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  1. Stuie016

    Busso 2019

    Athlete guide states PURE Electrolyte Hydration – Lemon & Superfruits And Ironman Gels– Blood Orange & IRONMAN Energy Bars – Rich Chocolate & Mint Bars. This is the guide for this year's 70.3 I am reading
  2. Stuie016

    Tacx Neo 2

    Could be an interesting time for them then, seeing I have received a confirmation email of the order, stating that my order will be dispatched as soon as possible, and the money has been deducted from my credit card. But the order status on their website is listed as 'not yet processed'. Guess the outcome will be based on their interpretation of 'processed'.
  3. Stuie016

    Tacx Neo 2

    Put your order in Peter and with the money you save throw that at Bitcoin, you haven't missed out you are just late to the party.
  4. Stuie016

    Tacx Neo 2

    Based on that I would fully expect we wont be getting our Neo any time soon.
  5. Stuie016

    Tacx Neo 2

    I would think that you would have a case for a refund if they did, as we have an email stating the confirmation of the order at $238.58.
  6. Stuie016

    Tacx Neo 2

    Well the transaction has occurred on my credit card so where does that sit in the scheme of a transaction????
  7. Stuie016

    Tacx Neo 2

    Just put my order in to, but it does say status: Not yet Processed, so I guess there is their out. Wait and see.
  8. Stuie016

    Time management

    In my highly uneducated and rookie opinion the first question in the above comment hits the nail on the head, what do you want out of triathlon. Are you after Front of Pack results with World Championship qualifications or are you happy to compete and provide an example to your children of what you can achieve in life in the hope that they may follow in your footsteps to compete as well, which will lead to greater time spent together. I have three children (5, 9 & 13) and fully understand my place in the triathlon world. I have no aspirations for World Champ qualifications and am happy to be able to front up and give an honest effort and finish. I have gone through the frustration in trying to prepare for my first 70.3 with all the grand plans of programmed training sessions only to be unable to do them due to life getting in the way. Be it children not sleeping, working late, wife working late, family event commitments and the list goes on. The greatest piece of advice I feel I can give you (because it helped me) is to roll with life and accept your place on the triathlon totem pole. If you hold aspirations to become front of pack your children will be out doing their own thing in a few years’ time and that is when you can ‘ramp’ up your training. Now in regards to fitting things in now around life, try to use the commute to work if you can. I have just started to ride to work, with it being just over 20km each way I am getting over 170km of riding (almost 3 ½hrs) in each week as one day I need to catch the train to be able to pick the girls up from dancing one night during the week. Short half hour runs in the evening once or twice a week with a long run (1hr at the moment) on a weekend. This can either be while my middle one does a boxing class or Sunday morning before the wifey gets up. This way we still have breakfast together as a family. Swimming is the issue at the moment but as my 70.3 goal isn’t until December I am just doing what I can and will see where life takes me in the months to come. Just do what you can but most importantly accept what you can otherwise you will become bitter towards yourself and those around you.
  9. Ok, being a newbie to the sport it's good to know these things. Agree on the volunteer comment, however is the issue lack of volunteers or is it that the event isn't making the organisers enough money? I imagine the issue with volunteers in Busso would be seeing it is 2 hours from Perth and then paying for accommodation on top of traveling to help out would be a deterrent to many.
  10. Could the Challenge brand make a move over?
  11. Had a mild head cold last week, but have run (well lets call it a pacy jog :)) 3 times since with no struggles so hopefully it's not coming back.
  12. Peter, this was more than just that it felt like. I have done hard interval sessions on consecutive days and never experienced anything like this. Any other time competitive juices flow and I can usually keep pace with the riders around me at 2-2.4 w/kg for a significant amount of time, but tonight I was toast from the drop of the gate.
  13. This one is more of a question to all out there around training - On Monday night I did Tour of Watopia Stage 1 felt good all the way was able to average 2.2 w/kg over the 52 minute event. Now to tonight for Stage 2 i could barely maintain 1.9 w/kg over the 1:08 event. It literally felt like I was trying to ride in cement the whole time. I have a dumb smart trainer, so no erg mode or controlling from zwift, so basically a flat ride with no resistance change other than me going up and down in gears. checked the trainer and the rugrats haven't messed with it at all. So my question is, has anyone experienced this before where they are just gassed from the start for no apparent reason at all?
  14. I believe Rhino has pulled the pin, his knee has blown up.
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