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  1. Well I was so convincing that another guy looped back, so I came first in the new distance (and not DFL)!!
  2. For my first Triathlon, I signed up for a Sprint distance (750 m swim, 20 km ride, 5 km run). I knew my swim should take approximately 20 mins to complete. I was feeling good, and ready for a good race. Emerging from the 750 m swim into Transition 1 I did the swim and in the rough time I was expecting. Entering transition was glad the swim was now done, and ready for the bike. I knew I dropped back in my group and even had a few from the next two waves pass me in the water. I got going on the bike, and was feeling strong. I could really only taste salty water in my mouth, lips and up my nose. Trying to pump myself with some Electrolytes to help my muscles fire. Heading out on the bike leg of the Triathlon I got out on the bike and was making passes of other riders, go to the turn around and heading back saw there was another U-Turn (knowing I hadn’t done a turn around) and also my Garmin was saying I had only done 10 I turned around and headed back out on the bike course. I was informed en-route by officials I was at the back of the pack, of which I was surprised how I could have been THAT far back; however I just peddled harder and pushed on through. I did my second turn around and heading back in saw another rider still on the course (thinking well I am not last then). Preparing for the 750m swim, first time in Open Water Swimming I made my way back in, got to Transition 2 and onto the 5km run. I was pleasantly surprised when my dad appeared and started to run beside me. At this stage I was still feeling good, I knew I had the 5km run down and that was going to be easy. I crossed over the finish line and was baffled how I got smashed on the course (also with my hopes of bigger distances and maybe I under estimated my abilities). Feeling pissed that this course had crushed me; we packed up and headed off to Sydney. En-route I was looking at my stats and times and everything wasn’t adding up, my biking was very strong. My swim was stable, so why did it all fall apart. I had a friend then comment on my Strava bike leg trying to work out why I did 40kms (that’s not a sprint). The final stretch to the finish line!! It was then that I realised, I had now done 750 m swim, 40 km ride, 5 km run. Which I was still feeling good, so maybe a Standard distance isn’t out of reach for me. However, I placed 210 out of 211. As for the other guy out on the bike course with me, I am not sure if he was just following me as I rode with such confidence or what. I have since changed my Garmin settings and hopefully won’t make the same mistake again! Overall I was impressed with my results ONCE I understood what happened. Wet Suit on and getting ready for the Open Water Swim!! OFFICIAL TIMES Swim 750m – 20:40 Transition 1 – 2:57 Ride 20km (40km) – 1:27:02 Transition 2 – 2:10 Run 5km – 30:18 Overall – 2:23:10
  3. Great report, I signed up for the Sprint at Huskisson. However I did an epic fail and my garmin was counting 2km segments and when I got to the 'end' my watch said 10 and I felt good so I turned around and headed back out (ended up doing 40km on the bike). From that I realised I could handle a Standard/Olympic distance race!! Hope you are happy with your results, I was once I realised my mistake!
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