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  1. Nice work Peter throwing the chalkenge out there & to everyone who got some training in
  2. Youre putting down some very serious watts ! Seriously - thats scarey to think of what couldve been a nasty crash. Good job you stopped & didnt ignore it
  3. Just say the Easter Bunny gave it to you because you're giving up chocolate Or "this old thing? Ive had it for ages" .... works everytime 😉😉
  4. Clearly you need a new bike to go with some new shoes
  5. Agree, time on your feet is key & if you think you'll be walking, include walking in your training so you can be smooth & efficient & know its part of the race strategy when you do walk. Mandatory gear can be expensive but you'll have it for all the other races you can do. You probably need to buy a fold up trowel as well 🙄
  6. Its good to hear youre enjoying time with you family. Sometimes our views & feelings change about 'family' when we have kids &/or we lose a parent. So sorry to hear about your Dad. For me, 5yrs isnt that long & there are probably a mix of feelings just under the surface. Take the time to mourn your Dad if you feel you havent because sometimes those feeling turn up when you least expect & not always a convenient time either! Enjoy what you have now, you cant change what did or didnt happened but you can do stuff from now to enjoy 'family' ...sounds like youre doing it right now. Have a great family Easter FP x
  7. Youre talking sense ... is that allowed ?? 😊😊
  8. Dont wait Goughy, make a cuppa now & enjoy a delicious hot cross bun. Im a traditionalist, no chocolate ones or fruitless for me 😉😊😊
  9. I dont get why people in my street have to get their lawn mower out & cut the grass every f.... public holiday. Even Christmas Day. One dude cuts his twice a day sometimes !!!!! Lawn mowers, strimmers / wipper snippers & leaf blowers should be kept in the shed on all public holidays Rant over. A cuppa & hot cross bun will make me feel better
  10. Great vid! Nah not an idiot, goals are good for us. Are you going to run with poles? Ive used them, they make a big difference.
  11. FP - what race are you targeting?
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