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  1. Fair feild, gee not many lone wolf's like myself-a lot seem to be in a triclub or coached..
  2. No I agree, everyone should travel, but just don't be niave to the dangers or kid yourself that everywhere is as safe as Australia. Part of recognising places are more dangerous leads you to being active in not becoming a target-flashing expensive gear, being a loud mouth, walking alone and or off the beaten track etc.
  3. That's the thing though...you feel safe until you are not. It wasn't until the last couple of nights I started to notice all of the 'missing' picture stuck up everywhere. You really think any of the corrupt cops over there are going to give a shit about some gringo getting shook down? Heck they would most likely get a cut.. Bad people take advantage of opportunity. Some place have more opportunity, some place have more bad people..
  4. Exactly! Went I said I was going to Mexico people freaked out, but I was aware of the risks and was under no illusion that it was just as safe as say Noosa for example. You make informed decisions and accept the consequences. Now that I have kids I don't recon Id take the risk...
  5. I'll just leave this here..... https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.news.com.au/travel/travel-updates/violent-cartels-are-turning-holiday-spots-of-cancun-tulum-and-playa-del-carmen-into-war-zones/news-story/5d0bef2ba673fc72b9c2c704b6b0cc57
  6. And in some places a hell of a lot more shit happens than others...
  7. Geezus...I've also traveled Mexico and had a great holiday, BUT under no point was or am I under the delusion that Mexico is a safe place lol
  8. Someone mentioned the ratio of nice people to loonies, I couldn't agree more. I went from waiting at a bus stop talking to the nicest young bloke to jumping on a bus and having a crazy guy with a death wish call a black guy in front of me a nigger trying to get a reaction and then calling me a fu$king jew trying to get me to bite lol Crazies every where over there for some reason...
  9. I'm not sure what context matters when you have 100 people shot in a single weekend? You sound like one of those people who claim Afghanistan etc are lovely peaceful places that have been demonized by the media... Until they are kidnapped and have their heads chopped off.. Comment by a poor cyclist just a month or so before meeting his fate in the middle east... "Badness exists, sure, but even that's quite rare. By and large, humans are kind. Self-interested sometimes, myopic sometimes, but kind. Generous and wonderful and kind. No greater revelation has come from our journey than this."
  10. Lol true, everyone spends their money differently. It does my wifes head in that my 'going out' shoes and clothes are about 7 years old and early falling apart where as I have all new and flashy tri gear. Meh, cotton on clothes are good for me, but when it comes to training I'll pay for quality. Same with my car, it's just a little run a round bomb that cost less than my pushy..
  11. Its not hard to see how Sydney would have turned out out yesterday if that guy had an AR instead of a knife...
  12. Wow was doing some reading and more than 100 people were shot in a single weekend in Chicago!!! https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2017/07/05/july-4th-weekend-shootings-chicago/452585001/ "More than 100 people were shot in Chicago over the long Independence Day weekend as a deadly wave of violence once again rocked the massive city besieged by unrelenting gun crime. At least 14 of the gunshot victims died, police said Wednesday." What a crazy country...
  13. Funny you mention this-Kanye West (as loopy as he is) believed the democrats were oppressing the blacks by making them dependent on welfare, where as Trump was about giving them jobs and was one of the reasons he got behind Trump...
  14. Another example of the biased bullsh!t media that people are growing tired of-with that Epstein pedophile all the news articles and TV clips centered on pictures of him standing with Trump (guilt buy association...) despite the fact Bill Clinton was a much closer friend and was a guest many many times on his 'Lolita express' plane and visitor to his pedo island. And now that George Clooney has been brought into the mix they feel the need to state "There is no suggestion that Clooney was involved in under-age sex or sex parties held by billionaire Epstein or involved in any wrongdoing." So they were happy to link Trump to Epstein allowing readers to infer what they may, but feel the need to state the Clooney was not involved in any way?? Its just ridiculous.. https://www.news.com.au/entertainment/celebrity-life/manuscript-written-by-former-epstein-sex-slave-says-his-exlover-boasted-of-sex-act-with-george-clooney/news-story/90920cea913022f318c68a0d9ece8867
  15. Gee clutching at straws much? Its a long stretch to say a movie that specifically hunts and kills republicans is the same as a fantasy movie based on rich people taking advantage of poor people...
  16. Bloody hell!! There are some wankers out there huh... Why did you have it on the small ring anyway?
  17. Nah in the media. Its just easier to say everything is Trumps fault.. The left leaning hysteria is getting quite unbelievable TBH-as per above they can make a movie about hunting and killing republicans and barely a mention, let alone any hint of outrage. Throw in to the mix the left trying to ban free speech and the violence they are constantly exhibiting..its like they have become the thing they are supposed to be against. Strange times...
  18. O.K so its less than a month away-who's in? I'm heading up hoping to escape the cold weather-any advice for a Mexican attending his first race north of the border?
  19. There has been plenty of blame leveled at Trump for the shootings..
  20. I just don't get the world at the moment-imagine the outcry if they were about to release a movie where republicans hunted and killed liberals-the media would completely lose their mind. Yet this movie made by a major studio hasn't even raised a blip in main stream media....
  21. Sometimes fact is stranger than fiction-I was sure this was fake news/April fools joke but no, this is actually real!! Universal Pictures was about to release a movie where 'elites' hunt and kill republicans!! https://www.news.com.au/entertainment/movies/upcoming-movies/violent-satire-the-hunt-cancelled-after-trump-tweet-numerous-mass-shootings/news-story/0d78eba3e752f581d4d37e333c29b5e3 "The film, a gory, R-rated thriller that tells a tale of liberal “elites” hunting people in red states for sport starred Oscar winner Hilary Swank and Betty Gilpin, and was directed by Craig Zobel. The Hunt centres on 12 supposedly red states, Republican Americans who are kidnapped and wake up in a forest only to realise they’re being stalked as a game concocted by the “liberal elite”.
  22. I could give you quite a few examples where state and federal Labor government has wasted billions of tax payers money. I'd honestly struggle to do the same for the libs...
  23. No I mean if the Labor guvnut had said they were going to spend the money-to many unions in their payroll
  24. Sounds to me like they have listened, scrapped the plans, are still updating the site and saving half a billion at the same time? Labor would have just pushed ahead and spent the $2B regardless..
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