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  1. What's the benefit of oversized jockey wheel? Serious question
  2. Surfer

    Roadies - Look, Time

    Just make sure that whatever he decides on, Factor or Canyon would be nice, that he gets the right size for you 😉
  3. Another great race report K, thanks for sharing. I hope Phillipe pulled up ok
  4. Surfer

    IMNZ 2020

    Well done, you trained, you went there & finished. Nice work & a fab race report too. I love the details re your glasses & taking advantage of a clean toilet. Brilliant ☺
  5. Surfer

    Lacking Motivation

    So maybe you n FM can be virtual training buddies. Agree what day you'll start , Monday is as good as any, then what you'll do & for how long & importantly what time. Set up a new topic on here something like 'FM & Kierans training diary'. Post after youre done & a pic is even better. Example: you agree a 15 min run on Monday at xxxxo'clock. Wednesday 30 min on the trainer at xxxx o'clock. Down the track you could zwift together. Friday 500m swim at xxxxo'clock. Weekend is whatever then train together the following week. It could be a beautiful thing 😍
  6. And race report? 😉😊
  7. Great report & well done to you , Mrs Limited & Junior Limits. Agree with Jim's comment, great distance for managing training & life.
  8. Surfer


    Take the cute *one's home with you? Would be great fun, you wouldnt be bored 😉😊 *animals not staff lol
  9. Surfer

    Do you do weights?

    Bulimic. Sending hugs x
  10. Surfer

    MPFL Injury

    Ouch!!!! That mustve hurt. All the best with your recovery
  11. Surfer


    I miss FP & Rog & Goughy & Monkie
  12. Surfer

    BIG Husky 2020

    Hey Batman, you ok? Panic attacks are just plain awful. Dont let your pride get in the way of that fact & I hope you feel better now
  13. Calling Kieran !! 👀 Hellooooo Kieran? We wanna hear that good news We're all ears 👂👂👂👂👂👂👂👂👂👂
  14. Thanks for the update & keeping your friends here close to you. Youre doing your best & it shows. Keep on keeping on. Hugs x
  15. I wasnt my best self at school, I didnt steal but I did a lot of stuff Im not proud of & I did get punished by the school & my mum. Have I turned my life around or grown up? I would say the latter & theres a lot like me that werent perfect kids but are ok as adults.
  16. Surfer

    Death of a Bike

    Thanks ChuckieM ... c'mon FM , youve got to finish this 😊😊😊
  17. Surfer

    Death of a Bike

    Keep it in the garage if there's room to hang it up
  18. Fantastic news Katz!
  19. All ok in sunny Karatha? Any damage?
  20. Surfer


    Looking at this posted on a Australian govt health website, if you have these symptoms, you might think you have a yukky cold & asthma is playing up Patients may have fever, cough, runny nose, shortness of breath and other symptoms.
  21. Kieran I wonder if those fish talk about you & have a laugh amongst themselves 🙄
  22. Looks like youre in for some major wild n weather Kieran. Take care dude
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