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  1. Greyman

    Super league 2018-19 (5 races)

    saw who he has as event director adviser. They should be well organised and we'll run events. Expect that use of the course by age groupers will be a point of discussion. Think Daihatsu / St George series of races back in the early 1990's model. Lets see how it all goes.
  2. Greyman

    Drugs in triathlon 1 in 7. Really?

    1 in 7 seems a lot. 1 in 20 would be my guess. If you consider the top ten finishers in each age group as your test population, there's roughly 10 to 12 age group divisions at most races it's hard to see how you could get 1 in 7 based on that. That would mean you have a considered percentage of each age group taking something illegal and still not able to finish in the top ten of their age group. Just seems unlikely to me that the percentage would be high.
  3. Greyman

    Is Ironman Busso Doomed?

    Busso is still the location of choice. If the race has to move, Geelong is still the ideal location followed by Albury. There's no use putting a second ironman on the north coast of NSW. The south coast, however, is probably the place to try. Not Nowra, Callala or Batemans Bay. They've all been tried. Places like Eden, Bega or Merrimbula could be the sleeping giant for a long course event. I know in the past they've had sprint races there, but a bit of imagination in course design could come up with something a bit different.
  4. Greyman

    Latest update, Emoticons galore

    is that a shark? Lol
  5. Greyman

    Is Ironman Busso Doomed?

    Just trying to be supportive of the race staying in the west. We can always just bang on about moving it to Geelong, the home of triathlon in Australia. No sharks there. Only garfish and whiting. A cool water west suit swim and windy bike course guaranteed to keep AP away. At least that will make Pete happy.
  6. Greyman

    Lance Armstrong ban lifted.

    Farked if know Ex. I pressed the submit reply button and it was like I forgot to flick the trigger to single shot. Bet Roxii is on the job and sorted it.
  7. Greyman

    IM 70.3 Western Sydney (False Advertising??)

    Are there sharks in Penrith?
  8. Greyman

    Lance Armstrong ban lifted.

    Landis is out of pocket 3.2 mill already and he was after 15 mil to cover lost earnings, lost of reputation etc etc. he was also writing a book about the whole saga about how he and USPostal brought lance to his knees financially. That deals worth sweet FA now. 2.7 mil is a lot for you and me, but that would only be about half the "palmeries" he would have expected to get as a former Tour de France winner, on his farewell tour of the one day events and criteriums in Europe.
  9. Greyman

    Lance Armstrong ban lifted.

    Well short of the price they were looking for. And Landis gets nothing. Statuts of limitation getting close by the look of this. Take what they can get and move on. Now Landis can go cry in the corner with Hamilton. So the cycling world moves on, landis and Hamilton have lost money and reputation, lances life trucks on and Lemond is seething and chucking shit around because Lance isn't lying destitute and broken in the gutter. Bring on the next soap opera!
  10. Greyman

    Bike rack

    I just picked up a good Thule rack from the roodrackstore.com.au. Some good deals on there. ive used pushys and they have been good. Didn't carry the rack I wanted. Tried 99 bikes and had to travel to a decent outlet elsewhere in MelVegas as our local 99 bikes shop is hopeless. No names, no pack drill as old Pete would say.
  11. Greyman

    Is Ironman Busso Doomed?

    Zed, I thought the same about Albany when I passed thru there on a motorbike trip 18 months ago. We spent a few days exploring the surrounding area and my impression was that it would be a great spot for a race. Only draw back was accessibility by air, rail and road. That coastal road would be a sensational ride on a fine day.
  12. Greyman

    Is Ironman Busso Doomed?

    I'm not a fan of sharks, but I understand that the ocean is their environment. If we take the emotion out of the for and against discussion on what to do about sharks and IMWA, then a logical solution will be found. The southwest of WA has some ripping locations that may be suitable for relocating the race to. How about we put our collective efforts to focussing on where and how IMWA can remain an event run in December in WA.
  13. Greyman

    Under 1 minute. Impressive

    Yep he's good and pick up his tube, canister and lever as well. He'd have his work cut out on a Geelong ride down the Westgate freeway at present. 15 punctures last week that I know of from 3 group rides. Sweep the breakdown/bike lane VIC ROADS.
  14. Greyman

    Challenge Wanaka Full just got canned

    Someone probably has, but all you have to do is listen to the talk on your weekly coffee ride. It's all about Olympic/ standard distance races and doing a 70.3 mid season. Ironman races have become a bit costly for the average punter. And now people are trying to scare everyone about heart issues, FFS
  15. Greyman

    Some people think zwift is real

    Does Corky know about this and the swift doping agency?