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  1. 35 minutes ago, Steno said:

    Had it done in late March mate... can share any stories and answer a bunch of questions if need.

    I had four and a half months of bliss.... and then it shat itself again a fortnight ago. Off to the cardiologist next Friday to work out next steps....

    All the best for Friday x

  2. 3 hours ago, Pete said:

    Finally (after almost 2 years of waiting...!) I've got a Guernsey for this:

    Catheter ablation is a procedure that uses radiofrequency energy (similar to microwave heat) to destroy a small area of heart tissue that is causing rapid and irregular heartbeats. Destroying this tissue helps restore your heart’s regular rhythm. The procedure is also called radiofrequency ablation.

    I can't wait to run and ride again at full revs without the inevitable yucky-in-the-chest feeling!! :)

    Anyone else done/doing it?

    Wow. All the best Pete. When do you get the treatment?

  3. 2 hours ago, goughy said:

    So everything is sitting in place nicely.  Have been given permission to go hard at it again.  Looks like I will be on the aspirin and also the statin for life, but can go off the blood thinner in a few months.  I guess while the investigation found the hole they can't be 100% certain that it was the cause.

    Nice work Goughy 😊

  4. 12 minutes ago, Ex-Hasbeen said:

    Surfer, do many people take resistance trainers to warm up these days? I haven't been to bike races for about 6 years now, but it was all rollers when I used to race.

    Ive noticed that it depends on the race & location. For TT's people take a trainer & their roadie to warm up then hop on their TT bike. Less fuss than changing skewers. For crits & r/race more people use trainers than rollers. I used to take rollers but cant always find a flat bit of ground to set up, trainer doesnt mater so much. If there's a good, safe stretch of road to warm up then no need for either. 

    It seems trainers are used a lot more than rollers

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  5. 6 minutes ago, FatPom said:

    Well my nuffink day has turned into a nuffink weekend.  Had some hip and back trouble overnight but mostly just seem to be in a bit of a hole.

    Took Flipper out for breakfast, bought a bike magazine for the first time in I don’t know how long, settled into a cafe and did some reading.

    We are off on a holiday next Saturday for a week of surfing, MTB and trail. Hoping to ‘re-set’ then.

    A holiday will be fantastic, specially if youre doing some fun stuff like catching waves.

    Dont beat yourself up FP, your mojo will return .... it has to if you want to stay ahead of Flipper 😉

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  6. 8 hours ago, FatPom said:

    Think I'm in a bit of a post DNF funk.  I've done a couple of 5km run sessions and a ParkRun on the weekend (slow). A few short turbo sessions but I just feel knackered all the time.

    Saw the physio today, she's happy with the injury recovery and the progress on the hip, so it's not like that's hampering me. I just seem to have lost my 'snap'.  Hopped on the turbo today and climbed off after 6 mins, it just wasn't there.

    Just feels like the lazier I am, the harder the re-set button will be push again. :(

    Maybe a couple of days complete rest, massage & jnr parkrun with Flipper will help reset your mojo. You'll have fun with her, you can cheer on other runners & they'll love you for being supportive. That'll put a smile on your dial

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  7. On 28/04/2019 at 11:03 AM, monkie said:

    See below... this was a present for Christmas so should be lasting longer than this... Anyone had this before? Can I just glue those bits back down? Still works fine... complication is it's from the UK so not sure whether Garmin Australia will talk to me about it?

    Anyone know if you can just buy the strap without the battery unit?







    BUMP:  Monkie how did you get on with a replacement?

  8. On 19/07/2019 at 9:08 PM, Fitness Buddy said:

    Ok the latest here.  This is what I was expecting to happen.  They have dropped two of my shifts stating there is not enough work available on those days.  Was told today not enough work on Friday because one person has cancelled.  The work is there but they don't want to pay me to do the work but prefer to pay the trainers who they are paying less (but not correct rate as a casual trainer)

    Stated a few excuses to less work being available.  The main one is that google have changed their algorithms and they no longer get the google traffic on page 1 they were getting before.  Apparently they rely solely on leads from google.  WTF.

    So as this was what we were expecting I will now be informing fair work about the situation.  Notifying them about the other trainers and the failure to apply penalty rates correctly.

    I have spoken to a couple of clients of the situation.  One stated I don't give a shit whether you are at NR or not, I will see you privately.  A boys dad said the only reason I am here is because of you and what you provide.  

    We have 3 trainers with a lot of knowledge (degrees, qualifications) and experience in various sports yet our input on things is never taking into regard.  Team meetings are useless as we discuss stuff share our input and then the boss has his say and says we are wrong.

    I have bent over backwards for them numerous times, turned down other jobs because it conflicts with the role there. 


    All the best FB, while this is going be sure to take care of yourself because it can be a draining & emotional time. 

    And its good to hear your clients saying they appreciate your skills & what you do for them

  9. On 23/06/2019 at 9:20 PM, oldave said:

    I'm going to have hip replacement surgery next Thursday and most of the docs I've spoken to do not recommend running afterwards. I don't like the idea of not being able to run again as I love running (and triathlon), been doing it most of my life (I'm 65). Anyone had the surgery and still runs? The main argument against running seems to be that I'll wear out the replacement prematurely and need another  op. That doesn't worry me.

    So how are you after the surgery?  I hope it went well & youre recoving at a good pace

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