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  1. more

    Job Seeking Advice

    My take-there are two parts. First is if you didn't like it back then why are you going to like it now? Is it like a lot of things where its human nature to forget the bad and only remember the good? Second part is if this is what you really want just say that after a long period of concentrating on yourself, your study and career progression you felt it was important to give back to the community hence the position in the hospital?
  2. more

    What training did you do today...

    Was supposed to do a 3.5 hour ride today but the boss had plans for me so quick 1 hour ride in the morning with the intention of jumping on the kickr later in the arvo. Only just finished up everything now and farg me it 10pm which means I wouldn't finish until 1:30am...I'm keen but not that keen It can wait until tomorrow morn or if the weather's ok I'll do a nice long run
  3. more

    Busso 2018 - The 3 year plan.

    G dam I can't imagine running that fast off a 180k ride as an age grouper... 😳 Unreal!
  4. more

    Coaches are amusing

    yeah it was a black Friday sale, still I thought $180 was a hell of a lot for some bloody lycra lol
  5. more

    Coaches are amusing

    G'Dam and here I was thinking I was living large paying $180 for a Scody Trisuit the other day!!! No freaking way Id pay $300...
  6. more

    What training did you do today...

    This brings me to a question I've been thinking about for a while-why is it that swim training seems to involve breaks, even if its just 5 seconds, where as run and ride is usually non stop?
  7. more

    What training did you do today...

    I was wondering why your split for that segment was so much faster
  8. more

    Garmin and Strava

    Lol so did you have the Garmin Sundial or the Garmin Hourglass?? But srsly did you keep any record of your times in a notepad? I like to look back and see how much fitter and faster I've become, it provides motivation. It also provides good memories-for example last week I rode the Adelaide Hills for the first time, all those rides are there for me to look back on AND compare to if I ever ride them again.
  9. more

    Garmin and Strava

    All good, I just deleted the entry and created a manual one with the correct figures. Im having weird problems though-my Zwift workout form this morning hasnt uploaded either...dont know whats going on!
  10. more

    Short and to the point.

    Why arent you keen to do another if it was so much fun?
  11. I have NFI but from Zipp "23mm tire – optimal for TT/tri25mm tire – almost as good, especially in rear. Using in front will increase drag and worsen crosswind handling characteristics on our narrow/deep rims28mm tire – tangibly worse aero performance, especially for drag and handling in crosswinds"
  12. more

    Garmin and Strava

    Lol well kinda, I don't have a great memory for stats so i use Strava to keep track of how I'm going and today was a bit of a test. Ah well...just weird how it's not synching the same data.
  13. more

    Garmin and Strava

    Sooo I was pretty stoked, ran a nice 5k in 21mins 18 (which is what's still showing in the watch), but when it's loaded into Strava it's showing 4.7ks at 22mins 28. Wtf? I've had this happen with Zwift to a smaller extent, hit say 90ks but in Strava it loads as 89.
  14. more

    Power meter pedals

    Yep when I'm about to buy something new I don't Google reviews, I google problems. I couldn't find a single bad thing said about the assiomas but there was pages and pages of problems with the V3s. Made my decision easy and I'm happy as with them. That being said i absolutely love my Fenix 5, Garmin just dropped the ball on these pedals.
  15. more

    Power meter pedals

    Don't go anywhere near the vectors, they are lemons! Google the problems with them, many angry people even after the 'fix' Get the Assiamos, cheaper, lighter and bulletproof. Plus no changing of batteries and the charge lasts for weeks.