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  1. Trier

    Wurf watch

    Yeah, what was with that, no way should just one leg be shortened. ITU need to stop doing this, really imbalances the race. If it's too hot make it a Sprint, don't just cut something from one leg.
  2. Trier

    Wurf watch

    Look at his Instagram pic, shows him re-entering the water way behind the field. He didn't spend the extra time in transition, that's a timing/typo issue. He even says that.
  3. Trier

    Wurf watch

    I am not sure the timing is right, I watched but with no live timing and him not wearing aus suit it was hard to pick the swim. But i think he was the guy way back, finishing after they are on the bike. Would need to watch again now I know he isn't in green.
  4. Trier

    Wurf watch

    I will watch, after hearing that two ITU athletes(Gentle, Aus and Vanriel Belg) just gave the long course athletes a schooling at Xiamen in their first ever attempts at longer racing I am very interested to see what happens.
  5. Vanriel, young Belgium ITU athlete won the mens in what was supposedly a pretty big course record, at his first attempt at a longer race.
  6. Trier

    Nepean 2019

    0oh, drama...
  7. Trier

    Nepean 2019

    who were the podium athletes in the pro fields?
  8. Trier

    Nepean 2019

    Looking at the pro start list that TA have mentioned, this will be a nice pay day for some up and comers as other than Natalie Vancoeverdon no other big names are racing this year. Olympic points chasing has kept most overseas until next week.
  9. Trier

    Wurf watch

    Neither is it irrelevant. A combination of vo2 and lactate threshold tests gives a pretty good indication of potential capabilities.
  10. Trier

    Wurf watch

    Just did some research. The highest result that I could find was 80, tested during his cycling career. Then in 2018 he did some testing and the article stated the result was between 75 and 80 but didn't give a conclusive figure. These are fairly high but certainly not what I would class extraordinary. I actually assumed he would have been a bit higher.
  11. Trier

    Wurf watch

    Does he, ppl talk about his engine, but I have never seen a vo2 number given. Is it just speculation? Not sure it was crazy high when he was younger in rowing. Anyone have any true stats?
  12. Trier

    Wurf watch

    40 will be aiming, not many will make it. There are definately a few in that field who have run sub 31 min in races before. At least a couple of the USA guys are x track runners who would be 28-29 min 10k guys. Sissons is also listed. Wurf may be aiming for building a collection of olympic points and to try and show he can bike his way to a front pack. This race doesn't have any of the strong swim bikers racing though so won't give a true indication of his domestic potential. I will be most interested in his swim.
  13. Definitely suffered Gold Coast 2016 also, finished 21st I think. Johnny was bouncing of the barriers near the end, ended up in a wheel chair and taken off at the finish line also.
  14. Have seen similar articles to this, and yes, what a load of.... if he himself was banned how has he competed 6 times since the ban was imposed? He has an Olympic qualification ranking of 16th. Para qualification only started mid this year, any results from the Gold Coast do not count towards the para olympic qualififcation. If he had managed to finish with good results in the events that he has competed in since he would have enough points to get him all the starts he wants. Sounds harsh I know, but that is the facts.
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