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  1. I'm not arguing in favour of the yanks, just pointing out the UK weren't necessarily acting altruisticly, not that that's necessarily a bad thing. And I'm definitely not saying the yanks have ever acted in anything other than their own best interests, they are bloody crooks. Plenty of examples around the world where the countries of the world who act high and mighty have happily sat by while the weak have been slaughtered... Don't start me on the U. N...
  2. Lol wot?? Do I need to list the countries the British conquered at the end of a rifle? Not trying to be 'that guy' but sheeesh..
  3. Yeah I dunno about that. They were quite happy for Germany to take over Europe until they took Poland, putting France and subsequently the UK at risk.. Some parts of Ireland may also have a different opinion..
  4. But can't you see the problem in what you are saying-instead of ripping resources from Police they should be increasing them, particularly around providing adequate training. If other areas in society need resources it shouldn't come at the expense of policing-this is a purely punitive reaction to teach them who's boss. How about they dip into the 721 Billion odd they spend on defence every year..
  5. more


    And right here is a classic example of what is wrong-looking to blame for no other reason than to take some heat off your 'team'... When it should just be a matter of pointing out Scomo for dropping the ball, full stop. I agree, Scomo should also be held accountable for the failures of aged care, absolutely. But not just 'because he is on the other team' The sooner you turkeys wake up and stop seeing politics as a team sport and start seeing them as people who should be praised and blamed irrespective, the better for everyone. I'm regards to the aged care covid failings I will have to do some more reading to understand. Is worksafe a state or federal issue, and who controls the use of PPE equipment in the instances-is its state or federal? Edit-Dave I see all you can offer in response is a laughing emoji.. Is it any wonder politicians treat us with such contempt when they know there are people like you who will get their vote no matter what...
  6. more


    Absolutely he and all of us should be holding the numpties in the public to account. But as for him......yes people have let the fire get out of control but he was the one who stored the petrol next to the box of matches.
  7. more


    Yes it is good that he didn't die....🤨 obviously...lol ive hardly stepped outside since all of the lockdown. I'll be dammed if Im going to risk getting sick and destroying my lungs when I can quite easily ride and run from home, watch netflix, work and uber eats alcohol and food to my door step plus groceries from coles delivery..
  8. more


    Geezus this is sad and scary-watched these guys many times on ABC Kids... https://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/health/health-problems/doctors-heart-stops-after-coronavirus-battle-as-twin-brother-watches/news-story/aa14d85dc4fc34f72b404ae655d30dac
  9. more


    Great...another person who doesn't even live in the state giving an opinion on whether Dan is doing a good job, I wonder what his Transitions user name is...?
  10. more


    Why not allow 25% of all professions to continue working?
  11. more


    But why is constructing a building anymore essential? It would be relatively straightforward to have registered bidders only attend and easily maintain distancing. The risk of transmission would be far lower than a heap of sweaty workers puffing away on a construction site. I'd imagine you could frame a pretty convincing argument the sale or purchase of a home is more essential than a 6 week delay on an office building.
  12. more


    Speaking of contradictions...here is a perfect one from Dan. On one hand it is perfectly fine to have god knows how many people working in close proximity on a construction site, but having having ANY amount of people gather for an auction is a no go....? "Responding to concerns from the real estate industry that it had been left in the dark, Mr Andrews said he was "not expecting any real estate agent particularly to be happy about" auctions going online, "or any person wanting to sell a house to be necessarily happy about that either". "That's what we have to do," he said. "Even with pretty low limits, we can't have people gathering. That's not conducive with getting these numbers down."
  13. more

    Video doorbell

    Or any mobile device from the last 20 years...
  14. more


    There is no contradiction at all. There are aspects of society that need to continue to operate-they are essential. But why add any increased risk by having non essential services operate? This whole approach is about risk mitigation, wearing a mask limits that risk, social distancing limits that risk, not being allowed out of my home between 8pm and 5am limits that risk. Having people continue working and in close proximity that are not essential to be doing so increases the risk unnecessarily... Also, you need to think of the message that is sent if we allow a bit of 'wriggle room' for things that aren't really necessary...if we can have for example a heap of guys working on a construction site just 'because', does it really matter if I also employ my own bit of wriggle room, be it travelling outside my suburb to get some maccas, going for a 2 hour run, walking at 8:15pm etc...the message is diluted if we have too many exceptions.
  15. more


    No I wouldn't say so...unless of course they are of such a critical nature that halting their production by 6 weeks is directly going to result in deaths? In such case again I would ask why in the FU$K is a project that is so critical that a matter of weeks delay is going to kill people already not completed??
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