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  1. I recently bought a pair of the Clifton 1s and whilst not a bad shoe didn't dind them any where near the 'running on clouds' type thing people hype about? I found my Nike zoom flys softer to be honest
  2. I don't understand how people seem to think anyone can make it to a world championship race if they 'want it bad enough' That's either saying the bar is set too low for a world championship, or people's expectations are wrong in that 'anyone' can be world class athlete if they want it bad enough. Hell I'd chop of my left and most probably my right testicle to play NBA, PGA or Premier League as world millions of others... But no matter what if you aren't born with that 'special talent' then it ain't going to be even close to being a possibility.
  3. He pleaded guilty...so obviously enough to scare him he would be convicted of murder...
  4. The whole legal system is an absolute disgrace!! You can murder your wife and only get SIX YEARS JAIL!!! I really don't know how these judges can live with themselves.... https://www.news.com.au/national/victoria/courts-law/borce-ristevskis-act-of-cruelty-wasnt-contained-to-killing-his-wife/news-story/1f1ca6396b66782da8b019cf69da244b
  5. more

    The 1% stuff

    You need to want it bad enough
  6. But but but Abbott was an arsehole for saying Hawke had a Liberal head and a Labor heart....
  7. So you are allowing $58k a year for travel and racing, recovering in business class would be nice 😎👌
  8. $80K a year is a hell of a lot of money to be spending with no mortgage to pay or child raising related expenses?
  9. Lol what was I saying about the arrogance of Labor? https://www.msn.com/en-au/news/australia/free-beers-fancy-cocktails-and-a-lavish-slap-up-dinner-inside-labors-pre-election-party-as-they-toasted-victory-only-to-suffer-a-humiliating-defeat-in-election-stunner/ar-AABG2Np "Labor was so sure it had victory in the bag that party headquarters in Sydney threw a huge election eve party with free booze and prawns galore. They celebrated late into the night drinking salted caramel espresso martinis and singing Solidarity Forever with one staffer even hired to play the trumpet.The jubilant mood was the polar opposite of their somber, shell-shocked faces just 24 hours later after a stunning election defeat. Labor's premature partying is now an embarrassing symbol of its hubris and complacency based on polls that got the result horribly wrong.Celebrations began with free beers in the Parramatta HQ office, then dinner at nearby Sahra by the River, according to emails seen by the Sydney Morning Herald. Staffers ate Queensland prawns costing $39 for just four pieces, barramundi at $34 a serving, and kafta skewers at $28 for three." And then you had Bill asking Scomo for a smooth transition of power...bwhahahahahh "Labor leader Bill Shorten is so confident of becoming Australia's next Prime Minister that he sent a letter to Scott Morrison asking for a 'smooth transition of power'. " All I can say is they got what they deserved. Smug, condescending and arrogant...and NFI
  10. So will challenge be rebranded?
  11. Exactly this, and then when they lose they insult people's intelligence. For a group who are supposed to represent the working class they sure have become smug and elitist
  12. more

    Wurf watch

    Well he does spend a lot of time on the bike 😂
  13. Perhaps cost could be weighed toward the demand for the role. For example an arts degree in ancient Himalayan theology would cost $500k, where as a highly in demand role would be subsidized
  14. more

    Bike Boxes

    Thanks everyone, ended up getting the soft case 😎
  15. more

    Bike Boxes

    Awesome thanks!
  16. more

    Bike Boxes

    Humble brag? Mehhhhh lol well I didn't mean to come across like that. I mentioned it's a P5 because they a largely unique in having hydraulic brake and a bit of a reputation for being difficult to work on.
  17. more

    Bike Boxes

    Do you have a P5? Reading about it and it actually doesn't sound all that hard? Been reading all day and there are so many conflicting views, some say the hard boxes get smashed around slot more because they get things stacked on top of them, then you have others saying they have used soft cases for years with no problem, then you have other stories where obviously the bikes have been damaged urghhhhh
  18. This is the problem with the left-they are so smug and have such a superiority complex that when they lose they cant help but lash out calling everyone 'dumb' for not voting in who they wanted...and they continue to think insulting people is the way to get them onside??? Just NFI.. "‘Australians are dumb’: Celebs’ fury at Scott Morrison federal election win" https://www.news.com.au/national/federal-election/australians-are-dumb-celebs-fury-at-scott-morrison-federal-election-win/news-story/8392a4c2d8540d0c895808896c61409d
  19. As others have said I don't think anyone would think that is the case. But what does seem to happen all to often is people see people on 'high' incomes or net wealth and think that they have got it easily. I've seen and worked with many very wealthy people and in every example not a single one got to where there are without an extremely high amount of hard work and sacrifice. It many cases you have 'working class's guys who have worked 7 days a week and mortgaged their house and hardkey seen their kids to get where they are. And then to have the Labor party continually come along and call them the 'top end' of town and to penalise them is an absolute disgrace and an insult to everyone who has rolled up their sleeves to better themselves and their families.
  20. Until the arseholes see it as another big pot of money to tax...
  21. more

    Carbon Hoka's

    Hey @willie I've sent you a number of sms' over the last few days but haven't had a response?
  22. It's not that hard-Labor have a reputation for wasting money and taxing people who have worked hard for what they have. That needs to change.
  23. more

    Bike Boxes

    Yes it is. On one hand I can spend half as much and get a soft bag and take no time to pack the bike but risk damage, or spend a lot more on a hard case and spend ages packing and unpacking but with more confidence it won't get damaged..
  24. The problem is that Shorten was going directly after people who have/are working their arses off, saving and investing so that they can retire and not be a burden on society. That's never going to win votes. I'm sure everyone wants more to be spent on the needy but to fund it tackle the billions that is wasted on bullshit, not the pockets of those who have worked and sacrificed for it. People who support Labor go on about how they want more spent here and there, but were quite happy for the Labor party to throw BILLIONS away on things like road projects that was never even started!! How far that money could have gone in the children's Hospital... absolutely disgraceful. They seem to not understand that all the money the government spends comes from our pocket
  25. And maybe that's why Hawke was such a great PM, because he had a good mix of left and right. But if you say that then the outrage squad get outraged...
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