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    TDU 2020 coverage

    I thought for sure that Caleb was going to be a DNF today. When they showed him off the back of the peloton with his head down, I thought he was a done thing. Clearly not. Absolutely monstered that sprint.
  2. That's because you finish so quickly that there's nobody to hang around and chat with.
  3. Haha. My wife and I did our 100th together. I'm now on 156 and she's on 109. Bloody twins!
  4. Mansfield is my local now that Minnippi is just a little bit too crowded to take the double pram. I'm currently around the 28:00 with the pram and my goal is to get down to sub 25:00. Yell out if you see us there.
  5. Pretty proud of the Mrs. Zoe cranked out a 33:47 at Mansfield this morning which is just over 4 minutes quicker than her first ParkRun back on Christmas Day. Her body seems to be holding up quite well and she's looking forward to pushing on. Me? I just missed my pram PB by 2sec at 28:09. As much as I enjoy running with them, and also seeing my wife take chunks out of her previous weeks' times, I am curious to know how I'd go without the pram now that I'm essentially doing 5km of sled work each week
  6. Bob Duallie Pro made by Britax. Managed to get one pretty much brand new (less than 2 months old and still with packaging foam on the frame) on Gumtree for $550. https://www.britax.com.au/bob-gear/bob-revolution-duallie-pro/
  7. It was a huge deal. We went back to Capalaba on NYD and she managed to shave another 2 minutes as well. It's amazing what a little bit of confidence and also knowing that you're not going to completely fall apart will do. Sitting in the mid 36s now, which is about 11 minutes from her PB. I have no doubt that she'll get back there again. Unfortunately I flew solo yesterday after the girls were awake at 4am but she's looking forward to next week.
  8. Sorry. Completely forgot to check this thread. The pram is phenomenal. There's a reason that they sell so quickly off FB marketplace and Gumtree. The 'cabin' is on suspension so it absorbs minor bumps, the tyres are inflatable so you can adjust them to suit the surface that you're running on, the handle is height adjustable so you can set it to a comfortable height and the drum brakes mean that you don't have to worry about travelling downhill. Just ride the brake lever so it's moving at the right speed and run behind it. It feels very light for the weight of it and it's incredibly manoeuvrable. It is a bit of a behemoth though and won't fit through our doorways with the doors on the hinges and we have to take the wheels off to fit it in my wife's old i30, although it fits in her new Tucson without dramas. I'd also grab the little caddy thing that sits between the bars so you have somewhere to store a drink bottle. My father in law got me one for Christmas and it's awesome having water on hand and a zip pocket to put your phone/wallet/keys/token. We've spent a lot of money on stuff for the twins, but this pram is right up there on the list of awesome.
  9. Off-topic, but I'm the motorsport category manager at Brakes Direct in Brisbane so if you need anything for either car on the braking front, let me know and I'll help you out.
  10. BNothling

    2019 totals

    No commutes, yoga or gym sessions. All are either training sessions or at the very least active recovery (eg 30 minutes at 100W)
  11. BNothling

    2019 totals

    Had a decent year going until the twins arrived. Training volume declined heaps until the Sunshine Coast race and then turned into casual rides and ParkRuns after that.
  12. We rolled out to Capalaba for our first Christmas Day ParkRun as a family of 4. Bit of a mess through the right sections with the double pram but we got it done. Mum abandoned us about 1km in to do her first 5km run in about 12 months at her own pace. She manages to beat her first ever ParkRun time which she was happy with given the lack of training, sleep and having grown 2 kids.
  13. I went on the Friday night which was the team pursuit and the team sprinting. Genuinely love the track cycling. Couldn't get tickets for the Saturday as it was sold out and had other stuff on the Sunday that meant I had it on the TV instead. That crash was one of many over the weekend including Nettie Edmondson who was stretchered away after someone swung up unexpectedly and took out her front wheel. Hopefully she's not seriously injured as she's a key member of the women's team in the team pursuit, madison and omnium events. Edit: just read that Nettie suffered a broken collarbone.
  14. BNothling

    Busso 2019

    I ride a medium frame on the Shiv. I tried a large frame and it was just a little toooo stretched out for the cockpit. If I push forward into the position that I'm in for the front-on shot, my shoulders sit over my elbows at almost a 90° angle, which I feel very comfortable in.
  15. BNothling

    Busso 2019

    Wouldn't my seat be too high if this was on ST? To be fair, the photo was taken just before the run course hill so I had probably relaxed a little bit, but it's a good representation. Unfortunately my shoes are the best they can be. I have a size 16/17 foot so I wear what I can get, rather than what is the most comfortable or aero.
  16. BNothling

