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  1. Lufcbully

    Noosa Tri 2018

    That run was the hardest run I've ever done, but did around 10 hours training in total so not surprising!
  2. 5km noosa run before Sundays tri, although the 5km was 3.9km
  3. Trek Madone 4.7, Shimano 105, 58cm carbon frame. $700 ono I'll be using it to race at Noosa and then will no longer need it so can meet there or somewhere around Brisbane. I'm coming to the end of my working holiday, I've thought about taking it home (UK) but have too many bikes there! I also have a helmet, lights, track pump, sidi shoes, bib shorts, jersey and car rack if interested
  4. A 20km ride whilst getting attacked by magpies the whole time.
  5. LCW Wales is a great event with excellent support. Tough course. I did it last year but changed the marathon to a half marathon as I was coming back from a foot injury and had ironman kalmar a few weeks after. Haven't done LCW Australia so can't compare!
  6. Lufcbully

    Noosa Tri 2018

    Cheers. Going to try to sell my bike there after racing too as going home!
  7. Lufcbully

    Noosa Tri 2018

    Hi all, over from England and racing noosa for the first time, what are the expo's like? Looking to get a new pair of goggles for it and wondering wether to get a pair before or get a pair there. Hoping it's not a wetsuit swim too as I'll have to buy /hire one!
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