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  1. Hadn't really considered the US cos of the European holiday add on. I know there are US holiday destinations available!
  2. Like your thinking! I've read race reports about Austria and they are on the whole really positive. As far as hills go, it's Ironman not Softman I read recently so they will all be tough and I can train for hills on the bike. As far as going nearer to home - which I completely understand - I could have gone to Busso and had the swim cancel, or Taupo and the same happen by the look of it, so things can go wrong wherever you go. It'll be a holiday too and so that aspect is important and initial thoughts are Austria, Croatia and Italy which will all be relatively easy from there.
  3. Lots of you guys have said Roth - so there's obviously a reason. But I kinda want to hear the 'Sarah you're an Ironman'... This will probably be a one time event (said that before...).
  4. I still here! Busy with work. Dunno then, Barcelona? I'm a Pom so 2020 will be about time for a European trip which is also why I thought over there. I can train for the hills and have read mainly positive accounts about Austria. Got a while to think about it.
  5. So, despite 'never doing that again' after WS 70.3 the other day, my helpful husband says why not do a full... He's nice like that. I'm thinking Austria in 2020 (big birthday that year). I felt pretty good after WS 70.3 so the training plan obviously worked and I know what I need to improve on. I thought Austria for a few reasons. Reputation, we can have a nice holiday afterwards, I like the idea of a lake swim (hey, no sharks...), flat run. Er, hilly bike though! I've got weedy legs but can build some strength. Anyone done it? Or any thoughts on going from 70.3 to full?
  6. Was it ever a learning curve! As far as long course goes, I'm not in a huge rush and am thinking something like some Olympics then another 70.3 next year and then a full the year after. Maybe...!
  7. Thank you! I got a brilliant bargain of a secondhand TT bike with Di2, and SRAM power meter - sadly I didn't do it justice! My power output is really low. I'm going to work on bike strength and improving my FTP. Not sure what I can do about the extra beats a minute from excitement/nerves/feeling sick etc!
  8. Some serious bike strength work before anything else!
  9. Thanks NSF! - you too... I train with Pete Mauro and TSO. You?
  10. Firstly, I'm super new to this forum, but in only a week or two it's been great and you guys are really supportive - thank you! I've only done a handful of sprints and 1 Olympic before this and then someone in my training group suggested WS as a first 70.3 and before I knew it I was training for it and entered... I've never been very athletic (I was the girl who cried when she got picked for the 1500m at school) and never ever thought I'd be able to do this. That's the excuses for a slow time out of the way! I had a really good training programme beforehand and train with a squad here in Newcastle who are all hugely supportive and motivating which was brilliant. The training was bloody hard to fit around life and work although I know that's nothing new to you guys, and I'm fitter than I've ever been right now and feel great - even the day after! We were staying in Penrith on Saturday night and checked in in the afternoon and racked my bike then went back to the hotel. Got bugger all sleep on Saturday night and left for the venue about 4am. My husband had a work commitment in Sydney which he couldn't get out of so he had to leave me on Saturday morning on my own and very nervous! I got to transition and sorted my kit out, and the remaining time went really fast. Swim I knew this would be slow, and it really was. I'm slow anyway, my recent outdoor pool swims in a wetsuit have been 1.47 ish/100m and 2.10 without so I was hoping for around 45 minutes. I was relaxed in the water and concentrated on not trying too hard because I didn't want to get too tired. I should maybe have tried a little harder because I ended up at 55 minutes! It felt like a very long way... Bike This is where I learned another couple of lessons for next time (not that I'm ever going to do another one right?!). I wanted to keep my heart rate at about 70% so I didn't burn out on the run and was aiming for 28-30kph at this rate. I couldn't even manage 25kph and keep my heart rate that low. I was still quite hyped up by the whole thing which wouldn't have helped and it was starting to get hot. I just didn't have enough power in my legs to go faster without my heart rate going crazy. Need to do strength work on my legs. I also concentrated on eating enough and drinking a lot so I didn't bonk on the run and that went well although I do also need better bike skills so I can refill bottles faster on the move cos I reckon I lost a a fair bit of time stopping and slowing down for that. I went just under 3.30. Run I really enjoyed the run. I'm not a fast runner (spotting a pattern?), but my heart rate was where I wanted it and my pace was good. I felt really good for the first 10k, the next 5 started to hurt a bit, the next 2 or 3 were a case of mentally knowing I could do it, then my husband got there and I saw him on the way past which was a fantastic boost, then all of a sudden there was only 3k to go and I knew I was going to do it. I even had a mini sprint over the line. Then felt a bit emotional, and so, so happy. 2.23 I got on my Garmin. I woke up this morning - after 11 hours sleep - with a massive smile on my face and feel really chuffed to have done it. I'd wanted to do around 6.30 and ended up at 6.55. By the second lap of the bike course all thoughts of a time had gone and I was just concentrating on finishing feeling good but I am still really happy to come in under 7 hours. I didn't finish feeling like I could have gone harder and know where I want to improve. It's a great race, the venue is amazing and the organisation and volunteers were exceptional. Tired but happy!
  11. Sar

    WS 70.3

    Water temp latest 23.9. Oh well...
  12. Sar

    WS 70.3

    Officially started taper week. Alternating between bricking it (I think that's the technical term...) and excitement. I'll be in a blue and pink tri suit and bright orange runners, say hello on your way past!
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