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  1. Just buy a kickr, worth every single cent
  2. Still heaps cheaper than a super 9 though I guess.. I'd be interested in its construction
  3. Where are you seeing the Caden discs? Cant see them on his website?
  4. When we are talking a saving of only a minute or two over 90Ks in ideal conditions pushing 40km/hr I often wonder if people talk themselves into discs being that much better to avoid buyers remorse after forking out $2K-$4k for a single wheel?
  5. more

    Nike Zoom Fly Flyknit

    Gave away free to a good home...
  6. People have become complacent and inefficient. When things are to easy it leads to poor and eventually uncompetitive outcomes. Look at the standards of tradesman for example-its pretty much an accepted outcome these days that you will have a heap of defects that need to be argued and complained about. There is so much work that the onus is now on getting a job completed as fast as possible to maximise your turnover-reputation isn't as big a factor as it once was when there wasn't so much work. Thus the overall standard has dropped. Yet they are making an absolute fortune. Same story in white collar jobs-the general standard in candidates is terrible. People want top dollar yet are sub standard and have poor work ethic. All due to there being no competition leading to complacency. When standards are poor, inefficient and expensive industry looks to alternative options-such as overseas, leaving the country a lot worse off. A little recession/kick up the bum could do the country a great deal of long term good IMHO.
  7. I think a recession would do the country and economy a lot of good
  8. more

    Let's Talk Coffee

    The way the price coffee is getting we might start to see a few crowd funding efforts to support people's coffee drinking goals
  9. Gdam looks like he broke his ankle???
  10. Sure they may be a little easier on the arms...but who wants to look like they are about to go fishing????
  11. more

    Let's Talk Coffee

    Everything that was old is new again...?
  12. Yeah thanks mate, wasn't really planning on it but got in a groove, 1,600m elevation gain... Was pretty stoked, was a good session 👍
  13. Don't buy any chocolate, chips, soft drink etc. Buy veggies and meat and eat until your eyes pop! It's actually quite hard to eat excessive calories when you cut out all the crap. And like fatpom said-nothing more healthy than freshly caught fish! Drool...
  14. 4 hour Zwift ride... After which the missus decides to tell me she has a long list of jobs for me to do.... And you know you just have suck it up and do it otherwise you will never hear the end of it lol Thank God I had some cans of Monster in the pantry 😉
  15. more

    Ash Barty

    I read a bit about her, seems like one of those one in a billion natural athletic freaks!!
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