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  1. BNothling

    Advice for first 70.3

    For a 70.3, this is exactly what I do. Safer than running X distance in cycling shoes, but still relatively conservative. I'd rather take the extra 5s to get going over the course of 5:30 and know that I'm not going to ruin my race trying to flying mount. Also my 2c regarding the swim, you'll find that pretty much everyone except the gun swimmers are just trying to get in and get out with the minimal amount of fuss and so it's nowhere near as frantic as a shorter distance race. I've found that everyone gives everyone heaps of room and it's quite easy to find your own space in the water and do your own thing.
  2. BNothling

    Tweed Coast Enduro

    https://www.tweedenduro.com.au/the-race/start-list-wave-starts Wave starts are live for anyone playing along at home. I'm off at 0731 which means I'll be rolling through the finish line at about 1245-1300. Should be nice and cool by then right? BOM forecast at this stage is 21-29°C with a southeasterly wind of 25 to 35 km/h. BOM has the high tide at Tweed River at 0630 so might hopefully be a swim that gets better as the time goes on. Anyone else racing?
  3. BNothling

    What training did you do today...

    That Box Hill climb is surprisingly painful. I accidentally found myself on the Innsbruck hill the other night and persevered out of sheer ego. That was an hour of my life that I didn't quite enjoy as much as I thought I would.
  4. BNothling

    What training did you do today...

    Final brick session at Nundah before Tweed Coast Enduro. 15' warm up, 5x 1:30/3:00 accelerations up to race pace with just rolling around for the 3:00 recoveries. 2 laps of Nundah as a warm-down before taking off for a 15' run at 5:40/km pace. Pleasantly surprised to find myself wanting to run faster than that and had to keep pulling back. Hoping for a 5:40/km run on Saturday but I've done all of my training at 5:30/km. We shall see what happens.
  5. BNothling

    Advice for first 70.3

    I am also not Macca, or Jan Frodeno, or the Patron Saint of SlowTwitch Lionel Sanders. Just a 30 year old age grouper from Brisbane trying to be somewhat acceptable at a sport before the twins are born in June and it all goes to custard 😄
  6. BNothling

    Advice for first 70.3

    Haha, nope. I wish I had 10% of their ability though?
  7. BNothling

    Advice for first 70.3

    I've always explained to people that I work with that their nerves are their body's way of being prepared for something extraordinary that they are about to accomplish. Essentially, if they aren't nervous, they either aren't mentally prepared for it or aren't giving the event enough credit. Feel the nerves, acknowledge them, appreciate their presence and tear shit up.
  8. BNothling

    What pace do you run at?

    I'm hoping to run Tweed Coast Enduro at about 5:30/km but I think 5:40-5:45/km is more realistic allowing for heat. My sprint distance run pace is about 4:35-4:45/km. For reference, my ParkRun PB is 4:21/km from October 2018. In training my Z2 pace sits around 6:00-6:15/km.
  9. BNothling

    Tweed Coast Enduro

    Nothing up yet. They said that they'll release wave times when the entry list closes in a few days.
  10. BNothling

    Tweed Coast Enduro

    Strangely, they posted on facebook on the 25th that there are only 40 spots available.
  11. BNothling

    Tweed Coast Enduro

    Thanks for the reply @HOTW. I'd like to have a go next year, but my Sherpa is pregnant with twins so I'm not sure how things are going to go! Draft entry list has been released today. Numbers look reasonably healthy. In the M30-34 AG anyway.
  12. BNothling

    Tweed Coast Enduro

    It is a weird situation that they would put it in such a tightly packed calendar period. Especially with them all being 70.3 or above, you're only really able to have a crack at one. You could maybe back it up for IMNZ but it would be touch and go. Any later and people have switched off for the season? Any earlier and it clashes with Christmas/NY? As someone who hasn't done HOTW, what is the appeal? Is it just going out to a rural location and doing something a bit differently or is there something awesome that makes it a bucketlist local-to-SEQ race?
  13. BNothling

    Must follows on Instagram

    +1 for Josh. My instagram is @bnothling if anyone gets interested.
  14. BNothling

    Tweed Coast Enduro

    Hoping that I'm 1 of 10 people who have registered. I want some bling! 😝
  15. BNothling

    Tweed Coast Enduro

    Thanks everyone. I have just done a bit of digging regarding the swim timing and came up with this: "On Saturday, 16th of February of 2019, the sun will rise in Tweed River at 6:28am and sunset will be at 7:31pm. In the high tide and low tide chart, we can see that the first high tide will be at 6:33am and the next high tide at 6:44pm. The only low tide of the day will be at 1:13pm." Brunswick Heads is showing a high tide of 0635 so it'll be at around 630 high tide. Obviously depending on kick off, it'll either be slack water or an outgoing tide I would imagine? The timing is pretty rough in regards to other races, but with the QTS in Caloundra 2 weeks before, it's a really good tune up opportunity, with enough time to recover and freshen up. HOTW didn't really interest me and I'm not quite at the IM distance stage yet so it made good sense for me to have a crack at this race. Thanks for the advice regarding tyre pressures and the daylight savings time. I'm notorious for waking up every 10 minutes from 3am on race day being paranoid about oversleeping so I don't think that it will be a massive problem, but definitely one to look out for!