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  1. Great vid! Nah not an idiot, goals are good for us. Are you going to run with poles? Ive used them, they make a big difference.
  2. FP - what race are you targeting?
  3. Surfer

    Moreton Bay tri

    Congrats on your race. Great splits on your run again. Do you do any run events? Having a race so close to home is always a nice bonus
  4. http://www.acmecase.com.au FM could something from here work? Apparently theyre very helpful & used to working with the airlines
  5. FM , would be happy to send some $$ if Gabby needs it. Not sure what else I can do. The mens shed idea is brilliant but maybe some heavy duty coreflute rather than wood to keep the weight down.
  6. Well done FP, wouldve so easy to not go back out after coming home. I also love that Flipper made you promise to take her to junior park run. That is super -cute 😊
  7. Thanks GE, I checked the site. Looks great fun. What bike did you ride?
  8. BUMP Im looking at buying a gravel bike - any tips on what to buy & look out for would be appreciated Also is anyone racing CX? Cheers
  9. Anyone got an update on the race today...??
  10. Surfer

    Israel Folau

    For me - he is saying that all those in his list are choices people make & by acting on those choices you'll be damned Homosexuality is not a choice or a lifestyle. It is how a person is. Thats it. I know homosexual, lesbians et al have a very difficult life. Nothing is ever easy -from applying to rent a house, a bank loan to offering to be a blood donor. Its hard. This is stuff that some people can access or do without being quizzed then judged on their sexual preferences compared to other people that are quizzed, judged then very often refused just because of their sexual preferences. This is why I dont like his post
  11. Nice work Leon ! And would it be your "happy significant birthday" by chance ? 🤔🙄☺
  12. Surfer

    National Titles Prizes

    Tubes, chain lube, bar tape are excellent prizes too. I did a race years (& years) ago in Mudgee NSW, they gave local produce as prizes eg honey & wine plus some $$. Brilliant idea.
  13. Hey Kieran , hows everything going?
  14. One of my friends successfully trained her cats. Youve got nothing to lose other than Leo disapearing down the S bend !!!!! 😕
  15. What about this https://www.mypetwarehouse.com.au/litter-kwitter-cat-training-system-p-6233
  16. I reckon that would be a blast. Any tips or info on where to find swimruns? FP - got any info on these ?
  17. Sheesh Goughy that wouldve given you a scare!
  18. Surfer

    10yrs ago today

    FP I hadnt found Trannies so wasnt around when you had your crash & I dont know the full extent however your approach to training & racing & the results you get is amazing & inspiring too. Well done to you x
  19. Surfer

    10yrs ago today

    Sorry for laughing but those thigh-high fishing boots look tricky to get around in & it would be funny seeing someone go A over T . 😉😆
  20. Ah right, I see 😊 You mustve had a near perfect swim this morning, great photo
  21. Rog did you FIFO for the swim? 🤔😉
  22. I dont get the anti-vaccination crowd
  23. Noone signs up to do a turn on the front. Get him off your wheel, keep him where you can see him ☺. And I agree, its great to have a target in a race. Good luck & have fun
  24. You could ask your GP riding buddies what they think your best option is, that's different to asking for them to do something for you as a favour. Good luck with everything
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