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  1. The root cause is athletes not seeing their doc for a regular check up. Guilty of that myself sometimes. The blood pressure thing isn't just for oldies either. You won't nessearily notice your blood pressure climbing over a period of time, but it can have a major impact as described in this paper and any literature on strokes. Get a check up, keep yourself healthy and race happy. Might save your loved ones from a bit of grief as well.
  2. araldite probably good start. The carbon weave is probably too old to repair. I'm having trouble getting some early carbon panels repaired for my brothers historic race car. It's a 94 era carbon weave and we are getting a lot of " not possible" answers at present. Araldite and loctite were suggested to us.
  3. While we are talking selling house. Wife finishing up work in country Vic soon. We had two major working bees on the house prior to Christmas ( painting, gardening and trip to tip) to make the house presentable for possible sale. Monday Last week Wife Casually enquired about selling our house with real estate agency, got the forms for contract etc and brought them home to Melbourne. Tuesday last week we decided to put it on market to test the waters expecting that it might sell by end of March. Wednesday Wife went back to work and dropped signed docs etc off mid morning. Real estate agent did appraisal later that day, listed house Thursday morning, with open house scheduled for following Saturday. first viewing Thursday evening resulted in first offer ( semi lowball & knocked back) Friday morning second viewing resulted in full price offer from a purchaser with finance. Minor panic stations for conveyancor to complete sec 32 but all good. Everything confirm Monday this week with settlement in early March. In 25 years of buying and selling houses, I have never experienced such a quick sale. We are realistic and know things can fall apart in the next 4 weeks. But purchaser is keen, got money and is already making plans. Result, I'm spending 3 weekends in Feb moving furniture and crap out of the house and depositing it at daughters newly purchased home ( 400km trip!) and at our home. It's a logistical balancing act in moving stuff daughter needs and leaving enough stuff for the wife to use for her last rotation at work before settlement. All this is a first world problem that I'm happy to have, but it's playing havoc with the training for Shepparton and Victor Harbour triathlon!!
  4. I don't understand the mentality of people who live in a bushfire zone without decent insurance cover and then expect the govt and charity organisations to bail them out and help them rebuild. We all have a certain level of sympathy for our fellow man, but when basic ignorance, stupidity or apathy play a major part in people loosing their houses and possessions in a natural disaster, then really what type of reception do they think they will get from others. How many times is the govt and the Australian public expected to bail out uninsured home owners who live in known natural disaster areas? if you can't afford the insurance for a house or property that you live in, you should probably move to somewhere where you can afford it or modify you lifestyle.
  5. With Taupo world champs a week or two after for the 2020 race, I don't think it will sell out the first year. If there's good weather conditions and a lot of competitors get PB results, then expect the second year to sell out.
  6. Looks a lot like the old Challenge Melbourne course. Coffee stop at Black Rock each lap on the bike. The only question everyone should be asking is,. "How cold will the water be?" It was only 15 degrees November 2019. A bit colder than usual.
  7. That might be the magic formula , but the real equation for ages and gender is this: male 24 goes into female 56 more times than 56 year old male goes into female 24 years old. And TC, yes it's real creepy.
  8. Greyman


    F@&k me. Always some legal or administrative cock up to screw people around.
  9. Lots of different theories on here. Like Pete, I run 110 psi on clinchers all the time. On my race wheels I run the singles at 120. Mountain bike 40. Some races have such shit road surface I've adjust pressures to prevent punctures. Places like Forster, Nowra, Warnambol and Yeppoon (especially Yeppoon) I'd run singles at 100. Didn't get any punctures the times I did that. Could have been luck or good management.
  10. Greyman


    I've stayed at the same place as Flanman and it's good. If you're going outside school holiday times you will have the pick of the places. If you're after no highrise with pool etc, there's several good places. They may not be beach side but they will be close to walk too.
  11. Greyman


    Had a trip to the fires near Wodonga to check on a mates property (he's OS with work). The fires came friggin close to several properties on the Beechworth road and the back of Wodonga and Bandiana. RFS and CFA worked well together as you'd expect in a border area. Whilst there I caught up with veterans I know who are at the fires with Operation Vet Assist. These guys and girls are doing a great job supporting Firies, police and ADF. Not only at the north Victoria fires but those in the Gippsland and NSW south coast. I saw a lot of good people doing good work and talking to a few in passing, I get the feeling most of them wouldn't have it any other way in times like this. I only hope that they get support they need when they get back home. Sadly one of the RFS guys told me about the abuse his crew received at Cabargo because they couldn't put the fires out there. Emotions are raw at those times but there's no call for that stuff. It was a long drive back to Melb with heavy traffic and a lot of time to think about how these fires have affected so many people. Our little family of four are lucky. We live in the city and haven't lost a house or possessions. However, all of the family have been to the fires, 3 with their job. Wife - paramedic, son - police, daughter - navy and I'm yet to be activated with the reserve (God help us if they get down the list to grumpy old blokes like me, lol). Luckily for now, I can shoot off and check on friends and family and their property. After the fires are out, The rebuild will take years and I hope the money being pledged by so many gets to the people who need it.
  12. Rob, I hope you ride that motorbike during winter. No place for softness around here. Says the guy who rides his Beemer year round with all the gadgets working to provide comforts for all seasons.
  13. Well seeing as Sheps back on but now in April, I think I might go do that. And we have new ironman 70.3 race in Melbourne in November. Well it's on an old course but it's a new race! More importantly, there's two charity motorbike rides this year and an overseas ride in Nepal. 8 days roof of the world tour on Enfield Bullett 500's. It's a boys own adventure, but with beer.
  14. I'm much the same, except I have succeeded twice at doing the internal cabling as well. I wouldn't say I'm a wizz at all this stuff but I've managed to transfer components to a newer frame several times in 25 years. Like Tyno, I always take the bike to the shop for final check and tune.
  15. He was a freakish athlete and he came long in an era when the "the mile" was king of the track and club races. His primary focus was the 800 and 1500 double at most meets growing up. Fortunately for his development as a runner, he had a great environment to grow and train in. He had high level competition week in and week out at the track, cross country and fell running. Quality training all year round. He had some great track rivals, but his nemesis was Steve Ovett, another Brit, who pushed him to higher levels. His father studied the great milers like Lasse Viren, Landy, Elliott and Clark plus a swag of Brit and Europeans runners who had gone before Coe. He saw in Seb the perfect build for a miler/ middle distance runner but he needed to be stronger. So they used a fitness regime using circuit exercises, off season cross country running and some weight training to build durability. Seb himself recognised the benefits of stretching and strengthening exercises after watching his sister train as a ballerina. He believed that if he could "stretch out" his stride when using a finishing surge at the end of a race he would be able to out kick his opponents to the line. If you can find the footage of his races from the late 1970's early 80's, you can see Seb's renouned home turn kicks to win races. I believe Seb, Steve Ovett and Steve Cram were the last of the clean middle distance track runners. I know some will say "what about such and such" but given the lack of testing and subsequent health issues a lot of those athletes have suffered, the big question mark still hangs over them.
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