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  1. Greyman

    Geelong 70.3

    Ironpro, we can get a howling northerly when it's only 25 degrees. The point is, it's shit to race in. The bike is bullshit and on the run the wind pisses you off because it gusts. Didn't say anything about heat because it can be 38 with a southwester and still ok for racing. M its only my observation and comment and I don't give a rats anyway because Im not racing and will be in the Shakey isles attending a rock festival with some old friends from the music industry.
  2. Greyman

    AP. What else does it take?

    What was the question again?
  3. Greyman

    What pace do you run at?

    It's the theory I've heard a lot of coaches propose to athletes. What they actually do is another thing.
  4. Greyman

    This week in Lance Armstrong

    Ha! Yeah, but I thought the pool room and 5 fridges throughout the house would have swayed more people to join you.
  5. Greyman

    Geelong 70.3

    The temp is not the real issue in that forecast, it's the wind. 34 degrees with a south west breeze will be great. 34 with a howling northerly will be shit!
  6. Greyman

    This week in Lance Armstrong

    There ya go. We're getting the idea now. Lance will do anything for self promotion. He's a flawed person who needs attention. He does good work one day and then shit like this the next.
  7. Greyman

    What pace do you run at?

    I make Cliff Young look like a sprinter.
  8. Greyman

    This week in Lance Armstrong

    Lance gives back in many ways. How many folks can say that?
  9. Greyman

    Rottnest Sufferfest Cancelled

    Good points. The self entitled triathletes out there are going to f$&k it up for everyone at some more of these locations which are becoming "iffy" with local authorities, such as Husky. As a contrast, similar run events like the adventurthon series, are actually getting asked to come back in some locations (Mackay and Magnetic island) It's the attitude of the competitors and organisers of those races which is the big difference.
  10. Greyman

    Training once a day or two?

    It's a good question and I know you're always thinking about training options. Given where you live and the climate plus Brissy traffic, this will restrict just what your second session in the day can be. Secondly, if you train in the afternoon, you should be done and dusted by 6pm at the latest. That is if you expect to get to sleep early ish so that you can get up for your 5am session the next day. Your current balancing act between training, being a mum and wife plus working full time as a teacher, is allowing you to achieve great results with you racing. Why would you want to mess with that mix? If the answer to that question is to be a better mum, wife or teacher, then yes go ahead and play around with the scheduling of your second session during the day. Otherwise, leave well enough alone until the end of the season and then do some trial and error with your schedule for that second session.
  11. Greyman

    Service/Repair for Polar HRMs

    Do it yourself! I changed the battery in my polar edge (1992 model) for 16 years before the watch unit literally fell apart. If you aren't confident nough, go to a jeweller/watch repairer and try them. BTW - don't buy a gamin, you will be forever charging it and bike thieves will follow your movements on strava, so they can steal your bike when you're away from your home. (Equally tongue in cheek comment like the "buy a Garmin one above).
  12. Greyman

    Blast from the Past

    Wombat and me used to catch up before and after the ironman at Forster each year. Haven't seen him for ages.
  13. Greyman

    Injuries how many & the worse.

    So is this dick swinging thread in the ER? Or what!
  14. Greyman

    Watch my friends desert me

    Yes, but without the electrics being done by LUCAS "The Lord of Darkness." All owners of old trumpies would know about that wonderful experience(s). Hahaha.
  15. Greyman

    Watch my friends desert me

    FP, people will still talk to you. Maybe not in public, but they will still talk to you.