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  1. Thanks Chris, I'll have a look at JB online
  2. 2 screens will be enough for what I need, which model surface pro are you using?
  3. We can use work equipment but it will be a laptop, so no different to the set up I already have.
  4. Now Im working at home for the foreseeable future, the dear old lap top cant keep up & Im looking for an all in one pc to access vdp & other basic stuff - any suggestions would appreciated Thanks in advance Surfer
  5. Havent eaten one of those in ages. Note to self!
  6. So pleased for everyone x
  7. Has the Easter bunny & an egg hunt always been a big thing for kids in Australia? What about in the USA?
  8. OMG Limited that looks deeeelicious 😍
  9. Katz youre so lucky! As a kid I always wanted a smarties egg, never got one. My sister had one once, I thought she was the luckiest kid in the whole wide world 😁
  10. I saw Bored@'s magnanamous offer to take on an unwanted crunchie Easter egg, if I had one I would send it. Yuk ! Got me thinking - whats your all time favourite? Mine is a Lindt bunny, dark or milk chocolate definately not the white stuff
  11. Thanks Skel for sharing, you must be the happiest competitor ever cos you have a big smile in all those pics. Love itπŸ‘
  12. Yeah , what Jim said πŸ†
  13. Happy birthday FP πŸŽ‚ You might be cramping Flipper's style by that look on her face πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
  14. Brave post there Katz . Keep on talking & sharing x All the best for your girl, let us know how she gets on. Hugs xx
  15. Surfer


    I have family living in London, working from home, doing everything by the rules for self isolation. We spoke last night & theyre scared. Frightened. Its awful being so far away from them. Im scared for them 😒
  16. All my events & races for 2020 have been cancelled or postponed starting with bushfires at the beginning of the year now the virus. Where possible Ive transferred entries & accommodation to next year & havent entered anything I planned to do at the end of 2020. Its very odd not to have that focus although no one else is doing stuff so Im not really missing out. Once the bike club start racing again, I think we'll see lots turn up for some fun
  17. Can someone post the link, I didnt sign up before it was removed. Cheers
  18. A difficult task Roxii & you have always been fair. Thanks for everything
  19. UTA has announced dates for October, Im not confident it will go ahead however I would be happy if Im wrong
  20. Well done 😊
  21. Huge congrats Sam, so happy for all of you πŸ’˜
  22. How are you getting on?
  23. I rate the Fusion suit & the service is excellent
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