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  1. 23 hours ago, FatPom said:

    OK, weird day yesterday Came back from my run, got a call from the Director of the place that I didn’t get a role with from the interview last week.

    They have a different role that he really wants to offer me, he said he was very impressed with my interview and I would be a great asset.

    I told him I was under offer, awaiting contract ( not had yet).  He will offer more money, it’s closer to home and they have parking.

    Bloody hell, what turn up!

    So you'll take it?  More money, closer to home  & parking = trifecter!  Happy Days FP 👏

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  2. 8 hours ago, KieranR said:

    I should have taken the GoPro today! The water clarity was epic, we went wide and didn’t get home til we’ll after dark.  Some great spearing today by me and two mates.  We dove deeper today from 6m to 20m And even at 20m you could see the bottom from the surface! Days like today are epic.  And to top it off we nailed a bunch of squid on the way home. Pics below are my share from the day.  The chinaman was epic! He tried towing me around.  And the shot placement on the big trout was perfect, right through the gill plate.





    Who is that holding your fish Kieran? Too many clothes to be you !!! 😂😂

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  3. Just now, Abby said:

    Personally would take the 105 & bank the $1000 difference - and then use that towards a really nice set of wheels (either now or down the track, depending on what you want to spend)... 🙂

    Same here

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  4. 6 hours ago, FatPom said:

    Road to Sky with 1.75 Alp.

    My intention was to go up the Alp twice but I couldn’t split the ride today because of an interview this morning. So I figured I’d go straight back up again but my legs were getting very heavy and I couldn’t get my HR up at all, so I pulled the pin between 8 and 7.

    Just didn’t have the stones today. 

    47.5km, 2hr56, 1,751 mtrs, 157 av watts

    Sheesh don't ya hate it when work gets in the way of training😆😆

    Good luck with the interview FP

  5. 54 minutes ago, IronmanFoz said:

    Aldi ski sale is where I get my winter gloves. These can normally be worn under a pair of Ski Gloves if you are skiing. And if you use them riding and you get too hot... easy fit in the back pocket.

    Same here & my cycling buddies too.  The light weight black ones with the finger pads so you can use your phone screen. I can fit mine under my summer globes for extra padding. A friend bought two pair, one is a larger size so he can wear them both at the same time. Excellent aa running gloves too

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  6. 4 hours ago, Turts said:

    I had a pair of the speedcross and didnt find they fitted my foot too well. So a personal thing. 

    I found them narrow in the tow box and rather long and pointy - so i tripped a bit more. 

    Laces were rubbish but easily changed.

    Thanks Turts, a few reviews I read said the laces weren't much chop. What are you using at the moment?

  7. 3 hours ago, FatPom said:

    Surfer,  I think Inov8 have a good reputation for grip (IIRC correctly the Talon and Claw models) but apparently it comes at a cost in terms of feeling all the bumps below your feet.

    I'm still a fan of the Speedgoat for all round trail running but I'm also convinced the huge sole has contributed to my tripping over a lot.  I'm also on the search for a new shoe.

    Thanks FP, the Inov8 tend to have a low drop, thats not going  to help me at the moment. The Mizuno Wave Daichi looks good, so do the La Sportiva range but when I search for reviews it seems your Speedgoats followed Salomom get the best score. Mind you, that could be google-bias creeping in!  

    One of my friends gave up on the Hokka's even though they loved the comfort, they said theyre a  tripping hazzard,  went to the Saucony peregrine & hasnt had any problems 

  8. 1 hour ago, FatPom said:

    Hi Surfer,

    These reviews may help. Loyd (run4adventure) usually mentions about shoes running to size.

    Also Wild Ginger Running usually does reviews of the women specific gear. (I don't watch her much as I find her a bit, odd!)



    The Salomon seems to be let down by the grip on wet rocky surfaces. Im now rethinking my options. Im finding it hard to find a trail shoe  with 10mm drop which I need at the moment. I guess I could get the Salomon & only run on dry surfaces 

  9. 36 minutes ago, IronmanFoz said:

    We get temp tested when we enter our office  etc and also when I have been to hospital (my son recently broke both arms) :( .

    I have probably used hand sanitiser about 4 times and that was basically because i went into Woolworths and you sort of suggested you had to do it.

    I want to know why I haven't caught this virus. Nothing has changed since this virus has been about. 

    Who are all these dirty people spreading the virus, because I haven't come across anyone yet.

    Both arms?  That's crap!!  Poor thing 

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  10. 7 hours ago, FatPom said:

    Uber Preztel, done. All on the TT bike.

    128.6km, 6hr19, 2,391 mtrs, 155 av watts.

    Bloody hell. Let us never speak of it again. 😳

    I dont Zwift, following  your posts is like the jamming thread. I got no idea but it looks like youre killing it from the replies you get. Go FP 🎼🚴‍♂️🎸🎶

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