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  1. Trier

    Gold Coast team for Major League Triathlon

    Doubt it, it really is a USA league, athletes competing for their area, like clubs, and they obviously sent out invitations to others and Canada and Aus decided to enter teams. These athletes aren't the best athletes like superleague but a heap of USA athletes and a team of Canadians, and now a team of Aus. (Note our individual podium 2 aren't named) there are no Brit's or French or Spanish or any other strong countries there. If TA have the athletes on any retainer I would be very surprised as even when competing in WTS athletes only win prize money, nothing in the way of start money or bonuses from TA.
  2. Trier

    Ironman IVs

    Pretty sure you would actually have to apply for a retrospective TUE for an IV both before and after a race. Medical emergencies only and you need the paperwork to prove it.
  3. Trier

    ITU Nottingham last weekend.

    Charlotte also posted about a tummy bug, Vancoeverden had a bad pollen, no breath issue. Loads of athletes had bugs from Nottingham, Brownlee pulled out if Leeds holding his belly, Birtwhistle posted he picked up a bug and couldn't race Nottingham, battles through Leeds. Most of the DNF's if you look at the athlete social media, all pulled out with being unwell. Race hotel in Nottingham May have had a dodgy buffet?
  4. Trier

    Up and coming athletes...

    As long as she stays clear of the Aus coach who seems to fat shame his girls until they become so paranoid they aren't meeting their nutritional requirements for recovery and end up perpetually Injured, then she should be OK.
  5. Trier

    Up and coming athletes...

    In ITU racing there quite a few young ones under 25yrs moving up the ranks in the guys. Birtwhistle obviously. Hauser. Willian. Redmond. Copeland probably rates a mention too The girls are much scarcer on the ground. Jeffcoat turning 24 this year scrapes in, but that is about it. There is a bit of talent at the Junior level but no-one else is making much ground in the U/23 level. Younger seniors maybe Vancoeverden rates a mention, the rest are all 25 plus so I wouldn't call them up and comers.
  6. Trier

    Up and coming athletes...

    What are we talking up and comers, achieving well but still under a specific age? or under a specific level irrelevant of age (within reason)
  7. Well there you go, when the level was previously lowered to 10 it was still purely in the male level domain, no where near a female level. Particularly as the larger number of high performing males are in the first age bracket. 5 is still a very generous number and it should be enforced across all sports, (I don't class the pure skill sports of shooting etc here)not just those few middle distance events that were tested. Looking at comparisons between all world records the female times are no where near the men's and to help protect the integrity of women's sport, and protect athletes into the future this rule should be applied further.
  8. Yes it was 10, equal to many men, and so far beyond any female. This rule isn't just about Semenya but also about protecting female athletes and generations of young males from the possibility of genital mutilation to win races. Don't bother trying to say that is unlikely to happen, I imagine already has. Think about some of the awful things that have happened to young athletes in the past, this would be just another.
  9. Trier

    Ironman South African competitor was drowned

    Something very strange went down there. SA is not a country I have much faith in the truth actually coming out either.
  10. Trier

    Brownlee racing 70.3 in China

    Well is about their tempo pace, but he didn't look to be taking it easy, he just had not enough speed to go with the faster guys. Used up a lot on the bike to keep Johnny up the road from Murray and Birtwhistle.
  11. Trier

    Men’s comm games tri. NOW 1pm it’s wet

    Joking right?
  12. Yes the wording doesn't say I never took the stuff. 'Never ABUSE a ped', is no where near the same as 'I have never taken prednosoline' . We have heard all the clever wording before.
  13. His performance on the day had me thinking he was suspicious and that was before I had found out he had been "sick". This is just confirmation for my suspicions.
  14. Trier

    Rule Changes

    You can not assist the FORWARD MOTION of another competitor. This is quite different than stopping to help an injured competitor while waiting for medical.