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  1. ASADA, WADA or any other agency, this type of stuff would t be on their radar. If you're a coach, pro athlete, Neo pro athlete, registered competitor of sports official, you shouldn't be discussing this type of stuff on a public forum on the Internet. That's what gets the drug agencies attention. Could you answer their question " how do you know? "
  2. I love my 808's. Just hope there's some races this coming summer to use them in.
  3. Greyman

    Froome GONE

    I'm gonna make the call now, he will aim for the 2020 Sun tour here in Victoria as his come back race. It's a pet event for him.
  4. He will be back running inside 2 months. If you watch right to the end, he is walking without a limp or grimacing from pain. He would have a few weeks of pain but nothing career ending. I've seen guys do worse at the end of a tac parachute jump and be ready for redeployment within 6 weeks.
  5. If you have a Clark rubber store near you, go and check out there rubber mats and sheets. You should be able to get something to reduce the noise and vibrations
  6. Where's the fun in that? There's no way you can get a great Instagram photo, if you put in a big effort during the race and look absolutely Farked at the finish line. How can you brag to all your followers that it was easy!!!
  7. Greyman

    Froome GONE

    No problem, he will just record it on his VCR to watch later.
  8. Greyman

    Froome GONE

    That's Froome done and dusted for Grand tour titles.
  9. For me, it's the temperature of the water that determines which wetsuit I wear. Water temp less than 18 degrees, I wear a sleeved wetsuit. 19 and above I wear a sleeveless suit. My swim times vary little between sleeves or no sleeves. It's all about being comfortable and flexible in the wetsuit.
  10. Been doing this for the last 15 years. The wife thinks my bike has lasted a long time. Tip number 1. When you buy a new bike, take any of your last ironman photos off the study wall or desk.
  11. Maybe he needs to take a look at his daily and weekly workload across his training, coaching and "working on the tools." We all admire his desire to stay young, but Mother Nature eventually catches up with you and something has to give.
  12. Great news on Coffs Pete. Well done old bloke! Any news on Les? After two days of coverage on sunrise morning show, I think Cairns is now a higher profile ironman than Port Mac. Once they get the volunteers situation sorted out, they could challenge for the IMA title. Bit controversial, but it would make Port Mac township lift their game in sorting out the road problems etc.
  13. I'm applying the Rene Rivkin theory to this one. No.
  14. It would be good to have MM continue. Particularly for SA athletes. I think Victor Harbour is the sleeping giant for this. Plenty of roads down that way used for cycle racing/ training, pick your location for the swim and run and get on with it. everybody raises the old accomodation situation, however, applying a bit of lateral thinking, organisation and business acumen could provide a new income stream for ironman, tri travel or the like. They could run their own Airbnb service for competitors and families for the duration of the event and skim a nice fee off the top. Reducing stress around obtaining accomodation in new race locations would attract more competitors. By providing more info about accom and a way to secure it, would be a big bonus for a lot of would be competitors at a new race venue.
  15. Can't disagree. The first two years of Challenge Shep were good but hampered by weather. The downturn started at year three. At no point did the value for money and quality of event production match the Shepparton 70.3 race. For mine, The only thing better at Challenge Shepparton to The 70.3 race was the course.
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