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  1. more


    Weird logic. The Customer continually singles me out with intentionally inflammatory comments and not a word is said, I respond to inflammatory comments and get called out.. So explain to me here what the problem is (as rediculous as this is) is it that I called stage 4 in Vic a lock down (that's what the media call it) or that I called Turts a boomer? The Customer has called me a gen x etc many times and no one had a problem. So what are the rules here? Or perhaps you would prefer I go through all of The Customers last 20 posts to see how many she has posted directly antagonising me for no reason? Ill give it to her, she has great troll game
  2. more


    Ha ha its hilarious how much I get under your skin. Let's be real here-the vast majority of your posts are attacks on me. Stalker much...?
  3. more


    OK boomer... Well that's what every news article calls it. Send some letters to the editor..
  4. more


    Have u been drinking or just joining in on an epic troll? We are also told we can't drink or drive because it's not safe. At least in WA u can now see ur mates, VIC is still total lock down
  5. more


    You do realise a democracy means we vote in people to tell us what to do?
  6. more


    How is it compulsory? Are we now being fined for not installing?
  7. more


    Yikes.. "New US figures showed the number of Americans filing for unemployment benefits soared past 30 million, deepening the crisis that has not been seen since the 1930s" https://www.news.com.au/finance/economy/world-economy/coronavirus-economic-impact-us-unemployment-reaches-30-million-european-economies-contract/news-story/98ced099ce1d5b2bfd2a4e85f68ed509
  8. Don't worry, she is back on block 👍I obviously upset her quite a bit, why doesn't she put me on block though? Anyway enough of the thread derail please.
  9. What are you talking about? I bet if I went back through The Customers last 10 posts at least half of them would be in reference to me. She has singled me out ever since I said that women in the middle east weren't treated well.. Talk about fanatical. As for my infatuation with IJ lol wtf are you talking about? Fake news much... 😂
  10. Well I listen to AM radio.. So maybe 😳
  11. Not directly related to sound bars but when the kids were very young we got in the habit of watching movies with subtitles enabled so we could keep the sound low. We now keep it on all the time as it's amazing how much dialogue you miss from simply not being able to hear or understand what is being said.
  12. How did your times compare-was day 30 much faster than day 1?
  13. No, I'm genuinely concerned for you. There was no point to your comment other than some weird infatuation with me. My original comment had nothing to do with you nor did it have anything to do with what you posted, yet you took it upon yourself to turn it into a direct attack on me. This is even after I have had you on ignore for months and haven't posted anything about you e to you in months. Your fascination with me isn't normal or healthy, go for a ride and get some fresh air
  14. Wow took you off ignore only to see you are still posting about me. Your obsession with me is quite scary, bordering on stalkish. Do you have friends to help you through these tough times, seriously..
  15. more


    "Calls to mental health, domestic violence and crisis hotlines have increased in Australia by tens of thousands during the coronavirus pandemic with reports some people are “not feeling safe” in their homes." https://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/health/mind/coronavirus-australians-not-feeling-safe-at-home-dv-calls-increase/news-story/4b57509d9137a8b49b84eb00a86f1988
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