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  1. Not necessarily, been trying to reach peak form for a couple of years now. They both thought they were in good form for this one. As they have shown time and again, the body can only work so hard before it breaks.
  2. Yokohama was one of them, then Tokyo test event is their second chance
  3. not on this course he doesn't his first win here he ran 31.10, his second win 31.25 last night race was the fastest in Leeds yet, the run Birtwhistle did was 30.21. Yes he is an olympic champion who is supposedly doing an IM in a couple of weeks, but he is also a brit saying he wanted to see how he would go in qualifying for Olympics, he was obviously having a go, probably eased up a bit when dropped way out of contention. If he could have won it or podiumed he would have.
  4. Ali was 44th, isn't he the one we are discussing racing an IM?
  5. The guy with the IM coming up was 44th by the way. Also my god, if he had a sniff of a top place he would have taken it. He actually tried but looked terrible on the run before he was dropped.
  6. Never, ever expected them both to finish so far back when starting a race healthy. The New Generation are here. (except Javi, he unbelievably just keeps on keeping on)
  7. Wow, this is what happens when ppl who have absolutely nothing to do with sport make the decisions. She doesn't need to be "drugged", most of her competitors would likely be taking birth control pills, she would just be joining the women born WITHOUT testes and WITH ovaries in their normal day to day life who choose not to fall pregnant at this time.
  8. A good coach for 1, but maybe at the detriment to many others. He has had 5 or 6 Aus athletes plus many other nationality athletes walk from his squad in the last few years. That doesn't happen over a joke about swim stroke. Elite Athletes are tough by nature, it takes a lot to break them. We probably will never know all the story.
  9. Richie Porte used to compete in triathlon before becoming a cyclist. he still does a bit of swim training I think. He would have more of a chance for sure. Not sure how he runs though.
  10. How many did he coach, how many have left him in recent years? he had the huge Wollongong Wizards squad, of which only one athlete stuck with him, the others are recent additions. That in itself says enough.
  11. Couldn't have happened to a nicer person. Shame so many of his past athletes had to go through so much hell before TA woke up. Have they made an official statement yet or is it heresay?
  12. Way too much to be given just for illness, maybe a couple of the things but that many is no way just for health. Some of it would be downright unhealthy too. Tamoxifen is given to women with breast cancer to reduce female hormones. His testosterone balance would been ridiculously out of wack, he was a walking chemical plant
  13. Not exactly a useful skill, in a busy transition you have ppl all around getting in your way and this would be dangerous. If solo coming in, he just burnt all his cookies before the run begins, this is purely 'for the Gramme'
  14. Can anyone remember what place the team were when ash raced first leg previously,(or which event it was) and more importantly what deficit did this leave Jake to overcome.
  15. Mooloolaba will be interesting for sure. I agree with Ash and Jake for first picks and thinking the second male and second female spots may go to the best super sprinters in the mix though, irrelevant of their Olympic distance abilities, aiming for the relay medals.
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