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  1. Greyman


    Mate, you're a disgrace, haha. What the hell did you do? Chuck your bike at a race referree or something. Runwith, good luck in dealing with these complainants. I've heard of this type of complaint action bring a scam. Said pole smoker complains about shop on social media, keeps doing it until shop owner offer huge discount or free product to shut them up. Reading your posts, gut feeling is the female poster fits the scammer profile more than the first nutter.
  2. Greyman

    New IMWA swim course = chaos?

    Who's on twits? Do we stop talks them. What's the protocol here? Hehehe.
  3. Greyman

    PBK Shipping

    Wiggle fast as bro. Ordered Monday night, delivered 8am Wednesday. Chain reaction good too. Usually a 3 days turnaround.
  4. Greyman

    Triathlon history

    Goughy, Laurie Lawrence did alright as a sportsman. Played rugby for Australia back in the early 1960's and can swim. Did it all with 1 and a half lungs too.
  5. Greyman


    James, I trained there too when I lived and worked in BrisVegas 92 to 95. I didn't see anything inappropriate going on either. Great training group and great sessions. My swimming improved out of sight when I trained in that group. The HR handle thing was developed by a Vietnam veteran who trained with the squad. Did you ever do the rides up to Caboulture and back for intervals at the velodrome?
  6. Greyman

    Triathlon history

    Erin and Scot are Still married, have grand kids and live in a big seaside house in Christchurch. Erin runs her own business and has recently returned to competing in the sport after a 15 year break. Molina has continued to train and compete over the years. He has been big into cycling in recent years and placed third in the NZ road national champs 2 years ago. Have a listen to a few of the IMTalk podcasts that feature him or Erin. I don't think they'd be too upset that this movie doesn't have much about them. The movie has been written and directed from one or a few people's perspective and is a snapshot in time. The sport is spread so far and wide that it's impossible to capture everything and everyone. The best takeaway from this whole thing, is there's a triathlon movie in mainstream cinemas showcasing the sport.
  7. Greyman

    2020 70.3 World Championship

    I use Emirates to NZ from Melbourne. $580.00 return with 30kg of luggage. So a checked big red bike box, a checked bag and 1 carry on bag. No breakages and no complaints about service. Sure you may get cheaper deals, but at what cost!
  8. Greyman

    Individual 70.3 races lack history in OZ

    Cairns had a HIM back in the late 90s early 2000s. Was always a good race to get up to during the southern winter. Now the 70.3 is on the map along with the full IM, I agree that this is the race with the most potential to be an iconic 70.3 race in Oz. port 70.3 follows close behind but future support from the towns folk and council could undermine it. That would be a shame as its ideally located and date scheduled to grow and grow. How many IM cast offs would still do the 70.3? Farken heaps.
  9. Greyman

    Let it go or no?

    Well that's ok then. Anything goes in the UAE! Lol.
  10. Greyman

    Individual 70.3 races lack history in OZ

    There's been a 70.3 or long course distance race run at Geelong since the sport started in Australia. The Geelong Enduraton, as it was called, was run in 1982 and run over a distance 2000m/ 64km/ 20km. I can't verify these distances as I lent my Multisport History book by Jane Hunt to a friend. Over the years there has been a long course race (2/80/20) or HIM / 70.3 distance race run in Geelong. Not every year as scheduling conflict with other events(yacht races and car shows) plus problems with the council saw only shorter events run some years. the four races I would list are HOTW, Yeppoon, Busso and Shepparton. There's been a 70.3 distance race run at Shep on the same weekend in November since 1997. There's been two different courses with only minor variations to course design at both locations. When Hymie's team at Shep Tri club were running the race, it was the best value for money race anywhere in Australia. Some people bag Shep as a race but every year there decent numbers of athletes competing and large numbers of people turn up to watch the race and have a weekend away from Mel Vegas. Don't believe me, pick up the phone and try to book some accomodation for this November, when the race is on.
  11. Greyman

    Swimming Australia

    Just been up in FNQ for five days and this has a bit of press coverage. Larkin being painted as the cheating bad bastard. Seabom being described as hard done by. Swim Australia described as incompetent in handling the situation.
  12. Greyman

    Le Tour - Team Sky

    The three days of climbing yet to come will sort it all out. That, Or Sky will slip some cash to a BOP rider, to box on with Thomas and get him thrown out of the tour.
  13. Greyman

    Not just another course cutter

    What a nutter. Maybe she needs to move for her next race. Where did the guy busted for course cutting last year move to? Dubai or Elsewhere in the Middle East? mind you I'm impressed that she attempted to edit her Strava file. I can't even spell Strava let alone us it. ( did you get that one Pete? Lol).
  14. Greyman

    Robson racing again...

    Yep, pretty hard to cheat. Just ask MoM. He managed quite a few crossings for various swimmers and it's hard to cheat.
  15. Greyman

    Lances Tour Podcast.

    I too am listening to the SBS one at work nowadays. Gave Lance to boot.