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  1. I'm also a DNS/DNF on this one. The guy that sits next to me at work was coughing and sneezing on Thursday and I woke up with it on Saturday. This week is a deload week for me this week so decided to play it smart.
  2. I'm just waiting for the SlowTwitch thread or the YouTube/Facebook/Instagram comments from all of the experts telling him that the stress fracture was caused by his shit running technique and how if he saw a coach when they told him that they should have, he wouldn't have this problem and he would have won Kona last year/this year/next year.
  3. I had the PowerTap C1 chainrings until just recently. They were brilliant and the customer service as they slowly died was amazing.
  4. I'm 3 weeks into my first base training cycle and I'm already rehearsing different nutrition strategies for my run legs. I tend to fuel really well on the bike, but neglect it on the run so I'm making a conscious effort to turn that around. Even now, I'm eating something before I leave for my run to simulate quickly eating in T2 (last week it was half of a Clif bar) and then eating halfway through my run (whether that be a gel or another Clif bar or something else). Not only am I learning what my stomach likes or doesn't like, but how I feel after I've eaten - whether I feel sluggish afterwards or feel a bit of a perk up.
  5. I'll gladly sponsor your ParkRun entry fees.
  6. https://www.strava.com/segments/2660310 I'm not sure if this is the gold standard, but this is the one that I measured myself on a few years ago. Need to go back and have another go soon.
  7. Big problems at ParkRun this morning? 😬
  8. I got a bit excited when I saw the title of this thread. As someone who wear a size 16/17 shoe, I thought this was going to be a thread talking about where we could get big shoes! Alas, I am disappoint
  9. Second this question. Zwift bike/run allowed?
  10. Goal for 2019 is to be a good father for my twins arriving soon! From a sporting perspective, I'm going to turn up to Sunshine Coast 70.3 having either trained or not trained and enjoy it, rather than worrying about time or pace, just so that I can come running/plodding/shuffling down that red carpet and see my babies.
  11. Let me know if you want to have another crack this Saturday. Happy to come and run with you if you'd like. Alternatively, I've just seen that you roll around Mansfield as well which is the other ParkRun that I frequent if you'd prefer to run there. No pressure of course, just an offer.
  12. That would have been an absolute mess. Last time I volunteered at Minnippi we had problems with Mums getting kids out of pram just around the corner under the trees and letting them run the last 150m. I saw what happened and didn't stamp any kids but they all went up to the token person and got tokens. Took ages to sort out. Person handing the tokens needs to be right at the end of the chute to give people time to sort themselves out instead of it being 3 steps after the line. I meant to say something to Carmel but forgot.
  13. Heading to Mansfield tomorrow morning to give it a bit of a nudge. Hoping that the rain scares away some of the people from in front of me and I pull off a miracle Top 10!
  14. I haven't ridden on those, but my TT race wheels are a set of Token wheels. I love them and can't rate them highly enough. My LBS mechanic reckons that they're legit and everything checked out and a few of my club mates have bought them as well.
  15. BNothling


    There's quite a few theories surrounding what causes stitches. They're right up there on the list of things that make scientists and doctors shrug with the human appendix. Some of the more popular theories are as follows: • weight in the stomach (food/drink) means that your stomach pulls on the interior lining of your abdominal cavity and that causes pain • it's a cramp/spasm from deep within • blood flow during exercise is sent to muscles, skin and heart and your stomach/kidneys get ignored, meaning that any food or fluid doesn't get processed and this can cause cramps • irritation of the interior lining of the abdomen (similar to the first dot point) Pretty much the only accepted knowledge around stitches is that stopping the exercise, taking deep breaths, pushing on the spot or bending over will help alleviate the pain.
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