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  1. That seems like a lot of races
  2. Surfer

    WTB wetsuit

    Wow. Didnt know that. πŸ™
  3. Any news on our trannies that are racing. Where's Bored@ when we need an update?
  4. Surfer

    WTB wetsuit

    Check out Wing Wetsuits, Im pretty sure theyre not far from you
  5. FP you could have a new goal eg finish in good shape, enjoy the day etc etc ...
  6. Surfer

    Ash Barty

    Womens French Open Champion. Well done Ash
  7. Plan B seems like a good option, you gotta take care & be flexible which is what youre doing. Glad to hear the treatment for your allergies is kicking in
  8. To everyone racing - good luck, have a blast & we look forward to reading your race reports
  9. Any thoughts on why Wanda would sell?
  10. Surfer

    Repairing Knicks

    Maybe theyre a faulty batch of knicks if its exactly the same. Can you contact Cannibal for a replacement?
  11. Bump Saw an article, Kelly Slater talking about Sunny now off life support, breathing by himself. I'll try & post a link. I hope his recovery is good ....
  12. Looks a lot like a pool I tried to swim in when I was in France. I had to get out, did my head in 😢
  13. Why do they need to ask what race, where youre born stuff? Im not sure why tbey need to know that?
  14. Hows your week been? Feeling any better?
  15. Surfer

    Bike v's car

    Crap news. Hope youre ok & of course .... your bike too
  16. Surfer

    Israel Folau

    He shouldve listened when god said " I didnt say that., you should take that post down"
  17. Exciting times ahead - congratulations 😊 On your second week of retirement maybe you can set up the Trannie Catch Up Pages & organise a catch up in each state plus an annual shin dig in a new location each year?
  18. Sorry to hear ExH, for both you & your daughter - that wouldve been a hard thing to do.
  19. In your budgies ?πŸ˜‰
  20. Would it be better to walk until youre well enough to run? Edit to add - this is a genuine question, not being a smart Alec
  21. Surfer

    UTA 2019

    Hey Turts how has your recovery been?
  22. That is fn brilliant!! Too funny πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„πŸ˜…
  23. Chin up FP, that 14k is still 14k in your legs. Make the most of getting well & being sensible. Control the controllable 😊
  24. Surfer

    TV Shows

    Surfing at Margaret River on Fox
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