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  1. There’s gym fit and then there’s Farmfit!
  2. Greyman


    The biggest surprise of this whole “Ruby Princess virus” (or is China virus) thing, is nsw people thinking that the rest of Australia want to visit Sydney. FFS, there’s a shitload of better places in nsw to visit, than Sydney. With all the crowding and ignoring of social distancing measures going on, a night out at Bogan Bingo in the Dungog hotel is probably safer and more entertaining than SINCITY. And then there’s South Australia closing its borders to visitors. Have they stopped a lot of people crossing the border? NO! Because no one wants to go there. After all, Adelaide is just one big cure for insomnia and the rest is just vineyards and boring people talking about two football teams. The only thing to come out of SA, is the road to Western Australia. back to bunker.
  3. Did the 1998 race 11 weeks after a motorcycle accident. Still had stitches in my shin and a major crush injury on my lower leg on race day. I didn’t train from when the crash happened in early February, until two weeks before the race. Fortunately I had a huge year of training and racing in 1997 and got through the race on that. My race plan was just to beat the swim cut off, bike cutoff and then walk the whole marathon. I had a blast on the bike and run. No pressure at all and met some great people at the BOP. I even stopped at Maccas for a burger and coke near the end of the bike ride. Lucky i did, because I was out there walking for a long time on the run course. Made the finish time easily. Glad I did The race.
  4. Greyman

    105 or Ultegra

    Great advice.
  5. Lost 6 kg since March. Simply more regular running and cycling. Got my knee sorted and running is enjoyable again. WFH is great. No wasted time sitting in a car travelling or attending endless meetings. Only downside has been no swimming.
  6. I will probably continuing to work from home and go to the office two days a week. I live close to work and so it’s no problem to duck in for a meeting or use the gym. Outside of work, life is much less busy. This has meant running and riding has been more regular. The wife and I aren’t splitting ourselves between two locations as well, which is good. We are looking forward to being able to go out for brunch or dinner when we feel like it. We have made the best of it by “doing lunch” on work days in our BBQ area which has been good fun. Our careers and family life have meant we have only had lunch together a dozen times during a work week in our married life (34 years). I definitely don’t miss flying to Canberra or Sydney for work. Won’t be in a hurry to go back to that.
  7. Love how Brunyel has now come out and said Lemond and Co are hypocrites, as they couldn't have won the tour clean, as they claim. Geez, talk about late to the party!
  8. Ever since Tom Simpson had a heart attack and fell from his bike while descending during the 68 tour (brought on by amphetimines and other drugs causing dehydration through thickening of the blood), there are questionable results in bike racing. The real upswing came in the 80’s. the battle between Hinault and Lemond probably the first time eyebrows were raised question marks over drugs and blood / plasma transfusions. You have to wonder just what help some riders received to win the tour. It’s sad really, because a great spectacle is tarnished by suspected drug use.
  9. For the first time in a very long time, I may not be a TA member.
  10. Greyman


    Anastasia is only keeping the border closed to piss off Peter Dutton.
  11. There are a lot of self obsessed arseholes in America. Lance is their King.
  12. Zoom meeting that included the CEO, junior ministerial staff and some other members of the head shed and every time I unmuted my mike to make a comment or answer a question, there in the background are the dulcet tones of my dog snoring his head off while sleep in the sunshine coming through the window of my home office. Priceless looks on various people’s faces as to what and where the noise was coming from.
  13. It’s a good feeling isn’t it. Well done. Guess we will be seeing pics and post from the road from you two.
  14. I’ve done the ride from Melbourne to Mildura and return on my motorbike several times in the last three years. I don’t think I’d ride that road on a push bike. Too many crazy truckies and wandering caravaners.
  15. AlI depends what lifestyle you're after. Each has its merits and detractions. Give each a try and see what you think. I favour the sunny coast as I have lived there a few times, but I also like the south part of the Gold Coast and some areas in northern NSW. I have a mate who moved to Miami on th GC from Sydney. I love his attitude to how they viewed the move. They always say, "we bought the beach and it came with the 3 bedroom fibro house that we live in." Their focus was the beach lifestyle and not the house or work.
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