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  1. Just been up on the Sunny coast for a few days. Drove through Noosa and most of the bike course to see what it was like these days. Basically ok but several spots where potholes are in abundance. Mostly approaches to corners and round abouts. Good to see the drop off at the Tewantin bridge hasn't got any better.
  2. And there in lies the problem. I don't think Sydneysiders will make up the shortfall in numbers from Victoria. There's an opportunity going begging here. A poor turn out from NSW folks may see the etape event fold here in Oz.
  3. On one hand I can understand the organisers of etape wanting to move away from the snowy region and closer their home base. I like the Kiama area but there's no way I'd travel 12 hours in a car to ride in the etape event there, and the drive 12 hours back home. And there in lies the problem for the organisers. Will they get enough NSW locals to replace the Victorian riders who won't travel up to Kiama. I think they will be lucky to get 4000 riders at Kiama. Having said that, if it was me running the show, I would have gone big on the event gamble and made a second event. Etape North at Kiama as planned and a week later, Etape South at Bendigo and central Victorian goldfields area. You would get 4000 per event for a total of 8000 entrants. The bonuses for encouraging competitors to do both and the individual awards given for completing both events, are only limited by your imagination.
  4. Start planning your trip to Roth.
  5. Salazar always had a question mark over him back when he was running marathons. No one wanted to believe there was something dodgy going on, just that running 160 to 200 kms a week would get you there. He certainly had the ability to get the maximum performance out of his body in competition.
  6. Zed, the rule of thumb on here is to only believe half the volume or hours people say they do, the rest if a bluff or simply BS. With little kids, you can do ironman but you have to limit your expectations, be realistic and "bend with the wind" when it comes to balancing things. Like Pete, Id recommend just doing sprint races until the kids are a bit older. It's amazing just how much training you can get done when your kids are at various sports training. Just use your imagination. When the kids are at squad for swimming, watch them for a bit then get in the pool and do some laps yourself. At footy training, help out, join in and run around, it all helps your fitness. As your kids get older, the less they want you hanging around. Accept it and use it. Oh and don't forget to worm yourself!
  7. Greyman

    Cairns IM 2020

    Chuckle, do you have a link to the sland swim FB page or website? I have plans to do the island swim in 2021. are you doing the magnetic island sprint Tri this year?
  8. Goughy, my make believe Garmin Kogan watch, that I got for Father's Day, has this feature. I don't think you're missing much. It's got a lot of other features that can distract you from enjoying ones training as well. Great to play around with in work meetings though.
  9. Greyman

    Trek owners

    Never had any creaks from my treks BB. Maybe I don't put the big watts through the pedals like you guys.
  10. Good to know as I could be spending some time up there for work soon. I was going to suggest Lake Macquarie as I spent some time at my brothers place up there and found it a pretty good area for cycling and running (oh and a bit of sailing).
  11. Is that still a thing Ex? My Brissy Tri club introduced me to that tradition back in 1995! I had a gut ache all the way home to Ferny Grove!
  12. Greyman

    Cycle/Tri Shoes

    What I can tell you is from my personal experience, is that there is a little difference between north wave and shimano cycling shoes. The sizes are very similar but it's the sizing across the width of the forefoot area that is different. I found the north wave a better fit width wise.
  13. Great news mate. Keep dancing in that gear and all the girls will luv ya. " life is just killing time between workouts. " - Tri-idiot
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