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  1. Scottz

    Noosa wave times

    Thanks for the replies all. Lol Brett... that did actually feel welcoming to read. Thanks! What is premium mates, or mates for that matter? Ive seen that’s a different wave to S4S. I live in Brisbane and I like heat. I babied myself with water/food/electrolytes last weekend and still felt like death. I’ve never feared heat until after that. It wasn’t because I’m soft, that heat was F’d and I need to not struggle that way next year....
  2. Scottz

    Noosa wave times

    Hi all, just wondering if anyone can tell me whether or not Noosa Tri wave starts tend to be fairly consistent or not? I did the bike leg (only) in a team this year and nearly died from the heat. I’m doing 2019 as my first full triathlon next year and am trying to decide whether I go with S4S or individual, and am largely basing this on wave start, which I know is not available until ~2 weeks out. So, what have the wave times been like in past years? Also I’m 32yo. Thanks
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