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  1. Greyman

    LA still a WINNER

    Yes and he's the chaser for charity. Lance is starting last and every runner he passes will earn a donation to the charity from sponsors.
  2. Greyman

    Must follows on Instagram

    I never bothered with it either. I'm too busy talking to humans in person.
  3. Greyman

    2018 wrap up

  4. Greyman

    2018 wrap up

    With what you have lived with since the early 90's and the things you've done since I've known you, you're one of the strongest buggiers I know. Definitely not a SC! Funny dude too. I still remember the laugh we had in the recovery area after one of the Forster half ironman races. Sitting there shooting the breeze and joking. I won't mention the bikini girls under beach shower nearby, hahaha.
  5. Greyman

    Sky about to pull the pin

    Team Aspen Medical. F&@k me! For a minute there I thought moto man was going to have to go back on the speedway circuit to earn a buck.
  6. Greyman

    Australian Masters Games

    See old school, you've remembered someone. Someone from farken two decades ago but it's a start, haha. Honestly I was waiting for an AFL type to try an spruik their footballers. Leon, was Hausemann from Rocky? I always thought he was from SA as he lived and trained there. Oh well, SA had better throw up someone else real quick. O' Grady, that old hack is carrying the can for a whole state at present, haha.
  7. Greyman


    Rob, have had same experience on motorbike on ride day at the island. Don't think my rear wheel was ever off the ground (BTW were you channeling Kevin Schwantz! Lol). It's eye opening when you fully understand the braking forces a front brake can handle. The difference between motorbike and push bike is the dampening of those forces. Yeah your right Dazz. I use look on my TT bike and training bike for the same reasoning that you outlined. When I'm riding the roadie, time doesn't matter so the SPDs fit the bill. Plus you don't spill as much coffee walking in SPD cleats as opposed to the slip and slide look Keos and the like.
  8. Greyman


    Great pedals for folks with dodgy knees who commute or ride a route with stops like Beach road in MelVegas. Have to say that since I put them on my roadie, rides like Around the bay, Great Vic bike ride and veterans Armistice ride have been more enjoyable.
  9. Greyman

    Australian Masters Games

    Nice try old school. Bit of Adelaide bashing is always a bit of fun, but they have cranked out a few good athletes since Deano - Lisa Martin/ Ondiecki, Vern Schuppan (24 hrs Lemans winner) Glen Hausmann, Stuart O'Grady and the list goes on. Maybe you should have said they haven't produced any good triathletes for a long time.
  10. Greyman

    Australian Masters Games

    Geez, even the Police Games & emergency services games have a tri.
  11. Greyman

    LA still a WINNER

    Depends where you're looking in their portfolio and which balance sheet you look at. It's all in the licensing, advertising and leveragible market presence. Uber is not just a ride sharing APP, it's the Jim franchising phenomena of the new millennium. We have several Uber services now beyond the ride sharing and If we don't see an Uber airline and Uber funerals sometime in the future, I will be surprised. BTW Pete, BITCOIN is just pyramid selling or investing in new shiny pyjamas! Each generation needs a scam to be sucked into and scorned!
  12. Greyman

    LA still a WINNER

    The real funny bit in the whole Uber investment deal is, Old dopey Landis can't lay claim to any of it. He must be spewing big time after he took the settlement out of court for "chump change" compared to this nice little earner Lance. No wonder Lance didn't blow up about a settlement with landis. Lance - "here's a coupla Mil Floyd, now go away and leave the world alone. " Meanwhile I will just go over here and watch the ticker on uber investment turnover again and again while I run my very successful podcasts from my mobile studio. Must look into getting the jet back." i bet Travis Tygatt spat coffee all over his computer when he heard the news about Lances good fortune. Can't kill that dream, Travis!
  13. Greyman

    Cranky does it again..

    Crankys just hit a good balance between being a mum and wife, teacher and top age group athlete. It's good that a few people on here have helped her out. What some of you probably have not seen us Crankys positive influence on people around her. Two of her girls have started in the kiddies tri's and doing well. One of Crankys colleagues has followed Crankys example and started at Park tun several months ago and lately some tri's. That lady has completed each triathlon she's started and had a few podiums in her age group. BTW she has dropped about 15 or so kgs in weight along the way. The scoop is Mr Cranky has got a bike and is doing some training as well. So well done Cranky, enjoy your break over Christmas and look out QTS competitors in the new year.
  14. Greyman

    Maccas Prince designs a short course for record

    But it's in the Middle East; stop being so picky about details. I wonder if those Canadian twins raced there. It would almost be a challenge for them to cut that course.
  15. Greyman

    VIDEO: Ironman Hawaii Kona 2018 Coverage

    Close to a cure for insomnia but still mainstream coverage of one of the biggest races in our sport.