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  1. Have had the same thought in the same place, very hard to ignore the creaking once you’re mind goes there. Don’t know the answer to the carbon question but it did make me lean towards Ti for the next roadie.
  2. 2nd vote for Manly Dam but take care as the ski times are different each day - see times below from the PoM.
  3. In recent years it looks like most are relying on neutral service but in the women’s field it’s a bit like the one camera problem, does it hang with the pack or with Ryf off the front?
  4. Wow, they aren’t holding back on the marketing spend, maybe ventum should watch this as a how to. Bike wise, would rather my fluids more accessible but love the storage solution on down tube.
  5. Women - Charles / Adams - Ryf will puncture while off the front away from service vehicle and I can’t see any one giving her a spare Men - Seb / Currie - Looking forward to seeing how long wurf can stay in front but I think his fight with starky for bike prime will end both their aspirations early.
  6. Hope everyone had a safe and fun time in the sun. Well it’s official, MTB skills are useful out there and I’m still looking for them. Really struggled making it through some of the deep sand upright on the bike but did manage to pick off a few on the run for a fun day out - you get a lot more chances starting from the back! Giving the trail half a crack tomorrow, hopefully the legs pull up well overnight.
  7. MSP

    Let's talk Kona 2018

    Here’s hoping Brandon and Charles cooperate on the swim and early bike to at least make the women’s bike prime a competition even if the win feels a step too far.
  8. Have fun out there, was a tough weekend for me last year and think I still need another year to forget the last 50k of the bike before I return ....
  9. I’m in for both the cross tri on Saturday and the trail run on the Sunday. Hoping the MTB that was bought to bash around with the kids will stand up to it....
  10. MSP

    Challenge Roth

    Great to see Charles challenged at Roth, hopefully bring out some more fire in the Kona build and create a real competition in Hawaii against Daniela, with Rinny as a wild card if she can keep up some of these post baby bike results that once eluded her.
  11. Thanks for the insights, sounds like a bit of low key fun to kick the season off with as long as expectations aren’t too high.
  12. Do you think you could get away with a CX bike on the course without the sand hills?
  13. MSP

    Ironman IVs

    Wasn’t there a big uproar a few years back when a US IM had one of these companies as an official expo partner?
  14. I’ll sign on for that goal too!
  15. MSP

    TA Membership time

    Definitely worth it for the third party coverage alone if not already a CA member and covered that way. I always used to think that I won’t cause an accident but after a car turned right in front of me, and later changed their statement to say I came off the footpath and crossed in front of them to avoid paying for my bike and then claim against me for a windshield - I realised that it’s better to have a backstop for a my word against yours scenario - in my case it was a s#%t box that hit me but could easily have been a $200k Porsche.
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