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  1. more

    Geelong 70.3

    Nice report! For fogging goggle I've found a drop or two of morning fresh rub around and rinsed out does the job nicely.
  2. more

    How to improve the run?

    Thanks, I agree-def need more long runs
  3. more

    How to improve the run?

    My last long run was 18ks on the 9th Dec. Averaged 5:42 pace at 145 bpm. Prior to that I had done 20ks at a 5:43 pace at 148 bpm. I had been having trouble with my calves cramping so cut back the running. Other than that most runs have been no more than 12 ks.
  4. more

    How to improve the run?

    Run time was 2:10. Strategy and pacing was based on trying to keep heart rate under 160BPM. Also I had in mind to walk the aid stations once/if i hit the wall and walk the steep hills to keep heart rate in check. All rookie mistakes I'm sure and hoping to learn from them. Objective for next 70.3 in April is to go sub 6 again but also to not walk the run and do it in 1:40ish As for the heat-yep I found it bloody hot!
  5. more

    Left / Right Balance - Power Meter

    Well I have a pretty big middle leg....
  6. more

    How to improve the run?

    Thanks. Well I never felt sick or like I couldn't have eaten more gells, I felt quite good the whole race until the 9th K of the run. I had only allocated two for the run as I thought that would be enough to get me through and any more could risk me feeling sick. Maybe I need to try running on more gels also combined with all the other tips. If you are using water what do you do for electrolytes, or are they included in your gels?
  7. more

    Left / Right Balance - Power Meter

    Do you have any history of leg specific injury? I know I have a terrible imbalance-my left legs has been broken a couple of times and it has just never gotten back to equal strength. It is visibly smaller than my right. When riding if I'm not paying attention my balance can easily go out to 35/65 at times. The 70.3 on Sunday I obviously massively overcompensated with my right leg as it is very very sore where as the left feels pretty good...
  8. more

    How to improve the run?

    I have plenty of fat to loose, still carry a hell of a lot around my waist. I reckon to get to single digit body fat I would need to loose 5-8kgs..
  9. more

    How to improve the run?

    The gels were just wiggle branded ones. So how would you approach it? For the bike I had 6 gels (two for each hour) plus the three bottle of SIS. Would you recommend doing say three gels an hour and replacing the SIS mix in all 3 bottles for pure water? Or still use the SIS mix but perhaps swap one of the bottle for pure water for the times where I'm consuming a gel?
  10. more

    How to improve the run?

    So the SIS mix had 54gms of carbs per 750mls. If i just drank straight water wouldn't that mean I would have to have another 2 gells (each gel was 23gms)? I figured the SIS mix would kill two birds with one stone? So basically I was sipping the SIS mix when I had the gells and then continuing to sip the mix which gave me a total 96gms of carbs per hour. I read that the body can generally only absorb between 750mls to 1 litre per hour?
  11. more

    How to improve the run?

    No doubt about that! And drop about 8 kgs....
  12. more

    How to improve the run?

    I was taking the gells with a SIS elecotrolyte/Carb mix. So basically 750mls of the SIS mix over the space of 30Ks combined with 2 gels.
  13. more

    How to improve the run?

    Yep that was tempo. So with the slower long runs and then intervals-are you saying to do the intervals towards the end of the long run?
  14. more

    How to improve the run?

    I finished in 5:59.I normally don't run much further than 15ks but had done a couple of 20k runs prior at a 5:43 pace which felt pretty good. I guess I kind of had a bit of reluctance to do regular longish runs due to a fear of injury.
  15. more

    How to improve the run?

    Breakfast was a small bowl of muesli and drank a bottle of Powerade on the drive down. I did 25gms of carbs 20mins before the swim, 90gms of carbs and 750mls of fluid with electrolytes spread out over every 30k on the bike, and then 25gms at 3ks on the run and another 25gms at around 8ks on the run. I run out of gells after that so just had a few sips of water and coke at each and station there after.