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  1. Have a go at a ramp test, it will eliminate the pacing effort in your first 20 min FTP test. While the tests are structured differently it would be interesting to see how the numbers compare.
  2. I have used Albert Park Acuatic centre. https://melbournesportscentres.com.au/msac/
  3. So Zwift are collecting taxes based upon country of residence.. So pay by iTunes and avoid the increase. https://support.zwift.com/de/zwift-pricing-update-HygeG0ybH7
  4. I like TR and will keep subscription, it’s the fact that two hefty increases in 6 months and all kept hush hush. I don’t like the Zwift GUI. Watch this space with the wahoo and sufferfest linkup, I do expect changes. Out of curiosity how many subscriptions do most peeps have, I have TR and FulGaz.
  5. I don’t get the same value from FulGaz either. At least I am an early subscriber to TrainerRoad so will keep it going. Was thinking about Zwift but just unsure.
  6. Noticed today on a TR Forum that TrainerRoad is increasing prices from $129 USD to $189 USD per year or $15 USD to $19.95 USD per month. At least they are grandfathering the increases. Second increase within a year. https://forum.trainerroad.com/t/tr-price-increase-to-189-95-year-19-95-month/18551/4 Love the reasoning, hire more people, do more research and make us faster!
  7. Respect to Lange for changing a flat and continuing to race.
  8. Willywonka

    Bike Fit

    Daniel Bain @ Onebody is amazing and very knowledgeable, highly recommended
  9. Yes, no adaptors required which is why I went down that path, as I was advised that bb to avoid bb creaking, it spins very smoothly and forever compared to a new wheels mfg I have on another bike which I am also happy with too.
  10. I have a Kogel ceramic on my cervelo running Shimano runs forever, but about $300. https://www.kogel.cc/collections/ceramic-bottom-brackets/products/bbright-24-red-edition
  11. Thanks for your assistance, looks like the conti gp are the way to go.
  12. I have recently purchased a pair of Reynolds Carbon Strike SLG carbon clinchers, rims can be used as tubeless also. I have found it a challenge to fit both Conti Grand Prix 4000 23mm and S-Works Gription 24mm (which I use on my training rims), includes snapping tyre levers.. Currently I have a pair of Mavic Yksion Elite Guard which took some effort but are on, but as I flatted recently by a nail puncturing the tyre, I need to replace the tyre with less than 20km on it. Issue is that given all options so far have proved difficult to fit, are there better tyre options for these Reynolds rim
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