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  1. I’ve used Lezyne strip drive on my Speed Concept around the post. Front light? Work in progress. Although I’m seriously thinking about one of those Knog bells for this season’s racing. Last time I raced it was full of brain dead idiots blocking the RHS and I’m wondering if they might respond to a bell.
  2. Also some pretty fing serious kidney issues could happen if they did...
  3. My arse he is. A bloke I know did MDS at 90Kg + and was at the time the highest ever placed GB finisher. Macca will survive. Unless he is in the same room as Sunny Garcia.
  4. Oh man, I've got to go and find mine. They include: Me and a mate smashing watermelons over our heads as Rimmer suffered past on that steep hill on the second lap of the run Wendy Ingraham signing my bald head The late, great, Bill Bell at the afterparty with a nurse on each arm, and going long after they were totally shattered. Drunken nakedness the night before the race Unfortunately in those days before camera phones we didn't get Rimmer collaring Thomas Hellriegel at the afterparty and getting him to look at his wrist and say, 'mate, mate, you've got to see this, you need to take a look at this'. 'Look, INDIGLO!' 'Cameron, you are a very drunk man'
  5. Ah well! I'll just have to give him grief about what I think I remember!
  6. Any chance you've got Forster 97? Be worth rewatching that to see Rimmer's marathon. Not sure I've ever seen so much pain in my life. Other than the sunburn on my head from the bastard shaving it the day before. 4-blade my arse...
  7. I think they do - although they seem only to be available from TriUK over here - wonder if they've done a PlanetX and bought up the names?
  8. Different bloke than the Culprit bikes - that was Josh Colp. He and Cam have got a fair bit of banter going . Wurf is a windup merchant of the highest degree, but he's delivering.
  9. altayloraus

    Wurf watch

    Poor lass, an uncharacteristic lapse in judgement on her behalf.
  10. altayloraus

    Wurf watch

    Lads, lightweight rowing is still in the Olympics, and will be until Tokyo when they get binned because the IOC is seeking to remove weight classes in everything other than combat sports. I think he was a little along the track with rowing when he was at Sydney - given he went to junior worlds in 2001, it'd be pretty unlikely that he hadn't picked up a stick. Having said that, Kim Brennan went from never having rowed to a senior Worlds medal in that sort of time period. Agreed generally that he'd have been a good IP candidate in 06, though I'm not sure how good the sports transfer system was then at the tute!
  11. Just starting back, but my fave for the moment is the Stephen Seiler 4*8 mins on / 2 off. It's the only intensity I do in B/R with only 1500 or so hard a week in the pool. Doing them about 105-108% of FTP. Really effective for me, but I'm not sure that I'm doing them as hard as Seiler says - I hit around 85% of MHR at the end of the final one but I don't feel like there's a huge amount more in the tank. MHR for me is about 204, so hitting 170 or so.
  12. It's not a shame the Adelaide branch closed. Incredibly bad customer service - DILLIGAF could have been coined about them.
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