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  1. You're not wrong. It's amazing.
  2. BNothling

    Froome GONE

    No sympathy from Cam
  3. I ride a LeMond Evolution. The only way that I can make that any quieter is if I stop. I have to train with the doors and windows closed, and with earplugs in. If I train with the windows open, the neighbours across the street get up and shut their windows.
  4. It doesn't matter which way the wind is blowing at the Nundahdome, it's always a headwind around that last corner and the whole way up the straight.
  5. BNothling

    Garmin VO2max

    Don't underestimate lactate threshold in the equation too.
  6. The principle behind it is that the contrasting water temperatures help open and close the blood vessels in the soft tissues which helps pump waste products and increase blood flow to carry nutrients etc etc etc.
  7. I don't know if he's still having the problem, but there were quite a few rides being posted to his Strava that had really glitchy elevation. A few people picked up on it but he laughed it off and said that he was having dramas. A few of those every now and again would throw up some crazy vert numbers in a weekly summary.
  8. I'm definitely keen to join one for the Tour.
  9. My greatest KOM moment is a segment near my old place that was hold by someone who peeled off near the top, yet Strava gave him the full segment. It took me 2.5 years to beat it, but I hit the top of the hill and came over the crest like I'd just won a mountain top finish on the Alpe D'Huez.
  10. The only problem that I have with the new system is that as soon as someone drops out of the running for a slot, they DNF to save themselves for the next event. I feel like the number of pro DNFs is climbing so that they can reload and go again somewhere else quicker than normal.
  11. As a sport scientist, that's a dangerous rabbit hole to fall down. Definitely one of those "the more you know, the more that you realise that you don't know" careers.
  12. Congratulations! How long did they hang out for? We are 34+1 at the moment so not long now!
  13. Thanks mate. We're stoked. Long story short, we weren't thinking that we would be able to have kids at all, then it turned into a situation where if we were able to, we would only have one shot at it. So to find out it was twins was a real miracle. I'll definitely be swapping some longer training for intervals and that sort of thing, but I won't know for sure until they're here and we know what we're dealing with.
  14. To this point, my wife has been exceptionally supportive of anything that I throw myself into, whether it be volleyball, road cycling, obstacle course racing, or triathlon. Normally she follows me around but she's yet to get herself into triathlon. Before she fell pregnant, she was coming along on my training rides and runs and has always shared a swim session with me. She quite enjoys the travel and the social side of supporting with my triathlon club and genuinely enjoys being a part of my racing and seeing all of the hours come to fruition on race day. I'm averaging around 10-11 hours per week, and do my training early in the morning to minimise impact with my 8-5 job and also my PT work that I do in the mornings and evening. I'm up at 430 on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday to train, and my Saturday runs incorporate ParkRun so that's not too bad. I limit night time training to Wednesday and Friday night swims, but I'm usually home by 830. During the pregnancy, she has dialled back the running and cycling as her body required but still comes swimming with me. Even with the twins onboard, she's still swimming 2:20/100m but is limited in the distance that she can swim before she gets tired. She's swimming about 500m at a time before having to rest for a bit. We're also still deciding as to whether or not she's technically a human submarine, but we'll let you know what we come back with. We had a chat last night about how to manage things once the twins arrive and it will be a case of trying to work out which sessions are key to my ability to do the 70.3 on the Sunshine Coast, and which sessions are essentially just kms in the legs. I'll be having a look at which sessions I can modify to reduce the time training, but I have my bike setup on Zwift and my neighbour has a treadmill so it'll really only be the swimming where I'm away from home. She wants me to keep training and wants me to race, but it just depends on how I can shuffle it around nap times and whatnot. If it happens, it happens. If not, so be it. After that, I might just drop back to do the local QTS races at Raby Bay where I can only train with a relatively low volume and still have a bit of fun.
  15. The footage of Victor Campenaerts trying to do a flying mount on his own was painful to watch. Almost as painful as watching how sketchy some of those corners were when the rain really came down.
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