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  1. more

    Zwift New York

    Thanks mate it’s all good, I’m just frustrated because I’m falling behind in my training 🙁 if we weren’t getting so close to race season I wouldn’t give a shit. On the flip side though I’ve been adding in extra runs so hopefully won’t loose to much 👍
  2. more

    Zwift New York

    I just canceled my Zwift membership, much prefer TrainerRoad and with the Kickr problems I’ve been having it looks like all my riding will be outdoors for a while...
  3. more

    Kona Race Day Discussion

    are top 10 tested?
  4. more

    Any news on Lionel Sanders

    You got to feel for the guy and the pressure he must be under, that he knows he has fu$ked up and the immense frustration. I remember thinking man this guy is clutching at straws when he was commenting in a recent vid after training with a running partner ‘wow this must be how Jan trains, it all makes sense now’ and I was mate you are a couple of weeks out from Kona and you are talking like this, writing was on the wall. I feel sorry for him, he is a good bloke. Always gives credit where credit is due and doesn’t pass the buck-blames himself only and soley when things don’t go to plan. Can’t ask much more than that from a pro sportsman.
  5. more

    Any news on Lionel Sanders

    Poor basted, seems devastated and totally lost
  6. more

    Its time to free Lance to Kona

    Drug cheats should have life bans and significant financial penalties-so much so that no one would ever risk cheating.
  7. more

    Kona bike and wheels count. Cervelo won

    WTF not a single Assioma???
  8. more

    New Kickr Stuff

    Sounds like they are the same-from DC Rainmaker “ Sound: This uses the new KICKR 2018’s belt system, so it’s silent as well – a huge difference to competitors” i cant get over how quiet it is, it’s awesome!
  9. more

    New Kickr Stuff

    So first of all a big thanks to Willy for helping me out with shipping the 2018 Kickr to Victoria. Now for anyone wondering about how much quieter the new version is-it’s amazing!! It’s perfectly quiet!! None of the humm that the previous models had. Now literally all you can hear is the rattle of your chain-that’s it!! I’m stoked with it. It means I can now also do early morning rides and still have the TV volume down low. Whereas previously to overcome the noise of the Kickr I had to turn up the volume-so a double annoyance to the minister of fun and finance still trying to sleep. Very happy!!!
  10. more

    Kona 2018 video 50 min highlights

    Awesome thanks for the link!
  11. more

    P3 Classic upgrade

    How long do the frame warranties last for? Are they lifetime?
  12. more

    Melbourne Marathon 2018

    You did a 3:08 just as a bit of fun?? 😐 man I feel slow 😥
  13. more

    Heart Rate Zones

    Looking back through Strava my 10k PB was actually 47:53 (guessed I rounded down 😳) but the heart rate profile was a little lower-maybe today was a little higher due to the surging and few small hills etc
  14. more

    Heart Rate Zones

    So did the Melb 10k this morning, heart rate below. Actually came in at 48:03 which is slower than my PB but it did have some hills, a sh!t load of congestion and I was crap, but doesn’t matter was still great fun. 😎