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  1. Surfer

    Magpies 2020

    Be careful Goughy, Ive been attacked from the air by plovers. Horrible
  2. Great review Goughy, cheers
  3. A beautiful tribute to your dear Mum Paul. Sending love & hugs to you & your family. Thanks for sharing this with us, what an amazing woman xx
  4. Overwhelmingly... the tips are Watch where you are going ie scan & look ahead Pick your feet up! Isnt that what you say to your little training buddy 😁 Im interested to hear what you think of the Saucony
  5. Thats cool FP! Im doing some searches for drills that you can do re lifting your feet so you dont fall over quite so much ..... 😉😉😉😉
  6. Well done Kevin! Thanks for sharing & including some great pics. I love Sebastian's colour match of his shoes & your race kit 😉
  7. Your dog is super-cute 😍
  8. Yeah me too although Im not sure if I would like to be doing it solo wbecause I reckon I would be scared at night time. Dalai, did you ever get nervous or scared?
  9. Thanks Rory-dNZ, its really hard to loosen the valve as I do on my roadie to put air in. I have to use pliers. Im putting air in regularly - Im thinking I need to top up the sealant & get the LBS to make sure the valve isnt dodgy.
  10. Very nice BB, are you happy with it or prefer the mtb?
  11. Nice one BB! Got a pic to show us the your bike? Were you riding gravel or more like fire trail?
  12. Hey team - do you remove the valve the core to top up air in your tyres?Any recomendations on a a good valve core tool? The one I have is very small & annoyingly fiddly to use. Cheers
  13. I think its ok to be unsure of how you feel about Matt & to say you wouldnt have done what he did. Its ok to get angry, tearful, sad & confused. Then after you've gone through all of that which, in my opinion, is part if your grieving process, try to imagine how bad things got for him, inside his head & heart that finally took him to where he is now. Im sure you won't be able to imagine it. People like Matt go to places we cant imagine. Some people for whatever reason teeter on the edge yet dont go any further, sadly there are some we lose Why not contact Ash? Tell her you'r
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