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  1. Trier

    Tokyo Test Event

    Except when it was shortened to a 5k run GB selection policy was voided as their criteria stated if the race was shortened or changed in any way from regular olympic distance it would no longer give automatic selection status to this race. Unless along with the ITU rules, the girls didn't read their selection criteria either.
  2. Trier

    Tokyo Test Event

    The rule is DQ and was supposedly written many years ago to prevent race fixing,for more sinister reasons than went on here, but as the rule states DQ then that is what has to happen. Rules are not made to be bent.
  3. Trier

    Swimming World Champs

    "Unexpected personal circumstances". What the.... surely they can't just allow him to dictate like that, why is he postponing? haven't Sun's ppl been able to buy off the ppl they will need to yet?
  4. Trier

    Tokyo Test Event

    Obviously to try and prevent race fixing. What the Brownlee's did there is now a rule against helping someone's forward progress, there wasn't a rule as such at the time. I believed they should have been disqualified anyway, many disagreed, because they didn't cross together, and there was nothing written to state they couldn't. If that or something similar, was to ever happen again it would be a DQ.
  5. Trier

    Tokyo Test Event

    I actually agree with the DQ, it was a shame after racing so well but rules are rules and can't be broken no matter how nice the ppl or sweet the reason, or it sets up a whole lot more problems. They would/should have known the rule, if they had ever read the rule book. I even knew the rule and when watching and seeing how Georgia didn't change her running form to try and outsprint Learmonth, but instead matched her stride for stride, I did think they may get into trouble for that. Once they grabbed hands my initial reaction was oh shit, you are stuffed now, can't argue that one as a coincidence. The E-Coli could be bad news. i guess now they know this is likely many will go pre-armed with antibiotics, and not wait to use them until after they know if they are positive. It wouldn't be the first race that WTS have had in contaminated water, but in must take it's toll on the athletes if too many times in one year. I have to also wonder about other virus/bacteria that can also be picked up from water too.
  6. Trier

    Tokyo Test Event

    So 4 out of 5 Aussie boys picked up an e-coli bug, I wonder if that is the similar statistics for other countries as well? that would men 80% of athletes competing on the day finished the race contaminated with e-coli. I am hoping the team doctors took plenty of antibiotics with them for this exact scenario. I wonder how the women fared the day before, and if the water was actually as bad for them or if the wind that was there for the mens race actually did stir up the bacteria.
  7. Trier

    Tokyo Test Event

    Surprise, surprise, the water quality is good to go again for the relays today.
  8. Trier

    Tokyo Test Event

    Why oh why didn't the IOC use some forethought and change the usual date to October to avoid the heat and typhoon season, surely these problems would be less likely then.
  9. A duathlon now for Para races, considering it only rained before and during the mens race it was probably too crappy yesterday too. Will it be suddenly ok for the relays ?
  10. Just read in another forum, no guy inside the top 10 had raced the full series. That puts more power to my thoughts, at this end of the season, some are tired and skipped too much training waiting around in airports to be able to perform at their peak. Would just be dumb to expect podium results if not allowed podium level preparation.
  11. Well, i hope that Tri Aus rethink their selection process as obviously to race well in Tokyo requires great preparation.The 3 on the podium have all skipped some wts races throughout the season. It would be good if maybe they chose 1 guy and 1 girl soon, who could prepare to race the Olympics like many other countries, with their season purely revolving around performing on that day, not chasing all over the world for selection and points. This was a test, and I doubt anyone would say they were happy with their race and they will all go back, along with their coaches, and plot a different approach. Most athletes(from every country) appeared to spend quite a bit of time around Japan for heat acclimatisation, worked for some, not for others,(not for any of our Aus). Joel Filliol group stayed at altitude and came to Japan this week. In interviews they mentioned only using makeshift heat tents, none of them performed as well as I expected either, although the two top Aus performers were from this group, but I thought both would been better. Leaving all selection until June now, would be counter productive to performances in July.
  12. The heat issue could be massive next year too. Reading the ITU info it isn't just the actual basic temp that is the problem but something called WBGT which uses a different measurement for predicting heat stress in these extreme climates.
  13. Was bloody obvious was going to happen, Georgia was jogging the blue carpet. If they hadnt held hands as crossed they may had a right to protest, but hold hands as cross is pretry obvious. As the race was shortened they were only racing for discretionary spots, maybe thought would lock them both in. And the temp isn't a regular temp. They said WBGMT which is a totally different measurement altogether.
  14. Decision was made over a year ago when they announced the policy, if the selection race was changed from olympic distance in any way no longer would an auto spot given. Also, at this stage yes they have been DQ'd, everyone knows that rule, what were they thinking?.
  15. Just had a Google, it would take about 5 days to be completely out of system. Armaforce contains herbals which are very unregulated, and many have powerful properties, and can contain quite strong natural chemicals. Lots of inadvertent doping cases come from herbal supplements, the ones you are taking may be fine, but with herbals that is exactly where the risks are. I wouldn't be taking them, just incase.
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