    Busso 2019

    Genuine question here. I know that I'm not the smallest guy at about 188cm and 85cm but I'd like to think that I stay relatively tight on the bike. I have attached photos from the Sunshine Coast 70.3 for reference. Again, I know that my fit is not perfect but it's relatively comfortable for the long distance stuff. I'm also going to use my power numbers from the Tweed Coast Enduro because that is the flattest 70.3 distance ride that I've done. On that day I rode 204W average/214W NP at about 85kg race weight, so about 2.4W/kg and 2.5W/kg for those 2 values. I rode a 2:35 that day for an average of 34.6kmh at 155bpm average. Assuming that I could maintain that for the whole 180km, that comes out to be a 5:10 bike split. Is it just a case of me being bigger than the average guy and fighting aero drag or is there something that I'm missing that allows for stupid fast bike splits at a power level that I can maintain with a HR somewhere around 120-130bpm?
  17. The cranks don't turn themselves over. It's all accumulated fatigue in the legs.
  18. Aw man! After winning the championship for my age group last season, I had "2018/19 Queensland Triathlon Champion" added to my business card at work and had it added to my triathlon suit.
  19. The local Queensland Triathlon Series held around SEQ has died off a little bit, but my only reference point is the season before last when everyone was trying to qualify for the GC world champs. The numbers are still decent, but it's not as busy in some of the AGs, and I also feel like the depth of field isn't quite there. At least in my age group of M30-34.
  20. Just to throw another name in the mix, I've been running TokyoWheels for the past 18 months and they're brilliant. The wheels are cheap, they stand behind their product with the guarantees and I haven't had any problems with them at all.
  21. My twins were born on the 10th of June this year, with my next big race being the Sunshine Coast 70.3 (08/09). I was training about 10-12 hours per week right up until they were born. I was actually on the bike when my wife went into labour and came home early on instinct to find her recommending that we finish anything that we needed to do last minute, but that's a whole other story. The girls spent 4 days in hospital initially, in which I actually was on a deload week so I went for a few small jogs and did an hour or so on the trainer when I was at home doing washing and bringing back clean clothes to the hospital for the both of us. After that, the girls came home for 3 days and pretty much all training stopped which was fine with me. They were then admitted back into the NICU for 2 weeks and my wife and I were coming home at night time. I went back to do workouts on Zwift and small running workouts that were higher in intensity to make the most of my time. Once they came home again we had the understanding that I could do what I wanted, as long as I was around to help put the girls to bed and spend an hour with them in the morning to give my wife time to have breakfast and a shower and become a human. That continued right through until the 70.3 when I ran a 5:29:37 and really enjoyed the day and the experience. Since then, I have completely shut down the 'triathlon' training per se and now run on the treadmill once per week and do my local ParkRun on Saturday. I time a Sunday Zwift ride when they go down for their big nap and I do bits and pieces on Zwift at night time once they go to bed. I'm not swimming any more and will be doing the cycling thing for the time being because I can manage that at home. I'll race the TCE in March as a team cyclist and I'm very OK with that. I'll also do a few more TT races when I can because that was next level fun. I'm incredibly grateful and lucky because I can still train and exercise for fun, earn enough to contribute to my family (wife is still on maternity leave until May 2020), and I get to spend time with my girls in the mornings and at night time before and after work. I'll still race the local Cleveland QTS races because they are short enough that I don't need to specifically train for them, and they're 20 minutes up the road from me, but other than that, I'm there for my wife and family as much as I need to be. My training and exercise only happens after everything needs to be done around the house such as meal prep, baby clothes washing, bottle prep etc etc. I limit my sessions to 60 minutes so I'm usually done by 8 so I have around 90 minutes to spend time with the wife before bed every night as well which keeps her happy. I feel like I've found that balance, but at the sacrifice of the 70.3/140.6 dream, but I'm OK with that. Those races will always be there but my girls will only be screaming, permanently awake, constantly hungry, temperamental demon spawn in cute dresses for a short period of time
  22. From memory it's one of the most addictive substances on the planet. In terms of the addiction itself and the number of people with a caffeine addiction.
  23. He seems like the sort of dude to do that just to amuse himself too. Just burn past someone at 50kmh with a gentle pat on the butt and a comment about a rubbing brake caliper.
  24. We had a bit of a play with caffeine at uni but it was centred more around the vasodilation, rather than bronchodilation. Here is a review from 2001 that I found quickly that looked at a few different studies: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/11687099 It appears that it does have an effect, although one of the studies found that it wasn't as effective as theophylline (aka Uniphyl and Theochron).
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