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  1. Greyman

    Training solo

    This actually more like the reality you should aim for JAYPAY1. I'm like Flanno, but we live a thousand k's apart. You need that occassional contact with other Tri folk but in the main, training by yourself can be very rewarding.
  2. Greyman

    Why can't we all just get along???

    Quick BB, quick.
  3. Greyman

    IM France

    I've had a few drop outs but otherwise ok. I'd blame the dropouts on the NBN before ironman live.
  4. Greyman

    Why can't we all just get along???

    But obviously not a David Bowie fan, lol.
  5. Greyman

    Why can't we all just get along???

    And the Blackstar
  6. Greyman

    Why can't we all just get along???

    Up the hill backwards, it will be alright!
  7. Greyman

    Eyeball aero test

    FP, I like the level of whiteness you are achieving. With your Bentobox, if you don't like how it looks or sits at the front of your top tube, try it at the other end of you top tube up against your seat post. I've seen quite a few people do this. Aero wise it would be slightly better as your knees and thighs are disturbing whatever aero drag the Bentobox may catch. Functionally, I think it's not a good spot. But try it if you like, just to see. Honestly, the speeds us age groupers are doing on our Tri bikes, the position of biddons and Bentobox's is negligible in the overall drag coefficient of our bikes. The biggest gains to be made are with the human riding the bike and the position the human is in whilst riding. That's worth a thread on its own.
  8. Greyman

    I Believe

    Broccoli is poison.
  9. Greyman

    FTP & Ironman power

    I thought FTP was dead! That's what the adds on FB keep telling me, lol.
  10. Greyman

    I Believe

    Good words AP. it goes without saying hydration and enjoyment don't need to be on the list. Anyone who needs to read that, shouldn't be allowed out of the house without adult supervision, lol.
  11. Greyman

    Short pools

    Never had a problem with that.
  12. Greyman

    Data and Running Shoes

    Question 2 should have multiple selections. It's called research.
  13. Greyman

    Swim coach west Melb?

    Xblane, not important for average age grouper. But if you're trying move up in your swim performance and plan to train with the fast swimmers in a squad, I'd suggest you spend some time learning to tumble turn.
  14. Greyman

    Local Pool entry fee

    I agree pieman and when I travel for work I do exactly that with the hotel pool. However, there is a draw back when you have a 25m heated outdoor pool on tap year round and have the "use it for anything " attitude. You do tend to overdo the swim miles and end up with one or two over use symptoms. Plus, you have to watch the amount of time you are actually out in the sun. Other than that it's a great attitude to have.
  15. Greyman

    Short pools

    My pool is a 25m outdoor one and is a 5 min walk from my office. I use it year round and find the best work outs to do are strength sets and technique drills. I rarely share a lane and this time of year, there's about 6 people in the pool at the most during the day. Gets busier after work. Ps. It's free.