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  1. No idea what kms I get out shoes (usually 6 or so months with 3 runs a week for brooks and asics. Newtons last longer for me). What I find is, when the shoes get to the stage Willie describes, Im usually starting to notice some lower back stiffness. That's when I change to a new pair and the old ones become lawn mowing or dog walking shoes.
  2. Did a bit of training down the coast over Easter. Ran 10 km on Friday morning checking out the eastern end of the Surfcoast trail running track. Saturday swam the 2 km SCIT course trying out a new wetsuit. Sunday morning ran again, 14 km along the coast to Bells beach and back. Monday, wife had us all up early to pack up and head home. I rode the 85 km back to our house and I Farken froze the whole way. Only had summer cycle kit with a Gillett. Where the forecast had been for rain and a temp of 22, what we got this morning was a light sprinkle and 15 ish degrees until lunchtime. Which meant my departure at 9.30 and arrival at 1230 was before the day actually warmed up. The ride was ok except for being breathe tested twice while riding through Geelong! I tested positive to sports drink and water only. Best part was when I got up onto the freeway I had a nice tail breeze for 40 km. Worst part was negotiating 6 km of road works near the end of my ride. Still it was fun. Sorry, Can't download any data, road bike only has a cateye mitie computer on it. (Now 9pm and I've nearly warmed up). hope everyone else enjoyed a big of training working off the chocolate.
  3. Bosco, it's hard to say without seeing your swim stroke and technique. I suggest you get a swim coach to have a look.
  4. But surely bored@ can qualify for Kona. He does hill repeats on his bike and wants to coach AP!
  5. Greyman

    AP's training tip # 5

    Probably a lot of quiet nodding by viewers as they read AP's post. Not much arguing as well. As AP said, it really is trial and error for your individual requirements. I personally can't stomach endura products but I do understand how some folks rave about them. I rave about Hammergel products as I've found them easier to digest. It took a few years of trial and error before I got the right product that suited me. I haven't changed in ten years. And no I don't get any kick back for endorsements. As for pre race meals. Hawaiian pizza for me. Has the right balance of carbs and sodium for me. Don't need to worry about salt tablets during a race.
  6. Well done Blobby and More. Best conditions since Challenge started this race.
  7. Not bizarre, it's left field thinking. Consider the direct opposite action and that is to take bikes off the road completely. As I said, it's the first step in ending this war on the roads. Sometimes people with less brain Cells need an example of how things could be worse before discussing making things better. To date, none of the initiatives used have worked. The message hasn't got through to drivers. Short of enforcing longer jail time for killing a cyclist, what can we do? So everyone, what are your suggestions? And tell us how you see them working.
  8. It's not a new idea. Car following a cyclist or two is common around many places. See several around the Bellarine Peninsula most weekends. I've ridden with one of these groups and it's a good safe option and one I think more groups should think about doing. Especially if they are riding on narrow roads. Instead of thinking about how pissed off drivers "might " get. Think about how if car and truck drivers shared the road more with cyclists, people like Jan wouldn't have to go to the extent of having a safety vehicle so he can do his job. dont bother throwing the arrogant dickhead cyclist argument on here, there's dickhead arrogant drivers as well. Sorting out this lot will take time. By having safety vehicles following cycling groups, it's making the problem more visible. It's more than likely the first step of many, in resolving the war on our roads.
  9. No idea what some of them are outside of testosterone. It's in press and everyone talks about it as a banned drug. Mesterolone I have seen at Peter McCallum Cancer clinic. NFI what it does and only assume it is used in cancer treatment or recovery of some type. How the F! Do people shove this much stuff into their body and expect not to test positive.
  10. Hope you're better. I had a stint at the hospital (salmonella) . Involved an IV drip, two specialist consults and lecture from the doctor. Kept telling me I have to eat food. FFS anyone who knows me, knows I don't need those instructions.
  11. Greyman

    AP's training tip # 4

    Yep, it denies the fact that there were better athletes on the day. The coach may have done their best, the athlete may have done their best, but they still came up short. Nothing to do with "wanting it enough." Someone else's training and natural gifts were just better on that day. There are so many athletes who train and race and make the Kona qualifying, but don't take the spot. Most don't tak the spot for many different reasons, hence why there's roll downs. Wanting it is a nonsense description. Having the internal drive and persistence to get a Kona spot, describes that particular personal quality better.
  12. Greyman

    Worn rims

    Interesting comments. Making me look at the fulcrum wheels on my roadie a bit closer. The shit roads the Saturday morning group ride on makes me think it might be time for an update of wheels. Last thing I want to have is a wheel failure and bring down 20 odd riders.
  13. My gym sessions are usually on a day when I ride. I usually swim and run on the same day if possible. Between work and life, sometimes it's only a swim or only a run. I never try to makeup for a lost session. Once it's gone, it's gone. Best way to avoid injury. AP and I have agreed on the use of paddles in swimming. Where we usually disagree is on the amount of use. I tend to use paddles more than other triathletes. We are all different. For me the paddles give me a swim strength workout, a hand entry and stroke pull technique check and correction and have a bonus of working my last for paddling my kayak. For my running, Where I live is pancake flat and I can only do hills once a week and I have to drive a fair way to any decent hills. So I incorporate them in my long run. Works for me. For my biking, as I can't readily access hills, I use leg exercises in the gym to assist my cycling strength. In winter I will use squats and leg presses in my session early in the day and follow it up with an evening bike session. Works similarly to APs hill strength sessions. You do what you can in the environment you have and the time you have. How and what you do to train is only limited by your imagination and the training effect you are looking for. For a good example of someone who has accessed information and then set up her own training environment, Speak to Cranky. She has worked out how to have a killer bike program to use on the trainer a few times a week with only one road ride per week. There's lots more examples on here. Just ask.
  14. Send fitness buddy a pm. He may help you out. for me, in summer, Two gym sessions a week at my work gym. In winter 3 sessions. That third session replaces an open water swim. I only spend 45 mins max in the gym. No need to spend hours in there. It's a maintenance workout, not a primary focus workout like a swim, bike or run. If it's pissing rain outside I will do a run on the treadmill as well. Better than no run at all.
  15. Got my email. I look forward to walking with PJ.
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