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  1. Out of interest what have you changed your mind on? There are some people out there fortunately who are able to look at each issue in isolation without being blinded by their left/right allegiance. I'll admit in right leaning but still call the libs out when they deserve it (which is increasingly a lot) but my mate is a hard core Labor supporter and no matter what they do he finds and excuse to support them. It's infuriating and just stupid. So we don't talk politics anymore. To be honest though I've given up on politics, they are all self serving Muppets who for the most part would have a clue about the real world.
  2. Politics and religion should just not be discussed. No matter what is said no one ever changes their opinion, so it's really all just a waste of time and causes needless animosity and agrivation.
  3. Politics and religion should just not be discussed. No matter what is said no one ever changes their opinion, so it's really all just a waste of time and causes needless animosity and agrivation.
  4. Politics and religion should just not be discussed. No matter what is said no one ever changes their opinion, so it's really all just a waste of time and causes needless animosity and agrivation.
  5. Be hard to put a number on it but there is definitely a whole section of the community who have no desire to work. And then on the occasion where they do get a job their approach is so poor they are soon unemployed. Why they are like this imho is due to a combination of mental health issues and poor role models. They grow up in the system of being lazy and getting hand-outs. They don't seem to realise that in nearly every situation where people have 'wealth' it has come with great work, sacrifice and risk. They are just lucky we have the social security safety net in Australia compared to the likes of the US where you basically have whole shantytowns of homeless.
  6. I say Muslim leaders because they are equally responsible in trying to unite (given the Muslim world is largely designated by country-Middle East, Indonesia/Bahrain etc) . The NZ PM did a lot of good the way she approached the massacre, I think having some Middle Eastern leaders show similar grief and perhaps attend some Christian ceremonies would go a huge way to showing the likes of ISIS that their efforts are in vein?
  7. That's assuming the 50% of abstainers wouldn't have also voted for him. Its that sort of arrogance that put him in power. The powers that be continue to forget a whole segment of the 'quiet majority' who are to busy working to attend rallies and waste time on Facebook and twitter. Guaranteed there is so much discontent with the political parties at the moment that if an Aussie 'Trump' ran he would win by a landslide.
  8. So we are getting a huge mural painted of the NZ PM hugging a muslim whilst wearing a hijab. https://www.news.com.au/national/victoria/news/melbourne-inner-city-silo-to-be-painted-with-mural-of-beautiful-and-powerful-nz-prime-minister/news-story/4e8c7a3c49ac4ee67fbe164386072389 This image was also was projected on to the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest skyscraper in Dubai, to thank the leader for her “empathy and support” in the wake of the terrorist attacks. Now I know I'm sticking my head out here and going against the grain of political correctness but given the recent atrocities in Sri Lanka where hundreds of Christians were slaughtered on one of their most holiest of days should we be expecting a similar message of unity from leaders in the Muslim world? "Sri Lankan health minister Rajitha Senaratne said late Monday the radical Islamist group National Thowheeth Jama’ath — also Anglicised as National Thowheed Jamath — was behind the attacks." ISIS have also claimed credit for the attacks.
  9. For that amount I'd say I did, let you 'catch me' and split the reward 😁
  10. I had it as 20.5 the swim was long though at 2.05
  11. Ok so race report time!! In summary despite my concerns it was a very well run event and the goodies you got were much better than Geelong, a nice 2XU singlet, the mandatory towel and a beer stein!! Nice! So to the race. My swim was atrocious, just couldnt get in the rythym and sighting was very ordinary. Was pretty disappointed to see Strava had 2.1ks but looking at other people's results it seems the course was long which made me feel a little better. Going under the bridge was kinda cool. Did a 47 😳 The ride was awesome, roads like glass and not much really in the way of hills. I was feeling good so basically threw the power metre plan out the window and thought I'd just push it and worry about blowing up later lol. Did a 2:41 which I was pretty happy with. Then onto the run. Was actually feeling pretty good for the first 10 averaging around 5m ks, again i threw the heart rate monitor out the window and thought I'd just go by feel and worry about blowing up later. On to the second loop and started to hurt, definately slowed down but still managed to hold it together for a 1:50 which I was happy with. All though this race was easier than Geelong in that it wasn't as hot, the roads were better and flatter I think my nutrition was also a lot better. I bumped the carbs up and felt pretty good. All in all an awesome event that I'm looking forward to next year.
  12. Yep, no excuses this time!
  13. lol it doesn't prove you point at all. If ever I came across bullies I have always stood up to them whilst other cowards hide away. Alan Joyce is a coward-he has the opportunity to do some something about one of the biggest bullies in the world who actually harm gays, yet he would prefer to protect his hip pocket and pick on guys of no consequence like this rugby player.. QANTAS doesn't have to have an alliance with an airline that imprisons gays, and the airline doesn't have to fly through the middle east.
  14. "Clomid: Using Clomid to boost testosterone and sperm production. Clomid causes the pituitary gland to increase production of luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle stimulating hormone (FSH). ... For men do not have testicular failure, Clomid may be an option to help boost T levels"
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