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    Shark at Manly swim?

    Ex has previously posted some pics of his dam, maybe in the winter swim thread ? Its a pretty cool 'pond' & a couple of trannies, incl Cranky, have had a swim there. Sadly not me
  2. Surfer

    Shark at Manly swim?

    Love it! Ex your dam is magical. Youre very lucky
  3. OUCH! Thats crap news FP, sorry to hear this happened. Im sure your family dont feel let down, theyre probably just as disappointed for you as we are. All the best for a quick recovery & dont beat yourself up .. you're in enough pain as it is.
  4. Happy Days 😊
  5. Surfer

    Swimming to work!

  6. Take care Monkie, we're thinking of you x
  7. Is that FatPom with his shirt off??
  8. Surfer


    I could do exactly what Tomic did even if I tried really hard & played my best tennis the results would be the same. Maybe I'll.enter Wimbledon next year πŸ™„
  9. Surfer

    Quest for Kona

    I thought they did that in the hope it was a chocolate medal like the chocolate money you can get
  10. Kieran - thinking of you & all your family x
  11. Gotta love some cross-training Kieran, nice work dude 🀘
  12. Surfer

    Israel Folau

    IMHO Israel Folau is all about Israel Folaus. I get the impression he likes an audience, getting the attention
  13. Surfer

    TA Memberships

    Exciting times Willie
  14. Have a blast FP, looking forward to your report afterwards
  15. That's me! Well could be but Im a she & we dont know each other
  16. Plenty of spouse in the dog house πŸ˜†
  17. Surfer

    Powertap G3 Wheelset

    Katz you must be a bit poorly. Maybe you need a nice cuppa & put your feet up for 10 mins. Then you'll be able think about your new bike πŸ˜‰
  18. Surfer

    IM Cairns 2019

    Well done πŸ‘
  19. Surfer

    Hamilton Wheelers

    Cranky if you can spend a few mins having a chat with people you raced with you'll pick up a lot if info because the race is fresh in your mind. Every race is different, you'll learn to adapt & read the race but it takes a while to learn the craft & regular racing in crit, road, handicaps is the way to learn & have a lot of fun 😊
  20. Surfer

    Hamilton Wheelers

    Nice work Cranky, glad you enjoyed it
  21. All the best for your Mum Kieran
  22. That seems like a lot of races
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