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  1. Can anyone remember what place the team were when ash raced first leg previously,(or which event it was) and more importantly what deficit did this leave Jake to overcome.
  2. Mooloolaba will be interesting for sure. I agree with Ash and Jake for first picks and thinking the second male and second female spots may go to the best super sprinters in the mix though, irrelevant of their Olympic distance abilities, aiming for the relay medals.
  3. With 500 days until Tokyo Olympics begin and lots of points qualifying races already run and won what are every bodies thoughts on the Aus team for the relays? We have had some great results so far, ranked no1 at the moment. The team is being changed up a lot each race, assuming testing everyones strengths and weaknesses and potential at this format. Who will make the 4? reading lots of talk on other forums mainly around USA predictions which got me wondering.
  4. So what is your personal gripe with all things Macca, to the detriment of all things triathlon? do you even like the sport?
  5. Yee is very good, and looked even better due to the field in this race. I did read on another forum that his was the slowest winning run time for quite a few years. I did check this and the winners are normally aroun the 14.25 on this course, making his 14.41 a lucky win. It appears he had a lucky day, with Murray out and Schoeman obviously not producing his best either. Yee did race in the u/23 world champs on the Gold Coast finishing in 10th place. When there is a strong swim bike field his results are a little different to Capetown where the stronger bikers were in the chase packs.
  6. Are you sure you were watching the right guy, he actually is quite stocky, 77kg and only 174cm.. that is pretty solid for an endurance athlete. His build is quite diferent to all the other ITU guys, infact quite different to endurance athletes in general.
  7. Trier

    Sad news from Noosa Tri

    That is all TA look after, the high performance programme is Australian Sport Commission funded.
  8. Trier

    Sad news from Noosa Tri

    Actually you are very wrong, the Australian Sport commission fund Elite athletes, not Triathlon Aus. The Sport commission also would be funding the high performance staff. Our memberships have nothing to do with the high performance programmes.
  9. The length of course doesn't seem too off, I would be more concerned with his strata showing him pushing 264 watts for that 1.06 time. At 77kg it's not like he is a light weight, aero built dude.
  10. It's all a game to him, he made his money as a pro cyclist and is just having fun now. Other athletes this is their livelihood, they race to win, every place is $ in the bank, why should someone donate some of their income to another athlete so they can qualify to Kona, if they can't qualify then they shouldn't be there. An ex pro cyclist who raced for the most ethically challenged Team, and still trains with them, has no right calling out other athletes for any reason.
  11. That pool water looked a hell of a lot more hygienic than many triathlon swim locations. It's chlorinated, no duck shit or sewerage overflow. It's all part of the sport.
  12. what race was this? I am guessing they can't be decent pro level, as no-one high level would behave like this surely, even if they were in the race for a bit of training, would surely have a crack at the end to split them when crossing the line. That's what a top tier pro would do.
  13. Sponsors for the events normally supply the prize money, it doesn't come out of the organisers pocket. If a sponsor wants to be involved and give prize money that is a good thing for all. Old farts may not give a toss about pros being at the races they compete in but I can assure you younger athletes and young kids do get a kick out of it and gives them something to aspire to.
  14. If they win prize money of course they should get it... this is actually a stupid question. They are the only ones likely to pay tax on their winnings as being pro's they are a business. The winners win the money, be they pro or not is irrelevant.
  15. Love watching these, when you think a country has it in the bag, everything changes. Great to see Ash and Jake back on the individual podiums again too. Very good weekend for Aus triathlon
  16. He is full of crap. She wasn't having a good race, wasn't going to be in big points or big money anyway. The relay was the World Championships, therefore more Olympic points up for grab than any of the other relays, plus a lot of other implications for different federations dependant on their countries funding policy. Aus are now world champ silver medalists in an Olympic sport. I would be surprised if this isn't very important to the aus sport commission.
  17. Holy shit she is nuts. Ppl keep your kids home from school if she teaches there.
  18. It may be being replayed on fox. If not then it is available at a fee through triathlonlive. I pay for the whole season for $29 can then watch and re-watch any wts events and also most world cups.
  19. Just watched it and wow, it's not over until it's over is an understatement. Aus started that last leg 40 seconds down in 5th. Making up over 30 seconds on the mile run to claim silver even shocked the commentators. They were talking silver for USA as they turned into the final straight and then the camera panned up to show Birtwhistle hammering down on him to take it. The French were just so strong as a whole though, with absolutely no weaker athlete in any of their legs.
  20. Doubt it, it really is a USA league, athletes competing for their area, like clubs, and they obviously sent out invitations to others and Canada and Aus decided to enter teams. These athletes aren't the best athletes like superleague but a heap of USA athletes and a team of Canadians, and now a team of Aus. (Note our individual podium 2 aren't named) there are no Brit's or French or Spanish or any other strong countries there. If TA have the athletes on any retainer I would be very surprised as even when competing in WTS athletes only win prize money, nothing in the way of start money or bonuses from TA.
  21. Trier

    Ironman IVs

    Pretty sure you would actually have to apply for a retrospective TUE for an IV both before and after a race. Medical emergencies only and you need the paperwork to prove it.
  22. Charlotte also posted about a tummy bug, Vancoeverden had a bad pollen, no breath issue. Loads of athletes had bugs from Nottingham, Brownlee pulled out if Leeds holding his belly, Birtwhistle posted he picked up a bug and couldn't race Nottingham, battles through Leeds. Most of the DNF's if you look at the athlete social media, all pulled out with being unwell. Race hotel in Nottingham May have had a dodgy buffet?
  23. As long as she stays clear of the Aus coach who seems to fat shame his girls until they become so paranoid they aren't meeting their nutritional requirements for recovery and end up perpetually Injured, then she should be OK.
  24. In ITU racing there quite a few young ones under 25yrs moving up the ranks in the guys. Birtwhistle obviously. Hauser. Willian. Redmond. Copeland probably rates a mention too The girls are much scarcer on the ground. Jeffcoat turning 24 this year scrapes in, but that is about it. There is a bit of talent at the Junior level but no-one else is making much ground in the U/23 level. Younger seniors maybe Vancoeverden rates a mention, the rest are all 25 plus so I wouldn't call them up and comers.
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