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  1. Greyman

    Run Dynamics

    Fairly balanced metrics. Fair to say you’re not from club foot country.
  2. I’ve got two entries in 70.3 races tied up at present. Melbourne 70.3 entry is the only one that has a big question mark around it it could have been a worse situation because this time last year I was near committing to Challenge Roth, some Cousins swim tour races and Tallnen 70.3 as part of an 8 week euro trip. That trip was shelved for 12 months so we could take advantage of another travel opportunity, which went well. Handy bit of luck for us.
  3. Only a few things have changed. I’m working full time. Work from home and not my office which is only 2 km down the road. Can’t go there, it’s all locked up as is the gym and pool. I am not travelling for work which is great. Don’t miss It at all. I get out for a run more than I did when travelling for work so that’s a bonus. I have not been swimming since March and most of my cycling has been on the trainer. stay active as much as possible. Downsides are we haven’t seen our kids since May. They live well outside the 5 km from our house restriction zone. All our planned holiday travel has
  4. When I train with our Saturday morning group, I rotate thru and take a turn as do most in the group. Because the group is between 20 and 30 riders week to week, we all basically know each other. I like to follow one of two guys who are ex Sun Tour riders. Very experienced and very good riders. I usually learn something new off them each ride, which is great. Coffee and breakfast afterwards is great with this group as well. We know we are lucky to have such a group and are all committed to getting back out after lockdown and resuming our rides.
  5. Greyman

    Magpies 2020

    Got swooped today whilst riding. Smacked into my helmet and that was it. First time this spring. Given the location, I doubt he will be there next week.
  6. 9 Ironmans without a smart trainer or Garmin! How did I survive and did it really happen.
  7. BTW, keeping keen eye on these suggestions. Now I can actually put a larger cycling load through my knees, I’m keen to try some of these intensity workouts. I’ve basically got 20 years of base work in my legs and now need to optimise that. Never thought I’d ever in a position todo that. Happy days.
  8. So in the mean time CharlieB, I will quote a famous Tour de France cycling coach and manager, Eddie B. “There are three ways to get fit for cycling. Ride the bike, ride the bike and ride the bike.”
  9. Who had 10,000 at a footy game? Was it AFL? I don’t follow much of the footy at present so have no idea what Approved attendance numbers are? Surely they are spaced out in a stadium. pretty hard to do that in a triathlon especially at Noosa with 4000 to 6000 on the race course and in transition. Don’t forget it’s just not 3500 competitors but all the friends and family as well.
  10. Saw this on Samurai TV show back in the 1970’s. Friggin copycat millennials, lol.
  11. Got the email. Not surprised. Way too many folks in one spot for current COVID plans. Just sad that it won’t happen this year. But as they say, there’s always next year.
  12. I’m just enjoying running pain free again. I run every second day now. During lockdown, i cycle one day and run the next. Working from home means I have consistency in my workouts for the first time in a long time. I’m enjoying it. That’s all that matters.
  13. How far into the future are you looking. She’s booked solid for the next two years. Paulie Fenech was complaining recently that he’s having trouble scheduling the shoot of his next movie because rebel has only certain periods of time she’s available.
  14. If swimming is good for weight loss, how do you explain whales then? sorry, it’s Saturday night, I’m on my 3rd can of Canadian club.........I take no responsibility, hahaha.
  15. I saw him as well. My son And I were there doing our third pier to pub swim. My wave started 5 ahead of the pro’s wave so we were on the beach in the recovery area when the pros started. My son had swum early in the juniors wave so my wife and him were hanging around near the recovery area. We found a spot where we could see the whole course and the finish. What a great race.
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