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  1. Get him the gym. FFS, even my granny can load a spear gun.
  2. Greyman

    Ryf still swimming

    Aqua shop. They have an email add out today saying they have plenty in stock and you can order online.
  3. I can use my time from last years run the gap if I want to. I had planned to go again this year for the wonderland run. Even though I have sold the house out near there, I still have somewhere to stay. All up in the air at present. If you do decide to travel and run, let me know. If I'm there, we can catch up after the run at "Curryoke". If you've not been to Curryoke on the Sunday afternoon/ evening, you're in for an experience.
  4. Run the Gap in May at Halls Gap in the Grampians cancelled. THE major qualifying race for the Wonderland series of trail runs in August, which are still listed as going ahead. No word from "the Judge" aka the race director, as to how entry qualifying will occur this year. Surf coast century trail runs - all cancelled.
  5. 2008 model. You may need a decoder for the aerial if it's an old design. As they say on 2 and a half men TV show, "get the guy." Ring your TV antenna man. He will come check everything and tune it for you. Be cheaper than asking at the electrical shop. They will want sell you a new tv.
  6. How long ago was the tree climbing at Winton. I remember kids climbing trees at the old track at Winton. Some of the trees were removed when they reconfigured and extended the track. The historic races have always been a great family weekend. Yep and locally, Walkingshaw Andretti United have announced they are preparing to make medical equipment including support apparatus for respirator units. If you've not seen WAU's facility in Melbourne, it's impressive. Because they make components for modified road cars and other industries, their factory premises can tool up to make carbon fibre and alloy components to almost any design. This is the beauty of the car racing industry. In times like these, most teams have a work force and means to design and build items to support the requirements of the medical world. It just takes someone with a lateral thinking brain, like Ryan Walkinshaw, to speak up and "we race car team can help." Good on him for making a start here in Oz.
  7. I do, thanks. Help an old workmate with his cars. He owns a few including Robbie Francevics Volvo touring car. The one I like is his 1980's era, Elfin formula 3000 open wheeler. I usually get to Phillip Island or Winton each year for the historics.
  8. "There are three ways to get fit for cycling. Ride the bike, ride the bike and ride the bike." Eddie B cycling coach
  9. Love car racing and motorbike racing. Always have, since I was a kid. My two brothers and I, were taken to our first car race at Warwick Farm when we were 9. I still remember the sound of Moffats Coca Cola Mustang, the screeching of tyres in the corners the sound of cars crashing into the Armco barriers. We were living in Canberra at the time and dad and his mate saw how much we liked the cars so they took us to the speedway a few weeks later. Mt Gin raceway used to be near where Majura lane and the Federal Highway intersected. Today there some kind of Eco tourist centre or some crap. Back in 1972 it was a clay dirt speedway where races were run Saturday afternoons (no lights back then so no night races). Speedway just feuled the fire even more for three young boys. Our newsagent was a family friend and kept the return copies that hadn't sold of Speedway News (UK pub) and Speedway Times and Aussie mag, for us boys. Nearly 50 years later and all three of us are still just into motor racing. We've each had a go at different forms of racing. Only one of us (not me) has tried motorcycle racing. That brother hasn't tried any form of car racing. Me and the third one, have tried circuit racing in cars and only I have competed in car rally's. thats all ancient history now, but we still keep across what's going on. We've all been to Bathurst for various car races, seen F1 in a few places but I'm the only one who has been to Le Mans. To me, Le Mans 24 hour race is the pinnacle of motorsports. F1 used to be tops up to about 2001, but Now it's too controlled and a bit contrived. When Nick Munting was Alive, we used to message each other a lot about motorsports. He was a huge fan, used to rally and was editor of Auto Acrion magazine in the 1980s and 90's. He loved his cars. I miss our chats about the cars and bikes.
  10. Apparently the Pro's have been advised already and the rest of the entrants will receive an email tomorrow 17 / 03/2020.
  11. Good progression. Settling on a run total you are comfortable with and cope with around your other training and the rest of your life is the key. You will keep running if it fits your life and you aren't struggling to fit it in. Some people will tell you to do more if you want the get better. But there's always a trade off against your swimming and cycling training, plus the most important part of the whole deal - recovery. Train, recover, live your life and arrive at the start line fit and healthy. That's the ultimate challenge.
  12. I think you're on the right track. Gradually increasing the distance on you're Thursday easy run could put you in overuse injury territory if you overdo the volume or miss judge your easy pace. A consideration is to do a short run off the bike after your long ride if that is on Sunday. This will give you some extra volume and condition your body for race day. Just what total mileage per week are you hoping to achieve?
  13. Attention G train, your account has been hacked. There's no way you could have written those words.
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