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  1. Can u translate into English please?
  2. more

    Collins Cup

    Please.. No.... Just... No.
  3. Play stupid games win stupid prizes..
  4. So what do you think would provide the best outcome-2 hard hours every second day, or 2 moderate hours every single day? And, if you have a spare hour to kill-would it always be beneficial to jump on Zwift and knock out 30Ks? I'm still coming to grips with this whole endurance approach, as in body building over training is a real problem and can send you backwards.
  5. Is recovery a major part of cycling, or is the more is better approach the best option? For example, what would be better-smashing out a really hard 2 hour session every second day, or a moderate 2 hour session every single day? I used to be really into the gym and recovery was a key factor in ensuring muscle growth. But in endurance sports its seems that doing as much as you possibly can without breaking down is a large part of the way forward?
  6. I dunno, watching that stuff makes me feel ill...🤮 How in the heck someone hasn't been killed yet is amazing?
  7. more


    Geez its a good thing I don't troll, I would come out with much nastier stuff than saying someone had a dad bod! But I used to play cricket and spent a lot of time in the slips...subtlety has no place!
  8. more


    Koms are serious business..
  9. And then the question needs to be asked what about if my house burns down tomorrow but isn't insured. Why shouldn't I get someone else to pay for it? Why should it matter if it wasnt in a bushfire?
  10. more


    A bit American?
  11. Why can they advance bicycle tech, wetsuit tech but not running tech?
  12. more


    Events such as the cricket and I'd imagine commercial cycling events are charged for police resources. Who from the climate protesters are picking up the bill?
  13. How much could tyre pressure affect performance that you noticed it to the extent your split was shit? Are we talking 5mins on a 70.3 for example?
  14. I think some people in the Fires thread need a trigger warning 🤣
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