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  1. All the best for Friday x
  2. Wow. All the best Pete. When do you get the treatment?
  3. Yes you did - youve been taking care of yourself! Onwards & upwards dude 😎
  4. Ive noticed that it depends on the race & location. For TT's people take a trainer & their roadie to warm up then hop on their TT bike. Less fuss than changing skewers. For crits & r/race more people use trainers than rollers. I used to take rollers but cant always find a flat bit of ground to set up, trainer doesnt mater so much. If there's a good, safe stretch of road to warm up then no need for either. It seems trainers are used a lot more than rollers
  5. Flanny what did you end up buying? Im looking at something to use for warming up at bike races. Edit:: anyone used the Omnion portable trainer?
  6. Oh that is so sad, all the best to Mrs FP & the whole family
  7. Gorgeous spot to be in FP. Enjoy
  8. Congrats on your PB 😊
  9. A holiday will be fantastic, specially if youre doing some fun stuff like catching waves. Dont beat yourself up FP, your mojo will return .... it has to if you want to stay ahead of Flipper 😉
  10. Kieran you gonna put a call into Master Chef? I hear they have a vacancy or 3 😉
  11. Sheeesh CN! All the best & keep at them so they cant fob you off, which I guess youre doing already
  12. I love it too. Clever & funny. ETA: shame someone got fired though
  13. All the best CN for Mrs CN. Hugs x
  14. Colours on that fish are amazing
  15. Maybe a couple of days complete rest, massage & jnr parkrun with Flipper will help reset your mojo. You'll have fun with her, you can cheer on other runners & they'll love you for being supportive. That'll put a smile on your dial
  16. Thanks for the info, Im not sure at this stage if I need a new battery or theres a problem. I did check Cranky's thread for additional info .. think Ive got a few options before handing over the $$ for a new one
  17. BUMP: Monkie how did you get on with a replacement?
  18. All the best FB, while this is going be sure to take care of yourself because it can be a draining & emotional time. And its good to hear your clients saying they appreciate your skills & what you do for them
  19. Would be great to hear if anyone has a link
  20. +1 Hope its all going to plan
  21. So how are you after the surgery? I hope it went well & youre recoving at a good pace
  22. Ive just returned from a trip around Europe & struggling with sleep & training. Travel knocks me around. Maybe revise your training a bit & you'll meet your expectations?
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