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  1. Surfer

    What training did you do today?

    How long is it since you bought the Focus , you didnt have blisters then did you ? Probably time for a new bike that'll fix it.
  2. Surfer

    Drugs in triathlon 1 in 7. Really?

    I listened to that - people taking SARMS & the 'dealers' are nuts !
  3. Surfer

    Boston Marathon

    Meant to say .. you look cold in that pic, especially your legs. Great race report & big congats on getting it done. Hows your recovery?
  4. Surfer

    Boston Marathon

  5. Surfer

    Boston Marathon

    No handcuffs?
  6. Surfer

    Boston Marathon

    Well done Trannies , Im in awe of those times in that weather. Top job too Mr F
  7. Surfer

    Is Ironman Busso Doomed?

    Just finished zwift, probably starving after a ball bustin session 🐕
  8. Surfer

    Boston Marathon

    Have a great run RBR & Mrs Flower 😘 Mr Flower - pics please if you get the chance
  9. Surfer

    Drugs in triathlon 1 in 7. Really?

    0 ? Mrs Zed wouldve felt crap, sounds like shes on the mend though ☺
  10. Surfer

    Campagnolo goes 12 Speed

    Im keen to try 12sp on my track bike
  11. Surfer

    Lets talk Kask Aero Helmets

    Ive got one, really like it. Not sure how to clean the visor though, any tips Zed?
  12. Surfer

    Age group Doper Ironman Florida

    I just thought all bikes would be checked before racing, bit like when we get our bikes n helmets checked before tri's