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  1. And now we are able to race twice at Shepparton in 2020. Challenge Shep in April and Hexman events in November.
  2. Don't forget your coffee money for a post race brew and breakfast with other club members.
  3. Greyman

    New 70.3 in Oceania

    Melbourne 70.3 will sell out the first two years. It's a PB course on most days. If the weather gods give you a 30+ north wind day in November, you will just have to suck it up and take what you get. The local residents won't whinge about the race. They have events on in their area from October to May every year. It's actually brilliant timing event wise in that St Kilda / Beach road area, when you think about it. Starting the second week in October, the schedule of events Oct to Dec would be: Around the bay bike ride, week break, Melbourne Marathon, week break, Gay Pride festival St Kilda, two week break, Melbourne 70.3, following week, 2 XU race 1 Elwood, two week break, 2XU race 2 St Kilda. The whingey residents are far more interested in protesting about the F1 GP and telling anyone who will listen not to buy any of Scotty Cam's units int the various "Block" developments. So see you all at the Melbourne 70.3.
  4. This is great news. Two trips to Shep next year!
  5. I'm much the same as Flanno. I've always used paddles in my training, and for the last ten years I've used a pull bouy regularly as well. I use them for technique and strength. I like Sutto's approach to using paddles. "If you're not using paddles and a pull bouy as part of your swim session, you should be." As with all things, using paddles comes with a caution. Start out small and easy and develop your progression to prevent injury.
  6. I've got no clue what's happening. Apparently someone has won 4, no make that 5 70.3 races at 90kgs in weight, but are now struggling to crack 1.30 for a HM, because they got a life coach on STRAVA and not triathlon coach on Pinterest.
  7. Mate, if the one we had in Kalgoolie said name her was Kevin, I wouldn't have argued with her. "Terminus Hotel, thanks Kev," would have been our groups request. Crikey she was a big country girl.
  8. Melbourne, Geelong, Canberra, Brisbane, Cairns, Townsville, Perth and Kalgoolie( yes the Kal) are all places I've had female taxi drivers in Australia over the past 5 years, during travel for work and leisure.
  9. Markso1077, at 181 cm you are like me, on the border of medium or large bike size. I too used a large TCR frame but with a medium stem. That's because I have long orangutan arms, short trunk and long legs. Once you work out your body shape (ie short limbs and long body or medium limbs long body etc), you will be able to fit a variety of bike frames either 54cm or 56cm, to your body. as far as bike fit goes in Geelong, there must be a few shops that do it (de Grandi's) however, Bikepower in Belmont are the shop that the GPC crew use. No idea how good they are, but you could always chat to the GPC crew.
  10. It's a good thing for the region. I think the bank rolling of major events to move to the region, like the DAKAR Rally and Soccer World Cup, has meant that the authorities have had to relax certain laws. Women driving cars and being out unescorted by their husbands are a few that have been in the press. Its no secret that the Saudi's are aware that after the oil runs out, tourism will be their main source of income. Steps taken now to prepare for that means events, like triathlons being conducted outside of the compounds as TC has told us, will now have the opportunity to be held. I look forward to having a female taxi driver when I travel in the region in the future. That will show real progress
  11. Can't see any whinging. Keep sharing the pics and info from the Saudi triathlon scene. No one else is at present. An opening for "special sports correspondent" maybe?
  12. FP, it's primarily due to that fact. There is a big multi sport community on the coast. With the running of mountain bike races, trail running races, kayaking events, cycling grand fondos, plus the SLSC folks looking for other activities during winter, the time is right. The population in some areas of the surfcoast has exploded and everyone seems to run, ride, walk, paddle or swim.
  13. Greyman

    Shifting issues?

    My experience with this type of problem has been that it's the cables. If they're older than 5 years old, I'd recommend changing the cables. Whilst the cable outer cover can look ok, usually what happens where the cables bend is, internally the cable wears through the lubricated inner service and rubs on the non-lubricated outer casing.
  14. All is not doom and gloom. Until four months ago it didn't look like we would have the 2xu series, but now we do. Just a fortnight ago I was invited to join a new club that has been formed at the coast (surf coast triathlon and multi sports). Whilst other states had halcyon periods that lasted a decade or two, Victoria has Sustained a strong pool of races for 30 years or more. This was thanks to a lot of dedicated people which included some very good and savvy race directors. the test of competitor numbers begins next weekend. I think you will be surprised throughout the coming series, as numbers increase and people see the 2xu series is business as usual. The state of long course racing definitely needs some work. Bringing Shepp back should be a priority, as it's a known performer as a venue that athletes like, attend in numbers and the community supports. Challenge Melbourne was a good race but never attracted big numbers like Shepp. It also didn't "feel" like a big event like Shepp or Geelong. Probably because we were racing over similar ground that the 2xu races series used.
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