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  1. SUP first then mini mal then something faaast when youre 100% ready. You cant have too many boards. Even then new foamies are good fun. Note: I know nuffin about surfin
  2. Surfer

    Next Big Thing in IM

    Slight topic change .. where is AP? I hope he isnt ill.
  3. Great results - you won & didnt puke. Congratulations πŸ‘
  4. Wow Goughy thats a great turn up. Good luck with all of it xx Re the costs, it might be worth mentioning this because there may be some options for you. Ya never knowπŸ™„
  5. I dont have a power meter. I dont plan to buy one.
  6. If you can have a 'pretty good' day, every day then youre doing a great job. Well Done You on a good start. 😊😊 Remember that food & booze isnt a reward or a comfort blanket πŸ™„ You wouldnt treat your car like shit by putting shit fuel in it. Take care of you!
  7. Dont forget the new hardware, how much does that weigh?
  8. Well done! Youve always got to find the positive 😊
  9. Im just not as excited about these records as I should be. Too jaded I guess πŸ˜•
  10. Any updates on trannies racing? Including Bergs, where did he finish?
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