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  1. Thanks for the ideas everyone - it sounds like being part of a team would be the simplest way to achieve this. I appreciate the differing perspectives, and it doesn't sound valid enough for a RD to take up! Stikman, I can completely agree with you, not offended at all...I felt stupid as soon as I posted it (I imagined all these excuses people could create 'I'm fair skinned and burn easily, can I just run my run leg in the shade off course?')...I also can see the selfish side - I'm not the person who's had a nasty bike stack and I wouldn't want to disrespect anyone else who moved past that and got back on the bike/the road.. But, that's why you bounce ideas; now I know more. I guess I was looking for something more 'official' than a training session (even though that would count). This thread has given me some good ideas for alternatives; thank you. Turts, I impailed the bike brake/clippers into my thigh when stacking it downhill. Landed on a 1m-wide boardwalk with water either side of me pinned by a bike. Called emergency services, had firies/ambos/helicopter ride to hospital, and vascular surgery to repair sFV and sFA. 3 month recovery. The Xray is awesome. Remove the handlebars and you've removed the fear factor. Trinube, I'm female.
  2. A curious question here. Aside from clearly specified modified formats (biathlon, etc), do you ever see participants in modified formats of triathlon? I'm toying with the idea of doing a entrance level tri purely for the challenge of completing it, rather than places/times/advancement. Never done one before; it would be a stretch of my comfort zones in a number of ways. However, I had a pretty significant (and terrifying) bike accident 2 years ago and I'm far too scared to actually get on a bike - only been on stationary bikes since - would any RD out there (of a small event) let me 'roll' the bike portion? Would be rollerskating/scootering/similar and yes I'd give right of way for every cyclist/do as much as I could to not interfere with their race? I've RD'd fun runs and running events, so I can see the ops/OHS/rules side from that perspective, just not sure how this would go down with tri RDs or participants. Thoughts? (NSW based).
  3. Hi Lawman, Long time reader on this site - I can't believe this post actually prompted me to sign up to say something! I like reading perspectives (and banter), and learning about different sports & training philosophies as I coach and officiate at national/international levels in two sports... In recent years I administered the pointscores for Athletics NSW events...and boy oh boy were some people really into the pointscore business. And they were VERY into rule interpretations that were historic and adamant against changes. I'd get emails every week 'correcting' my work even if I'd gone to lengths to make it correct with advanced MS Excel, etc. Anyway, I know a thing or two about this. If your rogaining events are organised under a state banner, and you are a member of that organisation, then absolutely you have the right to raise the agenda item. (Find the switched on staff member who will help advance your case). If a higher entity (national/international) body uses the same formula, then it will be harder - because people will call out 'tradition'. Are the suppliers invested in the pointscore? (I imagine it might be a driver for retention of participants - a sort of levelling the playing field? - whereas you're seeing it as a negative to attracting/retaining new participants?). You need a good enough reason to change it - logically and soundly presented - and enough people behind it who want to drive that change. Not the same masters athletes who ring the office to whinge and moan each week (I speak from experience!). And perhaps it is wise to present an alternative model, and what the benefits are. Clear & simple models are always the best. Are there a group of people responsible for these rules, or is it just at the discretion of the supplier? In my events experience, the presence of a pointscore didn't increase the number of teams/individuals entered in an event (thus profit), unless a club was strongly driving it. I don't know of any other sport that operates as such; the closest I know of is 'double dipping' e.g. being able to win an U20 and open title from the same event by coming 1st overall (always controversial).
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