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  1. Seeing I am still harbouring wishes to do Busso in May thought it was a good day to attempt a 'long' run. Did my first ever 10k run this morning. Was feeling it throughout the day but not too bad this evening. Proof will tell tomorrow morning me thinks....
  2. @IronmanFoz - Unfortunately it is the only session i am doing in the day so can't pin it on workload. Not sure if hydration is the issue as i do drink a minimum of 2L combination of water and green tea throughout the day. Plus my water bottle while swimming has Hydralite tabs in there too. @monkie - Have used BioCeuticals Ultra Muscleze Magnesium Powder previously so might have to get some more again. I have only just got back to swimming after a decent layoff so hopefully muscle memory will kick in and ease the pain.
  3. Wondering if anyone else has/is experiencing this and might know of a solution. I have ongoing issues with cramping in my feet and calves while swimming. It seems to come on the harder/faster I try to swim. Monday night I managed to swim 1900m (broken up, not continuous) at a steady pace and only experienced mild cramping in my feet towards the end of my session. Last night after a 300m warm up I went in to 4 x hard 100’s followed by 3 x 200’s (100 easy, 50 mild and 50 hard). Bang went the feet and calves on the second 200 during the hard phase. Finished the session using a pull buoy but still experienced intermittent cramping with complete seizure at the end, and have the sorest claves today due to the cramping. I seems to stem from the pointing of my toes as even day to day I can be sitting down and point my toes and the arch of my foot will cramp from time to time. I know cramping is a relatively unknown since but does anyone know what may be the cause of this as it feels like it is more muscle related?
  4. Did my first Tri in over 18 months. Slow and steady will never win the race, but you do feel damn proud when your done though
  5. What a day, might not seem much to some but I am knackered. Woke up and did 6k run. Got home loaded the family in the car to head to the beach and did 1200m swim. Came home fed the beasts then did an hour on the bike. Basically did 1/3 of a 70.3 over the time it will hopefully take me to do the full distance 😝
  6. Me and Julio is the best song to have come on when doing intervals on the indoor trainer to get you through a tough one. Crank the volume and raise the cadence.
  7. I quite like listening to Tom too. He has 2 interviews with David Goggins which are quite good. A good Tri related Youtube channel is szTri. He does triathlon footage with motivational speakers as the audio as well as some with just music.
  8. 1hr Zwift for another FTB builder workout early this morning, had to hold myself back when the one and only L. Sanders rode past, I thought about trying to chase and keep with him just to say I did but stuck to the plan and let him ride off into the distance. Truth be known I wouldn’t have stood a chance to keep up but I like to think I might have 😊
  9. Easy 7k@4.50.... I did a 5k@5:45 and was at threshold HR basically from 750m in the whole time. Stopped to walk to get the HR down and it dropped immediately but as soon as I started running, boom, up it went again. 4.50 pace would feel like a sprint. I am in awe of you all who can do that pace and maintain it.
  10. Set the alarm for 4:45 this morning to commence, for first time ever, early morning sessions. 1hr on Zwift HIT FTP booster session. They say early morning exercise sets your day up, all I wanted to do was get back in bed and sleep
  11. Only got out 1500m swim last night, started to cramp worse than a soccer player in the 90th minute who's team is up by a goal.
  12. Level 8 here. Handle is just my name Stuart Verco, boring really
  13. You got off easy 😀. I actually managed to keep with a few groups during the ride which helped, I think. Burnt a few matches trying to get on the back a couple of times but gave a good feeling of what I would think it is like in the real world of racing.
  14. Completed Stage 3 of TDZ last night. Happy days until the last 5km, somewhere around a 230m climb 😲
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