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  1. Surfer

    Busso 2019

    Mardi Gras outfit? Beer mile outfit?
  2. Riding in that rain would be soooo cold. Yuk
  3. All the very best wishes to you iFoz x
  4. Surfer

    Busso 2019

    Does this mean training pics of you in budgies 🤔🙄😁
  5. Youll be ok. Chin up FP ☺
  6. https://www.climbsouthwest.com/events/exmoor-coast-50/ Is this your event FP? Amazing scenery
  7. Was there a reason given for his TdF departure?
  8. With all respect Peter, I dont think calling someone mentally ill or any other name is necessary. Not suggesting youre the only one because I also think calling someone a pratt is unnecessary. Were all entitled to our opinion & we dont have to like or agree. Thats all
  9. You mean our Sam aka FFF Sam?? Thats crazy stuff. I miss Sam
  10. Dont let 100gms derail your efforts. Keep your chin up & keep goin' 😊
  11. But then you would only have 1 bike. That wouldnt right 🙄
  12. Mmmmmm beer n pizza... my fave
  13. I thought that was you FP AKA FW 😉
  14. Maybe one ride a week on the TT, sit at the back of the group or put it on the trainer if you dont want to take it in group?
  15. Some men absolutely hate being beaten by a chick & can be nasty about it. Ive had some races - bike, tri, paddling, mtb where Ive been scared of the agression because I was better , faster. I think thats what the difference is, its fear. One incident a guy was deliberately paddling too close, trying to intimidate me plus swaering & shouting at me.. he was hitting my paddle with his!. I didnt see him after the race & Im glad because I was worried what he would do. Please note that I started this comment with 'some' , the majority are encouraging & supportive & I like racing with men especially road & crit races. I also hate seeing women paced by their male friends, partners in a tri. Annoys me a lot.
  16. When you get your quark sorted will you change your name to 'life aint too bad" ? 😉☺
  17. Bloody hell FP , youre really hard on yourself. Youre not rubbish at trail running, youre a newbie !!!!! And one that's not too bad looking at that result! Your skills will develop as you experience different terrain & of course youll have crap days but youll have tons of good ones too. Honest ☺
  18. Cant wait for your race report TThomo. The course description by FP were brilliant, sounds like a fantastic day out
  19. Is that what I think it is ... ????? 💘
  20. Surfer


    I really do worry about the border for Northern Ireland & Ireland. The troubles were bad for a lot of people & it scares me to think of what could happen again.
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