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  1. Same here Rob , my last rotation is to wear for gardening then the bin .... I was only teasing 😚
  2. Rob might be a milipede, have you seen him in real life?
  3. No silly , its for putting a smile on your dial πŸ˜‰
  4. Oh there it is .... fell out my pocket & Ive been looking for it all day. Cheers Roxii
  5. Surfer


    So sad. Also read a water tanker rolled on the NSW south coast & 6 suffered injuries 😒
  6. Too funny. Will there be a race report😊😊
  7. Pic please 😊 Of the kelpie 😊😊
  8. Was your Kelpie pacing you or towing you along πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰ 😊
  9. My experience dealing with insurance companies has been horrible. I was in an accident, part of my rehab was to use a local pool, the insurance co didnt want to pay pool entry fee. We had a very long discussion on how they expected me, with a range of injuries including a broken leg & using crutches, to negotiate getting myself in & out of a rock pool that was over 15k down the road. I feel for anyone that has to deal with insurance companies
  10. Surfer


    Alex - perhaps you could organise a ride or training camp in one of the towns that need visitors to inject some funds? I know this will all depend on how much a town or location has recovered but as Roxii says, its down the track when the help is still needed
  11. Big congratulations Kieran, you should feel chuffed - getting recognition at work is a great achievement ☺
  12. The tyre was dead flat, when I was looking for the cause I found the nail BTW Im not a he so I fixed it 😊
  13. Thats great, thanks for sharing & cheering us up. All the best for his wife too x
  14. Surfer


    I know you will, but Im saying it anyway- take care out there Cottoneyes.
  15. Surfer


    You ok where you are?
  16. You dont have to eat any of it. Its not like when you were a kid & your parents made you eat all your dinner before you could leave the table! Donate or chuck it in the bin. You'll be happy if you do πŸ˜‰
  17. I did this & so far the tyre has stayed up. Thanks so much for helping 😊
  18. Thanks for the info - Ive now pulled a 40mm nail out of my tyreπŸ˜” . With a hole like that will sealant work or is it a new tyre?
  19. Tubeless first time for me. Tyre is dead flat. Easy to fix at home or do I get the LBS to sort it out? Thanks in advance
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