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  1. A mal, mini mal or a fish? What sort of waves do you mostly have? Whilst mals are a piece of piss to paddle and catch a wave if your waves are on the big side they can be a real pain in the arse to get out back. Mini mals also (well for me anyway). Personally I found the fish a really good compromise as I could duck dive it through the waves, it was manoeuvrabil but still had plenty of float for easy paddling. *beware these are just random thoughts from a bumbling kook
  2. more

    Alan Jones

    After all, it wasn't until 'climate change' that we ever experienced droughts...
  3. What nationality are Frodo and Kienle?
  4. Frodo has already said Ali gave him an earful about not waiting, and as for the translation in his interview-I don't know enough about their history to understand if it was taking the piss or legit?
  5. Why in the hell would anyone expect anyone to wait for them in a race, let alone a world championship??? Or did they have a pre race agreement... Hmmmm?
  6. Well if this translation from slowtwits is accurate it would seem not Alistair gave Frodeno a body check, commentator asked Frodeno "Seems like he has a hard time loosing?" Frodeno: "He's always been a jerk. We never liked each other and probably never will"
  7. I wonder if they are like the ones we got in Vietnam that turned yellow when they got damp 🤔
  8. more

    TV Shows

    Exactly my thoughts! And then I was u effing kidding me I have to wait how long for the next series...
  9. Agreed, geez I think we all can appreciate what it's like to be in a bad mood and no matter what not be able to snap out of it. But to read what he is going through is just unbelievable... Thanks for taking the time to allow us some insight into depression and what ur going through.
  10. Wow that was pretty full on!!
  11. more

    Sub 2hr marathon attempt

    True, they top out at 20 yeah?
  12. more

    Sub 2hr marathon attempt

    Nuts huh! I was trying to explain to the missus just how fast they are running.. Can't do it properly without chucking her on the tready
  13. more

    Sub 2hr marathon attempt

    Kids were yelling, did I just hear them say no drug tests for this record?
  14. more

    taren in kona

    Pretty sure they are loaners..
  15. Who the hell buys a $11k bike (probably paid a lot more..?) and then works out its the wrong size?? https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/abbey/men-s-bicycles/cervelo-p5x/1229288330
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