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  1. ATEC Expo Cancelled

  2. Ironman in Victoria

    Turkey and Barcelona are looking skaky not due to competitor numbers but due to local government and community problems, Ironman Austria-Karnten will have to move dates or drop the ironman distance and just be a 70.3 if it is to continue.. It's squeezed in between too many other high profile races. The UK at present has a good suite of races which are well supported. However, With the dark clouds of BREXIT looming on the horizon, the ensuing travel and visa restrictions could kill off some of those races that are attracting good numbers of athletes from the continent. What do you reckon FP? how long for IM Korea?? What odds Chattenooga in the US is gone within 5 years of hosting the world 70.3 champs?
  3. Ironman in Victoria

    Saw that one. More than just Busso IP. Those races that aren't sustainable or are not maintaining a good basis of local community support will go. There's one or two in Asia and Europe that may fall into this category. It all depends on how the sale of WTC goes.
  4. Ironman in Victoria

    Johan, it's just back to the future. In the 80's and 90's race directors stressed over getting full fields. The competitor had the upper hand. It's just the cycle of events has shifted and we are going back to those times. Expect a few more events to disappear over the next year or two before things pick up again.
  5. ASADA warning for supplements

    Better check your Viagra Peter.
  6. Cheap shot mate. Sure they won't be catwalk queens but they're fit, active and not a burden on society like a lot of couch potatoes.
  7. Is Anybody Here A Marine Biologist?

    There's bigger bitier things in the ocean to worry about.
  8. no. Specific to what they're competing for. I admire them for their dedication to training and getting off the couch and doing something. But not the fittest athletes. Crossfit - Keeping Physiotherapists in business for the next 30 years!
  9. WC Selection Races Distribution, Fair?

    Age old problem. Ever since the demise of the national series, qualification races have become a joke. Thank God I don't have to worry about them.
  10. Do I need to worry about my cadence when training?

    Yep, Got the same advice in my early years in the sport. A lot of guys in the late 80's and early 90's subscribed to pushing big gears all the time and having rpm between 60 and 75. They believed that they would run better off the bike and some of them did. What I do know, is almost all of them left the sport by the end of the 90's with stuffed knees and crook lower backs from riding that way. Some wish they could race again. They were age group triathletes, the sport was their hobby and escape from the day to day. They were Sutto's nightmare, the dreaded "lifestyle triathlete."
  11. IM nutrition strategy - bottles/special needs

    I use my nutrition mix in two biddons on the bike. I also run a profile bottle mounted between my aero bars which Has plain water in it and I just top it up when needed at aid stations. I have one biddon with only race nutrition powder in it and no water. The other biddon is mixed up with water and my nutrition powder for the first 90km. At around halfway, I stop at an aid station and fill the second biddon with water give it a shake and I'm back underway. Saves having to worry about special needs, avoids carry extra weight around for first 90km and also avoids my sports nutrition getting hot and gluggy before I need it.
  12. the 2017/18 financial year cost of pool swimming

    Like Bored@, $0 as pool on site at work here in MelVegas.. looking for a tree change? Move to St Arnaud in central western Victoria. Council run pool open September through to April each year. 50 metre outdoor heated pool, entry to pool, $0.00. That's right, a council pool that costs nothing for entry! Nil, nix, nada and did I mention sweet FA to get in. Good pool to swim in as well.
  13. Garth Prowd passes away

    Sad day.
  14. Do I need to worry about my cadence when training?

    Great summary Alex. You sure you weren't Chris Carmichael in a former life? ( that's an attempt at humour mate), because what you said in your own words is so much like the way Carmichael said it in his book I had to read it again. What you said is great and a good read for anyone wanting to understand why they are doing certain things in training. There will be someone who poo poo what you wrote because it's not 'simple'. Well it is simple and non technical. It's more helpful than catch slogans like, "train hard, race fast," which some coaches use as throw away lines to people new to the sport with a thirst for knowledge on training. An age group athlete like Cranky can understand what Alex has said and being new to the sport will appreciate it more than some of the posts on this thread.
  15. Running Shorts

    Under Armour have some good stuff.