eat and then train and that was all good.
  22. I run Pro-Lite (now Kotavelo) A42 wheels on my road bike and they have been absolutely exceptional. If you can get your hands on a set of those, that'd be my recommendation.
  23. Just finished one of those spooky good runs where it just clicks and things feel a little unnervingly comfortable. 1km Z2 warm up into 5.5km Z3. Z2 ended up being 5:37/km and the Z3 segment worked out to 5:04/km. I've never pulled that sort of pace before at those intensities. I know that realistically it's a combination of running at the end of the day when I'm awake and loose, having got carbs in my system, coming to the end of a deload week and having a decent training block under my legs over the last 4 weeks and a multitude of other things, but hopefully I can go on with it and keep this momentum up. https://www.strava.com/activities/3769741443/overview
  24. I'm 188cm and about 82-83kg. Do you reckon this would fit me? Obviously it would be a little bit loose, but would a bit of wetsuit suction make that a comfortable fit? The one that I have now is quite tight around the shoulders and I feel like going a little bit bigger would free up some shoulder movement? I must admit that I don't have a lot of experience of swimming in triathlon wetsuits so I'm happy to take advice on that one.
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