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  1. Trier

    Ironman South African competitor was drowned

    Something very strange went down there. SA is not a country I have much faith in the truth actually coming out either.
  2. Trier

    Brownlee racing 70.3 in China

    Well is about their tempo pace, but he didn't look to be taking it easy, he just had not enough speed to go with the faster guys. Used up a lot on the bike to keep Johnny up the road from Murray and Birtwhistle.
  3. Trier

    Men’s comm games tri. NOW 1pm it’s wet

    Joking right?
  4. Yes the wording doesn't say I never took the stuff. 'Never ABUSE a ped', is no where near the same as 'I have never taken prednosoline' . We have heard all the clever wording before.
  5. His performance on the day had me thinking he was suspicious and that was before I had found out he had been "sick". This is just confirmation for my suspicions.
  6. Trier

    Rule Changes

    You can not assist the FORWARD MOTION of another competitor. This is quite different than stopping to help an injured competitor while waiting for medical.
  7. Trier

    Comm Games Team

    And Birtwhistle has had three silver medals at wts races already, with Mola the winner of these races, that has to put him in a very good chance