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  1. I have seen that actually. I reckon it's a good idea. As fun as netball is, it's nothing on Ultimate Frisbee. I don't think I've ever been challenged physically as much as after a night of that sport. Brilliant fun but draining.
  2. How fun is it though? Love a good game of netball. Unfortunately though, being 6'3" and 85kg, I don't stop real well, and unfortunately get done for a fair bit of contact (keep the sniggers to yourself), but some of the opposition ladies get properly stuck in and give as good as they get.
  3. I was hoping that there'd be event photos from Saturday but it doesn't appear that's the case. Moving on, looking forward to the ITT on the 13th of October at Pimpama
  4. I was rocking a black kit with pink/purple collar and sleeve ends, and bright orange Wyn Republic socks ;). My kit matched the bike, rather than each other.
  5. Correct. At about the 15km mark, I actually got a bit distracted and caught myself watching a C-17 on final approach.
  6. The course had an elevation of 121m over that 20km, with quite a few rolling hills. The RAAF base nearby (5 minutes up the road) recorded 27°C with a 11-13kmh cross-tail/head wind. I agree that it's a lot of power for the speed, but I'm not built to hide from the wind. I'm about 188cm and quite wide across the shoulders and I don't exactly hide from the wind when it matters. For reference, when I did my test ride on Wednesday at Murarrie, I pushed the same sort of power and sat at 39.7kmh average. Obviously completely different situations, but interesting to note. I've always been a bit of a polarised 'athlete' where I'm either good at sprinting or race like a diesel. I can drop 1200W in a sprint finish, or I can hold 220W for 90km without too many dramas. I really enjoyed this race though and I quite enjoy putting myself into the hurt box so I'm definitely going to pursue this as I can train on Zwift around the twins and their routine. In fact, as soon as the 70.3 is in the bag and the medal is on the wall, I'll be starting a Zwift TT training plan to see what that's like.
  7. Well that was an experience. Ended up with provisional P5 in Cat D but was DQ due to non-compliant Specialized Shiv. Got there nice and early to find a large open carpark with a little park next to it. Set the bike on the trainer next to a friend that I bumped into. Signed on and got my number and transponder which was great fun given that I don't have a licence, just a 2 month beginner pass, which the lady argued didn't let me race. It took a few other competitors to convince her that I was good to go. Rocked up to the start line with plenty of time, and went full send on a hilly and windy course with crap roads. Hurt like hell but loved every second of it. Next time, I think I'll pay more attention to the course profile because a few times I powered over a crest to find that the hill continued on the other side. Started fast with the first 3:30 of the ride happening at an average of 348W before settling in. Got toasted by over 2 minutes by the guys who won so I'm pretty keen to actually train for this type of racing and see what happens. Details (taken from the SlowTwitch thread format): 1) Average power - 266W (276W NP) 2) Average speed - 37.0kmh 3) Distance - 20km 4) Rider weight - 86.7kg 5) Describe the bike - Specialized Shiv, Tokyo Wheel 90mm front with 23mm GP4000II, Zipp Sub9 rear with 25mm GP4000II. Giro Aerohead helmet. $25 eBay suit and Wyn Republic socks 6) Misc notes to whine and make excuses - No excuses. Licked the stamp and sent it. Wasn't sure what to expect but I gave it a good nudge 7) Photo? Didn't get any but will post one when I can find one from an on-course photographer
  8. I'm sitting here overthinking things now. How much earlier than my start time do I need to turn up? 10 minutes to get sorted on arrival, warm up takes about 20 minutes, allow another 10 to get the back wheel changed and gear sorted, 15 minutes to sign on and get transponder. What's parking like? Do I have to lug everything to the start line or just warm up near my car on the side of the road and then roll in?
  9. Just getting your money's worth! Hopefully the race goes to plan and you pull it off mate!
  10. I just about needed new ones after it happened. Had the bike on a decent lean due to crosswind, mid corner and was on the aero bars. Little bit of poo came out.
  11. 1:23:00 kick off for me on Saturday. Went almost full send at Murarrie yesterday and had my rear tube valve snap in half through the downhill corner to the S/F straight. Lost all pressure in an explosive moment that sent me off into the paddock. Took my bike to the shop and they found the broken off valve lodged up inside between the tube and the internal surface of the wheel. They've never seen anything like it. Hopefully doesn't happen again on Saturday or at the 70.3. I'm double miffed because I was feeling pretty good and holding a decent pace. Disc wheels are fun.
  12. Athlete list appears to have been added yesterday. Looks healthy to me! https://www.ironman.com/~/media/bec032d63f564db9b86431855eedd2de/19im703sc indvathletelist 13aug19.pdf #701 reporting for duty!
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