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  1. All my events & races for 2020 have been cancelled or postponed starting with bushfires at the beginning of the year now the virus. Where possible Ive transferred entries & accommodation to next year & havent entered anything I planned to do at the end of 2020. Its very odd not to have that focus although no one else is doing stuff so Im not really missing out. Once the bike club start racing again, I think we'll see lots turn up for some fun
  2. Surfer

    Last Drinks...

    Can someone post the link, I didnt sign up before it was removed. Cheers
  3. A difficult task Roxii & you have always been fair. Thanks for everything
  4. UTA has announced dates for October, Im not confident it will go ahead however I would be happy if Im wrong
  5. Huge congrats Sam, so happy for all of you 💘
  6. I rate the Fusion suit & the service is excellent
  7. The water is beautiful! Thanks Kieran, fab post & pics 😊
  8. My perfect trisuit would be long enough in the torso then I would buy it, I go 2 piece instead
  9. When & why did they change it so that anyone could enter?
  10. Hey Kieran how about you start a new thread on diving / fishing?😊
  11. Let us know what it was like when youre done
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