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  1. Pic please 😊 Of the kelpie 😊😊
  2. Was your Kelpie pacing you or towing you along πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰ 😊
  3. My experience dealing with insurance companies has been horrible. I was in an accident, part of my rehab was to use a local pool, the insurance co didnt want to pay pool entry fee. We had a very long discussion on how they expected me, with a range of injuries including a broken leg & using crutches, to negotiate getting myself in & out of a rock pool that was over 15k down the road. I feel for anyone that has to deal with insurance companies
  4. Surfer


    Alex - perhaps you could organise a ride or training camp in one of the towns that need visitors to inject some funds? I know this will all depend on how much a town or location has recovered but as Roxii says, its down the track when the help is still needed
  5. Big congratulations Kieran, you should feel chuffed - getting recognition at work is a great achievement ☺
  6. The tyre was dead flat, when I was looking for the cause I found the nail BTW Im not a he so I fixed it 😊
  7. Thats great, thanks for sharing & cheering us up. All the best for his wife too x
  8. Surfer


    I know you will, but Im saying it anyway- take care out there Cottoneyes.
  9. Surfer


    You ok where you are?
  10. You dont have to eat any of it. Its not like when you were a kid & your parents made you eat all your dinner before you could leave the table! Donate or chuck it in the bin. You'll be happy if you do πŸ˜‰
  11. I did this & so far the tyre has stayed up. Thanks so much for helping 😊
  12. Thanks for the info - Ive now pulled a 40mm nail out of my tyreπŸ˜” . With a hole like that will sealant work or is it a new tyre?
  13. Tubeless first time for me. Tyre is dead flat. Easy to fix at home or do I get the LBS to sort it out? Thanks in advance
  14. Surfer


    The air quality is already terrible, seems daft to add to it. Total fire ban, not sure it should exclude lighting fireworks.
  15. Surfer


    Ive read that the fireworks are going ahead in Sydney for NYE. That seems a bit daft to me. Note that Im not a firefighter & have no knowledge of this stuff, only my opinion
  16. Same here - I cut my ride short to get home & check this thread πŸ€”
  17. Agree with all youre sayin here. Gold star post 🌟⭐
  18. Goughy, Goughy, Goughy ... *deep sigh* ... you think they dont know this? πŸ˜‰ Seriously dude, youre not helping them learn how a house runs if you do it for them. There has to be a consequence for not doing the chores you give them or better still, the ones they choose to do. By this I mean; you say "there are x, y, z .. which ones are you going to do?" If they let you down, there has to be a consequence, one that you've already told them so there are no surprises. Agree its easier to do it instead of waiting &/or nagging but where's the benefit for you or them? BTW .... Im an Aunty, not a parent & I have this conversation many times with my siblings πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
  19. Surfer


    Hope everyone is ok.
  20. Plus he couldnt really send thoughts & prayers to everyone close fires, involved in fighting fires, or had lost their homes &/or loved ones from Hawaii .... need to show that support here.
  21. Are in team thats part of your club or an independent team?
  22. Surfer

    New road bike

    Ive heard theyre not UCI legal weight for racing
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